Meet the Candidates?                                            10-4-2019

So...NEW LEBANON, I wonder how your "Meet the Candidates" evening went? I was home with Bob, as he just got released from Albany Med this afternoon. ( By the way, I checked-in on Mrs. Baumli and she was sleeping peacefully. Looking better than last night). So I missed the fireworks, but I think I might have missed it anyway. I need a day or two away from the local politics.
This may be a good time to let y'all know something about me and my determined stand on that issue. The FIRST thing I need to make certain is clear, is that I have NOTHING personal against ANY of the candidates. I don't HATE anybody, but I hate a LOT of what they have done! Some of them have done things that I think are unacceptable for an official of our town, and their BEHAVIOR is what makes me so angry and vocal. I cannot ignore lies, cheating, or violating laws, in a person who is asking to have a modicum of control over our local government, or whom is asking for our trust and support !
One Supervisor candidate fits that bill, and though she is a compassionate person and a hard worker, I PERSONALLY cannot support her in such an important position. Yet many local voters support her ONLY because they or their children went to school with her ! Is THAT how we should select LEADERS?
In the Gubernatorial , I supported Larry Sharpe, an unknown Libertarian from NYC. Not because he was Black, or a Veteran Marine, but because of his VISION, his sensible ANSWERS to New York's many problems. Sharpe is a leader that appeals to ALL voters of every party and given the opportunity, would have changed politics as we know it, not just in NY, but nationwide.
I knew he had a poor chance of winning in a state where so many people vote Democrat just BECAUSE it's what they DO! It's a Democrat state, which is why it's such a disaster. You know the definition of insanity: If we keep on doing what we've always done and expect a different result.....that's insanity.
We need to STOP voting the Party Line, or for that person we KNOW, or our kids know. We must step out on faith and dare to do something different. That something is; voting for the incumbents who have PROVEN themselves to be honest, to be DOERS, to support ALL their constituents regardless of party. We will never see positive change if we continue to vote for the corrupt who make false promises or strongly favor ONE party and their needs and views, while presenting a false face to those they see as "opponents" to the Dem Agenda.
Our present Councilmen have made great strides in strengthening and beautifying our town, affording fairness to ALL, and simplifying the red tape, while saving taxpayers money at the same time. They are younger than the usual Councilmen and bring fresh views and energy. WHY on EARTH would we want to change that for a newcomer that no one even knows, and a wonderful, but aged man with an over-flowing plate who served long ago?
WHY would we want to elect a Supervisor who only cares about a portion of the people, and most of them haven't been here very long?! THINK folks! Vote the character and accomplishment, the honesty and integrity, NOT the familiar.