Pass the Tissues, Please !                                           6-2-2017

                       So Kathy Griffin is all butt-hurt and claims that the Trumps are out to "Get " her.  LOLOL!!!  

                        If any of you are unfortunate enough to be familiar with this Moonbat's career to date, you know what a wing-nut she is and always has been. She is perverted and as anti-freedom as a person can get and in my opinion, her comeuppance is long overdue. What goes around comes around, Kathy. Apparently, the Trumptards are exactly what we thought they were from the get-go, they are very much LIKE the Lefties in that they will not tolerate ANY criticism of their chosen leader. 

                        In some ways, that's a bad thing, because no one who calls themselves a Patriot or Conservative should EVER behave like a Liberal, but on the OTHER hand, it's kind of fun to see the left wing whiners get some of their own medicine for a change. For years, anyone who dared to disagree with lefty policies and ideologies, were black-balled. Conservative celebrities can't find work, their shows are canceled, and they are rarely included in any awards shows or interviewed on talk shows. 

                   Christian business owners are attacked verbally and financially for refusing to violate their faith and participate in things they believe are sinful. Unconstitutional Judges have charged them with "Hate Crimes" and the results have been devastating in loss of revenue, the businesses themselves, and all other assets such as homes and vehicles, savings, etc. All because the Liberals WHINED and liberal judges were willing to violate the 1ST Amendment Rights of Americans. Can you imagine, if a Conservative "Celebrity" had done what Griffin did, but with OBAMA'S  fake head ?!  It would have been the story of the century and that Conservative would be sitting in a jail cell on some fake charge and a punishment invoked by a liberal judge. You KNOW that is true!

                   One good thing about the Trumptards is that they are at least willing to fight fire with fire. What's good for the goose, and all that. Griffin is feeling what Conservatives have been feeling for YEARS now, and I LIKE it. Push-Back time has come at last. Griffin is claiming that the Trumps are "Ruining her life and career and Bullying her." WOW! REALLY ?  How's it FEEL to be "Bullied?" . What she did was not a crime and is therefore, not punishable by law, nor should it be, as it IS protected under the same 1st Amendment that Christian Business Owners are entitled to but don't get. However, she deserves to lose endorsements and maybe her public career, and she and all those like her, need to feel the pain for a change. They need to learn that their behaviors and one-sidedness, their Double-Standards, do not work anymore. It is not acceptable now nor has it ever been, but at least now, they are being challenged. Hurray.

                  I met an awesome man tonight in Pittsfield. His name is Curtis and he is a coach, a Pastor, a Veteran who actually saw battle in the Middle East, and he is a Black man that does not see color as the cause of all the problems in America. He stated that no matter WHO is President, the OFFICE must be respected and the Media must be held responsible for its extreme partiality and misinformation. He believes that ALL people must be held equally responsible for their actions regardless of race, religion, or color. I was amazed by this guy and intend to get to know him better.

                  When Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal were in the news, I thought that the media had over-stepped. That was an issue for Hillary and Bill to work out, not the public. Just as JFK's infidelities were kept between him and Jackie, and ditto for so many other Presidents who couldn't keep their pants on. I never liked the Clintons, but I STILL felt that it was un-American to air their private business all over national media when the OFFICE of President deserved better, even if Bill Clinton did not. 

                  Obama was heavily protected when it came to his personal life, to the extent that things were hidden that were vital for the public to know, such as his TRUE birthplace, his college records, his alliances with Communists and Islamists, his bi-sexuality and history of drug use, etc. Then along comes Trump, and the media airs everything that no one needs or wants to know, including the color of dye he uses in his hair. Double-Standard, AGAIN. 

                  I don't care much for Donald Trump, and I don't think he will do half of what he promised the American people he would do. He has Democrats in the White House and a history of Liberalism, but he has also done some things I strongly approve of, such as his brave move yesterday with the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. Those who cried about the loss of jobs created by not cohering to "Green Policies" forgot how many millions of jobs have been lost TO  "Green Policies". The only people getting ANY benefit from the climate lies are the already wealthy, those invested in green energy and hungry to control the people. 

