Axing  Dax                                                              10-1-2015

               Before I get started on my favorite local Lib, I want to mention today's shooting in Oregon.  

               The minute I heard about the shooting, I knew it would be only a matter of hours before Obama and his like-minded Commies would come out and blame guns, AGAIN. That's getting more than a little tired and old, don't you think?  Until the three most recent shootings, EVERY single one of the shooters was a Democrat Liberal. EVERY ONE, without exception. In EVERY case, the real and the False Flags alike, the shooter had a history of serious, mental illness and the use of psychotropic medications and/or drug abuse. Each of them had made statements that were red flags about their intentions . 

               Now, we are looking at a small shift in the profiles of these shooters. We are beginning to see Muslims moving in on mentally ill Liberal's territory. Fort Hood was a Muslim, the two reporters were killed by a Gay, Black, Muslim, and the young girl in California was killed by an illegal Mexican that had been deported FIVE times and was given asylum in a sanctuary city here in America. In ALL cases, the shooters and their personal issues or religious extremism, were not blamed, the weapons were. 

               The anti-gun crowd claims that these deaths and injuries would have been prevented if guns were not so readily available. No, they would not have been, the killers will kill whether they have a gun or not. They will use bombs, fire, gases, bows and arrows, knives, bats, or whatever is convenient and allows them to carry out the evil plan in their dark hearts. The problem is not guns or any other weapon, it is sick minds, and THAT is where the anti-gunners SHOULD be focusing their outrage and attention. Disarming the responsible and trustworthy gun owners in America will solve nothing, because the bad guys ALWAYS get weapons and NEVER obey laws, especially gun laws.

               The Media will shout all day on every outlet about tragedies like what occurred today, but they never, EVER tell you about the thousands and thousands of such situations that are prevented each year by GOOD guys with guns. It does not serve their agenda to disarm the American citizens and inject Socialism, even Communism into our society. Believe me folks, the ONLY thing standing between us and a 100% autocratic government, is the fact that so many Americans have guns and know how to use them. That is exactly why they want them so badly. A society that is rendered unable to protect itself from tyranny , becomes a society not of free people, but of slaves. Our founding fathers KNEW this, and wrote the Second Amendment for that sole purpose. 

               Today's shooting was perpetrated by yet another, MUSLIM. He asked his victims if they were Christians, and those who said "Yes", were shot in the head. Those who said "No", were shot in the legs. So we are looking at three major issues that threaten every one of us in America every minute of every day.  1) The threat of Islamic Extremism ,  2) Targeting of Christians and the failure of the American people to STOP it!, and 3) Liberal support for Muslims. THESE are the dangers we face as a people and a country, not guns. In fact, we need MORE armed citizens, not fewer. What Obama has created with the open border and his Muslim Love-Fest, is the greatest threat we have faced in generations. We must be prepared to defend ourselves and our families, not just from the invaders, but from those who have nurtured the invasion. "Nuff said, for NOW.


               Okay, how about we begin with a huge, collective sigh. Now, shake your head slowly back and forth and repeat after me, " John,John, John, what are we going to do about John" ? Now we're ready.

                Today I received a copy of the minutes of the "Noise Ordinance Workshop" held on July 28, 2015. That was the meeting I unwillingly missed, but Heather O'Dell did a great job of standing-in for me. LOL!! 

                 The minutes and attached B.S total 29 pages, and I read it in two shifts as time allowed. I have highlights and notes on almost every page. The most glaring issue I found among these many pages was the utter hypocrisy of these Speedway objectors, and yes, it is all about the Speedway.  They can claim that they want a "General Noise Law", but that's a lie. They want to hurt Howard Commander in any way they can, driven by John Dax and his grudge of many years. 

                 This proposed ordinance and the "people" who are advocating for it, are asking for extreme restrictions on many activities that they themselves enjoy and employ! For instance, on Page One, Dax states that they are concerned about the "Adverse impact of unrestrained racing on the quality of life in New Lebanon and the negative impact on New Lebanon's future as a welcoming town in which to live, recreate, and visit ". LOLOL!!  You can well imagine MY reaction to that statement! 

                 New Lebanon always WAS a welcoming town to live in, until two things happened.  

     1) The invasion of city people and their liberal ideals.

     2) The election of Mike Benson.

                  For most of its history, New Lebanon has been a busy, happy, rural town with plenty of businesses and things to do. The Speedway has been our largest and most lucrative business for over 63 years. Until the city folk began arriving in droves, the Speedway was a Proud Landmark and residents rarely, if ever, complained about it. Yeah, yeah, I've heard the tired excuse about the track having expanded it's programs over the years, but so have ALL the businesses that remain successful. It's a requirement to grow and stay competitive. Isn't that what the city liberals claim New Lebanon needs NOW ? Growth and expansion? Yup, that's what they ALL say, but they DON'T tell you that the growth has to be the type of growth THEY want, THEY approve of, and THEY select FOR us. 

                 Dan Lynch of Gale Hill Road spoke after Dax had his initial say, and Lynch claimed that the track often operates until between midnight and one a.m. That, is an all-out lie. I have a family member that attends every race, all season, every year, and the latest he has ever gotten home after a race is 11 p.m. That includes the time it takes him to get from the bleachers to the parking lot, battle his way out in the traffic, and drive the 10 to 12 minutes from West Lebanon to our house. 

                 Twenty-five years ago, there were nights that he did not get home until midnight, but in the past ten years , give or take a couple, he is NEVER later than eleven, and more often, he is home by or before 10. Which indicates that the races are now ending MUCH earlier than they did some years ago ! So we know what Mr. Lynch is full of.  He wasn't finished . He went on to claim that the track hosts drifting every night, but drifting is a Friday night event. Lynch said he wants NO drifting events allowed at ALL. Aww, does he? Tough. If he can hear every tire squeal from his house as he claims he does, he should KNOW that the races end earlier than 11 p.m 99% of the time, and he should know that there is not a drifting event every night. Perhaps he doesn't hear what he thinks he hears after all?  I lived on Gale Hill for three years, so I can challenge Mr. Lynch with my own experience.

                  The next speaker was Bill Evans of East Nassau. THIS guy actually claimed that his neighbor's house "Physically shakes from the noise during special events at the track"!  I think his neighbor has structural issues if not just issues in general. Davis also claimed that the increase in racing events "has moved beyond coexistence ". OMG, Liberals and their COEXISTENCE! THE most uncooperative human beings in the world are always preaching coexistence. THE most intolerant people in the world are always preaching Tolerance! Give it to them or ELSE, but don't expect the same in return! GAG!

                   To Mr. Davis I say this, "Liberal transplants to the valley and surrounding area have absolutely ZERO interest in coexisting with long-timers and lifers". Where I live now and have lived since 2000, the traffic has increased from Rt. 20 to the Abode, Darrow School, and the Tannery Pond concerts to the point of unbearable. Now, the Shaker Museum is adding even more. The constant slamming of tractor trailers coming down Lebanon Mountain is disruptive to sleep as are the jake brakes, but you know what?  It is what it is! You can't have Nirvana and the Progress they claim to love at the same time! There are pluses and minuses to everything, and though the locals have always been willing to meet the newcomers half-way, we have found that it's ONE-WAY, and we are fed up with it.

                    Next to speak was Gary Millett, President of the "Piss and Moan About Everything Club ". His "FACTS" about other speedways in New York and their operations were so riddled with errors and untruths, they were a cinch to disprove. HE claimed that ALL other Dirt Tracks operate only ONE night per week. Even if this were true, which it isn't, other tracks are NOT Primary tracks as Lebanon is. Our Speedway is the biggest dirt track, the BEST track, and the most notable track and we are Proud to have it here in our town. We should ALL be grateful to have our hometown known for having the top dirt track in the country. The transplants however, would prefer to be known for the sissy things like "Behold New Lebanon", and "Bird Watching in the Shaker Swamp".  That isn't what country life is all about and it isn't what New Lebanon ever was or ever should be. We have always been willing to "Coexist" with the city folk, but we are NOT going to sit still any longer for them TAKING our town and dictating how we will live.

                      Millett went on to complain about the length of the track season and the number of events held per week. Well, ya know what, Gary? The "Tourists" that you people love so much, invade our lives three out of every four seasons! They come in Summer, they drive up to look at our colorful leaves in the Fall, and they come to ski in Winter. EVERY year, and with every passing year, there are more and more OF them and they drive like maniacs and have no respect for the people who LIVE here. WE despise tourism, yet Dax and his Tulips promote and support tourism with NO input from locals as a whole, and ignore the objections of those of us who prefer to remain OFF the map to people like that. So do not expect sympathy for or attention to the objections you make about the things WE like. How's it feel when the tables are turned? 

                     Dax spoke again and stated that THREE people had spoken to him about what they believe are the main issues with the Speedway.    THREE !?! Oh My Goodness, we better stand up and pay heed to those THREE people !! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!  He went on to say that the noise problem is a "Health and Safety Issue". Hardly. If race car engines are a danger to our health and safety, what is the influx of people from all over, who have traveled outside the country and been exposed to who-knows-what, and who clog our roads and drive recklessly? What is the Open Border and the Syrian Refugees that YOUR president has promoted and allowed? Are those things NOT a threat to our health and safety? Shouldn't you people be spending your time and money addressing those things instead of whining about the Speedway you KNEW was there BEFORE you moved here? 

                     I lost interest in the rest of Dax's diatribe when he wandered down the Yellow Brick Road into his favorite lecture about decibels, weather effects on sound, professional noise measurements, elevation, etc.,etc., ad nauseum. We've heard all that crap from him a hundred times and it still has no bearing on the matter at hand. It's merely whining, and I have no patience with grown men who whine. 

                     Finally, the Town Board was given an opportunity to weigh-in. Dan Evans commented that the "Proposed Town Laws" were well structured and had answered any questions he had previously had. Of course. Geraldi as usual had no comment or questions, but Larabee put Millett in his place by pointing out the numerous errors in his claims. The Czar mentioned that the Town and the Track have an existing agreement dating from 1982. THAT is a FACT, and that agreement was granted for "Perpetuity". Done deal. The Czar SHOULD have made it very clear that the original 1982 agreement is permanent and binding, case closed. 

                    The Czar then suggested a Mediator be brought in but Dax resisted the idea, stating that they had tried mediation in the past and it had failed. No John, it didn't fail, you just didn't get the results you wanted. It didn't go YOUR way.  Dax stated that our Town Board is a "Legislative Body" and is responsible for the interests of the WHOLE town. REALLY, John? When have you EVER seen Mike Benson give a rat's fart about anyone without deep pockets and support for HIM? When did Ruth Abram or YOU with your Shaker Swamp Project, give a damn about the locals and their opinions?  Double Standard rears its ugly head in Lebanon, AGAIN.

                     Now that it is Dax and his Tulips that are inconvenienced on weekends, he wants the Czar to be concerned with ALL the people all of a sudden? The Tulips are more than content when everything goes THEIR way. Well, payback has come. Dax then said that Howard's right to a return on his property does not mean he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, no matter what. OHHHH, I see, only the Liberals and citiots can do that! Sorry, I must have missed that in Constitution Class. Yeah, the Constitution Class that NONE of the transplants or liberals attend. The EDC can do what they want, when they want, no matter what, as does Behold New Lebanon and a host of other groups and committees organized and run by the Tulips. We Bumpkins are supposed to sit down, shut up and let them rule like Dictators. I don't THINK so! 

                      All of this was in just the first eleven pages of these minutes. Tomorrow night, we'll continue with the remainder and the two, proposed "LAWS" written I presume, by Dax who claimed at the beginning of this meeting that he was there as a "Resident" and not as a "Lawyer". LOL!!


                Now, on to the campaign. I spent yesterday afternoon posting Paul's signs. (Czajka). I was happy to see so many Teal and Houghtling signs in private yards while Benson's were mostly in the right of ways only. Except of course, for the few that were posted by Tommy Benson without the homeowner's permission or request. There are some angry residents in town, and that is a FACT. Tommy Benson is NOT one to follow the rules in any case, but especially when it comes to campaign sign rules. 

                As he did two years ago, he planted a Mike sign on the site of the future, new firehouse, which is municipal property and a NO campaign sign site. He was advised of this last campaign, but did it again anyway. He is another one that believes he is above the laws. Maybe Mike should get out and post his OWN damn signs instead of having his daddy do it for him. After all, he DOES live right here in town, doesn't he? Maybe not, depends on how many "Nights" he's home and not in Albany.  LOLOL!!

               The best thing I saw yesterday while posting was a sign in Lebanon Springs. I've posted a picture of it below. Believe it or not, I had NOTHING to do with it, but I admit I was thrilled to SEE it! Enjoy! 


Axing Dax - Part Two                                            10-2-2015

              So here we are again, another day full of crappy news. Obama just finished a speech that was a total waste of breath. Too bad he didn't suffocate himself.  The man is an habitual liar and has NO clue about this country and how it was formed , grown, or became the BEST, and Strongest nation in the world. 

               He made mention of his "Christian Faith" several times, and we all know what a lie THAT is. He failed to mention that yesterday's mass shooting was ALL about Christians and the elimination of them by bullet.  All he knows how to do is blame guns while ignoring the real core issues surrounding these shootings. 

