Are Muzzles Cheaper in Bulk?                                            9-10-2019

               Town Board meetings are no longer boring.  Tonight's Agenda was so brief, that people expected a very short meeting. It was anything BUT. Over two hours!

                First of all, I would like to thank Thaddeus Flint of the Eastwick Press for his reporting excellence these last few years. His writing style always lent some humor to the sad reality, while reporting truthfully and without bias.  We will miss you, and wish you all the best in your next endeavor! 

               Now, as you might be aware, there are Ethics Complaints floating all over the place. The Town Attorney was present tonight to advise the board as to how to deal with one complaint that has been kicked to them, since the subject of said complaint is an Ethics Board member, and the complainant is Councilman Norman Rasmussen. 

               The Attorney informed Norman that the board would be taking a "recess" to discuss the matter, and that he must recuse himself. Well, Norm did not take kindly to that and made his objections MORE than clear. It was exactly like watching a Little Leaguer forced to take the bench. He pouted and fumed , but finally accepted the fact that he would be sitting this one out. The recess lasted about 15 minutes, and when the board returned, the Attorney explained that the board would need to meet to decide if the complaint was an actual Ethics Violation or not.  if not, there would be no further investigation, and if deemed a viable complaint, they WOULD investigate it further. 

                If you think Norman was mad BEFORE the recess, his behavior AFTER was abominable! He badgered the Attorney incessantly for nearly 20 minutes about WHY did they have to decide IF it was a valid complaint? Why couldn't they do it NOW? WHEN would they do it? HOW would they do it? How could it NOT be valid, it was a complaint!? Then, after the poor Attorney explained the entire process in detail, Norm asked the same questions AGAIN, and AGAIN! I began to wonder if he was hard of hearing or just THAT stupid?  Finally, the Attorney lost his patience, as did all the non-Norman Fans in the room. FINALLY silencing Norman was not the end of it however, because the Cult started butting-in with MORE questions. 

                 Cynthia Creech outed the fact that several of her fellow cult-members had sent redundant complaints to the Ethics Board, and wanted to know if they would be looked at separately or as one complaint? So besides proving that NONE of them understand the difference between a statement and a threat, that NONE of them understand the First Amendment, and ALL of them are Snowflakes, she also proved that they stick together regardless of whether the issue is wrong or right. NO independent thought in THAT crew!  DUH! Isn't it obvious to the reasonably intelligent, that ONE investigation would be adequate for several, identical complaints? GEEZ!!

                  That ridiculous display of utter immaturity and emotional fragility, was followed by a statement by Irene Hanna about "Open Meetings" and Quorums".  Apparently, seeing two councilmen talking with Candidate Bud Godfroy after our last meeting, to HER, was "Questionable", since a third councilman was nearby. She saw that as a "Quorum", and a show of support for Godfroy's candidacy. Never mind that what they were discussing was the dual-duty firetruck plan, and the 3rd councilman had stepped away to AVOID any appearance of impropriety, Irene still had an issue with it. THEN, she actually came right out and told Meg Robertson that she didn't "Trust" the board!  Why Irene, because they're not far left enough? 

                 Our board is made up of "Moderate" Democrats except for Norman, and they are like the Democrats I remember from years ago, before the party went Socialist Nut-Jobs. Ahh, but there is still that Fairness they practice, that Liberals hate. Also the butt-hurt over having to PAY for the Rail Trail property. The VENDETTA! LOL!  Do these people even have a clue as to how ridiculous they make themselves look? 

                  Then it was Jeannine-Tonetti-Baldwin's turn. The self-proclaimed, "CHAIRPERSON" of the Ethics Board that was never appointed as such by ANYBODY but herself, was chided for that very action. She was also taken to task over TWO executive decisions she made without even notifying the other Ethics Board members that any issue existed! To me, she should be asked to resign from the Ethics Board for her actions. This is no small matter, and to allow her to get away with it as they always let her late husband get away with HIS violations, is shameful !

                  In any case, I suspect that our Ethics Board will be VERY busy in the next month or two! Moving on to the Social Media, deliberate misinformation , posted by our Town Clerk, that was briefly mentioned tonight also. TOO briefly! That lie caused extreme harassment of our Councilmen by residents, and was about as unethical as one can get! Oh, there is SO much more, but I can't say WHAT yet. 

                 A word of advice to all voters; Be very, very sure that you know who the person really IS that you support. Don't be fooled by the sugar and smiles, there is arsenic in that sweetener.  If a campaign can be more dangerous to the future of this town than Benson's, this is IT!  If you support the Speedway, be extremely cautious. If you want fairness and transparency in town government, keep the councilmen you HAVE! THEY have no vendettas, and no agenda other than to make this town better for EVERY resident. LOOK at the achievements of the past two years, the relative peace, the lack of scandal and corruption, etc. You may like some candidates , but who will they be as Officials? BEWARE the Cult Members, no matter how "Nice" they may seem. You have NO idea what goes on behind your backs.