Quad Board Mtg. and Trump                                          2-27-2018

                     I really like these Quad meetings. It's pretty interesting to hear what the members are thinking about our zoning issues and seeing all these volunteers work together to make things better. 

                     Sometimes, I learn something, and other times, I get very concerned by some of the things I hear. In the recent past, I have mentioned the hard work and many hours put in by the CAC. I meant that, and I still DO. The work they took on was extensive and important, and they did it extremely well. Our Zoning Officials now have some vital guidelines to follow in considering fragile, natural resources. 

                      Yes, there is a "BUT" coming.  Now that we have the book put together by these hard-working folks, why do we still need the CAC? Why are they now considered a town "Board" and why are they weighing-in on zoning issues and applications? Isn't their job DONE?  Just asking.  I think the Planning and Zoning Boards and their Chairmen can take it from here without being babysat by an advisory committee, don't you?  After all, they can READ, they have the guidelines, so what's with the "Advisors"? 

                       Maybe it's just ME and my wariness of committees and groups that "Monitor" the eco-system like a Mama Bear protects her cubs. My experience has been that it is never a good thing to have too many cooks in the kitchen. 

                        There was a lot of talk tonight about creating "Floating Zones". These would be areas that could be considered for commercial, industrial, or residential use depending on the location, plans, etc. Well, that's fine, makes sense, since we have so LITTLE space that can accommodate any one of the three. This is a SMALL town with little open land on the main road for business to locate. The discussion about bringing in commercial business and light industry was countered by numerous opinions that we need to make New Lebanon more aesthetically pleasing, and retain our rural flavor and scenic vistas. Are you confused? I AM!

                          The whole thing was contradictory, and brought to mind the Liberal practice of wanting their cake and eating it too. As I said, this is a SMALL town. We don't have the space to "Grow" commercially AND preserve the rural flavor and scenic views. We can't protect what Colleen called, "Vital Waterways of the Hudson Valley Watershed ",  ( the Wyomanock and Kinderhook Creeks) ,  AND bring in businesses and tourism. Not at the rate they were discussing tonight.  It was VERY hard for me to not stand up and say, "Pick One!". 

                           What exactly do these people WANT? Do they want a rural, quiet, bedroom community where folks can get away from the hustle and bustle and relax, or do they want a little, East Greenbush? We can't have BOTH, so I suggest they DECIDE. Do they want to protect the "Unique Natural Resources", or build little factories and drive-thru food joints?  What do they want to attract? Young families looking for peace and quiet, low crime, small schools, or City traffic and stampeding tourists ?  Somebody needs to come to a decision before going any further with these Conservation vs. Commercialization discussions. GEEZ !!!

                             It was almost as if there were two groups with opposite visions for New Lebanon's future, trying to blend it all together. Our Town Engineer, Paul McCreary, said that he doesn't think we are "Over-Zoned" compared to other, similar towns. Well, if other towns have more regulations than WE do, I sure wouldn't want to live in them! The point of the last two Quad Board meetings was to find a way to simplify and streamline our Zoning process, and we definitely need to do THAT! Yet I am seeing more and more confusion and WAY too many players. Too many "Committees, too many rules, too many government grants, too much obedience to the STATE. Good Heavens !


                          The Donald

                               As you probably know, I am not exactly a fan of Trump. Being a Christian Conservative, I wanted to see Ted Cruz win the nomination. He wasn't perfect either, but no candidate IS. Still, I made a promise to myself that I would vote for whomever the Republicans nominated because I believe we have a DUTY to exercise our right to vote. Always opt for the Lesser of the Two Evils, because if you do that, you may eventually have a shot at getting the LEAST evil.  Of course, I would have voted for Mickey Mouse over Hillary Clinton. She is just WAAAAY too crazy and dangerous. 

                                 Knowing that Trump has spent most of his adult life as a Liberal Democrat, I was terrified that he would revert to his Leftist ways once elected, and that is exactly what he is doing. It took him longer than I thought it would, and he HAS done a few things I am happy about. Yet we still have Obamacare, Open Borders, Racial Division, Homeless Veterans, and far too many refugees and illegals. I have been waiting all year for Trump to follow-through on his claims that he would protect the Second Amendment, and his silence was more than a little concerning. 

                                  Now, with the "Alleged" Florida shooting, he has been forced to take a stand and make a statement. The TELLING moment had arrived, and it told us a LOT. 