               This morning, the news media was talking about the increase in violence in America in recent years and how they are  "At a Loss to explain it" !!!  Are you KIDDING  me ?! Where do I begin to explain it FOR them ?! Let's see;  Since Obama was first elected, we have seen the economy reach an all-time low and the debt reach an all-time high. We have mass poverty and unemployment while he sends billions of our tax dollars to our enemies and takes numerous, million-dollar vacations.

                We have seen Liberalism expand and immorality along with it. We now have gender issues that would boggle the mind of Geniuses, much less our youth. Everything is "Acceptable", and the line between wrong and right and good and evil has been erased. Just today, I heard a piece on Rush Limbaugh about a woman who believed that she was meant to be born blind, and because she was sighted, she was not "Whole". Yes, you heard me right. So the Liberals came up with a disorder for her with a long, ridiculous name and started protecting her right to "Choose" to be blind. She then enlisted the help of a college professor to put Drano in her eyes and blind her so she could be made "Whole" according to her personal beliefs.

                  Mind you, that this professor will not face charges, the crazy woman did not elect to at least donate her eyes to a sane person who would LOVE to see, and we now have a new disease that we are supposed to accept and protect, despite the fact that it's INSANE! There IS no name for this kind of thinking, it is just plain NUTS. Gee, why are our young people so violent? 

                   We also have an epidemic of BAD parenting in America, a government that has made it a crime to spank or punish our own children, and schools and teachers that have been weakened by Liberal regulations and a Socialist curriculum. We have the New, Obama Racial-Division battle and the lack of punishment for minorities who riot, burn, loot, and attack our police. People like Al Sharpton who encourages the racial violence and owes millions of dollars in taxes, was directly responsible for the murder of two, NY City police officers, and is still running around loose and running his mouth. He even has his own TV Show! 

                   There is no accountability for "Leaders" and "Officials" who commit crimes and/or violate the Constitution, and telling lies is the norm. There is the Liberal, Double-Standard of "What is okay for ME is not okay for YOU ", and we wonder why our kids are confused and angry?!?!  Obama has encouraged the infiltration of our society by violent illegal immigrants and rewarded them with entitlements to which they are NOT entitled. The "Melting-Pot" of too many cultures has resulted in more confusion due to the failure to demand that immigrants assimilate to America's rules and traditions or to even learn our language. Our kids don't know what an AMERICAN IS

                    Respect for our history, our military, and our country as a whole has been demonized as has spirituality and Worship of God. We have absent fathers, and mothers forced to work full-time to make ends meet, leaving kids unsupervised and often, poorly nurtured. They are exposed to violent and anti-American videos and games, music, and television shows EVERY day. Our Police have been crippled, targeted, and maligned for doing their jobs. We murder our own children before they get to take a breath, and now, even after. We see their little body parts being sold like Spark Plugs at the Auto Parts Store. So WHY do we see a spike in violence? Gee, I can't imagine, can YOU?!

                      A kid who daydreams in class is labeled as having a learning disability, or ADHD or some other fancy moniker, and put on drugs that turn them into Zombies or ..... Mass Shooters. Parents who reach out for help for these kids when they reach puberty are often demonized by over-reaching , child protective service agencies and many have their kids removed from their custody. We feed illegals and coddle Muslims while we neglect and abuse our veterans and elderly. It goes on seemingly FOREVER, but if you really wonder WHY there is so much violence of late, look no further than this over-sized and controlling government and LIBERALISM. Look in the MIRROR. What are YOU doing to make a difference? Blaming the guns? 

                       People are confused by the mixed messages of this sick society and it inspires frustration, anger, and in the cases of the weak among us, violence. Weapons have absolutely NOTHING to do with it. Now, Obama wants to look at the Mental Illness problem in America, but only as it relates to how many more citizens he can disarm. Vets with PTSD are no longer allowed to own firearms, people who are unable to manage their checkbooks are no longer able to have guns, anyone who was ever hospitalized for a serious, mental issue is another group set for disarmament, even if their particular illness had no relation to violent behavior or the possibility OF  it.  This is a very slippery slope. 

                      I strongly support background checks to keep firearms out of the hands of violent felons and the Criminally Insane, it's just common sense. Any other restrictions on the Second Amendment rights of Americans is unacceptable and unconstitutional. Don't you think it's time for Americans to look at the REAL reasons for the violence and anger in this country and stop using inanimate objects as an excuse?  Don't we need to look at what we are doing wrong as a SOCIETY? Shouldn't we be protecting our youth from Liberal beliefs such as, "If it feels good, do it " ? We need to re-draw that line between right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable, and adhere to it. Enough is enough, folks, and that is why we need STRONG, CONSERVATIVE Leadership in America again. There IS no other solution, no other Hope. 

                      The changing temperature I am seeing in New Lebanon is a sign of that hope. As the locals and Conservatives are finally waking up to the damage done by the liberal infiltration and dishonest, selfish leadership of Mike Benson, the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to shine a little brighter. As I see TEAL signs outnumbering BENSON signs, Houghtling signs outnumbering Kelly signs, I am hopeful.   We have a shot, don't blow it ! There are a LOT of votes among the Kelly, Evans, and Benson families.  It's up to the rest of us to come out and speak through our votes in November. Send a loud message to the controlling newcomers and the "Progressives", that New Lebanon is not theirs alone. WE matter, too!


                  We left off last night with Page 11 of the Noise Ordinance meeting minutes. We pick up tonight with Howard Commander's statement that the Lebanon Valley Speedway is one of the FIVE top, dirt-track racing venues in the WORLD. For a weekly operation, it IS Number ONE. Yet John and the Tulips have cost him in excess of $600,000.00 in legal fees fighting for the right to continue his operation. That is not considering what it may well cost to fight them AGAIN over the Noise Ordinance. Lebanon Valley Speedway is also the biggest small track that is a member of the NHRA and it brings in millions of dollars to this town and other local businesses. Liberals want "Commerce", but they only want THEIR  kind of commerce. Tourism and Sustainability, Environmentalism, and Tofu Restaurants.

                    In response to a suggestion from Benson that the Tulips appoint two or three liasons, Dax stated that he felt this is an "Irreconcilable conflict". In other words, he does not want to cooperate, he wants the track regulated into oblivion. He said that IF they considered mediation again, he would want it to be with a mediator that is NOT subject to Open Meetings Laws so they could have a "Candid Conversation". What he really means is, a "PRIVATE" conversation, away from the public whom he KNOWS will shut him down in a heartbeat. Talk about ARROGANCE !

                    Benson then had to interject his usual, "Look at ME " comments about his being newly appointed to the County CEDC Board. One that is funded BY the county but is a "Private" organization !  REALLY ?!  Sound familiar ?   Benson LOVES secret boards and committees, the kind that are not subject to public input, minute-taking, or PROOF of dirty deals. The BEST statement Benson made was this one:

         "I have just finished a vast education on Conflicts of Interest and it is a very serious thing ".  LOLOLOL!!!!! That is PRICELESS!  Have you SEEN the names of the people who sit on New Lebanon's Republican Party Committee?  LOLOL!!!!!!  Conflict, Mike? What did you LEARN in that VAST education?

                     Howard Commander's final comment was also priceless, in a GOOD way. He said, "I have spent a million dollars on these lawsuits and actions in the last 10 years, and imagine if we took that million dollars and did some good things in town. It would be a much better place."  That says it all, doesn't it? 

                       Now, on to the Proposed Local Law submitted by the Tulips. Because it is in-depth, I am going to post it in it's entirety for you below. Then I will comment on the highlights. 

 Appendix B

   #1) Findings.

            Notice that it is strictly the Speedway that is being targeted as a threat to the Liberal Utopia that the transplants and liberals want New Lebanon to BE. 


     #3) As this is worded, it would seem to me that it would cover speeding by anyone, at any time, anywhere in town.  Which means the people who speed by my house on their way to Darrow School every day, would be subject to the same regulations and  penalties as the Speedway, right?



                      This reads so as to apply to ALL racing, even by residents and visitors in town, so no one can exceed the speed limits anywhere in New Lebanon without being held to the same rules as the Speedway itself. Seeing as how NO  law allows for the targeting of ONE business alone, that's how it would have to be.

                      Under Additional Restrictions, the Tulips demand that once a month there be NO racing activities other than the dirt track on Saturday, which would be economic suicide for the track. They also state that if the CEO does not take action on complaints pursuant to this ridiculous proposed "Law", that three members of the public can take the reins and do his job FOR him!  The fines they propose for violations exceed any for similar violations in the state, which is a maximum of $350.00.

                   So we must ask ourselves once again, if we wish to allow this very small group of transplants to our town to further harass, abuse and financially burden Howard Commander and the Lebanon Valley Speedway, and demand that new "Laws" be adopted by the town to accommodate their whims and ideals, while they ignore OUR objections to THEIR  burdens on OUR  lifestyle. Well? Where are YOU in all this? Will you let Dax and his Tiptoe-Thru-the-Tulips-Troupe  continue to alter New Lebanon until it is unrecognizable and we are regulated to death? Should we continue to attempt to cooperate with people who refuse to do the same, and be welcoming to them even when they treat us like Nuisance Neanderthals? 

                     I will make certain that you all know when the next discussion on this matter will be. Your response or lack of one, will speak louder than words as to where you stand. In the meantime, there are petitions available for you to sign in support of the Speedway. There is one in M&M Taproom and I have a few if you would like me to come to YOU or you would like to carry one yourself. Contact the Czar and the Town Board members and let them know how YOU feel. Most of all, remember that this is YOUR town too, and though anyone can come here who wishes to, we do NOT have to allow them to Take Over. We CAN have all kinds of residents with all kinds of goals and beliefs, IF  the newcomers are willing to respect the locals and meet US half-way as we have always done for THEM. Otherwise, they should not BE welcome here. 

                   A good start to taking back our town is to vote for Colleen Teal and Tistrya Houghtling, two locals that will dedicate themselves to the well-being of the WHOLE town, and of ALL residents, not the chosen few.



It Must Be A Sign                                                             10-4-2015

                      This must have been the week for outing the Liberal, Double-Standard. Not just in New Lebanon, but all over the country. 

                       We've talked at length about the Liberals who are trying to oppress the residents of our town with more and more laws and government regulations with their "Noise Ordinance" and "Sustainable" and "Environmental" agendas.  We talked about how they want ONLY the kind of growth and commerce that suits THEIR tastes, and will oppose those that others suggest or support that might not be to THEIR liking. 

                        When we talked about the Liberals wanting to control what THEY believe are activities that might interfere with their desire to turn New Lebanon into a Tourist Attraction and Liberal Utopia, I thought we might have covered it all, but I was wrong. 

                         Behold New Lebanon ended it's 2015 season over a week ago. Yet, the Mural they were told they could not have and posted ANYWAY, remains on the front of the former OTB Building as do the two separate signs on the ground at the same location. The arrogance and huge F-U that Behold gave the Planning Board and opposing residents was deplorable enough, but leaving the very unattractive mural up after the season has ended is not acceptable. 

                         Campaign signage must be removed within three days after the elections, or they will be removed by the town and disposed of. The Farmer's Market posts a LOT of signs on the weekend, BUT, they remove them when the market closes and don't re-post until the following weekend, and they certainly don't leave them up year-round. Just as it should be. Personally, I think businesses should be allowed to have signage that is adequate to make their business noticeable, and sometimes, local businesses have been found in violation of things that were so minor it was ridiculous. 

                         For ME, signs can be a source of joy. Some are so creative and unique that they deserve to be in an art museum. I LOVE vintage advertising signs and even collect them to some degree, have restored many and still make reproductions all the time in my shop. Like all things though, there has to be some kind of limit, as long as the limits are sensible and apply equally to all.

                         When Viv's Video was in the Midtown Mall, she had one string of white, Christmas lights in the window. They were running lights, and were turned off each night at closing time, yet she was forced by the then CEO, Phyllis Hulbert, to remove them. That is a dumb rule. Blueberry Hill is in violation due to the number of signs on the property, the coffee cup, the lemonade sign, etc. I don't think that should be an issue either. The signs are cute and neat and unobtrusive. Leave them alone. 

                          Hilltown Pork is also in violation because they have an over-sized banner on their building. Well, the banner is actually really attractive and it isn't even easy to see unless you're looking for it. The signs he has out on the guardrails by the handfuls though, are a distraction and a mess. People have complained about the Pillars having too many signs along the front of the property. I agree that a whole bunch of little signs is messy, and that one GOOD sign there is sufficient. It goes on and on, but the issue is, we have sign laws here that are either too extreme or too lenient, and they are difficult for a CEO to translate and then try to enforce.

                         This became a topic this summer when a LOT of people, not only ME, were upset about BEHOLD ignoring the Planning Board's decision that they could NOT post a mural or ANY over-sized sign in town. Yet, BEHOLD and the Town Tulips decided that since our sign law did not specifically mention "Murals", they would ignore the decision and do as they wished. To ME, it should not have mattered what the code did not make clear , the Planning Board said "NO", and that should have been the end of it.  It's a matter of respect. The Czar and the Town Board SHOULD have supported the Planning Board's decision if for no other reason, to at least show a cohesiveness among the officials and boards and a fairness for all businesses with signage. It did not go that way, because Benson allowed his cronies and donors to flip-off the Planning Board. The Great "Divider-In-Chief". This is the core problem with the city folk, part-timers, transplants and Liberals, which is all really redundant, they are one and the same. Their lack of RESPECT  for the local people, traditions, lifestyle and LAWS is what breeds division and resentment.

