New Lebanon Countdown !                                                          11-1-2019

                     November already. What happened to October?  Time goes by so fast that we forget to savor the good in each day. We forget that our days are not without number. 

                     Why then, do so many of us not do our best to be decent people? Is it because there are too many that just don't believe that there is anything that comes after this life? That there is no Heaven or Hell, no Punishment or Reward? Or is it just selfishness, the false belief that everyone goes to Heaven in the end and their sins while on earth will no longer matter?  It all comes down to Faith, the practice of it or the lack of it. Those without Faith think that dead is dead, there will be no one to answer to, while the Faithful strongly believe that we will indeed answer to our Creator for the things we did or did not do in our lives. 

                    Nancy Pelosi likes to quote the Bible and mention God from time to time, when it suits her political goals, but the fact is, I have never known a Liberal that was a person of true Faith. Faithful and Liberal are oil and water, they will never mix no matter how much you stir. They are incompatible opposites. It is more than obvious that Liberals don't know or obey God's Word. If they did, they would know that our God supported War when necessary and encouraged his soldiers to arm themselves, and to call out and expose Sin wherever they find it. The Faithful could never kill an unborn child, change their gender, lie, cheat, or steal to gain power, or refuse to support Freedom of Choice for those they disagree with.  

                 Nothing that Liberals do or say, suggests obedience to God in any way, shape, or form. Liberal, Democrat Politicians and the RINOs of the Right, are the most vivid examples of Heathens in existence. Once upon a time, they made an effort to keep the depth of their evil hidden, but not anymore. The most heinous of sins are openly exercised and celebrated, forced upon our children, controlling information, and destroying our society. Like it or not, they WILL one day need to face the consequences for their behaviors. 

                  Over the past ten years, I have learned an awful lot about politics and politicians, and the lengths some are willing to go to in order to gain a title and control over others. Here in New Lebanon, the Mike Benson campaigns were the most corrupt and dishonest local campaigns I had ever seen. Until THIS one. This campaign has been absolutely outrageous. I'm aware of plenty of small town cheating and corruption all over America, but I never thought I would see this level of illegal behaviors in our  town. 

                   As we get closer to Election Day, I am going to put the time in to speak about and summarize each of the candidates and their campaigns over the past couple of months. This will not be opinion alone, but factual reports of how each one conducted him or herself and what that suggests about what they will bring to New Lebanon if elected. Yes, I will include EVERY candidate. It is my hope that my research and oversight might assist those who are still on the fence, in deciding who they will vote for and what they want for this town going forward. 

                  Tonight, I'm going to add to my comments about Monte Wasch, Candidate for Town Justice, because he happens to be the Law-Breaker of the Day
                   Two years ago, Monte ran for Town Board. He has actually made a hobby of running for whatever open position he likes best, in EVERY election.  His run for Town Board ended in his being asked to leave the Election Site, (by the County Dem Party Chair),  for refusing to stay outside the "No Politicking" area as voters came and went. He was so persistent, that a chair and rope were placed on the line, but even that did no good. Monte continued to shove palm cards in voters' faces as they walked into the building to cast their votes. That is a picture of who Monte is in living color. 

                  I already told you what he did to our local Constitution Study, and believe me, it was his intent all along to shut that class down. We held up far longer than most people could have, but after all, people can only take SO much narcissistic bullying before they explode, and none of us wanted to allow it to get to that point. So now Monte wants to "Judge" others? Hmmm. I don't know what qualifies him for such a position, or even how tough the requirements for Justice might be, but I DO know that I wouldn't want to come before him for a traffic offense or anything else!!  

                 One thing that IS a requirement, is SOME knowledge of basic laws. That includes Election Law. Not only does Monte know nothing about Election Law, he willingly violated it today in front of numerous witnesses, and when called-out on it, insisted that he was right and everyone else was wrong. We even have a picture that was taken of said violation. 

                 Today was "Meet the Candidates" Day for our Senior Citizens at their monthly meeting. This gathering was held in the Meeting Room of our Town Hall. Monte thought it was a good idea to place a stack of his palm cards on the front table, despite the fact that Election Law is VERY clear about campaign materials on municipal property, especially in the Town Hall. When this was pointed out to Monte by Deputy Supervisor Smith, Monte gave him an argument, told Smith he was wrong, and even attempted to leave the materials where they were after the meeting, so people could help themselves to them!!!! Obviously, the Candidate for JUDGE, doesn't know the law, or think that HE is bound to obey it !

                 Councilman Smith on the other hand, is well aware of this law, since it is the exact same one that Candidate Houghtling violated by storing and distributing her campaign signs on Town Hall property! This is an ARRESTABLE CRIME, and we now have TWO candidates that are guilty of it. Both incidents were witnessed. Both Candidates have violated NYS Election Law before they even received a single vote !!! BOTH are heavy-handed, Liberal Democrat, Bullies and Control Freaks. Imagine what they would do if they win this election? If you can't trust them as candidates, how could you trust them as Elected Officials?!?!?! 

                  Running against Monte Wasch is incumbent Justice, Jack Nevers.  Everyone knows Jack, and we all know he hasn't always been perfect. Who IS? Jack and I have been friends, and we have also had times when we seriously bumped heads. Regardless of our disagreements, I can honestly say that I have never found Jack to be a bully or a lover of power or control. He knows the Law, and applies it fairly. He has gone above and beyond to provide the deserving with help rather than punishment. He has never displayed bias toward anyone that I have ever heard of, and believe me, I would have heard! Jack is a LONG-time local, and he truly cares about this town and it's residents. Jack has never violated Election Law in his campaigns, and we KNOW we can trust him. So there are your options for Town Justice. YOU decide. 

  I know this is a crappy photo, but it was taken with a cellphone inside the Town Hall. There is no doubt that these are Monte Wasch's palm cards.