Dumb and Dumber                                               11-16-2019

                  Have you ever noticed that the liars , cheaters, and bullies despise TRUTH?  They also hate those who TELL the Truth, especially if it exposes them for what they really ARE.

                  I promised, when I re-started this blog, that I intended to be even less Politically-Correct than I was before, and I rarely break promises. I'm too fed-up with the bullshit to censor myself anymore, and I also happen to be a Free, American, Constitutionalist, and I will exercise my right to Free Speech. If those who have things to hide don't like it, too damn bad.  Get over it and get over yourself.  

                  So it seems that last night's post made my new haters "angry".  Or is it "Offended", it's so hard to keep up with the Liberal's terms for the millions of things they don't "like", and want their Mommy-State to make laws against.  No wonder there's such a thing as Adult Diapers these days. 

                 Today's response from the anonymous Weirdo of the Week, was short, but the anger was palpable. I'm surprised that the thing didn't break into flames when I opened it. Yet, as butt-hurt as this person is, she still hid behind a fake identity. Notice I said "SHE"?  I have a good idea as to who I am dealing with. Liberals aren't smart enough to read between the lines BEFORE they hit SEND. Anyhow, you will recall that a couple of months ago, Councilman Norman Rasmussen falsely accused my husband of "Threatening" him, and not being law-savvy, even made an ass of himself by reporting it to our local Gray Suits. 

                   Yeah, the Trooper was at the door the next morning, wasting his time and our tax dollars , following-up on a complaint with no validity. I KNOW he had to do his job, been there, done that, myself. Follow procedure, even if you know it's stupid. Since there WAS no threat, the complaint of course, went nowhere. BUT, Norm is guilty of filing a False Complaint against a fellow, town official. I find that to be grounds for his removal from the Town Board. We will see. 

                     Funny part of all this is, that my new Hater, which is without question a member of the local, Liberal Clique along WITH Norm, was likely one of the other three who filed an Ethics Complaint against Bob when the Troopers wouldn't take action. So wouldn't you think that this idiot would KNOW that making ACTUAL threats is a crime?  Of course, so is lying, cheating, and violating laws and codes to win elections, and this group thought nothing of doing all those things.  LOL!!

                    So I have now been told to "Watch my Back" and carry my gun at all times.  THAT, is a Threat.  I'll think about that tomorrow when I'm at the range for weekly practice. See, this is how Liberals respond to being outed, or called-out for their repulsive behaviors, or even just told an inconvenient Truth. Telling Truth to or about a Lefty, is like throwing Holy Water on a Vampire. This is the warm-up to the Houghtling Term to come.  I'm not suggesting that Tistrya is the sender of these emails, I don't think she has THAT kind of evil in her. She's just a desperate seeker of power and attention, willing to cheat to get what she wants. 

                     I bet these people wish they could file Ethics Complaints against me, but you know what? I'm not dumb enough to make it that easy for them. " Politician" is not a title I have ever wanted, I prefer to be the "Politician-Watcher".  Nor would I ever sit still for being reined-in by any politicians, I love being free to tell it like it is without being sent to my room. 

                    We have 18 months before Tistrya  probably waves good-bye to her supporters and runs for Assembly, and it's going to be a Wild Ride.  She will VERY likely be the third Supervisor in a row to walk out before their term ends. If it's true that things run in threes, that might be a good sign. Maybe the NEXT Supervisor and Town Board will be Moderates and Conservatives that win fairly and lead with integrity, like the board we just lost. 

                    A final word to this week's hater #1;  you don't know who you're messing with. It is not just ME you are threatening, because I rarely work alone or just locally. But feel free to continue digging your own hole.  Oh wait, I forgot, you're not too good at digging, are you?