                        So we have a problem. At the August 2015 Town Board Meeting, the board elected to NOT address the lack of clarity in our sign laws and make life easier for the CEO and business owners. Perhaps Benson knows that he is going to be soundly whooped in this election and prefers to allow Colleen to deal with the issue. In the meantime, there is no way that our CEO or Planning Board can enforce ANY sign violations, as the entire code MUST be clarified first. NO ONE need comply with any existing codes until this is rectified. 

                          Apparently, because so many of the businesses are now Liberal-Owned or backed, the Tulips don't care about the signage mess we see in town now. IF it was CONSERVATIVE  businesses that were displaying excessive signage or advertising THEIR businesses, the ones City People don't visit, there would be an immediate outcry from the Left. Aesthetics only matter to them when it is not their "Friends" who are behind the eyesore. So yes, it is another case of the Double-Standard. I clearly recall the hell that Hannaford was put through concerning their signage had they come here. It was a nightmare! Yet BEHOLD can do whatever they wish, and John Dax and his Tulips are saying that Howard Commander cannot do "Whatever He Wants". See the problem? 

                            So it's time to demand the removal of the Behold "Mural" and signs from Route 20 for the year. It's ugly, the program is over, and it's unfair to other, seasonal businesses that must remove THEIR signs. Like any other town, we have businesses that are doing very well and others that are struggling. Signage does matter, and I strongly support more lenient rules for our business owners. ALL of them, whether I shop there or not. However, the rules must be uniform and fair, what's good for one must be good for the other. ALL seasonal business and programs should have a deadline to remove seasonal signs. BEHOLD, it is time to remove YOURS. 


 Give Me A BREAK !!                                                       10-5-2015

                       Gotta tell ya folks, there isn't much that surprises me anymore when it comes to the behavior of human beings. Still, when I see an alleged "Adult" acting worse than most bratty children do, it still shocks me somewhat that these people are raising children! Is it any wonder we are becoming a nation of derelicts and dummies? 

                        Something happened here in New Lebanon today that is so deplorable, so deeply disappointing, that it's actually embarrassing. Not that this is the first time something shameful has occurred in our town, far from it, but this just cuts to the core for me. 

                         A young family has been renting K.B Chittenden's former home on Cemetery Road for a couple of years now, since K.B moved into his mother's house on West Street. This is a single-mom family with young children , a mom who was supported and embraced by the community when her family suffered a terrible tragedy a few years back. Everyone in town was touched by that event and the sorrow was shared even by those who did not personally know the people involved. As it should have been.

                         When K.B lived in the Cemetery Road house, the neighbors were heard complaining fairly often about the condition of the property. Since the new tenants moved in, it has worsened severely and is a real eyesore, but you can't target someone for having a messy yard and decaying house. That's between them and their landlord. However, when the mom encourages her children to vandalize the property of others and literally break the law, it is another matter. 

                          Every year at election time, I try to remind everyone of the campaign signs rules and that tampering with someone else's signs is illegal and can result in arrest. I don't care if you love or hate a certain candidate, the signs are Private Property and no one has a right to remove or mutilate signs that are legally posted according to the campaign sign rules. Yet EVERY election, there is tampering, theft, mutilation, etc. This is the FIRST time though, that I have heard of a mom telling her VERY young children to pull up signs, tear them to bits and cram them into the culvert. That's what happened on Cemetery Road today. This "mom" that the town gave so much support to, directed her little boy to do just that to one of Schuyler Gail's campaign signs. 

                          This little kid does not know any better, all he knows is that his mom said he should do it, so it must be okay. What a shining role model this mother must be! Who DOES that?! Who teaches their babies to commit crimes before they're out of elementary school, or at ANY time?!? What kind of people DO such things? This girl was raised in a good, local family and she knows better. At least, she SHOULD know better! THIS time, she was caught red-handed and no amount of denial can undo her actions. Nothing can undo the message she sent her son.

                         I am ashamed of her and FOR her, and I am so deeply sorry for that little boy. When I was notified of this shortly after it occurred, I told the witness to report it to the Sheriff's Office, but I don't know if it was reported or not, or if it will be. Since I did not see it myself, I can't report it, but if I HAD seen it, I would have. Immediately. 

                         Those of you who read this blog, know that I have had some misgivings about the candidacy of Schuyler Gail. You also know that I am willing to help someone who needs it even if I am not particularly fond of the individual or even familiar with them. Last week, I was told that Schuyler had signs but no wire stands for them, so I gave her 50 wires that I had bundled and saved for just such an occasion. At the same time, I asked one of her fellow candidates to arrange a meeting for me with Schuyler so I could chat with her and get to know more about her and her platform. We actually met just this morning and spent a pleasant hour together. 

                         I have been struggling with how to vote for the Town Justice position, because I have had some serious issues with Jack Nevers due to things he has done to his neighbors and other behaviors unbecoming a Justice. Jack and I get along, we speak to one another and are very civil, but I still feel that he should not be a Justice any longer despite a good number of years of experience. That's just my own opinion. When Schuyler was nominated, I was just as concerned about HER, for very different reasons. Her character did not play a role in my concern, as I did not know the girl or very much about her, and could not form an opinion in that area. My concerns were based on my experience with Town Justices as a Police Officer, and the fact that she had NO experience with the law in any capacity.

                         For ME, voting is a very serious responsibility, and I don't vote without knowing who I am voting FOR and what they stand for. So I used today's meeting to ask the questions I needed answers to, and things that would give me a clear picture of WHO Schuyler Gail IS. I came away from the meeting with a very favorable opinion of the young lady and her intentions. We have a lot of things in common and the things that we don't, have little bearing on how she will perform as a Town Justice. She deserves a chance.

                         I was frank with her about this election and the likelihood that Nevers would win again. He is well known, experienced, and has a LOT of friends in New Lebanon. I also told her that even if she is not elected,to not be discouraged, that she is very young and can run again the next time with more experience under her belt. She's ambitious and has a very good outlook, especially when it comes to community and our youth. Youth is good for youth. Also, I was impressed at how hard she has been working to prepare to BE a Town Justice, and the lengths she has and is going to to gain knowledge and direction. It's admirable. So if you too, are feeling unsure about how to vote for that position, take a good look at both candidates before casting either one aside.

                          As a young family working hard to make a go of their farming operation, the cost of campaign signs and fliers must be something of a burden for Schuyler, but she's doing a bang-up job of doing everything right just the same. To see an irresponsible parent direct her child to destroy one of those signs, is deplorable. This should not go unpunished, if for no other reason, just to send a message to the child that it's wrong to destroy what is not theirs. At the very least, the "mom" should have to reimburse Schuyler for her sign and both she and her child should apologize for their actions. 

                         It's tough to expect our kids to obey laws and respect property when the adults don't set the example. When Senior Citizens yank signs from the ground, throw them into the weeds and replace them with their own, how can we expect children not to do the same? Gee, if Gramma can do it, why can't THEY? If MOM says it's okay, why not do it? We have the Benson Family, who has been told for the past two campaigns, that the Hess Company wants NO campaign signage on their property, yet the Bensons continue to post there every election. Schuyler has two signs there as well, but she doesn't KNOW about the request from Amerada Hess. The Bensons most definitely DO! The Bensons have also been told and told NOT to post on LVPA property, yet they continue to do THAT as well. So YOU tell ME, who is setting the example for the youth? Who is teaching them what RESPECT is? 

                       It's the same story with the Behold Mural, that was posted despite the Planning Board's denial. Code or no code, it was a slap in the face to our local officials. Lack of respect, and a superiority attitude. THAT is what is objectionable. FAR more objectionable than the sign itself. How very sad that adults cannot behave themselves like adults SHOULD. It's even sadder when people who claim to be educated and aware, VOTE for officials who cannot behave or obey the rules they want you and me held to !

                        To the family members of the young mom who was responsible for today's vandalism, you know who you ARE, I truly hope you will address the issue with her. Her behavior reflects upon YOU! That little boy's future depends on YOUR involvement as grandparents, uncles, and aunts. Children need good mentors, especially children who have suffered trauma as the kids in this family have. Step up and be those mentors. 


 Arrogance and Ignorance                                   10-6-2015

               No one can deny that actions speak louder than words. All of my adult life, I have experienced incident after incident of people who claim to be dedicated to one cause or another, yet when the time comes to switch from talk to action, they disappear. This has been especially evident among the grassroots activists. 

              Most of the time, a person's actions or INaction, is a result of lack of confidence or courage. It's easy to play soldier when you can do it from the couch, but when it comes time to lock and load, suddenly it isn't fun anymore. Often, what a person does, tells us more about who and what they are than we could ever learn in hundreds of hours of talking to and with that person.  Sometimes though, a person's behavior paints a full-color picture of what we thought about them all along. Their "actions" simply serve to cement what we already knew or suspected from their words.

              As I drove out of town to run errands today, I happened to notice the Benson Billboards, one at Rts. 20/22 and the second, just BARELY outside the property line of the Catholic Church and the Polling Place space requirements for campaign signage. I would be willing to bet that it was carefully measured and the billboards placed mere inches outside the prohibited perimeter. LOLOL!! Idiot.

              I suspect that these ridiculously large and ostentatious signs were placed in response to the Lebanon Springs Bull Sign.  Good! That means it got under his skin, and that after all, was the point. Mission accomplished.  At the same time, the Benson Billboards are serving not as an advertisement for Benson's Campaign, but as proof of his arrogance and Spoiled Little Rich Boy mentality. It also says a LOT about the property owners who allowed them to be erected on their land.

              It would not be at all surprising to see Benson's name in neon before this campaign is over, and that will likely be posted on the front of the Gallup Inn when and IF the Behold Mural is taken down as it should have been over a week ago. LOLOL!!!! In fact, I betcha if we could offer Benson a lighted and flashing campaign sign in that spot, he would personally see to it that the Behold Mural came down immediately! This is just TOO funny!  This guy has to have the most inflated ego in the entire county, and if he only KNEW what most folks actually think of him!  What a childish, narcissistic fool he is. Doesn't he understand that the voters will vote for whomever they wish regardless of how BIG or COLORFUL or EXPENSIVE the signs may be??

             Does Mike Benson really need to promote himself as Mr. Rich Guy to the people who are going to support him anyway? Will these ridiculous displays of self-love make Colleen's supporters want to vote for HIM ? No. All these signs accomplish is more division, more resentment, and more lack of respect for his arrogance and need for control and fame. People are NOT happy about these billboards, and I have been hearing about it all day long. These are of course, the same signs he had in the back of BCI Construction Trucks last election, that also pissed-off the locals. One of the signs was even spray painted by local kids. I remember thinking that I would probably be the first suspect in THAT caper! In any case, several residents are looking into the legality of these billboards as we speak. Me? I really don't give a darn one way or the other. I KNOW what Benson IS and what HE thinks he is, and having my opinion of him proven by this immature behavior is a win for ME. I only have to wonder how anyone COULD vote for him after seeing those signs! Makes them as emotionally immature as HE is! LOLOL!!  

             All I can think of is a bunch of little boys in a pissing contest. "Oooh, look! My pee-pee shoots farther than YOURS!" OMG, it's too much to even keep a straight face about! Hey, all you big-time, business owners and Mikey Groupies, still feeling PROUD of your candidate that is so insecure and SO desperate that he needs to post BILLBOARDS?  LOLOLOLOLLL!!!!!!!!! Mikey is scared of our little country girl candidate! Well, he SHOULD be! 

             Many times, I have told you that I had news that would interest you greatly but that I had been sworn to temporary secrecy. Well, that happened again last week and I have been dutifully keeping the secret despite my opinion that it needs to be told to the voters. I never print anything I am asked NOT to print until I am given the okay from my source/s. it's a matter of Honor, something Benson knows nothing about. After speaking to a couple of trusted advisors today, I think I have little choice this time but to at least release a HINT of what the secret is about. Those who are smarter than me, who have played this game for YEARS, have urged me to do so. So let's see, how do I say this without violating a confidence but still letting you in on something you NEED to know?

             There are some fairly powerful people that do not live in New Lebanon and have never lived in New Lebanon, that are SO anti-Mike Benson, they are taking some steps to stop his re-election. These are people who have worked with him both politically and in the construction world, and have found him to be so obnoxious, dishonorable, and plain miserable, that they would do anything to see him out of politics, permanently. They are working diligently to see that happen, and in the end, regardless of who becomes our next Supervisor, the Truths will be told, and those who voted for Benson, will forever wish they hadn't. It may be too late for regrets if he wins, but those with even the tiniest bit of conscience will not sleep easy again for a long time. As it should be. 


           That's tonight's Arrogance discussion, now on to Ignorance.

                Last night, the second Constitution Study was launched at the Lebanon Library. Much like last year, it started with a small group of nine. As last year's class progressed, we averaged a nightly attendance of 15 to 20 people per class. We DID have a couple of bad weather nights that only 3 or 4 people made it, but generally, we had 15 to 20, some from Richmond and Pittsfield, Massachusetts, some who are snowbirds and won't be able to attend THIS class all the way through, and many home-schoolers. 