                  If Trump sticks to his decision on this issue, millions of new jobs will be created in America and our economy will get an unprecedented boost. America, FIRST. We must always be benevolent and supportive when it comes to our allies, but we must consider our OWN before any others. Harvest our OWN energy, KEEP our own oil and other fuels, and tell the Saudis to bite our Ass_s.  So to Kathy Griffin I say this:  "Put your Big Girl panties on and face the music, grow up , and if you can't say something sensible, SHUT up! "


                  Here is something for you to look at until I have the time to prepare more for you. Believe me, I AM busy with that! Until tomorrow, Good Night New Lebanon.

   Funny thing about the Sandy Hook information on the internet. Almost everything to do with evidence of it being a hoax, is now no longer accessible. Videos and websites about the questionable issues have been removed by the thousands, but anything that SUPPORTS the idea that this event was real is still there for all to see and read.  VERY interesting. It matters not to ME, because the evidence I have is not from or dependent upon, the internet.   JJ

  Pozner a Victim, TWICE?

6-year-old Noah Pozner allegedly was one of the 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School who allegedly were shot to death by Adam Lanza on Dec. 14, 2012.

If you go to the “Remembering Noah Samuel Pozner” Facebook page, described in “About” as “The OFFICIAL Facebook Page for Noah Pozner (Approved by Noah’s Parents),” and click “photos,” you’ll see a collage of photos of Noah.

Pay special attention to the partially-cropped pic on the right which I’d circled in yellow. Note Noah’s head that’s slightly tilted to his right, his smile, and the distinctive collar (sheep skin?) of his jacket.

Noah Pozner on Facebook

Now let’s look at a BBC video about the child victims of the Pakistan Taliban.

On Dec. 16, 2014, Pakistan experienced the deadliest terrorist attack ever to occur in that country when 7 members of the Pakistan Taliban, aka Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), entered the Army Public School in Peshawar and opened fire on school staff and children, killing 145 people, including 132 schoolchildren.

In the BBC news video below, a female reporter dressed in green with long black hair, reports on people coming from all over Pakistan to Peshawar. Pointing at a wall poster with pictures of the child victims, the reporter says: “…school, died in the Taliban massacre that happened here almost two weeks now….”

 Noah's father, Lenny Pozner, has been harassing and bullying bloggers and YouTubers, leading YouTube to repeatedly take down videos about the Sandy Hook hoax because Lenny claims “copyright violation.”  Lenny is also one of the 10 plaintiffs in a negligence and wrongful death lawsuit against the manufacturer, distributor and seller of the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle that Lanza allegedly used in the Sandy Hook school shooting. (See “Sandy Hook families sue Bushmaster gun manufacturer”)

I hope the defendants ask Lenny Pozner how his son, Noah, managed the impossible feat of being killed twice — the first time on Dec. 14, 2012 in Newtown Connecticut; the second time two years two days later on Dec. 16, 2014, halfway across the world in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Several hours after this post was published, I went back to the “Remembering Noah Samuel Pozner” Facebook page and took a screenshot of the page with Noah’s photocollage (circled yellow). The date (1/2/2015) and time (5:12 PM) when I took the screenshot are in the lower right corner (see yellow arrow). In the event Lenny scrubs that photo from Facebook, this screenshot is proof I had found Noah’s photo on the Facebook site that has his parents’ approval.   Below are several other sources in which the same photo was used to make Pozner appear to be a victim of the Peshawar massacre. Please look at the objects in the background. That will provide proof, with 100% certainty, that it is the exact same photo.   look at the photos and compare the backgrounds. Not only is Noah Pozner being passed off as a victim of Peshawar, it is the exact same photographBut someone certainly needs to explain how that photo of Noah Pozner came to be used in conjunction with the Peshawar tragedy.

Dean Garrison


This is from a Facebook page for APSACS Secretariat: