The Town Board Candidates                                   11-4-2019

                            Coming down to the wire now, folks. Believe it or not, there are still "Odd" things happening. 

                             On Saturday, two local residents received postcards from two, Stephentown residents. Our locals were asked to sacrifice their own, single votes, and vote for Tistrya on behalf of the out-of-towners who can't vote in NL !! How does a sane adult even wrap their head around THAT ?! 

                             I will have a copy of one of those postcards tomorrow and I will definitely share it with you here. REALLY, THINK about that! Who but a Liberal would have that much ignorant moxie ? One of the writers stated that her children attended school in N.L with Tistrya's children. So I'm guessing that the school in question would be Mountain Road, the Lib School where the kids are taught that the Earth is their Mother, and sitting in a circle and beating on drums brings good Karma or some such nonsense. I have heard that Tistrya recently transferred her kids to the Walter B. Howard Elementary, but have no proof of that. I DO know that Mt. Road has some code violations, so that might be why, who knows? 

                              THIS incident is one of the loudest and clearest examples of Liberal Control and Pushiness that I have given you thus far !! It's just beyond your wildest imagination! Yet that is how they ARE, and that is why they want to grab all our political positions.  With them in control of the Town Board or the Supervisor's position, we will ALL be subjected to this kind of insanity and over-reach, ALL the time

                            What I need to make clear AGAIN, is that I don't hate these people, I HATE their politics and loopy ideas and views. I don't care WHAT they believe or support as long as they keep it among themselves. I will NEVER, tolerate their attempts to FORCE all Americans to agree with them and their craziness, and I will NEVER stop pushing back. 

                           So let's quickly review John Trainor and Deb Gordon. Neither of them EVER attend a Town Board meeting, I've see John at ONE, Special Meeting, the night that Meg Robertson was appointed Interim Supervisor. His sisters, both of whom I like VERY much, were also at that meeting, but have never been to ANY others. Still, they thought it was a good idea to put that huge sign up next to the Barbershop. Suddenly, because their brother is a candidate, they have an interest in town government??

                            Now, if you go back to my post titled: "Who or what" , You can read some facts about these two candidates, but I will add a few final pieces tonight.  John is one of the Nature Nazi, Government Grant Loving, Excessive Zoning supporting, Green Initiative fans. They ALL are! BE WARNED!  Deb Gordon is another one that is only interested in local government when she "WANTS" something. It was Deb and her numerous requests for town support for her grant applications to fix-up her properties, that started Colleen Teal's move to the Left.

                              At the most recent meeting Deb attended, she was of course, looking for an endorsement. She sat in the middle of the room, knitting. While the board members asked her questions relevant to her properties and her request, she never gave them the courtesy of her full attention, and never looked up at the panel. She just kept knitting. Several times, a board member had to raise his voice to get her attention long enough to even ASK her anything. It was the most unusual behavior I had seen in a very long time, and I was actually thinking that I must have dozed-off and was dreaming this. LOL!! 

                              Deb is rude, to say the least. She has NO platform, and NO clue about what the present board has accomplished, and what still needs to be done. She has ignored the official request from the Council to do something with that crumbling house on Rt. 20 and West St. , and to at the very least, post a banner there, informing the public that it is a restoration project.  She has  done NOTHING! Yeah, she would make a GREAT board member. Hardly.

                            You can read up on Chuck Geraldi and Michael Deegan on the page I referred to earlier, as those comments are short and neutral. So let's move on to Mark Baumli. The Baumli Family has been in New Lebanon FOREVER, owned businesses and numerous properties, and been a part of more town projects, improvements, and local government matters than I can count.  Tony Murad and the Baumlis have made the most impressive and positive efforts to improve town aesthetics than anyone else.

                            Mark continues to work to make our town better, not just in appearance, but transparency in local government, cutting waste from the town budget, reining-in excessive zoning, assisting the fire department, and ensuring that ALL residents of every party, are treated equally and fairly. It was his dedication to fairness that put the Left on the attack. Councilmen Baumli, Smith, and Newton, ALL stood for fairness and transparency when they refused to allow an exclusionary bid on a piece of town property. 

                             You must remember last year's attempt by the Rail Trail Committee to be "Gifted" the property. They wanted it to be given to them for free, without giving an equal opportunity to other residents to bid. These three Councilmen found that to be bias, favortism, and totally unethical. They decided that the Rail Trail would have to bid by the book, and in the end, they DID get the property they wanted, but had to PAY for it. So now, their lust for revenge is the reason that they pressured both Gordon and Trainor to run against the incumbents.  Just IMAGINE how unfair they could be if they controlled the board ?!?! Keep the Board we HAVE, it's the best one in decades! 

                             Kevin Smith also grew up in New Lebanon, is a business and property-owner, and is always the first one to step-up and help his fellow residents, even BEFORE he ran for election. As a councilman, he has accomplished more in two short years, than any board member I can recall. He is anti-over zoning, pro-saving money and keeping taxes down, as is Mark, and is absolutely dedicated and excited about town improvements, especially those that can be done by volunteers at little or no cost. He values local history and saved the cupola that the school intended to scrap. 

                              Along with Councilmen Baumli and Newton, Kevin has overseen the restoration of the basketball court, the sidewalks at the pavilion, repairs to park buildings, and the planning of the present project to replace the old bathrooms and kitchen. He is proudest of the Fruit Tree Orchard Project, that in another year or two, will be mature enough to provide free fruit to residents and Charlie's Pantry. Kevin has also put many hours into the planning of a skateboard park for the kids. The new,  simpler LVPA Budget and strong unity between the town and our fire department was also an issue that Kevin was instrumental in bringing about. He assisted with the Flag Project right to the point of climbing ladders and fixing twisted flags and bent poles. He is willing to get his hands dirty.

                             Now, here is something I wasn't sure that I wanted to say, but I feel it needs to be said.  Most residents don't realize how much Kevin has accomplished for this town and hopes to accomplish going forward. I KNOW that very few are aware of what this position has done for HIM. Since becoming a councilman, Kevin has made personal changes in his life, that most people could never hope to make. Having witnessed these changes happen bit by bit, and seeing the successes that are 100% the result of his own effort and his determination to improve his life as well as the town he loves, I am in awe.  

                              These two incumbent candidates have proven themselves, they have EARNED your support  and gratitude for their integrity, clean service to this town, and concern for ALL constituents.  We need them to continue improving our community and promoting honest leadership. 

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