                Our new, "Progressive" library provides a comfortable venue for community offerings and I think that the many activities provided for our children at the library are terrific!  The majority of events held at the library for adults include things such as cello concerts, poetry readings, talks and signings by authors, and various other things related mostly to the Arts. A good thing really, as I believe the arts are a vital part of our lives and many people take great pleasure in these things. Others, not so much, but imagine how boring the world would be if we all shared the same interests and tastes? 

                  Though the library is host to these more liberal events, it is at the same time, open to events that appeal to ALL tastes, including Conservative ones. Living as close to the library as I do, I am aware of the different events held there and the attendance they attract simply by noticing the number of cars parked outside. Most of the people who go to the concerts and readings are the Tulips, the transplants and part-timers from the city. Very few locals are interested in cello and poetry and that too, is okay.

                  Still, I have to wonder exactly where a Constitution Study falls between the Progressive interests and the Conservative ones. The Constitution is not something that is or should be a matter of personal taste. It is the Law of our Land, a precious document like no other, and the guardian of our Freedoms and Protections as American Citizens.  The Constitution knows no party, nor does it care what wing you fly with. It is not an instrument for specific groups or races, religions or ethnicities, it is the PEOPLE'S power and promise. It should be something that every one of us knows, understands, and defends, regardless of our personal tenets.

                  So I ask this, "Where are the Part-Timers, the Transplants, the Tulips, and those who so endlessly claim to want what is BEST for everyone"?  Where are the Town Officials, the Teachers, Clergy and STUDENTS of our High School? Where are the moms and dads, grammas and grandpas, veterans, and Business-Owners of New Lebanon?  If we have a cello player come and play background music, would you be interested in your country's Constitution THEN? Do you think it is important to have your teenagers know their rights and be prepared to exercise and defend them? When did some guy pulling a bow across a bunch of cello strings become more important than FREEDOM?  Sure, it's nice, it's relaxing, and I'm sure he's quite talented, but can he protect your right to free speech? Can he protect your second amendment right to defend your family against people with evil intent or a government gone rogue? 

                Will a poetry reading provide you with the knowledge of what your rights are if you are arrested or falsely accused of a crime? Can a book-signing prepare you for the possibility of going to prison for stating your belief or non-belief in God? We all need our own preferred social time and activities, it's necessary to our emotional health, but knowing what the Constitution has to say is necessary to our freedom, liberties, and the future of our children and grandchildren. What should take precedence? 

                 Being Constitutionally aware does not mean you are being Conservative or Right-Wing, it means you are a responsible American that is grateful to live in a free nation and wants to keep it that way. Believe me, I am not at all surprised that none of the city folk are interested in learning about a document that so many of them would love to abolish, but I AM surprised that the High School did not take a more active role in this study , especially since they were sent a personal invitation to refer students and offer extra credit to those who took and completed the course. They even responded favorably, yet they didn't recruit even a handful of students that would benefit from this free class?

                 What about those of you who have teens that are just beginning to get into mischief ? Why are you not bringing them to this class? Where are the members of our three churches? Where are the people who sit on our local, political party committees? Where are the State Troopers and Deputy Sheriffs that live close by? Where are the members of the "Economic Development Committee" and "Behold New Lebanon"?? Where are John Dax and his Tulips? Hmmm, not so interested and involved NOW, are they? Not ONE Town Board member, not King Mike Benson or any of HIS kids, not Mr. Jeopardy Monte Wasch, and surprisingly, not ONE of the candidates for the upcoming election. Says an awful lot about our town,doesn't it?  Well, I guess when you have town officials who miss at least 1/3 of the meetings of the boards they sit on, you can't expect them to come out and learn something about the government they allegedly serve, now can you? Who the HELL have we been electing to be our representatives? It is no wonder so many of us want NEW leadership in New Lebanon.

                The Constitution Study will be successful without the people I have mentioned, as it was last year. We will fill the room with the two dozen or so people who care about their country, with the kids who are being home-schooled and actually taught ACCURATE American history, and with the old soldiers that have so much to teach and share. We will form more friendships, expand our knowledge and strengthen our defenses against the growing threat of autocracy. Gotta wonder what folks like Dax and his Tulips will do when the government tells them to shut up, that they have no right to seek redress, or voice objections, or petition for ANYTHING. 



This is Getting OLD !                                          10-8-2015

                  First things first. Congratulations to Tistrya and Steve Houghtling on tonight's arrival of their new little girl!  MANY hours of labor and a HOME birth ! Everyone doing well! 


                   I have found that dealing with misbehaving children every day can be very wearisome.  Fortunately, despite the many times each week that I would love to throw in the towel, the Lord refills the cup each night and puts me back on my feet every morning. Not EARLY in the morning, but at least before noon. LOL!!

                    The signage issues in this town are getting ridiculous, worse than any other year I can recall. From the still-posted Behold Mural to the Benson Billboards and the theft, vandalism, and illegal placement of campaign signs, it's all so juvenile. Seems that every day it's another problem with Republicans and their inability to play fair and behave like adults. They just keep on peeing in the sandbox.  I don't ignore it when the Democrats act like fools and I won't ignore it when the Republicans do.

                    For instance, who would keep stealing Schuyler Gail signs from private properties and why? Obviously, the easy answer would be her opponent  and/or his supporters. As sleazy as that is, the Republicans are going even further than THAT this year. Here is an account of one incident that turned out to be only one of MANY. I can actually tell you all about this without reservation or requests to hold any part of it back. 

                      Two local homeowners in Lebanon Springs have been living side-by-side for years and are good neighbors. Jo lives in the first house and Chris lives in the second. Both are supporters of Colleen Teal and Tistrya Houghtling. Suddenly, a Mike Benson sign appears on the boundary between these two homes. Each of the homeowners thought the other had posted it and both were puzzled. Jo mentions it to a friend and states that she is surprised that Chris changed her mind and decided to support Benson. 

                       Later that same day, Chris runs into the same friend and mentions that Jo has changed her mind and decided to support Benson!  LOL!! Wait, it gets better !  Jo, Chris and their mutual friend finally realize that the sign was placed without either homeowner's permission on their private property. Knowing that there are an awful lot of Benson signs in front of homes of people who do NOT support him, they start asking questions. The information gathered, resulted in the following explanation. 

                      Tommy Benson and Tommy Evans, the fathers of Mike Benson and Dan Evans, have been deliberately posting Mike's signs on private property, boundary lines. Yes, they have been SEEN doing it, and Tommy Evans was identified as the one who posted the Lebanon Springs sign that started the investigation. LOL!! Pretty ingenious if you can get past the sleaze factor.  Each neighbor thinks the other posted a Benson sign and leaves it alone. This results in MORE division, MORE animosity between neighbors and friends, deliberately instigated by the Benson Camp.

                        Unfortunately for Benson, this little game has backfired. Not only has it been found out and revealed, it has served to bring the victims of it, closer together and MORE determined to see him LOSE ! This has been going on all over town and the residents are not angry, they are LIVID!! They are removing Benson signs from their properties and storming the Town Hall to request Teal signs for their yards! LOLOL!!!  More importantly,they are taking note of the fact that Town Clerk Candidate, Jennifer Kelly, is the Sister-in-Law of Tommy Evans, the SISTER of Eileen Evans, and the AUNT of Dan Evans, as well as a card-carrying member of the Benson Camp! They will vote accordingly.

                         Meanwhile, there are NO reports of illegal sign postings, tampering, or thefts by the Democrats in town. THIS time,anyway. They have done their share during past campaigns, but this time they have been mature and fair. The Teal Camp refuses to play the Sleaze Game, and that should tell you all you need to know about whom you should support.

                          The Benson Billboards across from the Catholic Church and the POLLING PLACE, are mere inches from the church property line and just BARELY legal. I'm shocked that the property owner is a Benson supporter, but to each his or her own. The Rts. 20/22 Billboards were also likely placed without permission as THAT property owner is not in town and hasn't been for some time. They are ON her property. If you know anyone that needs a temporary shelter to live in until November, these tepees are suitable for one person and a good sized dog . 

                          So, if you find a Benson sign between your yard and your neighbor's, make sure it was permitted BY that neighbor and not a part of the dirty game being played by Mr. Evans. ANY sign for ANY candidate that was placed between properties, should be questioned. I personally know of at least SIX Benson and FOUR Kelly signs that were placed this way and have now been removed by the residents. There have got to be more. 

                          It's aggravating and embarrassing to see grown-ups behave this way, and it makes so little sense. People are going to vote the way they choose no matter how many signs a candidate posts or how big they are. The only purpose these signs serve, is to tell the unplugged among us who is running for what positions. That's ALL! In reality, there should be no need for signs at ALL. We should all KNOW who is running for what, who they are, what their records and platforms are, and which ones we support. We are Americans, and we should not need signs to take the place of making an effort to be informed and involved. 

                           Anyone who is capable of planning an unethical and/or illegal action such as sign theft and tampering, should be smart enough to look into the candidates and THINK about who the best choices are for the future of our town and families. We will never all agree, but we ALL should take the responsibility of voting seriously, of doing our homework, and never voting the party line unless the people we choose ALL belong TO  that one line. Every candidate is an individual and each has different things to bring to the table. If you REALLY bother to look into each one, you should find yourself voting across party lines. In every local election, I have voted for people from both parties. It just makes sense to vote for those who most closely reflect your own values and let the Party affiliation be inconsequential.

                           As I always say, state and national elections will NEVER see me voting for a Democrat, because as bad as some of the Republicans at those levels are, they are NEVER as bad as the state and federal Democrats. Speaking of which, Kevin McCarthy has withdrawn from the Speaker competition. Many are calling for Paul Ryan to step up, and he claims he is not interested. I hope he means it, because he is NOT a good choice. Jason Chaffetz is also in the running and he would be one heck of a lot better than Boehner or McCarthy. Best would be Gowdy, but he has his hands full with Hillary and Benghazi and the emails. THERE  is a Democrat that should be rotting in a prison cell if ever there was one! She has got to be the absolute WORST politician in history, even worse than Obama. At least he has something of an excuse, after all, he isn't an American at heart and never was. He hates this country. 

                            So, please vote responsibly and carefully in November. Too many of the candidates are playing dirty and deserve NO shot at re-election or to serve in positions that require maturity, responsibility, and discretion. Remember that the position of Town Clerk is the most important one in any town. Whomever fills that position must be dedicated, intelligent, experienced, and able to be professional in the handling of very personal information about the residents of the town. Look at their backgrounds and character, work records and history, and ask questions of those who have known them for a good while. Which one will you trust with your private information ?  Has one or the other proven their ability to be discreet, law-abiding, ethical and moral, a good parent and role model? This is not a position for just anybody.

                         Changing the direction of America begins from the bottom-up in the little towns and small cities. It begins with good people who want good things for their neighbors, families, friends, and this country. It begins with US. Sleep well, New Lebanon!  


  Temporary Home for Rent. See photo below!


Confrontations !                                              10-11-2015

               Finally caught a campaign sign tamperer Red-Handed today ! It was not a person I would have ever suspected, it wasn't even someone I KNOW ! 

               For reasons I will never understand, the Paul Czajka signs are a major target this year. Within 24 hours of being posted, the one at Old Rt. 20 and Rt.20 above Chuck Brown's house, totally disappeared. That was the beginning of a series of disappearances and mutilations. If you notice as you drive around town, there are tons of these signs laying in the weeds or run over. 

               During campaign season, I fight the temptation EVERY single DAY. Every Benson sign is like a call to be a bad person and rip it from the ground, but you know what? That is a childish emotion and it shames me that the thought even crosses my mind, but it does. I'm human. Still, regardless of how much I would love to actually DO it, I never, ever would. It is just SO wrong in SO many ways. Some of my reminders to others about how wrong it is, is probably a reminder to myself as well. 

              I have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather to get as many outside jobs as possible, finished before the winter. Yesterday and today, I washed and waxed my Toyotas to protect them from the coming salty roads. As I drove to the car wash today, I saw a woman shoving a Czajka sign into the bushes across from the Congregational Church. I knew she was one of the people who sells all those old toys at the corner each weekend, so I went and washed the '88 and then went back to the corner and pulled in.

            The woman was gone, but her husband was putting his junk back into the shed, so I asked him if he knew that it was a misdemeanor to tamper with campaign signs. Well, this guy went full ballistic in zero seconds ! He pushed his face right into mine and told me he didn't know what I was talking about. So I TOLD him very calmly what I was talking about. He screamed and spat that he didn't give a "F_CK" what I said I saw, his wife never touched the sign. I was NOT backing down, and told him I saw her with my own eyes not 15 minutes ago!  The tirade of profanity went on and on along with the denials until he got so insane he slipped and tried to say that the sign was laying down and she merely "Stood it Up". See? She DID touch it ! Idiot.

            I walked to the bushes and retrieved the sign with this lunatic on my heels, still swearing and being disgusting and violent, fists balled up, eyes popping, ears steaming. The sign wire was still there, but it was a good twenty feet from the original posting location in the right of way. The wife had obviously moved the sign once, then removed it from the wires and stuffed it in the bushes. I gave the nutcase a lesson on the law regarding the public R.O.W, the Campaign Sign Laws, and WHERE the state R.O.W IS. He then stormed back to his baby dolls and bicycles, and as I got back into my truck, he screamed at me to "Get a F_cking Muffler !".  So I told HIM to clean up his eyesore and get a REAL job!  LOL!   Yeah, the old truck has a loose tailpipe, but it isn't LOUD by any means. Certainly no Harley, eardrum-buster! 

