Wow, indoctrination tied up as instruction on possessives. This is reportedly part of the Common Core lessons for third graders so it applies to all schools employing those standards.

This is courtesy of Chris Sardegna. In case you question the above, Chris even provides the answer key and a teacher’s power point.

So third graders are learning:
-it is the President’s job to make everything fair
-the people must obey the commands of government officials
-the individual’s wants are less important than the nation’s well-being.

Let’s try a new lesson on the use of the possessive.

Common Core’s instruction on possessives is atrocious indoctrination and Common Core’s “standards” should be investigated and tossed.

There, now we did our homework for the day…


Town Board                                                                 11-12-2013

               Tonight's meeting was relatively uneventful, like Town Board Meetings generally are. Which is why so few people regularly attend. Most of the time, these meetings are yawn fests, but OTHER times, no TV drama could compete !  I am bored with budget reports and numbers, I am very inept at mathematics and not ashamed to admit it. I much prefer words to numbers, so I leave the money issues of the town to my husband to watch over.

               Dan Evans was in attendance this evening and I took the opportunity to congratulate him.  Hey, the kid won and in my opinion, he has a hard road ahead. So why not try to encourage him a little now that he is a confirmed board member? I really meant it when I shook his hand, I DO hope he will do well and not be swayed by Benson. His mother stood over him like a nursing lioness when I was speaking to him, and the look she gave me was pretty poisonous, but I guess she's justified somewhat. I DID try very hard to keep her son out of office.  As I said during the campaign, he is too young, too inexperienced, and too much under the Benson spell. He also drinks too much, but so does the majority of our town officials. Time will tell what kind of Councilman Dan will be, but as long as he does the job with honesty and integrity, he will get no flack from ME.

              Privilege of the Floor is almost always worth the wait and tonight was no exception. Scott Larabee reminded the Czar that he won this election by a mere 10%, and that's without the absentee ballot count yet to be done. Scott stated that Benson needs to realize that the numbers show that half the town did NOT vote for him, because they know he doesn't care about their ideas or needs. (among other things). So he warned the Czar to turn over a new leaf and be a Supervisor to ALL the people, not just those who support him. 10 points for Scott !  The Czar said nothing, and simply moved on.

            Trina was up next, and she asked if she could continue to sit as she spoke. Benson replied, "I don't care if you stand on your head".  I will refrain from saying what I'm thinking right now. Anyway, Trina read a letter she had written to the Czar about his treatment of the public and especially of the members of other boards, and ended by saying that she hoped to see him have more courtesy and consideration in the coming two years. 10 points for Trina!  Both Scott and Trina were polite and to the point, and Benson ignored them in his usual arrogant manner. That's fine, Thaddeus Flint was scribbling madly on his notepad.

            It will be interesting to see the final count after the absentee ballots are in. I have no sense of how it will turn out, but it will be still be fun to see what the final count is. Tomorrow night at 6:30, the Hamlet Revitalization Meeting will be held at the elementary school.  How very sad that we spent half a million dollars on a new meeting room, and still have to "borrow" space for large meetings. Especially when Benson complained so much about being forced to use the firehouse and ALH. How much better-off are we now?  I hope the Conservatives in town will get off the couches and attend tomorrow night, as this project is costing us no small amount of money just to "LOOK" at. This idea and the Economic Development Committee are the two, most serious things we need to watch.

           The mysterious EDC is the very group that will work tirelessly to morph our town into a tourist trap, and the Hamlet Folly is a big part of that agenda. If you care about that at all, you need to commit to attending these meetings. Benson's re-election has given him the time he needs to complete his take-over of New Lebanon, and it is now up to those of us who treasure the rural flavor of our town, to tie his hands.  It's getting cold and dreary now, and the sun goes down early. This is the time to get involved.

           Sleep well, New Lebanon.            JJ


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