Stupidity                                                                       10-16-2019

              Oh, the epidemic of utter stupidity in our country today!  Americans have  been so effectively indoctrinated by public schools and the media to NEVER think or question anything, that our society has been turned inside-out and upside-down.

                Ignorance of Truth and Reality, and the unwillingness to delve in to the important subjects, has turned millions into Apathetic Zombies, relying on government and  CNN for their "education". What ever happened to independent thought and curiosity? Is the word, "FACTS" even in the dictionary anymore? 

                The back and forth arguing and finger-pointing in our present campaign cycle has become ridiculous, and YES, I have contributed to that. I am not sorry. Seeking the truth and exposing the lies and corruption are things I have been dedicated to doing ALL of my life. When Obama ran for office, I told the people everything I knew about the man that made him 100% ineligible to hold the office of President. MILLION of us tried to warn the voters in our communities, but between the Liberal voters and Black voters in America, he still won, TWICE.

                 His presidency was a nightmare, and the damage he did will be felt for generations to come. Same with Andrew Cuomo, same with Mike Benson, and very possibly, Donald Trump. Very few people were willing to do their homework and SEE who they truly were, and instead, forced these narcissistic men upon the people.  Some DID learn that the warnings about Benson were 100% factual, but they learned too late. They were unwilling to REALLY look at the man, to SEE the tyrant inside, even when indisputable evidence was put directly into their hands! They bought every one of the hundreds of lies he told them. In the end, he did EXACTLY what we warned about; he walked away like a spoiled child when Colleen beat him, never even returning to finish his term like a man. He walked away from the people he had used to raise funds and gain support for his extreme , expensive, and unwanted "Ideas".  You were all nothing more than "Tools" to Benson, and didn't we tell you that before you voted for him?

                  Now here we are AGAIN, with a dangerous candidate for Supervisor, and AGAIN, WE have done our homework, our delving, our proofing, and our reporting of what we have found. AGAIN, we have warned you. Tistrya has violated local Ethics Code, Lied on Social Media, causing an uproar in town and great difficulties for innocent Councilmen. She has been violating State Law for over a year, knowingly and deliberately. She and her Liberal Cronies, most of them City Transplants, WILL impose a Noise Ordinance upon this town, and she can laugh and call it a rumor, deny it all she wants, but she intends to DO it, and she DID say it!  If you STILL doubt that, use the brain God gave you and THINK about it!

                   Go back and read my last post about the Moto-Cross Battle between Howard Commander and the transplants and local liberals. The leftists were demanding a Noise Ordinance, and Tistrya's proposal is so identical to what they were asking for, that it borders on Plagiarism! Maybe you need to hear it directly from Tistrya, but do you REALLY think she's going to admit it? She's dishonest, not stupid. She KNOWS that if people believe that she really talked about this "Quiet Sunday" plan, she would lose many votes, as she SHOULD! 

                   Look people, I don't DO this because I enjoy being a Pariah in my own town, or called a "Conspiracy-Theorist" or a "Hater". I DO it because it's the RIGHT thing to do, and the people deserve to know the TRUTH before they vote!  YOU are being scammed, AGAIN! Worst part is, you're FALLING for it ! 

                 Today, Tistrya took to Facebook to harden her denials and label "Quiet Sundays" as just a "Rumor". She got numerous comments in her favor, and not ONE of the commenters' names was one I have ever heard before. Not ONE! Almost 40 years as a New Lebanon resident who attends ALL the Town Board meetings, and none of these people's name was familiar to me? So who ARE these people? Friends of Tistrya who live elsewhere? Newcomers from the City? Or, people she spent her entire childhood living among at the ABODE? Who knows? In any case, every one of them is clueless, uninformed, gullible, and LIBERAL. 

                They are all everything that makes them dangerous voters. The kind of voters that support someone just because they KNOW them, or someone in their family KNOWS them, or maybe she babysat their kids at one time, or maybe they're Sufis she grew up with. Whatever they ARE, they don't care about the future of this town, and they don't care about honesty and integrity in their local leadership. They have NO sense of reality and don't care to LEARN.     

                  There is one person in this town that is a prime example of the shallow and dangerous voters we have so many of, not just in New Lebanon, but all across America. He is a kind, highly-intelligent, generous, and Patriotic man. I like him VERY much. However, he puzzles me. Every election, he openly and loudly supports ONLY Democrat candidates. He too, seems to be totally unconcerned about the character and intent of the candidates, all he cares about is that they have the letter "D" after their names. The candidate could be caught flushing kittens down his toilet, and this guy would STILL vote for them as long as they are DEMOCRAT.  A brilliant man, but stuck in the Party Line prison. 

                When will the older Dems realize that the party of their parents is long gone, and it has been replaced by Violent Socialists, Killers of innocent babies, Haters of the Constitution and God, Tyrants, Bullies, Criminals, Liars, and thieves. They are the indoctrinators  of our little children, exploiting them to further their evil agendas, supporting gender change among minors, filth in children's media, and terrifying them with Climate Change lies and the demonization of Gun Ownership. Is it any wonder that so many of our teens suffer from Mental Illnesses, Dependency, Drug Abuse, Sexual Confusion, Lack of Respect for Life, and Suicidal Tendencies ?!?! Just LOOK at the LEFT! 

                   Voting should be done 100% differently than it is. Voters should be given an in-depth information sheet on each candidate, with no name, age, party, or gender listed. These info sheets should contain ONLY the candidates accomplishments, abilities, platform, education level, and goals. NO clues as to who is who, no photos. Just the necessary facts to assist voters in deciding WHAT they want for their town, state, or country, not WHO they want. If we all had to choose our candidate based on their character, we would have far fewer corrupt, dishonest, and useless leaders in every level of government. 

                    I don't even dislike Tistrya, or any of the other candidates. What drives ME, is behavior, and when someone seeking a position of Leadership has been sneaky and dishonest, and violated laws and lied to the voters, I consider them unfit and undeserving of our votes, period. Tistrya is an excellent mom, a hard worker, and she has served this town as Clerk in a professional manner, with very few exceptions, but there ARE exceptions, and they are NOT small ones. I wish her no ill will, ever, but I do not want to see her hunger for control become a reality by damaging this town and the Rights of the People. THAT is exactly what Benson's plan was.  He used this town and it's people as a stepping stone to higher office and a lifetime of taxpayer funding, lifetime income and medical insurance, etc. When it didn't work out for him, he flipped you all off and walked away. Tistrya is walking in Benson's footsteps. 

                    BOTH of them think very highly of themselves, BOTH of them salivate over a position of POWER and CONTROL. The only thing that differs, is that Benson wasn't interested in burying us under Extreme Environmentalism, Tistrya  IS. Her running mates, ARE. So, you can choose to believe those of us who have worked relentlessly to keep you informed and aware of the dangers, OR, you can believe the lies and denials of people who wish to crush you , people who have already proven their dishonesty. Are YOU informed, responsible, and concerned about your freedoms, or one of the gullible "Followers", a Party Line voter, and clueless?  NOW is the time to decide.