Can't Wait for the Local Papers to Come Out ?                         9-6-2019

           Here ya' GO!

            JJ. Johnson-Smith 9-5-2019

To the Editor,

After 3 years of political peace and accomplishment in New Lebanon, it would seem we are seeing a return to the behavior that once earned us the title of the “Most Corrupt Town in Columbia County”.

Election time is always the worst, with people showing their true, unethical and dishonest behaviors, and this campaign is already a repeat of the “Mike Benson School of Cheating”. Already, we have the Democrat candidate for Supervisor, causing extreme harassment of the Town Councilmen after spreading misinformation all over Social Media and setting the entire town on High Heat. Not enough? How about campaigning and doling out campaign signs from the Town Clerk's office at the Town Hall ? THAT is a clear violation of Election Law and a NYS Misdemeanor Crime. So let's all go and vote for four years of THAT!

Don't forget about the local Rail Trail supporters who fought to sway the Town Council into giving them a piece of property for free, or in an exclusionary bid, a piece that should have gone out to bid for ALL interested parties. Our present Council, the best we have seen in New Lebanon in DECADES, were horribly abused by this group and accused of not “Caring” about their constituents. It is because they DO care about their constituents, ALL of them, that they decided to put the property out to bid and give all residents who wished to, a chance to bid. Rail Trail group included. In the end, the Rail Trail did get the property, in a fair and honest manner, but it cost them some money, and that left them bitter. They have sought revenge against the three Councilmen who made up the majority of the vote, every day since.

So this group has gone to extreme lengths to recruit candidates to run against their own party member incumbents, merely to “Get Even”. Obviously, the record-breaking accomplishments of these young Councilmen for the good of the entire town, means nothing to these people. They are after control of all future decisions, to sway in THEIR favor, and nothing else. Saddest part is, most of them are transplants from large cities, and they are using similar tactics in most of our rural, upstate towns.

One of them serves as the 4th Council-member on our board, elected via more unethical actions last election, by the very same Supervisor Candidate that is campaigning from our Town Hall as I write this. Council Member #4 trashed our local Fire Department and referred to them as, “VENDORS” at our last meeting. He infuriated several residents, and one spoke out. Councilmam #4 called the NY Troopers the next day and filed a False Complaint against a fellow Town Official, because he didn't like something he said! Filing a False Complaint is also a crime. Locals can ask him about that if they attend his fundraiser at his home for the aforementioned Supervisor Candidate , on Sept. 14th. They're calling this gathering the “New Lebanon Family Picnic”.

So, New Lebanon residents who wish to continue to see their town improve, the corruption of the past stay IN the past, and all residents be considered fairly going forward as they have been under the present Council, Vote “Voice of the People” candidates and Elect Former Fire Chief and local businessman, Bud Godfroy to our top seats. Don't give us another two-four years of being the shame of the County.

So where is the Board of Elections on all this? Well, they are settling into their new, temporary digs since being evacuated from their home base, due to a bug infestation. Always remember, if you lay down with dogs, you will wake up with FLEAS.

JJ. Johnson-Smith