            So, I am not only disgusted by the behavior of this P.O.S , but I am also fed-up with his getting away with all kinds of Zoning and DMV Violations for years and years, while others in town are taken to court and even JAIL for lesser violations! MANY, MANY times he has been reported to the local Zoning Officer by people on Lovers Lane and Cemetery Road, mostly to Stan Koloski, who did nothing. Stan spent $160,000.00 of New Lebanon taxpayer dollars to prosecute and jail Bob Mittnight, but THIS guy gets a free pass? Now, as someone who has managed TWO used car lots in NY, let me tell you just a small piece of what the requirements are.

             EVERY  vehicle on the lot MUST be listed in a Registry Book and have a title on hand. EVERY  vehicle on the lot must be ROAD-READY. Every used car lot MUST have a sign that shows the name of the business, and all the cars must have a warranty document in the window. These are NYS, DMV LAWS.  So let's see; this guy has a van that is cut in half, a bunch of junks with NO warranty docs, NOT road-ready by any means, and no Identifying Business signage. There are also numerous tractor trailer bodies on the property, and Bob Mittnight was JAILED for having the same, even though HIS were legally registered! 

             A complaint filed with DMV two years ago about this guy on Lovers Lane, resulted in a finding of "No Violations" !! How did they come to that decision when the violations are obvious by just driving by?  We KNOW he was driven out of two towns before coming to Lebanon, and we know that NO ONE will confront his zoning or DMV violations. We ALSO know that he is not selling any cars and no one in Lebanon has ever bought one there. So what is REALLY  going on at that corner? WHO is protecting this guy and WHY ? Don't you think it's time for some answers? Where are John Dax and his Tulips, where is the EDC and all the other city folk who are so concerned about the town and how it "Looks" to the "Tourists"? PRIORITIES, folks! Has anyone asked if this guy has oil or toxins leaking into the precious earth? Is anyone asking how he can have a year-round "Tag Sale" ?  Ahh, SEE? Protection. Let's find out WHY.


Town Board and Other Stuff                                              10-14-2015

                 Last night's meeting was uneventful for the most part. We were done and adjourned within an hour and the only Privilege of the Floor item was a man who lives along the Wyomanock on Rt. 22. He was concerned about the official designation of the creek as an Inland Waterway and was seeking more information.  His concerns mirrored my own when I first heard about the plan, but we were able to put his mind to rest as Cynthia Creech did for ME. 

                 Being a very narrow and shallow creek, the Wyo will never support boating, and the Rail Trail that follows its banks in some areas will not be cutting through private properties. The designation will be more or less just a method to protect the creek and maintain the banks, etc. The fear that it would become a Tourist Attraction is unfounded, as it will not be an issue with this particular waterway. Good news all around! 

                 The tennis court work received two bids, one for 85 thousand and one for 86 thousand. That is one hell of a lot of money, even for a court that is well-used. There is only 20k put aside for the repairs at the moment, so the whole project is now on hold until next Spring. As a strong believer in Fund Raising,  I think that we should look at that option as a town in the future. We could include the playground in that effort, as our equipment there is ancient.  Lots of great ideas for next year, all we need is worker bees !

                One issue that came up briefly last night was the Meeting Minutes for 2015. About a year or two ago, the minutes being seriously behind became a major issue and the blame was put squarely in the lap of Colleen Teal. At the time, no one was telling the other side of the story or addressing the real reasons for the backlog. It eventually came to light that since Mike Benson took over as Supervisor, SO much extra work and responsibility had been dumped on the clerk's office, that it was humanly impossible for the minutes to be attended to in a timely fashion. Added to that, was the fact that Benson had cut and eliminated assistants. Superman could not have kept up and Colleen was forced to not only prioritize the workload, but to put in her own time to try to keep up ! 

                 When Benson hired the first, "Confidential Secretary" in the history of New Lebanon, we all believed that the clerk's office might get some relief, but that was not to be the case. Not only does the secretary NOT know the drill, but she has to ask other town hall employees how to do EVERYTHING! So rather than lighten the load, it has added TO it. These are FACTS that come directly FROM the employees of our Town Hall. 

                  The meeting minutes are much closer today to being caught-up than they have been since Benson took over, and that is DESPITE the fact that Benson himself is NEVER present at the Town Hall and does little to nothing himself. HIS responsibilities have been passed along to others since Day One, and if the minutes are behind, he has only himself to blame! Mr. "Keeping the Promise" has kept NONE, especially the promise of a TRANSPARENT government!!!

                   There are so many truths waiting to be told about Benson's practices as Supervisor, and I don't know why folks have been so reluctant to expose those truths. This guy is actually asking for the support of the people for a THIRD time, and yet he has dropped the ball and lied his way through the last four years. For instance, anyone who is concerned about taxes and the cost of running the town, might want to take a serious look at the town insurance policy and provider.

                    You could consult with Meg Robertson, or any one of the town hall employees that was here when we had our former insurer, or simply FOIL the documents. Benson immediately changed the town insurer to Fingar Insurance when he became Supervisor. If you don't know WHY he did that, you have homework to do about the County and who is in whose pocket.

In any case, the difference we are paying for the same coverage under FINGAR, is HUGELY more expensive than what we paid our former insurer! Benson hides it well in his book-keeping, but it's easy enough to find and see. There are SO many things I wish I could say BEFORE this election, but certain witnesses to specific issues wish to wait until AFTER, for reasons of their own. I agree with their decisions, as exposing these things at this time could prevent the town from seeing some very positive changes in the near future. Believe me, it will be worth the wait! 

                    I am told that Tony Murad has sent out another Plea for "Mercy for Mike ". I have not received one, so I can't personally attest to its content, but from those who DID receive one, I am told that it is a "Poor Mikey" letter, complaining about Mike being maligned by the residents. Well, Mike deserves to be maligned. He has been a terrible Supervisor and an even more awful person, boss, and "Leader".  Hard to be sympathetic to a guy who has been this dishonest and abusive. Mr. Murad has his own issues to deal with and needs to take a long look at his personal actions regarding our town zoning laws and how they apply to MEMBERS of the Zoning Board. Can you say, "Abuse of Power"?  I can ! 

                   In other local news, Candidate for Town Clerk Jen Kelly, spoke to the Lebanon Seniors recently as a part of her campaign effort.  The Seniors are far from impressed. Apparently, Ms. Kelly broke down and wept because she stated that she has NO Idea as to HOW  to be a Town Clerk, but she will "TRY her best ".  LOL!! That wasn't enough though, Kelly then went on to tell the Seniors that she "Needed a Drink " !!!!! WOW!  All I can say is, if she happens to win this election, we are in BIG trouble! Not only that, but if she wins, it will be only because of her family name and number of local relatives.  Remember what I said about the clerk's office being in possession of our most personal information? Bear that in mind,folks. 

                   Another interesting piece is that the State Police Annex at Jimmy D's Restaurant, is now becoming quite political as well ! We all KNOW that the Troopers hang out there every night and usually there are as many as three Troop cars in the parking lot until well after the closing of the restaurant. Where is their Commander? If we had done that when I was on road patrol, we would have been written-up, read the riot act, and warned to NOT repeat the behavior or ELSE. It is NOT acceptable. Neither is talking about the local campaign while on duty and in uniform. It is especially unacceptable for a police officer to sit in a restaurant booth in uniform and publicly defame any particular candidate, but that is EXACTLY what is going on at Jimmy D's. One Trooper in particular is the most serious offender, and I will allow you to guess who that might be! Think about it, it will come to you! 

               Next month's Town Board meeting will be hosting a guest speaker. Some lib chick wants to come and discuss Chris Gibson's new initiative on "Climate Change" and how WE can become more climate savvy!  I gotta tell ya, it was SO hard not to burst out laughing! As I always say, there IS no "Climate Change", or "Global Warming" or whatever else they're calling it this year. It is normal, cyclical WEATHER patterns and Global Warming has been 100% dis-proven. Which is of course, why they changed the name of it to Climate Change. LOL!! Idiots. I will be prepared for this speaker next month.

               There are GOOD things coming, folks. With Colleen as Supervisor, we will have a FULL-TIME Supervisor who is present and available. One who does her OWN work without delegating her responsibilities or paying a Confidential Secretary. She will not be working with a handful of her family members and she will not be favoring left-wingers OR right-wingers.      One thing I have always admired about Colleen is her ability to look at all of us as equals, as members of the community, and not as members of one group or another. There is Zero bias. 

              Tony Murad made a recent comment about the girls at the Town Hall stepping outdoors for a cigarette. He said something to the effect that smoking is the reason that the minutes are behind. LOLOL!! No Mr. Murad, Mike Benson's constant ABSENCE from the Town Hall and his delegation of his work is the reason that the minutes are behind! Benson's rabid appetite for having his name added to a thousand committees and boards, is the reason for the minutes being behind. The FACT that Benson's paid, Confidential Secretary does not know how to do that unnecessary job, is the reason the minutes are behind. Now you want to elect a Town Clerk that is crying because she has no experience and no idea how to do the job? Imagine how far behind the minutes will be THEN! Where is the Common Sense? 

              There is a Fundraiser tonight at Smitty's Pizza for the Democrat candidates and the food is awesome , so if you are looking to meet some candidates and have a nice time, you might want to call for tickets while there are still a few left.  794-7573. I may not get there myself, but I wish them all well. Try the broccoli soup ! 


To Shine a Light 10-15-2015

               Evil thrives in the dark.

If you are a Believer, that statement will hold a different meaning for you than it might for the non-Believer. Regardless of what you do or do not believe, it is still a fact that is applicable to us all.

Most crimes occur under cover of darkness, though not necessarily at night. Darkness has many meanings and is a blanket, both literally and figuratively. Most people who do “Bad” things, will do them out of the view of others, and the time of day is immaterial. Their darkness can be a closed door or curtain, an isolated corner, and even a niche deep in their minds and hearts. We ALL have our dark side, what matters is whether we choose to allow it to envelop us or we actively seek the light.

When we were children, we were taught that it was wrong to be a “Tattle-Tale”, to snitch on our friends, classmates or siblings. I recall a few kids that were forever running to the teachers to report some minor offense committed by another child and I remember well that the teachers were usually quick to admonish the snitch. For those of us who tended to get into mischief, that was a good thing. Looking back though, I wonder if it really was.

Today, we teach kids that it's important to be vigilant and “If you SEE something, SAY something”. Are kids in elementary school capable of discerning what warrants reporting and what doesn't ? Where is the line that separates an annoying snitch from a responsible observer ? Do we have a duty to report suspicious and illegal behaviors? Hard questions for adults, imagine how difficult it is for children ? Is it really necessary to tell the teacher that Sara ate paste in art class, and if it isn't ,why is it necessary to report that Johnny brought his BB Gun to recess? WE may understand that distinction, but does a young child?

As adults, we know the difference, or at least, we SHOULD. If the neighbor builds a playhouse for his kids without a permit, most of us would look the other way. If however, he is beating his wife and kids, we need to make a call. It should be a simple decision, but the reality is that too many people today are so desensitized, so indoctrinated to mind their own business, that we now allow the unacceptable to continue unaddressed and unabated. We have a duty to Shine the Light into the darkest corners. So why don't we? Why do those with the courage to shine that light, become targets of public attacks and threats, while the evil-doers remain protected?

Our public schools are now government-controlled. Last week, the Dexter-McCarthy Middle School in Oregon, suspended a student for wearing a Pro-Military Tee Shirt in honor of his veteran brother. The same day, another school, the Aubrey ISD in Aubrey,Texas, sent two young sisters home to change their clothes because they were wearing U.S Air Force tee shirts. Their father is a disabled, Air Force Veteran. As a Proud American citizen, I believe that these kids should have been congratulated by school staff for their clothing choices, and the tee shirts should have been used as an opportunity to discuss the importance and courage of our military.

Yet in most public schools, New Lebanon included, we have middle-school aged kids sneaking into closets and empty rooms to engage in sexual acts, wearing clothing that is barely decent, etc. etc. I am by NO means suggesting that our own school supports or ignores unacceptable behaviors, I'm just saying that according to the students I have talked to, it goes on. Not the end of the world, we all acted like fools and did things behind closed doors that we shouldn't have, it is part of the growing process. What I have an issue with, is the fact that GOOD things like pro-military tee shirts are cause for punishment, while BAD things like suggestive clothing and anti-American sentiments and curriculum, are okay.

It is okay to wear a tee shirt in support of Islam, or Same-Sex marriage,pro-choice, approval of extreme and violent groups such as “Black Lives Matter” , or something pro-Palestinian, but not Pro-Christian, Pro-Police, or Pro-Life. We need to shine a light on these practices and the perilous messages being sent to our future generations. We need to get the federal government OUT of our schools.

I did not watch the first Democratic Debate last night. Today's news aired enough snips and clips to give me a good idea of how that went. It's hard for many Americans to even believe that Hillary Clinton is able to stand on that stage and be a candidate for the highest office in our country. This woman, who was fired from the Watergate Investigation Team for lying when she was still in her 20s, has left a wake of unexplained dead bodies of people who worked directly with and for her and Bill, took part in a pyramid scheme that bankrupted thousands of innocent people, robbed the White House when she and Bill moved out after his presidency ended, and now is directly responsible for the deaths of our own Ambassador and Soldiers in Benghazi, is a candidate? This woman, who used a personal server to discuss confidential information that endangered our military and citizens, the very safety and security of our homeland, is a viable candidate for President ?

