Pointing the WRONG Way !!                                      2-15-2018

               I am going to attempt to write this post in as calm a manner as possible. Considering how angry I am over recent events, that won't be easy, but I am finally learning this late in life, that anger is detrimental to reaching common sense solutions.

               Of course I am talking primarily about the latest Alleged, school shooting. Every time I hear about a shooting with multiple victims, I am instantly suspicious. This has nothing to do with Conspiracy Theories, and everything to do with what I know to be FACT. I do not talk about False Flags based only on what my contacts inside government relate to me, I talk about them because I have BEEN inside these actions myself, experienced them First-Hand, and was part of the planning of them. Believe me when I tell you, the majority of those involved do their part with great trepidation and guilt, but also with no other option. 

              The level of the threats and the depth of the fear you face if you dare to object or intimate that you may blow the whistle, is beyond imagination. Which is why Sandy Hook was manageable. Sadly for the Obama administration, they blew it through their haste and lack of proper preparation. That was the most obvious False Flag in history, much like a B Movie with never-heard-of actors. 

                The Gay Nightclub shooting in Florida was the second worst attempt at faking a mass shooting. There are also numerous questions that need answering about the Boston Marathon Bombing, but that's for another day. Columbine was a real event, and so was the Las Vegas shooting a few months ago. However, the catalysts for those real events, were also contrived. People are expendable, and you KNOW it. Look at history and you will find more evidence of that than you could imagine in your wildest dreams. There is always, ALWAYS, a hidden agenda.

                 Yesterday's alleged shooting in Florida is yet to be examined thoroughly enough to gauge it's authenticity. It may very well have been a murder of 17 innocents at the hands of a very sick, young man, and it is equally likely to have been another gun-grabber stage show. Time will tell. 

                  So just for the moment, let us assume that it was a real shooting event. Within 4 hours of the breaking news, the Left was already ramping-up their attack on guns and people who own them. This happens every time, and we expect it, we even count the minutes after the event that it takes for the Left to start pointing fingers. Have you also noticed that after a shooting, the first thing the news reports is that the weapon was an AR15? EVERY  time, without exception.  Why? Well, because the AR15 is the gun that the Left wants OUT of the hands of the public the most. Again, WHY?  The AR15 is not an "Assault Rifle" as the Liberals so love to call it, it is actually the best hunting and target-shooting rifle ever made.

               The AR is a lightweight, reasonably priced, versatile firearm that is owned by many millions of Americans. In the South, the AR is used for controlling the Wild Boar population that is such a serious threat to farmers and their livestock and land. Every ranch in the mid-west has at least one AR in its arsenal. Competitive Shooters have ARs, Hunters have ARs, but the Bad Guys, rarely do. If they have one, it is generally stolen or taken from a parent or other relative. When I was a kid, most homes had at least one .22 caliber rifle and a shotgun for hunting and home defense. Today, those guns have been pretty much replaced by the AR, and the AR is no more of a threat than those old .22s and shotguns were.

               The naked truth is, that guns are not a danger or threat at ALL, regardless of the caliber or type. The danger lies inside PEOPLE. America has an astronomical Mental Health problem today, far worse than at any time in the history of the country. If guns were taken completely OUT of the equation, the mass killing would not decrease and certainly not end. If guns were not available, killers would simply use explosives, arson, large vehicles, airborne poisons and gases, and even airplanes. The Number ONE, most-used murder weapon in America is the common baseball bat. 

               Many anti-gun groups claim that guns are just too easy to get. I beg to differ, as I know damn well exactly what hoops one must jump through in order to purchase a firearm and heaven forbid you want to CARRY one! Yet, there are no background checks, endless forms, Judicial intermediaries, or unconstitutional requirements that must be met to get a Driver's License, or to buy a truck, a knife, anti-freeze, gasoline and matches, or baseball bats. Only Criminals find it easy to acquire guns, Law-Abiding People have to go through an inquisition! Criminals get them through theft and on the street, from other criminals who stole them. They obey NO laws, so what makes anyone believe they will obey more GUN laws? 

                Street drugs are also illegal, but how many addicts do you know that obey drug laws? How many people in GENERAL obey drug laws? Taking guns from Lawful, Constitution-Abiding citizens solves nothing. In fact, it merely creates MORE victims. It is PROVEN, that the more good citizens who carry firearms in public, the less crime there is. In states with Constitutional Carry, the crime rates are barely high enough to get reliable statistics. It is the states and cities that severely control concealed-carry, that the crime rates soar. The Bad Guys are far less likely to rob, mug, or burglarize someone if they think their intended victim may shoot back. When they DO shoot back, it is a loud message to other Bad Guys who are considering committing a similar crime. 

                 MORE guns=Less Crime. Liberals can deny it all they want, but the facts are the facts. When threatened, who do Liberals call? The Good Guys with the GUNS. Hypocrites. 

           So what DO we do about school shootings?      For starters, we get the federal government OUT of our education system. We END the Common Core Curriculum and STOP demonizing Faith. We get back to traditional families with two parents, we teach parenting in our high schools and make more responsible parents and adults in general. We put an end to the Hate-Mongering tactics and divisiveness of liberal leaders in Washington and Hollywood who teach hate for America and our Veterans and Soldiers, people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barack Obama who Race-Bait when there is no basis for it. We must hold people in positions of power, accountable for their actions and behavior, and we have to teach our children that Human Life has value. ALL  human life. Including the unborn!

                   We must limit the number of immigrants from ANYWHERE, that we allow to enter our country each year, and BUILD THE WALL!  We need Judges who mete out punishments that fit the crime and are in compliance with the Constitution. We need MORALITY, FAITH, And FAMILY to take precedent in our lives again.

                   A man called in to the Rush Limbaugh Show today and said that banks have armed guards, alarms, and vaults, but our schools are not protected sufficiently to keep our kids safe from nuts and terrorists. How did this kid in Florida gain entry to that school when he was allegedly carrying  rifles and was reported to have been wearing tactical gear and Kevlar, and nobody NOTICED that? Who, if anyone, buzzed him in? 

                    The Coach reportedly stood between the shooter and a handful of students, sacrificing his own life for theirs. Well, what if that Coach had been armed and trained? How many lives would have been spared, including his own? WHY are we not arming maintenance people, coaches, and willing teachers? WHY are we not hiring jobless veterans to serve as School Security? WHY do our schools want to spend millions of dollars on bigger gymnasiums and better parking, but not on bulletproof doors for classrooms? It's common sense and in the world we live in today, created by Godless and Immoral Leftists, it is sadly, a necessity.

                   The Sheriff in Florida suggested today that the government should allow Law Enforcement to monitor Social Media for anyone who may be making threatening statements as this latest, alleged shooter did. Anyone who posts threats or photos of themselves with guns or any violent subject matter, would be picked-up by police and involuntarily committed for mental health evaluations!!!  How TERRIFYING is THAT idea? Imagine the vast numbers of innocent people who would be seized by force with no defense of any kind and locked-up indefinitely? That is straight out of Hitler's Manifesto! 

                 No my friends, guns are not our problem, baseball bats are not our problem. Evil is our problem, and if we fail to admit the truth about the causes of America's violence, we will never be able to fix it.