Planning Board Meeting and Stewarts                                9-20-2017

                            The meeting was a little busier than usual. The newest Self-Storage, business application is moving right along, the one for the present, Shed Man location. There was no mention as to what the Shed Man's plans are going forward, whether he will simply move everything to the former Jon's Diner site where he already has some sheds, or if he is giving the business up. Guess we'll have to wait and see. 

                            There was minor lot-line change for a resident, and a new application for "The Berkshire Thrift Store" that is going into the former Schell's Station next to the Kendall House. That is an interesting business, as they will be cooperating with the Free Store at the Town Hall to provide items for folks in need. We can all go in and purchase good, used items from clothing and housewares to furniture and small appliances, but those who are facing hardships, or have had a fire, etc., can get what they need for free. There will also be food collections to supply pantries like Charlie's Pantry and other local distributors.

                            Overflow items will be donated to Goodwill and the Salvation Army, and occasionally, the overflow of those two organizations will be accepted here. This store will be operated by a woman from North Dakota named Tegan Cook, and when I met her tonight, I knew right away that we were going to be friends, which you will find interesting once you meet her for yourselves.  I think she and her business will be an asset to New Lebanon.

                             Finally, the representative from Stewarts, Chris Potter, was present and brought along some new drawings of the coming project. The new building will stand where the old motel rooms are now, but will be set back much farther. The store will have 33 parking places in front and on both sides and you will be able to drive around the building if need be. The present store will remain open for business while the demolition and early construction is going on, and will be closed for approximately two weeks when they demo the present store and move the septic system and install new fuel tanks underground. 

                               The new building will be very much like the one in Nassau, except that ours will have a side patio with tables for outdoor eating, and will be heavily landscaped with Maple Trees and other perennial plants. Since Stewarts considered adding-on to the present store instead of building new, they lost time, so the construction itself won't begin till Spring. They decided that it was more cost-effective to simply go with an entirely new EVERYTHING, and I'm glad they did! 

                                Before they demolish the old motel and house, they are required to have an asbestos study done, and they tried to get that done last week, until the present owner of the property objected. Mr. McAlward wouldn't let them in. However, I happen to know that Mr. M DID force his way into the rented units with less than 10 hours notice to the tenants, claiming that he needed to "Check for Asbestos". First of all, he is not licensed to do such an inspection, nor would he know where to start to DO one. What he actually DID, was enter the units to see if anyone was packing-up to move out. While he was at it, he rifled through the private, personal belongings of said tenants. Hmm.

                                  This is the guy who has STILL not notified his tenants that the building is heading for demolition and they need to start looking for a place to move to. Fortunately, they DO know, because I made sure they did. Larry is moving on October 1st and so is Richie Birch. Tony Gale is already long gone and the plans of the remaining man in the end unit are unknown. Keith and his boys who live in the little house, may or may not know, as I have been unable to catch up with Keith. If you know him, tell him! Mr. M deserves to be stuck with an empty building for the winter.

                                  Now the even better news. Dunkin Donuts? Not happening.  You're welcome!