Let's TALK, New Lebanon                                                      9-22-2019

                          Some things never change, and I am one of them. 

                     I will always say what I truly think, I will always expose Truth , whether it is popular or not, and I will always exercise my Constitutional Rights regardless of who may find it "Offensive". That's THEIR problem, not MINE! 

                    There are two things I refuse to discuss, attack, or "USE" against the corrupt people I expose, and those are, 1) Issues that involve their children, 2) anything to do with their marriages or household privacy. I COULD go there, believe me, there is plenty of Fodder, but there is also an ethical LINE.  When I "pick on" a candidate or incumbent,  I pick on THEM, and what I know to be true about them that makes them a BAD official or future official. The voters have a right to be informed and aware of who is representing them, or whom they might cast a vote for.

                    The majority of voters will not bother to do any in-depth research on their own, they simply vote for the candidate they "like", or are neighbors and friends with, or even worse, they vote the Party Line! How about voting for people who truly care about YOU and your community, your Freedoms, and futures? 

                     You may love your cousin Alfred, the closet Oxy-Addict, but does that mean you should give him your support and vote for public office? I would HOPE not! Voting is a serious responsibility, and no rational adult would assist an unstable addict to gain a strong voice in government.  Relax, we have no addicts that I know of, running for office in New Lebanon. So why am I saying all this? 

                     Well, a few local folks don't appreciate me pointing out some negatives about present candidates.  Nothing NEW there, my truths always tick somebody off. Wanna know how much I CARE?  Zippo!  I'm going to say it anyway, and those who don't like it, can simply not read it. People are going to vote for who they vote for, and I seriously doubt that anything I have to say is going to change that. 

                      Most of what I tell you here, is based on absolute, substantiated FACT, but I also offer opinion. You know all about opinions, they are like something else, everybody HAS one, and few agree. I DO base my opinions on my experience with the person or persons, but that doesn't make my opinion any more influential than anyone else's. 

                     I refuse to give a pass to someone who is seeking public office, that I believe should not HOLD any public office.  I WILL call them out, and it can be taken for what it is ,  or not. When an individual asks for your Trust, Support, Loyalty, and your Vote, they must expect to be scrutinized by SOMEONE, to SOME degree. It comes with the territory, and if one can't take it, one should not run for office, period. 

                     As voters, WE have a DUTY to know who we are supporting. A smiling, sugary-sweet candidate can be arsenic and lye on the inside, and if they WIN, the caustic side of them comes out in spades! Once they gain the coveted position and power, the "Politician" emerges, and with that, the self-serving, corrupt, dishonest, behaviors.  Look at all the people that fell for Trump's promise to end the attack on our 2nd Amendment Rights the first month he was in office. Trump has done more damage to the 2A than any other president, including Obama, and by this time next week, may have voted to all but end those very, guaranteed rights. 

                       Politics is a very dirty game, and if you are fortunate enough to have a decent Town Board, as we presently do, you should do everything in your power to KEEP it!  If what I tell you here, manages to gain even ONE vote for the Good Guys, I can rest in knowing that I did SOMETHING to help protect our town and the people who love it.  So I gain enemies along the way, so what? Nothing worthwhile comes free or easy.   So NO, I am not going to be convinced to hide or avoid the difficult facts about the candidates, especially when it is one candidate that someone wants to "protect" for reasons of their own. Anyone who runs for office is Fair Game, and it is up to THEM to ensure that they are qualified ethically and morally, because the skeletons will rattle the closet door knob. 

                        PARTY means NOTHING! Knowing someone as a friend or neighbor, means NOTHING! What MATTERS, is character, reputation, integrity, honesty, and dedication to the TOWN and PEOPLE, not themselves. This is what we have gotten accustomed to in the past few years, after decades of corruption, so why change that by inviting more corruption? The Cult is Corrupt, self-interested, power-hungry, and salivating over the thought of control of Town Government. They fight and play dirty, gang-up on those who are not members of their elite club, sneak around in the shadows, and are never hesitant to outright LIE to get their way. 

                        We have SEEN them do this over and over, and we have seen what it cost us as a community. Imagine them in control of the Town Board?  There are a few members of this Liberal Cult that I actually LIKE and see as nice people, BUT, I know who they are allied with, who they live and associate with, and who and what they support. So, like them or not, I can NEVER, EVER vote for them or recommend them to hold office.  THESE are the people who may very well rise to higher offices one day, and you KNOW what they have done with our country.  Here at home, is where we have to STOP them !!!  

                        So don't ever be afraid to displease anyone. Say what you truly believe and support, and let the chips fall where they may. The First Amendment protects your right to speak freely, and though there is such a thing as Rudeness, there is NO such thing as "Hate Speech". It is incompatible with the Bill of Rights, and therefore, cannot exist in America. 

                         It is still early in this campaign, and a LOT more IS going to come to light as we move along. In fact, there will be one, HUGE revelation this very week.  My own speech will be much more open and revealing as well, because it is always fun to hold the big stuff back till later on, it makes people sweat that SHOULD be sweating. 
  THINK, New Lebanon, what do you WANT?  NY City policies, or rural, upstate freedom?  Vote accordingly.