Ohhhh, Ladeeeees !                                                     3-8-2017

                   Good Evening to all my female readers. (and you guys who are too curious to click out). Did you know that today was a "Special Day" for American Women?  Neither did I, until it was over.  LOL!!

                    Don't worry your little soul over it, you didn't miss anything. Today was "A Day Without a Woman " day, not just in our country, but in numerous ones. Women and girls gathered to protest inequality, female-owned businesses closed, so many teachers failed to show up at school, that many of those schools had to close. It just goes on and on. I didn't even notice.

                   Of course, this stupidity was organized by the same crazy broads that organized the Women's March that resulted in the trashing of major cities in every state and had grown women running around in vagina hats. Okay, I get it that a lot of women in the workplace do not receive the same pay as a man for doing the exact same job, and yes, that is unfair and discriminatory. It SHOULD be addressed, but GEEZ, can't they approach it with a little dignity and reason? 

                   The Battle of the Sexes has always been a reality and I don't see it going away anytime soon. However, I HAVE seen women make astounding strides since the 1960s, and today, a determined woman can become anything or anyone she wishes to be! For crying out loud, my first full-time job was as an auto mechanic for Sears Auto Center, and then I became a cop.  That was in the 70s and 80s, and no one denied me the opportunity to do what I wanted to do or go where I wanted to go!

                   We have all the same rights as men, and in some cases, MORE rights. There are employers who are forced by LAW to hire a less able female over an experienced male in order to meet their "Token-Woman" Quota! Much like it is with minority favoritism. Yet these women who feel "oppressed" and the minorities who continue to demand "Equality", are in reality, asking for "Special Rights", and not equality at all. How about we start over and instead of crying over every imagined slight, we take a good look at how far we have all come, female AND minority, and be thankful and self-reliant? 

                   How about we exercise, defend, and protect our unique, American Freedoms and opportunities and grow up? What exactly DO these Feminists WANT? How can they scream for Equality when what they are really asking for is "Superiority"? How can they believe that they DESERVE equality when they are so immature, ungrateful, and ignorant ? What they SHOULD get is a swift kick in their spoiled asses. These radicals are an embarrassment to REAL American women, and they deserve ZERO attention from media or society. GAG!!!!

                  Look ladies, we all have our complaints about men.  They fart and burp in public, scratch whatever itches no matter who might be looking, and spit on the damn sidewalk. There are plenty of chauvinists running around still, and just today, I complained to the men in MY house about that, and I didn't even know that today was actually designated for female whining! I get ticked-off that no matter how busy I might be with work or projects, I still have to be the one to stop in the middle and make dinner, do laundry, dishes, housework, errands, whatever. Men on the other hand, put in their time each day without interruption, come home to a clean house, a good meal, and fresh clothing, and their day is DONE. Our days NEVER end until we drop into bed, and THEN...... You know the drill.

                   If a man is sick, we have to become Nurse Nancy and be at his beck and call. When WE get sick, they go off and do their own thing and leave us to crawl to the kitchen for a glass of water. Then when we recover, we have the household destruction to clean-up that they created and ignored while we were down. LOL!!!  Yup, we can all relate, but you know what? It's that difference we talked about last month. Men and women are wired differently, and nothing we do or say can change that fact. No amount of whining or protesting is going to make men more like US, and really, isn't that a GOOD thing?

                   I wasn't attracted to traditionally male jobs only because I have always been a Tomboy, or  because guy jobs are more fun. I also prefer male jobs because I find it so much easier and more enjoyable to work with men than with women! Women are MEAN! They are competitive in everything, spiteful, back-stabbing, hormonal, moody, and disloyal. Especially in the workplace! Of course this is not true of ALL women, but it is definitely true of MOST of them! Nope, not for ME!  I would rather strap on a gun and wade into a bar fight than work in a clean little office with women.

                   Today's women tend to take their "equality too far, too often, and with the "New American Men" coming out of colleges who are already sissified, today's young men are being emasculated by mean feminists. The relationship between man and woman is supposed to be a partnership, not a contest. They are physically stronger, while we are emotionally stronger. They kill the spiders, we nurture the babies. It is what it is ladies, and instead of trying to change what we can never change, why not learn to work together and appreciate those minor differences ?

                    Men are NOT superior to women, and women are NOT superior to men. It's okay to be a strong woman, but it is never okay to be a bully or a bitch. Be grateful for the freedoms that women in America enjoy and try using some of that anger and energy to defend those freedoms, rather than go out in public and act like animals.