New Lebanon Needs a BATH!                                    4-14-2020

    NEW LEBANON !!!!

How many of you tried to access the Town Board Meeting this evening by phone or computer? Were you able to watch or hear ANYTHING?! Please contact us here or at : and let us know if you were unable to access. If no one could hear this meeting, the meeting is INVALID. It can NOT be considered legal under the Open Meetings Law, and it would in fact, be a violation of Town and State Codes, a "Secret" meeting, so to speak.
So it's important that we get a count of those who could NOT get in. Since the Supervisor ignored the fact that this meeting was unethical and sneaky to begin with, and conducted political business without the public being present, she has plenty to answer for to begin with, without adding the access issues. I told you it was planned that way, so they could do their dirty work without witnesses or opposition.
I DO know of 2 people that got at least part of the meeting, and thanks to them, I know a tiny bit of what occurred. Kevin Smith was removed from his position as Emergency Management Rep. Told Ya SO!! Wanna know the Queen's reason for that? She claimed the Smith wouldn't work with her !!!! LOLOL!!!!!!! If you've been reading the recent posts I've written for both Facebook and my town blog, you KNOW the TRUTH about that.

It was TISTRYA who refused to work with Smith. He had to call her repeatedly, day after day, to get any information about the Pandemic, or what was or wasn't being done for New Lebanon and our County. You READ the explanation of how Houghtling INSISTED that releasing the number of cases by town would be a HIPA violation, even though Steve McLaughlin and Columbia County Officials made it very clear that it was NOT! She argued it and argued it, because SHE knows better than the County Folks and the Chief Executive Officer of Renss. County. THAT was why it took SO long for you residents to start getting those numbers that you were entitled to !

Smith had to practically beg for the vital information he needed to DO his job as emergency management, and Houghtling wouldn't even return most of his calls !!! So THINK about that, WHO wouldn't work with WHO ?!?! She removed Smith because he didn't kiss her royal hyney like all her other minions, and he's a Moderate, not a Liberal. THAT is the REAL reason, and that is ALSO why she did it in a semi-secret meeting. WOW! What INTEGRITY!

Now, THIS I cannot confirm 100%, but the Word is, that all Town Employees are being paid full salaries while the Town Hall is shut down. I certainly don't begrudge anyone getting some income in this tough time, but why are town employees not resorting to unemployment like all other laid-off workers? When this ends, town employees are going to need help and overtime to get caught-up. THAT will be expensive,too. Yet the board also cut the Highway Budget tonight by 30% !!

The Highway Crew IS working through the Pandemic, every day, full-time. Are they getting Hazard Pay? How will they repair and maintain the roads and equipment for the rest of the year? Why don't the laid-off employees get unemployment and the board save that money for the Highway Depts. Budget?!? EVEN BETTER, take it from the Library's $162,000.? Yeah, that's what the Taxpayers give the Library EVERY year, and doesn't include what they get from the state and donations! WHY are we paying for that regulation basketball court for elementary-age kids? Why WON'T that same school board that got $12,000,000.00 from Taxpayers for this year's school budget, put the gymnasium project on hold and give the costs BACK to the People who would much prefer passable roads? That same school board the refused a tiny discount on school taxes to our brave veterans! What will happen to the desperately-needed backhoe that the former board approved for the highway department?

WILL the Highway Department get the necessary replacement while the present backhoe is still worth something on trade, or will they wait until it is so worn-out, it has zero value? Excellent financial representatives at work. TYPICAL Democrat Leadership! NO integrity, NO transparency, NO Truth, and don't forget the cheating and crimes still on the back burner.

WHY did this town board appoint a Part-Time resident to our Ethics Board? Yes, he IS a full-time resident now, but he was NOT when he was appointed. Yet another candidate that is a life-long local and experienced with Ethics Board work, was refused for the same position. WHY? Well, because he's not a Liberal and won't play by their corrupt rules. I told you that Houghtling will remove every Non-Liberal Democrat from town government and employment. That is EXACTLY what she is doing. Building her Empire at your expense.

A replacement for Smith as Emergency Management was appointed or IS being appointed, and it happens to be Ed Godfroy, who is also the President of the LVPA. In certain emergency situations, how will he do double-duty? Maybe the board plans to cut the LVPA Budget.too, and this appointment is a bribe to tamp-down objections when that time comes. It's also odd that after Mark Baumli and Kevin Smith spent FOUR YEARS helping the LVPA and the Town restore their working relationship and increase the measly budget of the LVPA, Godfroy would want to be part of displacing Smith. Just sayin'. I'm a little shocked and a lot disappointed.

Maggie Banker was appointed as Town Dog Control Officer tonight, and that is cause for celebration. Maggie is VERY experienced with rescuing and fostering dogs and loves ALL animals. I was once Dog Control in New Lebanon, and it isn't always an easy or safe job, but if anyone can do it and do it well, it's Maggie!

Here's a question; after years of the former board members giving extensions and buckets of patience to now Town Board Member Deb Gordon, she was given a final deadline of 4-1-2020 to remove the crumbling house at the corner of Rt. 20 and West St. The T.B, the Zoning Officers, and Mrs. Gordon agreed on this date in open meeting. The house was still there today when I ran out to Stewarts. No signs of demolition. So I guess being a Democrat Board Member makes you immune to Safety Hazard violations and agreements with Town Government. So if some kids get in that old dump and get hurt, who pays the bill?

Finally for tonight, how many of you have called Water and Soil about the Creech Cow Caper? Yes, THEY handle it, not the Humane Society. I'm fairly certain that these latest three corpses have now been buried, and thank goodness, there aren't 30 Turkey Buzzards flying over the area anymore. However, Creech needs a STRONG lesson, and we all know how much our present board and Supervisor will do to protect her. It's up to the PEOPLE to do it. This is who you call: James Unser- 518-267-3312. Or email him at: Don't foget the 10 that dies 2 Winters ago, many of which laid frozen to the ground till Spring.

Our town is presently more despicable than it was under Mike Benson, and THAT was a corruption nightmare! Residents MUST get involved and take action to scrub the filth away.