Quad Board-DACA- Trump                     1-30-2018

             Nice Quad Board Meeting tonight. Very few members absent, one of which was E. Brutsch. 

             I like these meetings, because I can be an observer and learn a LOT from the way our boards are working so well together to get things done. These are not meetings where the public speaks or should speak, it is intended for the board members to share ideas and issues. It's something that all previous Supervisors should have done on a regular basis. 

            The main goal of these meetings besides the important piece of working together positively, is to simplify our excessive zoning codes and construct an active plan for the town as we go forward. There are a few things I really hate, but that's only because I am SO Conservative and wary of "Green" projects, but for the most part, the vision is one I can support. Not that it matters much what I support or don't, I'm only ONE of 2400-something residents.  LOL!!  I still want to move to a Constitutional state. 

            An interesting thing that was brought up was the Midtown Mall. My ears always perk up when I hear those words. I DESPISE that horror in the center of our rural town, and I STILL think Ward Hatch should be charged with violating the laws set down by the state building and fire codes. These are not oppressive, over-reaching laws, these are simple SAFETY issues. What other shopping venue or even private home, do you know of that is not required to have TWO exits? 

           What I learned tonight, is that Hatch proposed one thing and built another, and the sitting boards at the time, failed to issue a Stop-Work order and demand he do it right.  Well, he still OWNS it, as he holds the mortgage, so why not hold him responsible NOW?  If our present boards feel that they can still enforce a court order from 2008 against a local property owner, an order they have failed to enforce for TEN years, then they must also enforce the laws violated by Ward Hatch. Fair is fair,yes?  THAT is an issue that may be coming back into the spotlight, and I WILL be fighting it all the way to the Federal Level if need be. We'll cross that bridge when and IF, we come to it.


           I didn't see all of the State of the Union Address  tonight as the Quad Board Meeting went from 6:30 through 9:30. I think I've been clear about my wariness of Trump, and despite the things he has done that I am happy about, I still don't trust him as much as I would like to. His speech tonight was damn good, there was determination and compassion there, much to the chagrin of the infantile Democrats who sat in their chairs, pouting. Good Lord, these are educated adults in positions of POWER, and they behave abominably!

          We teach Little Leaguers to be good winners AND good losers, but we can't seem to get that across to Democrats. They REALLY need to suck it up and behave like grown-ups. Following the speech, Joe Kennedy Jr. spoke to a bunch of Liberal College Students in Fall River,Mass. He said one or two things that were acceptable, but for the most part, he stood there and lied through his teeth. This was of course, met with thunderous applause from the brain-dead millennials. The thing with Trump, is he said all the things that REAL Americans want and need to hear, but doesn't EVERY Republican Politician? Words mean nothing, action is what we require.

           Yes, Trump HAS followed-through with some of his campaign promises, and it has been only ONE year, but he has a LONG way to go and many promises yet to fulfill. Time will tell, but despite the uplifting words he delivered tonight, I am not convinced. I will always stand by the following words; "If a politician's lips are moving, he is probably lying ".  I have ZERO faith in ANY of them, from EITHER party. They have to PROVE it to ME. Only God deserves Blind Faith in my world. 


            Now, what about DACA? The "Dreamer" issue is a huge problem for America.  On the one hand, these young people and their parents are not "Dreamers" at all ! They are in reality, ILLEGAL immigrants. The parents are FELONS and deserve to be deported quickly and permanently. 

             The young folks who were brought here as little children bear no blame and have no crimes to answer for in regard to their illegal status.  I saw one of these young men interviewed on a talk show last week. He and his wife are both in the medical field, have two children, and are self-sustaining, law-abiding, assets to America. They should be allowed to remain in America and be given an expedient path to citizenship. I despise seeing the innocent punished unjustly, and to deport decent people who have committed NO crime is the very definition of unjust. 

                On the other hand, a frightening number of these so-called "Dreamers" are criminals and are receiving government benefits to which they are NOT entitled. They, need to be expelled from this country immediately.  A "Dreamer" is an individual who comes to America legally, to make a better life for him/herself and their family. He wants to learn, to work, to assimilate, and to realize a "Dream". He does not sneak across our border, he applies for LEGAL entry and fulfills the responsibilities required to become an American Citizen.  

               THAT is how legal immigration is SUPPOSED to work. Our government has a DUTY to thoroughly vet all applicants and accept only those who are crime-free, physically and mentally healthy, and prepared to be self-sufficient. Anything less is dereliction of duty and a crime against the legal citizens of this country. Failure to vet and to provide adequate border security, puts us ALL in danger. 

                 We are presently allowing dangerous criminals,terrorists, gangs, the mentally ill, the uneducated and unskilled, and the diseased, to freely enter America and live among us.  While WE work 40 to 80 hours a week to provide THEM with free housing, education,sustenance, and healthcare that they have ZERO right to, and we are given NO say in the matter. Meanwhile, 50% or more of legal  citizens are struggling to house, feed, and provide healthcare for their OWN families!

                 WHY is this allowed to continue unchecked? That's easy ! 1) Bleeding Heart Liberals who "Claim" to be compassionate are INVITING these people in, using false, sad stories about hungry immigrant families seeking a better life or sanctuary, to pull at the heartstrings of the American people. Stupid people fall for it.  2) The Democrats WANT the immigrants and minorities to come here and vote for THEIR candidates. The more the merrier. Democrats give away our hard-earned tax dollars to people who are not even citizens or are LAZY citizens, and they call it "Entitlement". LOL!!

                 In REAL life, being entitled to something means that you or your family have done something at one time to EARN it, such as military service, for instance. Or in the case of American citizens who have worked and paid in to Social Security, then collect on it after the age of retirement. HOW are illegal immigrants, lazy minorities and White Trash, ENTITLED to ANYTHING? 
 American citizens have a right ONLY to what is spelled-out in the Bill of Rights, and Illegals are not even entitled to THAT! 

                 Welfare, Food Stamps, Free Cellphones, etc., are intended to be TEMPORARY assistance programs for emergency situations or for the permanently disabled. These things were NEVER intended to be life-long means of support for those who CAN work but choose not to, and they were certainly not intended for non-citizens for ANY reason.

                 We must always bear in mind that the minute a foreigner crosses our border illegally, he or she is instantly a FELON. America is the only nation on earth that does not have a secure border or effective immigration enforcement. As long as we continue to look the other way and REWARD illegals for felonious behaviors, the hordes will continue to come, and the costs in lives and taxes will continue to grow. 

                  This too, is a major problem we can thank Liberal Democrats for.  Their hunger for votes and control super-cedes the safety, economic stability, and futures of the American people.  Liberals ALWAYS, ALWAYS, have a self-serving, ulterior motive for everything they support and do. YOU, don't mean a Rat's Ass to them, so why should YOU care WHAT they demand or cry about? Demand Constitutional Law be enforced!

                  The sooner everyone understands the absolutely perilous outcomes of Liberal/Socialist Ideology, the safer, wealthier, freer, and happier we will ALL be.