I listen to the mainstream media and liberal mouthpieces making excuses and attempting to downplay her crimes, and I find it surreal that any thinking adult of any party could not be outraged and screaming for her to be arrested. As deplorable as many Republican politicians ARE, had one of them done a tenth of what Hillary and many others in this administration have done, they would be in prison as we speak. Hillary and her fellow Democrat Criminals, HAVE been outed, numerous times and by a variety of news outlets, but the light has not been shone brightly enough, long enough, or CONSISTENTLY enough. If you take a minute to compare the Nixon corruption with the corruption and crimes of the Obama administration, it is like comparing Hitler to Mother Teresa. We made a big mistake when we stopped hanging officials for Treason.

The atrocities we Americans have witnessed since 2008 are so expansive, so numerous and mind-numbing, it would take days to list and discuss it all here. The darkness has spread at a rate never before seen in this country's history, and with each passing year, fewer and fewer GOOD Americans are shining the light. The Christians are not doing it, the Jews are not doing it, our educators and military leaders are not doing it , and parents are not doing it. Meanwhile, it is getting darker and darker every day.

Here in New Lebanon, we have an incumbent Supervisor whose campaign signs say, “Keeping the Promise ”. What promise do you suppose he is referring to? The supermarket? More sensible businesses? Transparency? Community Cohesion? What ? Nothing Mike Benson has done since taking office has been even close to transparent, in fact, he is the MOST secretive and sneaky official this town has ever seen ! He is the most dishonest, the most divisive, the most bias, the most arrogant and ineffective Supervisor in the history of New Lebanon. Fact ! Many of us tried to warn the people of who and what Benson was when he campaigned the first time, and few cared to listen, investigate, or consider the facts. Same story the SECOND time. Will we see the same slow-learners and deniers support him a THIRD time? It looks as if many have gotten the message, not from me or others who share my insight and feelings, but from Benson's own behaviors. We kept shining the light, and Benson gave himself away.

Yesterday, I spoke a bit about Jen Kelly who is running for the Town Clerk position. There was something I forgot to mention that I think is very important to consider. When Dan Evans was recruited by Mike Benson to run for the Town Board, I objected strongly to the fact that he had never even attended ONE single, Town Board meeting and had never shown an ounce of interest in local government or town matters. He was selected and drafted to be Benson's Yes-Man, immediately appointed as Deputy Supervisor over people who had served for years, despite his youth and lack of experience, and Dan became just what we said he would become. Benson's “Tool”. Had Benson achieved his goal of running for the Assembly, he would have still been able to control New Lebanon through Dan Evans, and we all KNEW that was the point.

Now, we see yet another, Kelly/Evans Family member that has been drafted by the Benson Camp, to run for the most important position in town. So here is another observation. When have you EVER seen Jen Kelly attend a Town Board Meeting, or any meeting of any town board ? She has never even SEEN the Town Clerk at a meeting, never considered what the job might entail and the serious responsibility it requires. I have been a dedicated attendee at Town Board Meetings since 2007, and I never laid eyes on Jen Kelly until I saw her campaign page on Facebook a month ago.

Some may say that Town Justice Candidate, Schuyler Gail is also bringing no experience to the table, and that's true, I said it myself ! For this reason, I doubt she will win this election. However, Schuyler has been spending a great deal of time in town courtrooms and mentoring with several town justices, studying, reading, and getting out to meet the people. Next time, she will be READY. She could do it NOW, but it is my personal feeling that this is not her time. Yet. Regardless of how it goes, she deserves credit for her serious efforts and commitment.

Tistrya (Hamilton) Houghtling, who is running for the Town Clerk position as well, is the candidate I find most qualified for that very demanding job. She has worked in the Town Hall and in concert with the present Town Clerk for many years and has an exemplary work and personal record. I would be comfortable with having this woman handling my personal information and keeping our town running smoothly and efficiently. She won't cry and plead for mercy from our Seniors because she isn't “ready for the position”, because she IS ready. She also won't need a “Drink” to get through the campaign OR the responsibilities that come with being Town Clerk. She has gone out and talked to the residents, answered their questions face-to-face, and she should be the next Town Clerk of New Lebanon. It's just common sense. We are shining a light on the reality.

If we wish to preserve our culture, our traditions and morals in America, we have a responsibility to shine the light and keep on shining it into every dark corner of every dark mind and matter. If we desire a free and fruitful future for our kids, we must keep the lights on. It isn't mean or “Snitching” to expose truth about things that matter, it is RIGHT and HONORABLE, and we owe it to our youth and our forefathers to make truth known.  


  Tomorrow:  It's Time to Talk About Monte Wasch



Time to Talk About Monte                                     10-16-2015

                            I imagine you're wondering why Monte Wasch would warrant his own page on my blog. That will become obvious, and tonight will not be the only night that he will be on the Hot Seat between now and the election.

                            When we make the decision to run for public office, we open ourselves up to scrutiny. That is a GOOD thing, because if we fail to carefully examine those who seek our support, we end up with Obama, Cuomo, or Benson. These are the people that will represent us, speak for us, and make decisions for us. Who and What they are, MATTERS, a LOT !

                              Monte Wasch is a highly-trained and naturally-gifted pianist. I can play keyboard well enough to play at church or among family and friends for fun, but I am NO musician, and could never come close to playing with the expertise of Monte Wasch.  I am told that he once appeared on the Jeopardy, TV Show, and I bet he did very well, as he is  very knowledgeable. Monte is also consistently polite, almost overly-courteous. 

                              While Monte can answer questions about renaissance art and classical composers and play a concert without a hitch, his talents and my own run in entirely different directions. For instance, my training and abilities allow me to know when Monte is playing ME like a piano. He really should stick to the keyboard, because he has NO talent in tickling MY ivories. For me, Monte's true feelings, intentions, and agenda are as easy to read as a Large Print Book. I am not fooled or charmed by his practiced courtesy and I find his condescending "Tolerance" of my Right-Wing, "Country Bumpkin" mentality to be quite amusing.

                               Monte is sneaky. Maybe not an Eel, but definitely a snake. He is not a man that can ever be trusted and he bears constant watching by those of us who oppose the Liberal Takeover of our town machinery. He is far from the ONLY one who bears watching. Monte is butt-cheek deep in the Tulip Garden, comfortably nestled in among the other weeds like Max Gitter, John Dax, Ruth Abram and a host of other , control-hungry, city transplants.

                               Notice I did not mention Mike Benson here. That's because he is NOT one of them. Benson simply sucks-up to them, placates and humors them, gains their support, then uses them for personal gain. Benson does not care about these people and he never wastes his time and effort on anyone who cannot or will not fall at his feet and support his self-serving goals. From the Tulips, Benson gets what he needs such as financial support, connections, inclusion, protection, and undeserved respect. He thinks these facts are not obvious. 

                                 What the everyday, working country folk like you and I must always remember, is that these Liberal Elitists are dangerous. They are a serious threat to all that we hold dear, from Morality to Freedom, Accountability to Justice, and from Patriotism to Faith. They have infected our schools and the minds of our children from pre-school to the universities with their Socialist views and ideals. The Liberal Ideology has destroyed our unity as a diverse nation and set race against race and religion against religion, attacked our God and Bible, endorsed deviant behaviors as Normal, encouraged immorality, and are attempting to shred our precious Constitution. 

                                  These people have seized our media, perverted our history, and weakened our military defenses and borders. They have turned our police officers into targets, our public places into "Gun-Free Zones" which is the same as a shooting gallery for bad guys and crazy people, and our White House into a Cesspool. Want me to continue? I certainly CAN, endlessly. Why not exercise and enjoy our freedom of speech and expression before they rob us of THAT, too ?! 

                                   The things I've mentioned are but a FEW of the atrocities that the Liberals have perpetrated upon America and the People, and we haven't even STARTED talking about abortion and environmentalism yet! When you support and vote for Tulips like Wasch, Gitter, Abram, and Dax, and all the other city folk who want to sit on our boards and committees, you open the door to the poison they bring in the name of "Progress". It is suicide.

                                   Now, for those of you who don't know already, let me tell you a little of what went on at the Democrat Caucus concerning Monte and the eventual decision to endorse Mark Baumli a couple of weeks later.

                                   There are two Town Board seats available, and we started with three candidates for those seats. 1) Monte Wasch, 2) Kevin Smith, and 3) Doug Banker. It's important to keep in mind here, that ever since the Behold New Lebanon Program  began last summer, Monte has been applying for every opening that came along for any board in town.  He first applied to replace Bruce Baldwin on the Town Board, but lost to Irene Hanna. He then applied for the seat vacated by Mark Sheline on the Planning Board.  

                                  That Planning Board vacancy was advertised to the public THREE times, and only TWO people submitted Letters of Interest each time. Kevin Smith and Monte Wasch. When Kevin withdrew to run for Town Board instead, Monte became the only remaining interested party for the Planning Board vacancy. He was STILL not appointed, and the seat remains vacant to this day. WHY ? For one, Mike Benson makes no secret of his distaste for both Monte and Kevin, and would prefer to leave the seat empty than appoint either of the candidates he had to choose from. 

                                    Second, Benson is a Board-Stacker. He wants who he wants on the boards and committees and will violate procedure to get his way, as he did in failing to fill the Planning Board vacancy in a timely manner. ( LOL!! I bet he now  wishes he had filled it when he had the chance! )  In any case, Benson knows that if he wins, he can appoint someone of his own choice to that board, and if he loses, it will be Colleen's problem. So he intentionally avoided making the appointment. Monte was not happy about that, and in reality, he has a right to be displeased. However, he has been literally DESPERATE  to get his foot back in the New Lebanon, Political Door for two years now, and the reason he wants it so badly, is to make it easier to manipulate the officials for the benefit of Ruth Abram and her dream of turning our town into a Tourist Trap with HER name on it. 

                                     So far, we have been able to hold the barriers against Monte inserting himself back into our town government, mostly because so many of us remember when he DID serve as a Town Board member and we don't want to relive THAT experience! Also, Monte HAS served, and neither Kevin nor Mark HAS, and it's their time. As the next few days pass, I will fill you in on Monte's conduct and performance as a Councilman, but for now, let's return to the caucus and the Town Board candidates. 

                                      Three votes were required to select two candidates for two seats. In the end, Kevin Smith and Doug Banker were victorious. Since there were and are no other Town Board candidates on the other party lines, the deal was thought to be sealed and the seats filled.  Monte, John Dax, and the rest of the Tulips were livid that the "Locals" won the night, and like the Spoiled Brats they ARE, they stormed out in a snit to lick their wounds. Unfortunately for THEM, their tantrum caused them to miss what came next in the caucus. Democrat Party Chairman, Rocky Brown, requested four volunteers to form a Vacancy Committee in the event that one of the candidates had to withdraw for any reason. Since the Tulips were no longer present, the Vacancy Committee was formed and filled by the Locals. 

                                       When Doug Banker indeed did withdraw about two weeks later, Mark Baumli expressed interest, giving the Vacancy Committee two options to replace Doug, 1) Mark and 2) Monte.   They nominated Mark Baumli.   The next weekend at the Dem Party Meeting, John Dax was loaded for bear and demanded to know WHY Monte was not nominated and that the candidacy should have been his ! Dax was immediately set straight and silenced when he was told that he and the other Tulips had made their own bad luck by throwing a temper tantrum and storming out of the caucus prematurely. LOL!  I do believe I would have paid good money to see Dax' face at that moment.

                                        Are you seeing the bottom line yet, the slight but obvious shift in power we are finally seeing?  Monte Wasch can't seem to push his way through even the widest door this year.  John Dax and his Tulips will not be paid even ONE  minute of serious attention with their Noise Ordinance, and the others such as Max Gitter and Ruth Abrams are also in for some very big surprises before long, despite WHO the next Supervisor is! 

                                        I told you that you would come to see why I am focusing on Monte tonight. Well this is why; Monte has decided that he needs to run for a Town Board position as a write-in candidate.  Yes, he is THAT desperate to regain some Liberal control for Ruth and his other friends. The Bullies. Well, we have had enough of Liberalism in general, and not just in New Lebanon, but all across the country. It has failed miserably and caused more damage and decay than we ever thought possible. Real Americans, those who love and are proud of their country, tried it THEIR way, and now we are taking it BACK.  We are sick of being pushed around and treated like sub-standard citizens in our own towns and cities. We are tired of trying to meet the Liberals half-way and getting ground under their heels in return.

                                       I think Monte Wasch needs to stand down and accept defeat like a man. 


  Tomorrow: Monte's Town Board History


 Clearing the Air                                       10-16-2015

                  If there is anything I am not, it is a Coward. I fear no person and very few things, except maybe bugs. I hate bugs. 

                  When I write this blog, I try to be accurate in what I tell you, and 99.9% of the time, it is in fact, accurate. Being human and having people contact me many times a day with information, it is easy to make a mistake while sifting through that information for proof and evidence of what I am told. I have never claimed to be perfect or anywhere close to it. Occasionally, I will slip up and place trust in receiving the same info from more than one source. However, on the rare occasion that I report something inaccurately, I am not afraid to SAY SO and correct the error.  I want my readers to have the FACTS, not the rumors.

