The Final Hours                                                             11-5-2019

                      The Final Hours for what?  Well, it's 12:30 a.m on Election 
Day, and the work has just ended.  These few hours before the voters get out and start filling-in little dots on a big piece of paper, is the final opportunity to consider your vote carefully. 

                        See that banner up top? If the Libs win today, I plan to wrap that banner across every, "Welcome to New Lebanon" sign ,
 because a heinous crime will have been committed in our town. It would be a horrible crime if locals, Republican, Democrat , Conservative, Independent, etc., fill in the dots to put Liberal Tyrants in control of our very lives. That would be giving them your permission to complete their poisonous take-over, surrendering your history, traditions, and property rights. 

                         This weekend, as the Left-Wing Campaigners traversed the town, NINE of Meg Robertson's campaign signs disappeared. Not one other candidate was affected, just Meg. So what does that TELL you?  Do you think the Liberals are a little worried?  Let's come together and make sure their worry isn't wasted.  

                          Meg and Bud are both ready and raring to go, and I haven't seen Meg this excited since her mom passed, leaving her and her siblings deeply saddened. Both candidates have served our town in the past, and were always mindful of what the people wanted and needed, what was best for the TOWN and not themselves, and neither of them were ever accused or suspected of Any mis-conduct. They grew up here, attended school here, and while Bud ran a successful business, Meg taught school, just like her father before her. 

                           Now let's look at Tistrya. Number ONE concern would be the Ethics violations, the deliberate violations of Town Codes and agreements with the Town Board, division of the people via lies on Social Media, Illegal Campaigning from the Town Hall, harassment of residents through pushy campaigning, "possible" knowledge of missing, confidential mail, taking credit for the accomplishments of others, etc., etc. Add to all that, the FACT, that in a year and a half, Tistrya will walk out the door of our Town Hall and run for State Assembly, leaving us with the Deputy Supervisor who she has said will be Norman Rasmussen, the newcomer who filed a false police complaint against a fellow town official, after calling the LVPA a "Vendor" undeserving of our  assistance and consideration !  Much like Mike Benson, Tistrya will USE the Supervisor position to strengthen her chances of winning a spot in state politics, then simply walk away from New Lebanon. COUNT on it. 

                           Tistrya has lived here for most, if not ALL of her young life, raised at the Abode of the Message  up on the mountain. She IS deeply involved and dedicated to, GREEN INITIATIVES and Climate Change Agendas. She destroyed one of the nicest, long-enduring activities that New Lebanon residents enjoyed every year for decades, and spit on the family that started and hosted that Community Picnic, the Larabee Family. I could continue, but I believe most of what matters has been said. 

                           It's time for the Conservative lovers of Freedom and fairness, to step-up and vote for the TOWN and its' future. NOT for the political party, NOT for your kids' schoolmate, but instead, for the DOERS, the Transparent, the people who truly care about this town and have proven themselves. SAVE this Town by refusing to vote Left! (Remember that Meg is a Write-In candidate!)

                            May God Bless our country and our town.