New Lebanon Felony                                                10-31-2019

                  Let's get down to the biggest and most egregious action of "someone" inside our Town Hall. 

                  Two and a half months ago, two Ethics complaints against two different town officials, were sent to the Columbia County Ethics Board. These were also sent by two separate complainants, both of whom received a response from the CCEB that the complaints had been received. 

                  These letters went to County, because one of the complainants is a member of the New Lebanon Ethics Board. After reviewing the complaints, the CCEB decided that OUR Ethics Board could handle them without Conflict of Interest, as long as the involved EB Member recused himself during the main discussion. They had decided to send them back to the New Lebanon EB. Several days later, September 8 or 9, said complaints arrived in New Lebanon along with the notice that they were now under the purview of our local Ethics Board.

                 Weeks passed with no action on these complaints, and after this fact being questioned and followed-up on, it came to light that these letters had never been given TO our Ethics Board. SOMEONE inside the Town Hall that received or distributed the mail to the inboxes, intervened, and the Complaints disappeared. The Complainants received THEIR copies, but the Ethics Board never did. ?????????

                   In short, being so close to Election Day, the letters were taken to protect a certain candidate. Use your imagination. By the time all this was discovered, it had been two MONTHS since the original complaints had been received by the CCEB !  So the subject(s) of the complaints had illegally gained themselves a STAY, a delay in exposure of their violations until AFTER the Election. The requirement that notice of meetings be posted in the paper, bought them yet another week's delay, and if you read the notice, you know that these complaints will not be seen by our Ethics Board until Monday, November 4. ONE day before election. Congratulations to the mail thief, well done.

                 What they didn't think about is, that their crime would be discovered, or that it is a FEDERAL FELONY called "Mail Tampering". Even worse, this involved official Ethics Complaints! The consequences for Mail Tampering are: 1) a $250,000.00 Fine, or, 2) 5 Years in Prison! This is NO joke and no petty crime. 

                  The guilty party also failed to realize that there are federal agencies that do nothing BUT investigate Mail-Related Crimes, and they are very, very good at what they do. Two of these agencies have already been contacted, and an investigation WILL begin shortly, no matter WHO wins or loses in this election. So to those who are SO desperate to gain control of this town, that they would risk prison, "What were you THINKING?!". 

                   IF they win, their victory will be very temporary, and the last one they will EVER hold. There is NO escaping this Felonious action, and I hope it was worth it. By the way, to add a little salt to the wounds they have coming, because they caused these complaints to have to be re-written and re-submitted, the complainants were able to add NEW violations committed  AFTER the original complaints were submitted! 

                  There are lessons in all this. Most important of which is that the PEOPLE are no longer going to ignore, dismiss, or accept corruption of any kind in our local government. Enough is enough!!! We don't have the name of the person who took the mail, but we know that it is a very small field of suspects. There aren't many people with access to Town Hall mail, are there? 

                  I feel sorry for the innocents that will be subjected to this investigation to come, it won't be pleasant. Most of all, I feel sorry for those of us in New Lebanon that love our town and will now have to see it dragged through the mud. This is what happens when you don't vote wisely and fail to reject ideologies that are incompatible with Freedom and a Lawful Society. THIS, is what happens when you crave control so MUCH, that you're willing to cheat to win.  How terribly sad this is.