WHY Lie?                                                                          10-14-2019

                 Wouldn't it seem to the average adult, that being truthful is not only an indicator of good character, but of good intentions? If you agree with that, then you must also agree that politicians and political candidates that lie, lack morality and integrity, are undeserving of our trust or support.

                 Last week, I told you about one of the many plans that Candidate Tistrya Houghtling has for New Lebanon if she becomes Supervisor.  I focused on her "Quiet Sundays" idea, essentially a strict Noise Ordinance for weekends in our town.  This plan would be a ban on loud music and outdoor parties, lawn mowing, chainsaw work, outdoor carpentry, target shooting, and anything else that might disturb the peaceful getaway time , primarily of weekenders and part-timers from the city. 

                 Two years ago, an organized group of West Lebanon and East Nassau whiners, came together to stop Howard Commander's Moto-Cross Track. I attended all of these meetings which were held at the Stephentown Town Hall. ALL of the people who wished to rob Commander of his right to expand his business and exercise Capitalism, (because they might have to hear the buzz of these little bikes as young people from all over the Northeast and New England came to compete and enjoy their wholesome sport), were Liberals and newcomers to the area.

                  They managed to find a Liberal Judge, which is no great feat these days, and win their case. This selfish bullying was not enough for them though, they wanted more, in the form of an official Noise Ordinance. So their next move was to bring that idea, with John Dax at the helm, to our Town Board.  They did the whole petition thing and their usual calling-out of their Bully Troops to show up, which they did, as always. Fortunately, our board pretty much told them to go pound salt. Liberals however, never give up on their agendas, and will always find a way to get what they want, wrong or right. 

                   As a witness to all of this sideshow, I am very familiar with the terminology and arguments used by the Liberals in their fight for "Quiet Sundays".  Where have you heard THAT  term before?  Well, Miss Tistrya has been confronted about her plan, and as usual, she denied ever having said it. NOT the FIRST thing she has done or said then denied during this campaign. The problem with her denial, is immediately after saying she had never suggested such a thing, she was asked if this was a route to shutting down the Speedway, and her reply was, "Oh No, the Race Track would be exempt !"  

                  So there my friends, is the proof that not only DID she say she would implement Quiet Sundays, but her denial was an out and out LIE. So here is the question: " What ELSE did she promise her Liberal cronies if she wins"?  Do we REALLY want this much lying and denying in our town's top position?  This is the LEAST of Tistrya's misconduct. There are two things she has done that are AGAINST the LAW and the Local Ethics code, but those things are being handled by others as I write this. When THEY bring it to light, I will then share the issues with you here.

                 I must admit that I am angry and disappointed in Tistrya. I've known her for a long time now, and for a short while, she had me fooled. The gentle, Earth Mother manner had me believing that she really was a nice person, for a Liberal. I truly liked her! Even now, I don't DISLIKE her , but I am angry with her. I have zero tolerance for phonies, sneakiness, lawlessness, bully tactics, and controlling personalities. I especially detest having someone look me in the eye and LIE. How very sad and disheartening that so FEW people turn out to be who they pretend to be.

                  So now you KNOW  that "Quiet Sundays" is a real agenda of the Liberal Democrats running for local office. YOU are going to be bullied and FORCED to walk around in slippers every Sunday for the rest of your lives in New Lebanon, IF these people win this election, and that will NOT be the ONLY oppressive, new code they will add for we PEONS to obey, for THEIR benefit. 

                  You can blow off these warnings if you wish, you're adults, and you can make your own choices. Just remember that no one will be exempt from the Liberal Laws, and it WILL affect YOU !  Now that Meg Robertson is running an official write-in campaign, you all have TWO safe choices, Meg or Bud. Moderate government or Liberal RULE?  Choose carefully, voters.