Someone Needs a Diaper Change                                          9-3-2019

                     Yeah, I am still picking on Liberals. I always WILL.  Since they are at the root of 98% of all America's Major, Negative issues, it's hard to ignore them. 

                       Tonight, I want to talk about small, rural towns and the Liberal poison that we have allowed to seep into and destroy them. Wanna take a guess at how many houses are For Sale in New Lebanon?  Not counting open land, just houses?  98.  This is a town of 35.95 square miles and approximately 2450 people, and NINETY-EIGHT homes are For Sale ?!?!

                        Five families that regularly benefited from Charlie's Pantry have left in the past two months. My next-door neighbor held a Moving Sale this Labor Day weekend and in 2 weeks, he will be a permanent resident of Florida.  He was born and raised here, as was most of his family that he will be leaving behind.  A family that goes back many generations in New Lebanon. The Taxes and Left-Wing invasion have driven him out, like 100s of other families who have escaped New Lebanon in the past 5 years. 

                          Between 2008 and 2018, an average 100,000 people have left the State of NY.  In 2019, it has almost doubled, reaching 186,000, and it is only September.  My own family is preparing to leave NY as well, and if not for some family medical issues, we would have been gone by October. We now will have to stay through the Winter, but to the delight of many newcomers, we WILL be leaving.  99 houses For Sale. 

                           So what exactly is driving people away from upstate NY in hordes?  Liberal, Democrat Policies, views, and Agendas.  In a nutshell.  Cuomo said it all when he said that there is NO place for Conservatism in NY State. There is no place for the babies of unwanted pregnancies, no place for the Constitution or the Bible, no place for Capitalism, Truth, Morality, Patriotism, Freedom, Traditional Families, Property Rights, Fairness, Common Sense, Honest Education or the protection of children from sexual deviance, No place for a family to keep their fair share of their earnings or have a say in where their taxes are spent, No place for Free Speech or Gun Ownership, and NO place for GOD. 

                           Most Conservatives, Christians, Patriots, and Constitutionalists, wouldn't mind as much, leaving their homes, friends, and family members behind, IF it meant that relinquishing NY State to the Liberals would keep the Liberals HERE! Yet with ALL things Liberal, they can't compromise, cooperate, or SHARE anything, they want it ALL! They destroy one state, then move to another when their own policies become intolerable, then destroy THAT state, too!  I saw one of those "COEXIST" bumper stickers on a car on I-90 today. Those things always make me laugh out loud, because they are just glaring proof of the Liberal Hypocrisy. THEY call for "Tolerance" and "Coexistence", yet they are the ones who refuse to live in peace with anyone whose views and tenets differ from their own!  It is NOT the Right that refuses to meet in the middle, it is the LEFT, every time, in every argument.  Remember the Rail Trail, that's all you need to prove my point. 

                          What has happened in New Lebanon in the past 20 years is not only abominable, but very, very sad. I personally fought for 10 years, to wake the locals and Conservatives to what was happening here, and very few listened. Oh, they agreed, they complained, but they DID nothing. As usual, I stood pretty much alone. However, now that I have made up my mind to just get out of the Liberal Haven that used to be my hometown, things are beginning to change. There is a last-minute awakening among these people that have lived here forever or almost forever, the people who remember the hopping little town that was a destination for many and had a grocery store, numerous eateries, party places, shops, our own EMS Crew and Ambulance, A heavily-manned Fire Department, an all-volunteer Library named after it's FOUNDER, dairy farms, chicken farms, a train line, a picnic ground that drew people from all over the East Coast, the hopping hotels, the mineral springs baths, and some awesome architecture. So much more, but it's all gone now. 

                           Ruth Abram once said in a newspaper article, that " she had come to New Lebanon to save the poor, forgotten, dying little town ".  Well, it wasn't dying or forgotten, it was doing fine on it's own and we were perfectly capable of bringing back some of the amenities we had lost to the aging of the community, without Enchanted Ruth's help.  Until the city transplants starting coming in and infiltrating the boards, forming committees that only THEY could be a part of, making "Plans" for the future of our town without local input, and demanding their Fantasy-Land ideas become reality at taxpayer cost and government grants that came with strict requirements and theft of property rights. With cries of, "We LOVE this town too", they set about changing it into a miniature of where they came from.  I ask you, "Why fall in love with the flower and try to change it's scent"? 

                          They don't LOVE this town, they just thought that we were stupid yokels in low numbers that they could steamroll and steal our town, make it their Liberal Utopia for their retirement, vacations, and friends and families to escape to. Well, you know what? They have almost succeeded 100%, because the locals failed to protect what they had, and they truthfully loved. Is it too late? Damn close TO it!  Still, I have always believed that a determined group of good people, no matter how small, can accomplish anything, IF they truly want it bad enough. DO you?  It would seem that a few, DO. 

                            There is a renewed loyalty to the town coming from the moderates and Conservatives who are sick and tired of being bullied and run over by newcomers and part-timers, strangers who treat us like annoying woodchucks in their organic gardens. The difference that matters most between the Liberals and the rest of us, is that WE are willing to compromise and truly "Coexist", we always HAVE been, but we expect the same cooperation in return, and we get NONE. Well, many have finally had enough! 

                             We are not looking for a winning or losing side, we are looking for COMPROMISE and Mutual Respect. Either we get that, or the battle is ON! The Libs need to break up the Lib Only committees and secret meetings, and work with ALL interested residents. Both sides have to be willing to give something to get something. The Left's tactics of Ganging Up on anyone not in their camp, MUST end!  If we cannot rein-in their selfishness and bully tactics, we will have to go to Plan B. We DO have a Plan B, but I am not about to say another word about THAT and tip off the Blog Spies. 

