Town Board Meeting                                                 11-12-2019


                 Interesting.  Same old faces, many sour ones that sat on the Left side of the room where they belong, as they always do.  I think the MOST interesting piece from tonight, was the fact that neither Deb Gordon OR John Trainor were present !!

                 Not only is this unacceptable and a huge, "Screw You" to the public, but it was disrespectful to the Idiots that voted for them! Here they all sat, joined at the hip as they usually are, and their beloved candidates didn't even bother to show up. How very RUDE.  Wanna bet they both miss more meetings than they attend?   

                Think about this; these two never even come to regular meetings. John, I have NEVER seen at one, and Deb only comes if she wants something. She's also one of those people that stays only until HER business is done, then walks out. Totally disinterested in anything else involving the town. How do they expect to get brought up to speed on all the issues that need addressing, or what has been accomplished by the present board that they will need to build on?  

               Speaking of building, the matter of Prevailing Wages came up. Some sleaze reported the town to the Labor Board for not paying the Prevailing Wage, so not only did the Labor Board come and investigate, it also chastised the Council and laid down another "Law" we don't need and cannot afford.  So we will now lose all our "Local" contractors and be forced to hire out and pay more for any work that needs to be done on the town buildings and property. 

                One person suggested that we hire a Fix-It man of some sort to take care of the work, but Councilman Newton pointed out that the possible jobs included would be plumbing, heating, electrical, carpentry, cement work, and even landscaping. Very few people can do ALL of that. Councilman Smith stated that the present board did most of the work "In House". They put on their work clothes and got dirty doing the work themselves! They are after all, Country Boys, experienced in doing things for themselves, so they have the skills necessary to provide repairs and maintenance work with no labor costs. That's exactly what they have done all along.

                So tell me WHO on the 2020 board is going to fill their work boots? 70 year-old Deb Gordon?  76 year-old John Trainor? Or...NORMAN?  In all fairness, Norm does have carpentry skills, but he is often traveling, and he too, is in his 70s. So that leaves Jesse Newton, the lone Country Boy and his numerous country skills. A VERY busy guy, running the hardware store full-time. THEN, the matter of tools to DO these jobs came up. Contractors bring their own, but what tools does the town have?  LOL!  Just Human ones.

                One thing about Liberals my friends, they don't LIKE or EXCEL at dirty work, they just hire it out. Can't do that with the taxpayers' money though. Oh well, maybe they can use their college educations to figure it out.  

                 Oh yeah, Ted Salem announced tonight that this coming Saturday, there will be a giveaway of a book about farming, held at the nameless library. He said, "They" put it together. I had to wonder if they even bothered to talk to any REAL farmers. You know they didn't. They talked to the Organic GARDENERS that like to call themselves Farmers, and they talked to Cynthia Creech in her "Vote for Tistrya" tee shirt and her under-weight, over-populated, herd of cows.  Gotta wonder how many of them will drop dead and freeze to the ground THIS winter! 

                  Tistrya attempted to save face tonight re: the Free Store violations , but it didn't quite cut it. She "claimed" that shortly after making her agreement with the councilmen that no one could go upstairs, the state gave her permission to allow "Able-Bodied" people to go up, but that she would have to accommodate the handicapped by bringing items downstairs to THEM.  There are two major problems with that claim.  1) She STILL violated her agreement with the TOWN BOARD, and  2) She neglected to inform the Council that she was given this alleged "Permission" to allow people to go upstairs!  So no one knew that until tonight, and it's been over two years since the Free Store opened!!!  Nice TRY Tistrya, but no cigar for YOU! 

                   If nothing else, the next couple of years should be interesting and more than a little entertaining.  Watching these people scramble to try to get informed about the recent workings of town government, watching them try to make repairs, witnessing them attempt to relate to the REAL country folks, will be better than TV. The only one with any clue about the inner workings of New Lebanon is Tistrya, and only because she has been town clerk for so long. 

                  In a year and a half, when she walks away to run for Assembly again, we can all go to meetings and watch the Liberals squirm. Fasten your seatbelts folks, this is going to be a crazy ride.  By the way, we still have pending criminal charges against two of these officials. The investigations are on-going and far from settled.  There is NO WAY, that anything is getting swept under the rug THIS time!