                   Yesterday, I mentioned that Tony Murad had sent a second letter of support for Benson to the voters. I got this information from two locals that I have trusted for years and have never had steer me wrong. I suspect that one must have told the other, and I also think the original source mistook the FIRST letter for a SECOND. The FACT is, that Tony Murad did NOT send a second letter. Not a terrible error, but Truth Matters, and I want you ALL to know the truth. I apologize for the error and hope everyone is now clear that no second letter has been received by the voters from Tony Murad. 

                     I also have a response from Mr. Murad to Meg Robertson, regarding her statements about the Landfill last month. I have promised Mr. Murad that I will look in my folders and see if I kept that response, and if I did, I WILL post it here in the interest of fairness. That does not make me their go-between by any means, but I printed Meg's statement for her, and Tony deserves the same consideration. We can have our very own debate!  LOL!!

                      It was my intention to wrap-up the Monte Wasch discussion tonight, but I don't have all the paperwork required yet, and don't want to forge ahead without the notes and documents. I WILL finish this up, but it may be Monday before I can complete it. I appreciate the patience. Add to all this incoming news, the fact that my son and his lady announced on Monday that they would like to get married, TOMORROW!  At MY house!  LOL!! No, there is no baby coming, it is just that the spirit moved and they said, "Why Not?". After 16 years together, it's really about TIME, don't you think? So it's a little busy around here right now, to say the least. 

                      The first time I saw Crystal was when she and Mike were in Dawn Murad's kindergarten class, here at the Walter B. Howard Elementary School. She was a strikingly beautiful child, and I asked Mike what her name was. He replied, "EWW! That's Crythtal!". (His front teeth were missing at the time). I told him she was adorable and he should make her his girlfriend. He said, "EWWW!". Tomorrow, he takes my advice. Only took him 29 years to listen to his mother.  Congratulations to Mike Johnson and Crystal Metzler ! 


                        Facebook. Social media can be a blessing and a curse depending on how you use it. I have two Facebook pages, one personal that is required if you want a Group page, and the Group Page, Madison's Militia. I visit the personal page only once or twice a month and for about 5 minutes each time. I don't have the spare time for sharing recipes, taking pictures of what we had at Beefy Burger the night before, or fighting with liberals. I don't take selfies and I have no tattoos to show off. For me, Facebook is simply a useful tool for sharing pertinent news from sources other than the mainstream media, and for rallying the troops for specific causes or efforts. I use the group page for these things.

                        As a result of my frequent neglect of the pages, I don't often see the posts or comments published by the locals in regard to our election or much of anything else. Once or twice a week, someone will call, email, or text me to tell me I need to see a certain post or comment, and if I have a chance, I will go take a quick look. THIS week, I was alerted to comments on the Facebook Campaign Page of Jen Kelly, the New Lebanon Republican Candidate for Town Clerk.  So I took a minute to read it. 

                        Good grief! As I mentioned last night, the Benson Camp is trying to make a huge campaign issue of the delayed meeting minutes that became a hot topic last year. I explained on last night's post, what the problem REALLY was with the minutes. Jen Kelly is now claiming on her Facebook page, that if she is elected, ALL her Town Board Meeting Minutes will be complete and ready to view within FIVE days of the meetings ! LOL!! I do not believe she has a clue as to what she is in for if she DOES win. Especially if Benson is re-elected as well! 

                        Jen went on to state that she had taken it upon herself and used her own funds to get her Notary license. Well, the reality is, that when one becomes a Town Clerk, part of the REQUIRED training is the Notary Licensing Class that is provided, FREE OF CHARGE. So Ms. Kelly spent her own time and money for nothing, because she has  NO CLUE!   Deputy Town Supervisor, Dan Evans, the nephew of Jen Kelly, commented on Jen's post about the meeting minutes. He said, "WOW! Imagine That! Minutes in FIVE days!"

                        I find this hysterically funny, since Dan Evans voted not ONCE, but TWICE, to cut funding for a Deputy Town Clerk, making it humanly impossible to keep up on the meeting minutes!. So what are his intentions if Jen wins? RESTORE the funds he CUT for Colleen so that Jen can get those minutes out in FIVE days? Do these people even hear themselves?  The depth of the stupidity just boggles the mind. 


 Open Hearts or Closed Doors ?                               10-18-2015

                      Germany is in serious trouble. It's their own fault, but it's still tragic. 

                       Last year, Angela Merkel made a profound statement that I found to be both courageous and admirable. The recent influx of Muslims into Germany had caused much animosity between the German people and the government. Merkel responded as a strong leader SHOULD, and she made a public announcement to the Islamic immigrants to the effect that if they wished to remain in Germany, they would be expected to "Assimilate or Emigrate"!  Merkel made it very clear that all immigrants to Germany would learn the German language, culture, and laws and become GERMANS in every sense of the word. If that was unacceptable, they would be shown the door.

                       I don't know what happened in the year since she said those things, but suddenly, Merkel openly invited the Syrian Refugees and whomever is slipping in among them, to come to Germany.  One theory is that Germany's society is aging, and younger workers are needed to keep the country solvent. Maybe so, but the Syrians are flooding into Germany by the hundreds of thousands and the country is overwhelmed. They are providing expedited citizenship, shelter, sustenance and full government benefits to the refugees, and are even providing them with language classes and job training. 

                       Despite the compassion these Syrians are receiving from the Germans, self-serving as it may have been originally, there are major problems. There is nowhere to PUT this great a number of new arrivals, there is fighting in the streets, and a great increase in crime. Merkel is again, unpopular with her people. The country is being bled dry by aliens who are unappreciative and unwilling to assimilate. Many are violent. 

                       Germany is far from alone. Greece, which had enough troubles of its own before the invasion, is also over-run with thousands of Syrians, mostly young, able-bodied, and aggressive males. They are robbing homes and businesses, raping young girls, attacking citizens on the streets, and demanding free food and shelter from a country that is dead broke. Britain is a nightmare as well. The brutality of the Muslims in England is unprecedented anywhere other than in the Middle East. The Muslims have taken over entire cities and neighborhoods, block the streets at prayer time each evening, and have caused a tremendous spike in the crime rate among a people who are not allowed to possess firearms for protection! Shariah is being exercised all across Europe and Honor Killings, Beheadings, Burnings and Rapes occur daily. 

                       Do you believe that America will be spared the consequences of this migration?  Already, we are seeing the Democrat's president sneaking in thousands of these refugees and stashing them in remote areas of Oklahoma and Idaho. Tonight, I watched a piece hosted by Anderson Cooper, whom I cannot STAND. The focus was the continued influx of Syrian Refugees to the island of Lesbos in Greece. The camera followed the over-loaded boats full of families and the cold and hungry children wading and being carried to shore. It was a sympathy piece, the "poor" displaced people with nowhere to go, blah,blah,blah. 

                       As a Christian, I struggle with this to some degree. The children are indeed, innocents, for NOW, but who will they be after 10 more years of an Islamic education? I pity them now, but I fear who they will become and what it will mean for Europe and the United States in a very short time.  I also look at the financial impact on those who accept or are invaded by these outsiders with whom we have nothing in common. They will drain our welfare and health systems, over-crowd our schools, and inject their evil culture and religion into our society. So what do we DO? Open our hearts, or close the doors? Not an easy question, is it? 

                        If it were up to me, and I thank God it isn't, I believe I would be consulting with my military leaders about eliminating ISIS once and for all and getting these refugees back to their homeland. I would be opening up those so-called, FEMA Camps as holding centers for these Syrians until they could be sent back to Syria, and they would NOT be allowed to get lost in our cities. Our borders would be on Code Red at all times and NO ONE would get in from ANYWHERE until our Immigration System was completely re-vamped to properly vet each and every immigrant that approaches those borders. Anyone from the Middle East would be required to be held until cleared for deportation or vetted and put on probation as an applicant for citizenship. 

                       EVERY immigrant would be required to learn English, American History, and our legal system, and abide by our laws, in OUR courts, and be given 6 months to find gainful employment. IF, after one year, the applicant is working and law-abiding, assimilating to American laws and culture, only THEN can they become a citizen. 

                        That is fair, sensible, and safe. The immediate crisis we are facing with the Southern Border and now the coming invasion from Syria, cannot be ignored or put on a back-burner. We can NOT have our president sneaking these people in with NO idea of who or what they ARE. I believe that we CAN have compassion for the portion of these people who indeed are only seeking safety, but at the same time, we MUST protect our own, first. Place the refugees in the FEMA Camps, and DEAL WITH ISIS! Feed and shelter the cold and hungry, but keep your guns oiled! 

                        A number of Generals have made it very clear that ISIS could be eliminated in a matter of weeks, IF the Obama Administration would give them the go-ahead and the means. The longer they delay, the harder it will be and the bigger ISIS grows.  Putin is not focused on eliminating ISIS, he is in the Middle East to assist his Communist buddy by removing his objectors and rebels! Oh sure, Russia may get some ISIS groups along the way, but that is NOT their objective. They want access to the oil, the ports, the strategic locations. They want the expansion of Communism. ISIS is merely a stone on their path.

                        Obama will be in power for another 14 months, folks. An awful lot of damage can be done in that much time if we don't wake up and stand up, now. By this time next year, we could have a million or more NEW Muslims in America, and close to the same number of new Mexicans and Central Americans. Very few will speak the language, be self-sustaining, or law-abiding. Can you say, "CHAOS"? Now think about THIS; the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, and the mainstream media are coming after your guns. With only 14 months remaining, Gun Control will be at the top of their Wish List. Do YOU want to be helpless when all hell breaks loose with these illegals and Muslims? Do you think the Police will protect you? The government? LOL!!  Think again! Is the government protecting you NOW?

                        While Congressmen like Chris Gibson focus on Climate Change and Tourism, America is under siege by criminals and terrorists from other countries, entering freely and blending-in to our society. The government is robbing us of our freedoms a little more each and every day, Christians and Jews are under assault, and our schools have been transformed into Liberal Indoctrination Centers. Our speech is being monitored and criminalized, states rights ignored, history erased and/or manipulated, police targeted in some cities and militarized in others, the races divided, the economy deliberately destroyed, and the military weakened. Yet they think we will comply with disarmament? Fat Chance! 

                         The alarm clock rang in 2008, but most Americans are still in bed. 


              I wish to thank Justice Jessica Byrne-York for the awesome job she did with our little wedding yesterday. The weather cooperated and all went smoothly. See if YOU can tell which is the bride and which is my grandaughter!


Looking  or  SEEING ?                                                                  10-20-2015

                      Last year, I wrote a post about the difference in hearing and listening. Like so many of life's finer things, such as Penmanship, Letter-Writing, and Proper English, conversation takes dedication and practice. 

                       Too often, we chat with people and never really HEAR what they're saying. The same holds true of looking at someone or something and not really SEEING.  I have two elderly friends here in town that are great examples of the failure to see. "Sam" is a nice old guy, never married or had children, or even owned a dog. Despite being a life-long single, Sam has more acquaintances in more places than anyone else I have ever known. 

                        If you run errands in New Lebanon, you have seen Sam around. Sometimes he can be found having coffee at Bucky's, or sitting at the picnic table in front of EZ-Mart, but most often, you will find him in a booth at Stewarts, reading, writing in his notebooks or having a louder-than-normal conversation with someone about history, current events, or God. He has stories to tell and he loves to tell them. Many folks who hear these tales are unlikely to believe them, as they are pretty over-the-top accounts of his life experiences, but you know what?  I can attest to the truth of these experiences. 

                        Some of you have judged Sam based on his wrapping. He is seriously overweight, could use one or two more showers each week, and yes, he speaks a little more loudly than necessary, but for good reason. He feels that the things he has to say, need to be heard. LOL!! A lot of the time, he's right about that!  Due to his weight and lack of physical balance, he finds showering to be dangerous, so he washes the old-fashioned way, with a towel and basin. That may not be good enough for you, but it's the best HE can do.

                        What you probably haven't seen when you look at Sam, is the little boy who grew up working in his dad's grocery store and being rewarded with candy and soda, setting the stage for a life-long battle with his weight. You didn't see the Air Force veteran or the professional Weight-Lifter who spent many hours of his own time training young men to lift instead of walk the streets. You might have missed the guy who became a Social Worker so he could make a difference in the lives of unwanted kids who were getting into trouble, and you failed to glimpse the poet, the movie buff, or the Christian Witness. If you saw him at ALL, you saw a round old man that talks too loud. 

                        Marian, Friend #2, is a lady in her 70s and I'm sure you have seen HER, too.  Tall and very thin, somewhat plain, and to the shallow among us, not very attractive due to a prominent feature or two. 

                        A couple of years ago, Marian took a liking to a single man her age, and I couldn't help but notice her crush. So one day, I casually mentioned to the man that he should consider asking Marian out to lunch sometime. His response floored me! He instantly referred to her most unattractive features and made it plain that he would not go out with someone who was not pretty!  I had never given any thought to what Marian looked like, because her inner beauty is SO evident ! Her history, her compassion and unconditional love are written on that face in the fine penmanship that no one practices anymore. When I look at Marian, when I SEE her, I see the beauty that radiates from her, and I realized how blind so many of us are. 