                                   Trump has agreed to exercise his Executive power to impose a ban on Bump Stocks, whether Congress agrees or not. Now, most gun owners are not concerned by this, as very few people own Bumps or even care to. Rapid Fire is easy enough with NO attachments if you know what you're doing, so who needs a bump? I agree with that part of their argument, BUT, I don't think they are seeing the Big Picture. 

                                   The Bill to ban Bump Stocks contains ZERO mention of Bump Stocks. Not ONE word. What it DOES contain, is wording that bans ALL attachments and devices that allow increased speed of fire. What that means to the initiated, is that the Semi-Automatic weapon is about to become a thing of the past if we do not act NOW. This is not a ban on Bump Stocks at all, it is Step One of a Ban on all, Semi-Auto Firearms. Remember, Freedom is not taken all at once, it is stolen in little bites, and this is one of those bites. So is Andrew Cuomo's Safe Act and the requirement to re-certify CCW Permits. THAT, is exactly WHY we must never comply with such unconstitutional requirements and demands, and we MUST practice peaceful, Civil Disobedience. Not tomorrow or someday, but RIGHT NOW !!

                                   Trump has also promised to "Expand" background checks. LOL!! What does he think THAT is going to do toward eliminating mass-shootings or crime in general?  GOOD people suffer the red tape and unconstitutional process of earning a Permit because they know that there are crazies and criminals among us that should NOT have access to guns, period. In all honesty, we COULD have fought the NRA's traitorous implementation of the permit requirement years ago, but we didn't, because we felt that the process was a Common Sense necessity. So are basic, background checks. Yet, have those requirements made it more difficult for the Bad Guys to get guns? Absolutely NOT! The Bad Guys get guns far easier than the Good Guys do! 

                                    Trump's expansion is much more than he wants you to THINK it is. What it REALLY is, is the NICS Database. If FixNICS passes on its' own, in conjunction with the Reciprocity Act, or as a Background Check Expansion is immaterial, the result will be the same either way. What it will do, is add to the NICS List, anyone who has ever had an argument with their spouse that required a Police Response, anyone who has ever received treatment for basic depression or anxiety disorder, PTSD, or has a DWI arrest on their record. It will also include anyone receiving Disability payments, no matter what the reason, the elderly, AND, anyone who dares to openly disagree with government. Yes, you read that right. 

                                   The Gatekeepers will not have ANY obligation to tell you WHY you have been placed on the list or who might have given them your name as someone who should be on the list. The appeal process takes a minimum of THREE years, and the likelihood of having your name removed is practically nil. Anyone can report you to the NICS folks for any reason at all, real or imagined, and your days of owning a firearm are over. Imagine how many ex-wives and husbands will drop a dime just out of bitterness and vengeance? MILLIONS of people will lose their guns and permits for having done NOTHING wrong at all! You will have NO recourse.

                                   This is an effective means to lowering the numbers of legal gun owners and those who conceal carry. As is the Safe Act , re-cert requirement. Which is why non-compliance is so vital. Now that we have wet-behind-the-ears, high school CHILDREN attempting to change and re-write gun laws, we have yet another government-created group to deal with. These little brats who live in Mommy's basement and eat Tide Pods, are going to take on the Constitution and MILLIONS of Gun Owners? I don't THINK so! They can come back and talk about it AFTER they spend 4 years in the Military. Let's see how they feel THEN. 

                                     Trump was a God to so many Conservatives, that those of us who tried to raise the Warning Flag, were seriously, verbally and sometimes physically abused by our OWN , fellow "Patriots" for calling him out! It was just like the Obamatards that attacked anyone who tried to warn them about HIM! Or, the locals who thought Mike Benson was the Second-Coming until the damage was done. No one LISTENS to Truth, no one wants to SEE the evidence. They have to learn the Hard Way and we ALL have to suffer for their stupidity and gullibility.

                                      We who raised the alarm about Trump, Obama, and Benson, were RIGHT. Trump was nominated, and the rest of us had to hold our noses and vote for the faker, just to keep Hillary OUT. So, to those of you who WILLINGLY voted for any of the three people I just mentioned, I hope you learn something from your errors. At the very least, I pray that from now on, you will take the time to RESEARCH and THINK before you vote. Screw your party line, vote for the candidate that is going to do what is best for America and her People.

                                       Trump is a Traitor a poser, and a blowhard. ( Much like the top officials at the NRA). Leopards don't change their spots, folks. Once a Liberal Democrat, ALWAYS a Liberal Democrat.