Well,  Here We Go AGAIN !!                                                       8-26-2019

                          Good Evening, New Lebanon,

                                   I am delightfully surprised that today I received yet another request to bring back the BLOG.  That's a few dozen this Summer !  There are still far more Haters in town than readers, but if I entertain or inform ONE person, that's good enough for me.                                     Ya know, if you really think about it, one person can change the world. All it takes is a good idea that appeals to active Americans, and nothing is impossible. 

                                    Sadly, not a lot has changed politically since I ended the blog last year, at least not at the State and Federal levels. We're going to be talking about a lot of the same issues we discussed over the past 9 years.   In New Lebanon however, things HAVE changed this past year, especially in the last 3 or 4 months. Not for the better, unfortunately. 

                                     Since the first election of Colleen Teal, many, MANY good things have happened. The first year and a half of the second term that Colleen served, were relatively peaceful and numerous improvements to the town took place. We now have an updated playground that has been sorely needed for decades, thanks to the Town of Stephentown and the many local volunteers. The Park has seen the basketball court get a face-lift and safety improvements, pavilion repairs, and an actual Orchard that serves the people of New Lebanon.  Councilman Smith and the park employees deserve a pat on the back for caring about this long-neglected, public gathering place. Take notice of the Cupola from the old elementary school that now sits on a new base at the Rt. 22 area of the park. Soon to be painted except for that base, as it has to season, being pressure-treated lumber. Thank you to Councilmen Smith, Baumli, and Newton, and Highway Super Jeff Winestock for their sweat equity in saving this piece of local history !

                                    Updates have been made to the Town Highway Garage, the kind of things we don't usually notice, but are still vital to the safety and operation of the crew. Some minor local laws have been amended that make life easier for us all. The pavilion will be getting brand-new bathrooms and an updated kitchen very soon, and the work will be done by a LOCAL Contractor. Again, thank you to Councilman Smith for his ambition and desire to make our park a better place. 

                                   The Town Board we have enjoyed since we drove Mike Benson's tail between his legs and sent him running, has been the best we have had in my memory. Councilmen Baumli, Newton, and Smith have shown a concern for and loyalty to this town that has been missing for too many years. They have fulfilled their promises and then some, been transparent and honest, and have actually put THOUGHT into their decisions, rather than simply choosing sides. All three have done their utmost to consider the desires and needs of ALL residents, and do what they felt was the most fair to everyone. 

                                     Some people don't see it that way, and are still holding grudges over the Rail Trail's attempt to gain some local property for free, and not getting it. They feel that because they had to bid on and then PAY for the property, that the Town Board didn't "CARE" about the needs of their constituents, but that was not the case at ALL. It was because they DO care about the people, that they decided to ensure that the transfer of this property was done in a manner that was fair to ALL interested parties and the Town itself. Yet there are always the immature folks who have temper tantrums when they don't get their way, and blame those who didn't give them everything they wanted, the WAY they wanted it. That's just human nature, I guess.

                                      The list of positives, not the least of which is the lack of corruption and sleazy back-stabbing we have seen under this administration, has been refreshing, if not a tad boring. LOL!! I mean really, we're used to being constantly at war politically in New Lebanon, and had gained a reputation as being the most dirty and bickering board in the County. Thanks to these present Councilmen, we no longer carry that stigma. However, that is beginning to change BACK in the past few months, and it has NOTHING to do with Colleen or this board. 

                                        Naturally, the Natives are restless, as is normal when an election is near.  So far, the campaigns have not been too dirty, but it's still very early. There are a number of things going on right now that are going to cause some serious issues going forward, but that is a story for another night. The problems as always, are coming from the usual suspects and will be no surprise to most of you when they DO come to light. 

                                         EVERY election is important, but this one is VITAL. We are working with a temporary Town Supervisor for the next 4 and a half months. There are people running for office who have served in the past, and NOT in an honorable manner.  They either accomplished NOTHING in their former terms, or caused serious issues in their former terms. Look VERY closely at these candidates and use your memories! 

                                           Also, not all of you are aware that the Town Clerk and Highway Super positions have been changed from 2-year terms to 4-year terms beginning this election.  In the 2023 election, the Town Supervisor position will change to the same.  Our present Highway Super has always done an A+ job, and it is NOT a job just anybody can do, believe me. So I am very happy that position will now be a 4-year. Same for Town Clerk, since the present Deputy Clerk has also done an honorable and professional job for two terms, and is seeking the Town Clerk election this year. Thank you, Marcy , and Best of Luck! 

                                            As someone who has fought for clean government and fairness for all residents of New Lebanon for over a decade, I have been extremely proud of the administration we have enjoyed of late. Let's show our appreciation for these remarkable improvements by re-electing the DOERS, the proven incumbents , and re-elect Smith and Baumli to our Town Board.   Thank Marcy Robertson for her hard work by giving her your vote, and Bud Godfroy, the most experienced, proven, loyal to the town for his entire life, candidate of all, deserves EVERYONE'S vote for Town Supervisor !! 

                                           Bud and I have had several squabbles over the years, and we don't always see eye-to-eye.  However, that's personal stuff and for me, has zero relevance to his ability to lead. He has lived here his entire life, raised his children here, served our beloved Fire Department, ran a long-established family business here in town, and has served in local politics in the past, cleanly and successfully. In the past year, Bud has overcome some health issues that would have finished most other people, but Bud is a fighter, not a quitter, and his recovery has been nothing less than miraculous. To ME, THAT is a candidate for the town's top position. 

                                            Every local election in the past decade, I have begged the long-time locals to get out and vote for the longtime locals, and for their town. This is your town, and your vote matters. You have now seen the damage caused by voting for the unproven, the unknown, the self-serving, and the outsiders with agendas WE cannot live with !  If you need convincing, just look at the Zoning restrictions that were brought to you by these newcomers with no understanding of country culture. 

                                            PLEASE, take a little time to take a hard look at the candidates you are considering, and then think about what you really want for New Lebanon going forward.  Which candidates really want what is best for the town, and which candidates are simply looking to gain control, attention, and destruction of our local culture?  


  Main Street and present Town Hall 1908