QUAD Board Meeting                                                      3-28-2017

                    Yup, it is now a bi-annual meeting of FOUR boards instead of three. The CAC is now a part of this project, and that's a good thing. 

                     Who better to consult the Planning and Zoning Boards about the most sensitive areas in the town than the CAC? Again, I have to wonder why this meeting of all the boards has not happened at anytime in the past. What took so long?

                      There were 20 board members present and three members of the public. The calm and comfortable atmosphere was perfect for communication and discussion, and everyone was polite and engaged. Many necessary changes to our Zoning Laws and Codes were discussed and proposed, and the general tone was that we need to SIMPLIFY the process for both applicants and involved officials. UNIFORM requirements and an easy, understandable, and standard process for all.

                      Junkyards are about to become a thing of the past in New Lebanon. Tony Murad had some awesome ideas and one of them was to allow residents to have some vehicles on their property as long as they are behind a blind fence. For instance, there may be a car collector that has a few, unregistered project cars in his yard. Should he be cited and forced to remove any cars that exceed the 2-car limit? No, he should simply be told to put them inside a building or behind a fence. 

                      There was too much talk about existing codes that need tweaking or eliminating and others that we do not have that we SHOULD have, to mention them all here. Suffice it to say, that this meeting was amicable and productive, and one terrific idea.  One negative for ME at least, is that it seems that the majority of the board members seem to be in favor of Dunkin Donuts and whatever that opens the door to. For ME, it's a huge mistake. It was mentioned that we cannot tell a business that they cannot build here or operate here as long as the rules are adhered to. That's very true, BUT, why have a Comprehensive Plan and so many Conservancy Programs if we're going to open the door to commercialization? 

                       If we are willing to become that French Fry Freeway I have mentioned, shouldn't we simply scrap the CAC, the Conservancy Programs, the Swamp project, the Ridge View Protections, etc.,etc.? What use protecting the views and open lands if we trash the main mile with fast food joints? Just sayin! We cannot nitpick what businesses we like or do not like, but we CAN amend the Comprehensive Plan to prevent any more chain stores or huge corporations from opening here and preserve what we have NOW. There are so many other ways to encourage small business and growth without resorting to these crappy commercial businesses out of desperation and impatience. 

                       This is why it is vital for anyone who wants to keep our town rural and unique, to SHOW UP at the April 19th Meeting. It is our ONLY means of stopping this kind of negative growth and urban sprawl. Failure to show up in numbers and have your say, will guarantee Dunkin Donuts, and whatever follows their lead. ONLY the opposition of the majority of residents can stop it. 

                       All in all, I'm glad I attended this meeting tonight. It was so hopeful to see the many members of our local boards laughing and chatting and making progress. If the first one went this well, those that come next should be extremely fruitful. I looked around the room at each face that I am so familiar with, and it was a pleasure to realize that for the first time in many, many years, I could not find ONE person that should NOT be in local government or that has done anything objectionable! We have GOOD people in our town government, at last!  God Bless America!