RANT Time !!                                                                 8-3-2017

                Gee, haven't you missed my anti-Liberal, anti-Citiot rants?  It HAS been a little while, so I'm overdue. 

                Ya know, it wouldn't be necessary for me to vent at all if these people acted like courteous, considerate human beings instead of boors. It isn't that they are not welcome here or anywhere else, it's just that they are so RUDE. Funny how people with high-paying jobs, second homes, and good educations tend to be the most impolite and self-centered. So they wear out their "Welcome" extremely quickly. 

                Last Sunday, the Lord's Day, I was not feeling very Christian at all. It didn't start out that way, it was MADE that way by LIBERALS from cities! ( I am directing this particular post to the residents of New Lebanon who think we should promote and increase "Tourism" in our town, as well as to the transplants and part-timers who refuse to assimilate ).

                 Speaking for myself and my family as well as a good number of neighbors and friends, we are MORE than Fed-Up with our holidays and weekends being 2 and 3-day nightmares. If it isn't outsiders making life miserable, it's the damn State Troopers! It's SO bad, that I rarely leave the house on weekends and holidays anymore. 

                  When local residents feel imprisoned, bullied, and abused in their own community, there is a problem. Anyway, on Sunday, I dared to venture out to Stewarts at 11 a.m, and didn't even get to Rt. 20 before the Citiots raised my blood pressure.  First, an idiot in a fancy sedan pulled out of Jimmy D's onto Shaker Road without even glancing to his right to see if anything was coming. I WAS coming, and came within inches of hitting him. It scared me and ticked me off enough that I laid on the horn, something I very seldom do. 

                   The other driver completely ignored me and the almost fender-bender, but the Liberal tourist that was waiting to cross from the firehouse to Jimmy D's on foot, did NOT ignore me, quite the opposite. He began by waving his arms and jawing away at me as if I were the one who almost caused an accident. I reached over and opened the passenger window and asked him what the problem was. He then went on a tirade about how I was making too much noise by beeping my horn at the "Poor Guy" who pulled out on me, and that the guy didn't mean it!!!! WHAT ?!?!  SERIOUSLY ?!

                  I told him to mind his own business and go back to his own town, and you can guess how he responded. Yup!  The typical, liberal go-to solution for everything. He said "F-U" and walked away. As_hole. Somehow, I managed to not put the truck in reverse and back over his liberal ass. 20 years ago?  He might have had a problem. 

                  At this point, I was boiling mad, but I still had to sit there and wait a full 5 minutes just to get out of my road and onto Rt. 20 because of the traffic. It didn't help that there were two, State Police vehicles holding a woman in a Prius hostage in front of the Gallup Inn. Flashing lights, cars in the driving lane, you know the drill. The woman looked like a deer in the headlights. The school-teacher, hair in a bun, straight-laced type. Maybe she was smuggling drugs. LOL!!

                  I finally got to Stewarts and had to park at the gas pumps because there were no other places TO park. Of course, that was AFTER another Citiot in a BMW pulled out of the Valley Plaza in front of me and jerked into the turning lane in the nick of time, then simply drove there alongside me. Where do these people learn to drive, Demo-Derby School? 

                  There's no need for me to describe the rude drivers and customers that pack into Stewarts on weekends, we have all experienced THAT. The ride home was ALMOST uneventful once I got away from the pushy crowd at the store. That is, until I got back to Shaker Road and saw tourists walking their dogs on the lawn of Clark Engineering and letting their pets crap on the manicured grass. What a nice convenience for them to have such a clean, green place for their foo-foo Poodles to poop, while their Audis idle in Jimmy D's parking lot.

                That less-than-one mile trip to the store was a living-color snapshot of how tourists treat the locals, their properties, and our community. They crap on us, and you think we need to invite MORE of them?!  I can't wait to see what happens when Dunkin Donuts opens and the traffic is even more snarled and confused. ( I was told tonight that DD may not be breaking ground until October, if then. ) 

                 Ya know, I could deal with the tourists if it was just a Summer thing, but it isn't. They come all summer, then they come in Fall to look at the leaves, and then in Winter, it's the skiing. We get a very brief break in early Spring, and it is sheer HEAVEN. There's nothing we can do about the invasion of tourists, it is a blessedly free country and I would never want it any other way. We CAN however, prevent INCREASED tourism by NOT supporting projects that will attract them. We are not Disney World, people actually LIVE here.  So let's NOT make our town into a tourist destination, okay? 

                We can and SHOULD, also actively make it clear to visitors and part-timers, that they are welcome here, but in return, we expect them to obey traffic laws, be courteous, and respect and support our rural culture and traditions. That includes the Speedway, folks.  NEVER be intimidated, never allow yourselves to be bullied or treated with disrespect by Citiots or anyone else. Be unafraid to speak up in a courteous but firm manner, and be an example by treating others as you wish to be treated. Never be a victim. 

                 NOW, the Troopers. As you know, we presently have a new batch of Rookies in town. BAD news,indeed. They have learned very quickly that the barracks is not at the bottom of the mountain on Rt. 20, it is at Jimmy D's Restaurant.  2 or 3 cruisers, three times a day, for hours on end. Yesterday, I was going to town and again, just as I drew parallel to the firehouse parking lot, a Trooper flew onto Shaker Road and into Jimmy D's. Trying to avoid HIM, I failed to immediately see the 2nd Trooper coming out of the Firehouse, also heading for the restaurant, but  not stopping to wait for me to go by! He just kept on coming! We both had to hit the brakes, hard. I guess he was really, really hungry.

                  TONIGHT, Bob and I were going to run a few errands and in the SAME SPOT, another Trooper flew in from Rt. 20 and into the restaurant, followed by a 2nd Trooper. The 2nd one was driving smack-dab in the middle of Shaker Road and I was right there! He almost hit me head-on in his sweat to get to dinner and visitation time. I don't know about everybody else in New Lebanon, but I am sick of seeing those Troop cars in the restaurant and I am sick of getting stopped at least 3 times a month for bullshit like not using a blinker to turn from Shaker Road onto Rt. 20 at 10 p.m with no traffic in sight. That happened to Bob last week.

                  I  usually get stopped for stupid things like going too far right to miss a pothole, (OOH, I must be drunk!), or not having a light on my rear license plate. Umm, license plates are reflective today and the Troopers headlights make them more than easy to read, not to mention that most cop cars today have plate readers anyway. Another thing that makes me irate, is that when they stop you, they ask you where you are going. Well,guess what? It's none of your feckin business where I'm going, where I've been or much of anything else for that matter. My son, having gotten his Law Enforcement degree fairly recently, tells me that they are now trained to ask these questions. Seriously?!

                 I  was never trained to ask those questions, and I don't recall ever asking them! So my stock response to any cop that asks me where I'm going is, "Where are YOU going?".  LOL!!  New Lebanon does not need a barracks and believe it or not, our town officials don't WANT it here anymore. They too, are sick of the harassment of residents. All we need is a Sheriff's Patrol at this end of the county, period. Just for kicks, take a look at the monthly budget report for the courts in this town. That alone, will show you just how abusive the Troopers are. They always have been and always will be.To ME, they are no longer a Police Agency, they are Cuomo's Private Army. They were originally organized to patrol the highways, like the Thruway, and that is where they belong, NOT in our small communities and neighborhoods. NY Nazis. 

           There. That is my rant for this week. Next up? The Sandy Hook Coroner. 



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