Town Board                                                               10-8-2019

                      The meeting itself was fairly routine and boring, save for the two Executive Sessions to deal with all the Ethics Complaints flying back and forth.  Do you realize that THREE of the Cult members filed complaints against Bob Smith for bluntly standing-up for our Fire-Fighters ?!  (Yes, I KNOW who they are.)

                      Tonight's meeting opened with a presentation by a lady from the Census Bureau, urging all citizens to complete their Census Forms, so their communities can get their piece of the government pie. She also mentioned the need for employees to assist with the massive under-taking. She assured the people to not worry, the government will pay them and cover their expenses. LOLOL!!  The government pays for NOTHING ! It GIVES you NOTHING ! It HAS nothing!  It's the TAXPAYERS who fund it ALL ! 

                      So you have a new option this year, for the first time, you can file your census form online. If you're not into that, you will receive a paper form via snail mail. If you fail to fill THAT out, a Census worker will come to your door. I DO believe I will wait for that visit, so I can tell a government employee exactly what I think, face to face.  

                       We DID have some comedy this evening.                       Cynthia Creech actually walked into the room wearing a "TISTRYA for SUPERVISOR" tee shirt !!! OMG, I thought I would die laughing!  Now, don't take me wrong, I am quite fond of message tee shirts, but this was the dumbest, most desperate, childish and tacky thing I have ever seen on a shirt. That, coming right on top of the latest billboard for John Trainor, was just too much.  Absolutely hysterical!  The people sitting around me came up with some pretty great jokes about that shirt, but I won't share here, sorry.

             The sign saturation is Mike Benson all over again!  Actually, I'm surprised that there isn't a billboard with a group photo of Gordon, Houghtling, and Trainor, on every corner in town! You know, one of those new electric things like they have on I-90? Picture changing from the group photo to a message like, "Vote for the Party of Far-Left Progressivism and surrender your rights to your own property !"?

                     SPEAKING of which, for those of you who haven't read my recent Facebook posts or simply are not convinced of the things I've warned you about, here's a Wake-Up Call;  According to numerous local sources, if Tistrya wins, she intends to immediately start restricting your property rights with what she calls, "QUIET SUNDAYS".  Residents will be forbidden from making any excessive noise on Sundays, to include parties, work on loud automobiles, fireworks, home improvement, lawn mowing, chain saw work, etc. Yes, you read that right. Gee, didn't I tell you a couple of years ago that this was coming, when they shut down the Dirt-Bike Track? Almost EXACTLY what I warned you of ! 

                     The Drag Strip will be exempt, (for NOW), because it's a business, and businesses will not be held to this new "Order of the Tyrant Queen". Do you realize how much of an Over-Reach such a restriction IS, and what it would lead to ?!?!?!? My GOD, this is UNBELIEVABLE !! These people are not safe to hold ANY office, ANYWHERE, EVER!  I am going to say it AGAIN;  the Fake Smiles and promises of Roses and Wine are LIES, and if you are supporting ANY of these candidates, you are either ONE of them, or you are one of the most gullible voters alive! You don't KNOW who they truly are and what they truly are planning for our town. You SHOULD know, but you don't. 

                      Many of you learned the hard way who and what Mike Benson was, because you refused to take warnings from people who KNEW. Well believe me NOW, I KNOW what these three are up to, and I KNOW you will regret your votes if you give them to these people. We are all free to pick our candidates, but we are also duty-bound to learn all we can about them BEFORE we cast that vote. Why do you think they have gone so overboard with the signs, billboards, and now, TEE-SHIRTS. LOLOL!! Next it will be lollipops and balloons for all the kiddies. 

                     Now, where Trainor is concerned, he is a sweet and talented man. The entire Trainor Family are good folks and I have known them all for YEARS. The problem in voting for John , is that he lives, works, and socializes with this Cult, and shares their views and agendas. That doesn't make him a bad man, but it does make him a dangerous politician. Besides that, no one of such an advanced age should be running for office at any level, and especially not a man who is involved in so many other things, like John is. 

                      Folks, we have three of the BEST Councilmen we have ever had in the history of New Lebanon, right NOW.  We have THREE choices for Supervisor. Yes, THREE ! Two of them are not planning to tell you how much noise you can make on your own property or the numerous OTHER restrictions that will follow. Two of them are experienced, non-biased, free of ethical and Election Law violations, and have not deliberately fooled the residents into supporting them by pretending to be something they are not. Neither of these two choices is Tistrya Houghtling.

                     Now we all KNOW that the entire Cult and every city transplant will vote for the dangerous choices. So WE have work to do ! Every Conservative or Moderate voter in New Lebanon must get out and vote FOR the future and freedom of this town.