                        When I was a kid, my family placed extreme importance on what other people thought. We never went downtown unless we were wearing our best clothes, we didn't go out to play unless our hair was properly combed, and we never dared wear socks that didn't match our shirts!  Today, people go to WalMart in their pajamas and slippers, teenagers wear their pants around their knees, and modesty is a thing of the past. It's pretty gross. Still, a kid should be able to go out and play with messy hair and mis-matched socks!  The adult women in my family loved to go to a shopping center and "People Watch". This meant making fun of people's looks, clothes, bodies, walks, and hairstyles. They found this to be great fun, while I just found it cruel and hateful. 

                        My mother often made fun of "Country" people, saying that they wore Dime-Store clothes, used bleach in their hair, had no teeth, and lived in those trashy, Trailer Parks. Personally, I would take 100 country people from Trailer Parks over one, arrogant city liberal. When I look at Country People, I see hard-working Americans who do the jobs that few want to do but the world cannot live without. I see people who love family, God  and country, and are humble enough to live within their means and be grateful. They are generous and unpretentious, unafraid to be who they are, where they are. I sometimes think that my love of the country and country people and my family's low opinion of them, are part of the reason why I am so angered by the city people coming here and imposing their ways on us and treating us as their inferiors.

                        The city people also fail to SEE us. We are so much more than they think we are, and we are what they can never be. No one is what they appear to be. The wrapper is just that, a wrapper. Beautiful people can be the ugliest and the ugliest people can be the most beautiful. Who we are is not the color of our eyes or hair, the number on the scale, or the price of our shoes. It is what lives within, in our hearts, our minds, and our souls. We are what we DO for others and for our country, how we treat those with less of anything than us, and what actions we take to make the world a better place. 

                        Christmas is coming. What if you wrapped the most expensive gift for the most important person in your life, in a grocery bag ? Would it still be the same gift ? Would the recipient still be just as important, or would the inexpensive, plain wrappings erase all that? Would your loved one still SEE the love that went into the gift, and would YOU still see the joy the gift brought?   We need to learn to SEE what we are looking at, WHOM we are looking at, and seize the treasures that we all too often overlook.


Message from a Candidate                                10-21-2015

                      I was asked this week by Town Board Candidate, Kevin Smith, to post a brief message from him to the people of New Lebanon.

                      Like I do every election, Kevin has been working very hard to make this a successful campaign, and has been assisting several candidates with sign posting. As a candidate himself, Kevin is also well aware of the high cost of campaign signage. This year, he has noticed the widespread issue of sign tampering and theft, and he is appalled by the behavior of alleged "Adults". He asks that the people responsible do some self-examination and consider the immaturity and cruelty of what you are doing.  Schuyler Gail has been especially hard-hit, having her signs removed and tossed, stolen, or damaged. 

                       So that is Kevin's message. Here's MINE: Knock it off and grow the hell up! I have taken particular notice of whose signs are being tampered with the most, and it is definitely Schuyler Gail. Which would put the suspicion on whom? Paul Czajka is a close second, as his signs were attacked from the very first day they were posted! So you don't care for these candidates or you support their opposition? That's fine, but you know what? I don't like Mike Benson and I do not support Jen Kelly, but I haven't touched their signs. 

                          Whomever you ARE, you should be ashamed of yourselves for being so childish. It is no surprise that you support the people you DO, because you are JUST like THEM!  I HAVE also noticed, that the Benson, Kelly, and Nevers signs have been left alone. Not a single one tampered with or removed, EXCEPT for the Benson signs that were posted in private yards with NO permission from the resident. MANY of those were removed and for darn good reason. The actions of Tommy Benson and Tommy Evans are reprehensible. Remember their behavior and who they mis-behaved FOR when you go to the polling place in a few weeks.


 More "SLEAZE" from the Bensons                             10-22-2015

                   New Lebanon lost two more businesses in the past month. The Hitching Post and now the Pillars. Yup, once again, the Pillars is empty. Funny thing about restaurants, they are required to have this thing called a "Grease Trap" to contain the slimy stuff that is a product of cooking on a grill. I think it's time to talk to the Building Inspector about installing a couple of these things on the Benson property on County Rt. 5. 

                    The sleaze and slime that oozes out of Tommy Benson's home and Mike Benson's "Conference Room" in his old barn, are about as toxic as it gets.  Last night, while many of Lebanon's good residents were attending the Budget Meeting and plugging-in to the state of the town's financial affairs, a Secret Meeting was held at the Tom Benson home. The people who attended this secret meeting were the very people who brag the loudest about their "Interest" in the well-being of the town. People like Dax and Monte Wasch, for instance. 

                     So what do you suppose these Tulips were up to in the inner sanctum of the " Illegal Poster and Remover of Campaign Signage"?  Ahh, they were busily working on the Write-In campaign for Monte Wasch for Town Board! Not illegal by any means, but oh so SLIMY in SO many ways! Monte was given a clear and unmistakable message from the Democrat voters at the caucus. They made it more than evident that they did NOT want him as a candidate and definitely not as a Town Board member AGAIN. Monte was also obviously unwanted as a member of the Planning Board, as we discussed last week, so what is this guy's issue? 

                      I can take a very educated guess at what is behind his Forcing himself upon the residents who don't WANT him.  #1) As I stated last week, Monte wants to gain an edge for Ruth Abram.  #2) The Liberal, City-Transplant Tulips cannot BEAR the thought of not having SOME amount of control of the Town Board.  #3) Benson and his Democrat Liberal Cronies, would do ANYTHING to keep Kevin Smith off the board, and I mean ANYTHING.  So let's look at that, shall we? 

                      Kevin came up hard and he had his problems in his youth, like many of us. He is not politically-correct and he won't gloss over the truth or protect the guilty. He won't play the Liberal games, but he will also be fair to ALL residents, regardless of length of residency or political affiliation. The Tulips don't want a "Townie" who will put the town first, they want a "Player" that will participate in the secret committees and meetings, the goal of making New Lebanon a Tourist Trap and Liberal Utopia and step all over the locals and the traditions we have valued since 1818. More than anything else in the world, they crave "CONTROL", and in order to retain the control they've gotten accustomed to under the Benson Regime, they HAVE to get one of THEIRS on the Town Board. They are running scared and they are DESPERATE !

                      So the word is, that this meeting last night served two purposes. 1) To get Monte elected. and 2) To launch an all-out assault on Kevin Smith.  It matters not to these people that the voters have already spoken and that these Democrats who gathered together at Tommy Benson's house last night, are stabbing their own party members in the back, from a dark corner of our town. Remember what we talked about this week regarding the Light vs the Darkness? Well, here is that darkness. 

                     Fair warning to the Tulips; Political and Legal Misconduct are fair game, but any smear campaigns based on private family matters of any candidate will NOT go unpunished. Bear in mind  that you Tulips are supporting a Benson-selected candidate that makes Mommy Dearest look like Mother Teresa. I HAVE the ammo, but I have not fired, because there are children who may suffer for it if I do. Don't tempt me! I also have plenty of "Behind-Closed-Doors" info on other candidates, but I do NOT peek into windows like Mike Benson does. MY concerns lie in the public conduct of candidates and officials, and what goes on in the privacy of their homes with family, is hands-off!

                      Now, I promised you an expose' on Monte Wasch's history as a Town Board member. The documents I am waiting for have been delayed, but I will have them on Saturday and on Saturday night, I will conclude the Wasch history lesson. In reality, it shouldn't even be necessary to expose his political record in order to convince you to NOT support him, his recent conduct regarding this campaign should be sufficient. The guy is a typical, spoiled, NY City Rich Boy, with a sense of entitlement and a thirst for control. The people have already said "NO!" very clearly, and he continues to push, aided by John Dax and the Tulips. Let's teach them how to take "NO" for an answer, and keep our town in the hands of those who don't wish to make it a mini-model of NY City. (You might find it worthwhile to Google Monte's work history down in the Big Apple".)

                     One last thing;  I hope the members of our Fire Department remember the comments made by Monte Wasch at the Democrat Caucus. He doesn't think you NEED or deserve a new firehouse or that the town should assist you in getting one. Let's hope he's careful with matches.



Economic Development has an extremely dark side to it, and this is what the city folk want to bring to New Lebanon. 

             Here's a scary piece about Monte:

              For eight years, he was First Deputy Director of New York City's economic development program.


 Write-In THIS !                                                       10-23-2015

               Benson Campaign Flier #792 arrived in today's mail. LOL!! Of course I'm exaggerating, but c'mon, REALLY? How many of these woodstove starters does one household need?  It wouldn't be so annoying if there was any truth to the claims printed on these things, but that isn't the case. 

               Have YOUR taxes decreased every year for the past four years? MINE haven't, in fact mine have INCREASED, and so have my neighbors, my friends, and everyone ELSE I have asked about it. Maybe SOMEONE had their taxes decreased, but they would need to SHOW us the proof of that.  These fliers consistently claim that "Town Services have been Improved and/or Expanded".  Any idea what Benson is referring to? WHAT services? The ambulance squad we lost? The Fire Department he lied about being a member of four years ago? What services does he mean and why doesn't he specify? Where is his evidence of these claims? 

                So how many of you caught the error in the Chatham Courier regarding the latest, Write-In Candidate, Gregg Carrol?? The article referred to Carrol as "HE" and "HIM", until it was updated at about 6 p.m tonight. LOL!! Gregg Carrol is a WOMAN. SHE is also another newcomer from Westchester County, the Land of Wealthy Liberals, and she is a STRONG proponent of Economic Development, that VERY dangerous ideology . SHE has lived in New Lebanon full-time for ONE year !!  ONE!!!!  She also made the comment that New Lebanon has thrived under Benson and that OUR town could be so much BETTER!  These people sure have big ones, and I'm not talking about houses. 

                If New Lebanon needs to be "Better", why in the hell do these people move here? There are so many other options. What is Gregg Carrol's idea of "BETTER"? More over-priced organic restaurants, an Opera House, maybe a Hookah Bar? More froo-froo tourist attractions like Behold New Lebanon for her city friends ? Fact is folks, that these citiots who profess to care so much about our town, really only want to make it suit THEIR needs and vision. You and I, our Townie Seniors, and our poor, our churches and our youth, mean nothing to them. They want a playground close to the city so they can have the best of both worlds, and the locals be damned.

                Look at the Heritage Center. A wonderful concept that preserves our local history and makes it available to the people who live here. Yet, who is running the show at the Center? The Tulips. Since when do Liberals give a darn about history in general? If they DID, they definitely would not be Liberals. Their only interest in American History is in re-writing it to suit their anti-freedom agenda and to attempt to validate their lies. So as nice as the Heritage Center IS, who wants to GO there? If LOCALS ever end up running it, THEN more of us may go there.

                In any case, we now have TWO, NY City,  Liberal-Transplants running for OUR Town Board as Write-Ins. We also have the Tulip Queen Himself, John Dax, giving his "Endorsement" of both write-ins and Mike Benson. Which prompts me to ask the exact same questions I asked when Tony Murad sent his letter of support for Benson into our homes.  Just WHO the Hell is John Dax to publicly endorse ANYBODY? He is NOBODY! He is not of any more importance or influence than you or I are , so who is HE to make a statement of endorsement ? Really, who CARES which candidates John Dax supports? He's the Idiot that is trying to end our Speedway, remember?  Good Grief, the level of arrogance and narcissism among these fools knows NO limit !! Are THESE the people we want making decisions for our town's future? 

                Now for the "RUMOR" of the day. I am told that Bud Godfroy has been pushing yet a THIRD person to run a Write-In Campaign. Another woman, who is at least a local and a person I have no objection to, BUT, her closest friends are the Tulips! Which smacks of more dirty dealings. Time will tell I guess, but in my own opinion, I don't think she will run, it just isn't her thing. Don't you wonder why these avid candidates that are so concerned about our town, waited until the last minute to decide to run? They knew the election was this Fall, and they had more than enough time to run the NORMAL way, so why the final hour candidacies? Why do you THINK? Desperation of Benson and the City People who suddenly realize they may very well lose "Control" of our town. We Bumpkins might actually take it BACK this time! Nothing scares these types more than losing POWER. 

                We have our two, strong candidates for Town Board, two local men who grew up here and truly love New Lebanon for what it IS. We are extremely lucky to have them! Both of them have been plugged-in and engaged in town issues for YEARS, and they remember New Lebanon when it was a happy, busy little town with a sense of community and UNITY, an ambulance squad, a volunteer library, a supermarket, and family diners we could all afford to eat in. They remember a New Lebanon that was not divided and had Supervisors that cared about the people. 

                 How do you think these candidates feel when they hear Ruth Abram refer to New Lebanon as "A derelict, little town in need of saving"?  Or Gregg Carrol say that "New Lebanon could be so much BETTER"? I know how feel. It's insulting, condescending, and arrogant.

 Our town does not need to be transformed to suit people from the city, they can take it the way it is or choose another town to seize. If New Lebanon is not good enough for them as it is, they have choices, and WE are perfectly capable of sustaining and strengthening this town on our own, with no help from them and their "Economic and Sustainable Development" and "Government Grants".  We have done it for 198 years, we can certainly do it for another 100 or so. We can also do it without the intrusive and extreme government regulations that their grants will bring.  Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, Moms and Dads, Seniors, get out and take BACK your TOWN on November third! It's now or never.