Letters and Loonies                                                           11-15-2019

                Bringing this blog back after almost a year was a hard decision.  With Colleen as Supervisor and a good town board, we had 3 years of peace and quiet, for the most part.  We DID, near the end, see Colleen morph from a Moderate Local, to a Liberal Lover of city transplants, and that was becoming a serious issue. We knew she was preparing to jump ship, so it was hard to understand WHY she suddenly morphed into a transplant-kisser, since she wasn't looking for votes.

                 She must have gotten SOMETHING out of her betrayal of her lifelong friends and supporters. She just upped and walked away from her position, our town, our board, her friends, her boyfriend, her home, and even her DOGS!  Had to be some serious motivation there.  In any case, we have enjoyed the most awesome local government in the history of this town, since Colleen's departure.  Meg, Smitty, Mark, and Jesse are terrific together, and those board members have accomplished more for New Lebanon than I have ever seen any board manage to do.  Such a shame and curse that we have lost that to Liberals, people who serve only themselves. It's even sadder that they have brought back the old corruption and sunk to new lows to win. 

                 But it is what it is, and we have to make the best of it until we can get rid of them all, like we did with Obama. We WILL survive it. THEY may not, but we WILL.  LOL!!  In any case, the possibility of the Left winning this recent election was one of the reasons I brought the blog back. I knew what was coming, and I knew I had a job to do again. The main reason was popular demand by local folks who have read it for the past 10 years. So here we are, together again!

                 It was a slow re-start. It took a few months for folks to realize we were up and working again, but as of this week, I know we're officially BACK. How do I know this? I know, because the Hate Mail has begun to arrive!  Believe me, I have gotten some CRAZY emails over the years, and they always come from temporary, fake email addresses. Yeah, that's how courageous these loonies are.  They don't even know that I actually LIKE the Hate Mail, because it tells me that I'm accomplishing my goals of exposing the corrupt among us and all their dirty little secrets that they prefer stay hidden.

                  However, I did receive one email this week that I find concerning.  I am in no way intimidated or concerned for myself, but I AM concerned for a couple of people in town that I happen to care about. Did any of you ever suspect that there would be White Supremacists in our town?  It never even crossed my mind. There are so few, true White Supremacists in America, that an upstate NY town hardly seems like a place one would find them. Yet here they are, and I'm shocked. 

                 In the decades I have lived here, I have never seen real Racism . LOTS of Right vs. Left crap and community division, but RACISM? Never. Homophobia or Anti-Semitism?  No, not ever. We disagree over politics, not ethnicity, sexual choices, or religion. Somewhere along the line, we missed the closeted racism. The odd thing about this revelation, is that it is the second time in the past three days, that I've been made aware of it. Once from a victim, and once from a perpetrator.  These two reports don't seem to be at all related.

               How did this get by me until NOW? I have eyes and ears everywhere, and this is the first I have heard of THIS?! God Help Us. Not only do we have corrupt, cheating, law-breaking politicians again, but now we have an even bigger problem. Sadly, it involves young and older residents, and a good amount of it is coming from our high school. This email was definitely from an adult. Not a very intelligent or sane adult, but not a kid. There was also wording used that is common among Supremacists and no one else. DO we have a  WS group in New Lebanon, or just a racist family?  It'll take time and vigilance to answer that, and every one of us, Left or Right, needs to be alert. 

              It's bad enough that we are once AGAIN, about to have the most corrupt and ridiculous town government in the County and be the joke of the County Supervisors, but THIS too?!  Let's put the icing on the cake by remembering that 2020 is going to be the year of political insanity at the top level, and we're in for a year that will make the history books, IF the Left still allows history to be recorded.