NEW LEBANON BUSINESSES !                                         5-20-2020

                   My husband and I have owned a business for 18 years.  It's called "Cabin Fever Enterprises", and since it is primarily agricultural, the Covid shutdowns had very little effect on us. Cows don't care if you wear a mask or get closer than 6 feet from them. They just want to be fed.

                    I dare to guess that most PEOPLE want to be fed as well, at least once a day, anyway. Business owners rely on their profits to keep them and their families fed, their bills paid, etc. Yet this government oppression of the past few months has removed their RIGHT and CHOICE as whether to continue working or not.  I don't care HOW many so-called, vital REASONS the Media crams down your throats as to WHY the entire population must 'OBEY" their unconstitutional, over-reaching, and toothless RULES, it's all BULLSHIT! 

                   Every American Citizen, and I refer to LEGAL citizens ONLY, has the right to choose for themselves as mature and Free adults. If what you wish to do or not do is a Legal activity like keeping your business open, having a cocktail every night, or smoking a pack of cigarettes or cigars every day, then that IS your choice, and NONE of the government's business! PERIOD!  

                    Look, I know as well as you do that Covid is real, it can be dangerous for certain people, and that many have died as a result of it. BUT, I also know that we have had far worse Flu Epidemics, had more people die from it, and NEVER, EVER did we see the response we have seen over Covid. So-called "Liberal Medical Experts" will tell you ten times a day that you MUST suffocate yourself in public, Social-Distance from all others, not go to work or school, and on and on and ON. Conservative "Experts" will tell you the opposite, fifteen times a day. So who do you believe?  NEITHER! 

                     Use your OWN head, do your OWN research, talk to your OWN doctors, and if you're going to trust anyone, at least make it the CDC. Be aware of WHO is being silenced by the Media, like Dr. Judy Mikovitz, and listen to HER! She is a medical Genius, yet she is maligned, tormented, censored, and attacked for trying to tell you the TRUTH! Why do you suppose that is happening to her, and has happened to her before? THINK! Who owns the Media,folks? Who has an agenda and is blowing Covid out of proportion to give them the time and excuses they need to reach it? 

                      After the first two weeks, I BEGGED people, especially business owners, to open their eyes and shut their ears.  Fauci is a bought and paid for LIAR with skin in the game, and he is but ONE of MANY. We the People have been deliberately isolated from one another, ALL media has been reading scripts and feeding you Bullshit, numbers have been inflated, deaths have been blamed on Covid that had ZERO to do with it. Kids are away from friends and education , some stuck in abusive or impoverished homes, and ALL of us are being treated like herd animals by our government at EVERY level! 

                      Many businesses will never re-open, jobs are permanently lost, savings are used-up, homes will be lost, and the number of suicides is unprecedented. Media doesn't have much to say about any of that, or about how many have died due to being afraid to go to the hospital with heart attack and stroke symptoms. People are fighting one another over mask wearing, or getting too close to someone, and they are ratting each other out for these alleged "violations". These are NOT violations of ANYTHING, because unconstitutional laws and mandates are NOT enforceable, and as an American Citizen, we are NOT duty bound to obey a single one of them! What we have a DUTY to DO, is REFUSE to comply with them. 

                       The little Town of New Lebanon is gasping for breath. Our small businesses are being choked to death by Tyranny from Andrew Cuomo and his cronies, AND our own "Supervisor".  How the HELL did she ever get appointed to the County Re-Opening Committee when she has done NOTHING to get our own town back on it's feet? WHY did she refuse to publicly support the Test and Tune at our Speedway, while another Speedway in this state is open? (for Televised races). Why did she not unite local business owners to open on May 15th as ONE unit?  EVERY business in New Lebanon should have been open weeks ago, and the Supervisor should have stood beside and behind them in that decision! THAT is what a REAL Leader would do! 

                       Earlier today, your Supervisor posted the re-opening list on Facebook. Several people commented, including Henry Villegas and Kevin Smith. However, as soon as the Queen saw Smith's comment, she removed the post, censoring and violating the 1st Amendment. Not that I would expect anything different from a far-left Democrat who lied and cheated her way into her present position, however temporary it might be.

                        This past weekend, I received calls about Cindy's Antiques being opened both Saturday and Sunday.  My response was NOT what the callers expected. I don't know Cindy personally, but when I heard she was practicing some Civil Disobedience and rejected the violations of her Constitutional Rights, I was proud of her! I am also proud of the gym owner in Kinderhook , who opened HIS business last week. Americans exercising their Rights is absolutely thrilling! As I have said tonight and numerous times over the past month, EVERY business should be open and operating as they did before this fear campaign started. 

                         This government enacted Martial Law upon the People without ever calling it Martial Law, and the Cowards among us simply complied!! They marched into the Cattle Cars without so much as a single question, because MOST of them don't KNOW their own rights, their own World History, or what their government is capable of.  Too many believe that government is their Mommy, existing to take "care" of them, feed them, pay their bills, educate them for free, give them free birth control or abortions, whichever they "CHOOSE". Government must keep them safe from offense, religion, and Truth, and validate their insane views and beliefs. It just goes on till you want to vomit! 

                           Yes, reasonable, Common Sense caution was required in the first few weeks of this illness, but there is absolutely NO reason at this point, for businesses to be closed, or for rigid, ridiculous rules to be imposed. OR, opening in "phases"! We are a Free Country, and government has extremely limited powers, but the People don't KNOW that, and those who DO, are maligned and called  "Crazy".  WE decide for ourselves! What part of that don't you understand??  If you want to open, you CAN and SHOULD be open! If you're still buying Cuomo's bullshit, stay closed. Either way, the decision belongs to YOU and NO ONE else!!!!!

                           I listen to some business owners complain about this situation, but I feel NO sympathy anymore.  THEY had and have a CHOICE, but are too Cowardly to step up and do the Constitutional thing! Your Supervisor has a DUTY to HER Oath, to uphold and Defend the Constitution, NOT to hide behind false mandates from a lunatic governor! SHE has a JOB to do and that is to stand with the businesses, open their doors, and protect them from legal actions that have NO teeth!

                           In my world, there is Zero tolerance for Cowardice and Corruption. Our business owners have made their own beds by bowing down to LIES and hiding behind those unhealthy masks. Shame on every one of you! I wish every business in our town the best, and that every one of you re-opens and recovers. EVERY, single one! However, if that does not happen, the only person you can point a finger at is the person you see in your mirror each morning!
  FIRED for TELLING the TRUTH! These are the people being silenced!

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