                               So, as the election draws near and campaign signs will start appearing this week all over town, it's time for those of you who wish you had gotten involved sooner, to get up and sign-on.  This is your LAST chance. Vote very carefully, you know who's who, and if you don't KNOW what someone is made of or are unfamiliar with the candidate, don't vote for that person. Keep it rural, keep it old-school, keep FREEDOM in mind. There are a couple of people running that I like as people, but I sure as hell don't want them running the town!  Look deeply into what the incumbents who are running for re-election have accomplished in their present term, and do you think they are the best Doers for the town? Do you think the former officials who are running, like Bud Godfroy knows this town better than his opponent and has the experience to do what's best for it? 

                              Is the candidate running for YOU and the future of New Lebanon, or are they running because their Liberal friends begged them to, just to get the locals and Conservatives out of their way, giving them more power? If you don't know who the dangerous Liberals ARE, ASK ! It matters, more than you imagine! Vote for the proven, NOT the Propaganda! 

                              Now, I'm going to tell you about something that happened at the last Town Board Meeting. Take it for what it's worth, but there are lessons in this story that the awake should appreciate.   We have one Board Member that moved here fairly recently. (To ME, you should have to be a FULL-TIME resident for a minimum of 5 years before being allowed to run for local office, but that's just ME, and maybe this person has been here for 6 or 8 years, but not very long.)  Suffice it to say, that VERY few locals have ever even heard of him. 

                               If you bothered to attend board meetings, you would know that this man always votes for the Leftist proposals and Green Initiatives, etc. In fact, the RUMOR is, that if Tistrya Houghtling wins in November, she intends to appoint this man as Deputy Town Supervisor.  Just hearsay at this point, but it sure fits their relationship. 

                               At the last board meeting, there was a serious discussion about the LVPA, and should they be granted some temporary grace from a contract requirement with the town, due to some inner changes within the department.  Three Councilmen voted to work with the LVPA, as was proper under the circumstances. The 4th, Norman Rasmussen himself, voted NO, and demanded that the LVPA be held to every word in the contract and too bad if it created hardship for them. He stated that if the town allowed the LVPA to step outside their contract, they would set a precedent for other "VENDORS" to do the same! 

                            The HUGE question here is, do YOU consider our Fire Department to be a mere "VENDOR", or a VENDOR of ANY kind?!?!?  Rasmussen's disrespectful attitude toward the LVPA rattled the locals, who see them as anything but vendors, WE see them as our First Responders, volunteering their own training time, getting out of bed in the middle of the night in a blizzard, and putting their own lives at risk for the residents of this town! THEY are the ones who come when needed to YOUR emergency situation, no matter what, no matter who you are.  How DARE any newcomer with NO idea of how volunteer Fire Departments WORK, verbally abuse them and treat them like a commercial corporation full of selfish strangers!! 

                             Now, those of you who know my husband, are aware that words are not his strong suit. Numbers yes, words, NO. Sometimes Bob's words take a detour between his brain and his mouth and come out a little differently than he intended. Not an excuse, just a fact. When he had enough of Rasmussen attacking our Firemen and women, he blurted out the following:  " I hope your house burns someday,Norm!".  EXACT words, and they are on tape.  I was shocked, because he certainly doesn't WANT anyone's house to burn, he meant that he hoped that Rasmussen needed the LVPA one day, and then he would regret his disrespect for them. Of course, the public, mostly transplants, erupted in outrage, because they only heard the tasteless comment, and it WAS a tasteless comment, and I did apologize during Privilege of the Floor. Those locals present weren't even fazed, because they KNOW Bob.

                            Now as most of you know, Bob has served on the Planning Board and Ethics Board for over a decade. VERY reliable sources informed me that after this meeting, our Town Clerk attempted to bully the Board Members to removing Bob from both boards he has served on , based on his comment to Rasmussen. After all, Bob had hurt her pal's feelings. Libs want people jailed for hurting their Feelings, and the Town Hall has no "Safe Place" with Teddy Bears to console them.

                            The next morning, as I was sucking down my first, all-important cup of java, there was a knock at my door.  Surprise, surprise, it was a Trooper. Rasmussen had called the cops and reported that Bob had threatened him. (I strongly suspect he had some urging to do so.) Well, for all the education and degrees that Libs claim to have, they have zero knowledge of the REAL world. First of all, Bob's statement was just that, a statement. There was not a single hint of a threat in what he said, and the Trooper acknowledged that. Yup, it was crude, but it was NOT a threat, and he has a right to Free Speech. Done deal. You would think an educated Liberal could break down a sentence and see if there was a threat within it, before calling the cops, wouldn't you?  Especially since the accused's wife is a lifetime LEO ! 

                            We considered filing our own complaint against Rasmussen, for filing a False Police Complaint, but it was so funny and immature, we didn't want to sink to his infantile level. Better to hold our heads high and know that Rasmussen made a fool of himself.  They always DO, eventually. Can't wait for the next one.  Sorry you missed it, but a lot more of you need to attend these meetings! You need to know what is going on in YOUR town, who is good or bad FOR the town, and make your vote an educated one. 

                           There are things hiding in corners in New Lebanon again, that will come to light before voting day. So please, if you are one of the original residents of New Lebanon and you care about your town, step-up and get involved. There is something every one of you can do to help restore sanity here, in NY State, and all across America. The wrong people are leaving.