Madison's Militia

    The Tyranny Continues                                                       8-31-2019


                               Please go to this link and read the article.


                             This piece is the PERFECT example of why RRTs are desperately needed in every County in America.  Imagine for a minute, that this had happened in YOUR town or city, or YOUR kid's school. How would you feel about it ?    1) Would it upset you enough to take action by writing letters or emails to the school and local media?   2) Would it motivate you to contact your Assembly, Senate, and Congress representatives ?  3) OR, would you contact other ticked-off Patriots and demand a Special Meeting of the school board to discuss the issue? 

                              The best answer would be, "All of the Above", but Number 3 is the most effective. IF you had an RRT in your County, one phone call to start the Call to Action rolling, is all you would require. A minimum of 20 local residents, well-versed on the Constitution and who know how to work together as a team, ready to take on the school district and call out their CRIME. Yes,it IS a crime to violate the Second Amendment Rights of an American family and to impose unjust punishment upon a citizen without Due Process.  This is essentially the Red Flag Law at it's most basic level.

                               These Tyrannical actions are taking place ONLY because We the People have allowed them to ! Responding quickly, forcefully, and with facts in-hand to EVERY such incident is how we END this lunacy and restore our Rights.  Now, imagine that YOU are this young student or one of his parents. Would you take comfort in knowing that there is a group in your community prepared to stand with you and defend you? No expensive Attorney to drag things out for months and drain your savings account, just your Peer Patriots who show up for free, support and stick by you and turn the tables on the Commies. I know which I  would choose ! 

                                Of course the Media being present is necessary, but they will be there because the RRT called them as one of the steps. USE them to get the story out and your RRT noticed and validated. You already know the Rules of Behavior and every step to take, and you can always count on the closest RRT to your own, or the Advisory Panel for assistance, if you feel it necessary. 
                                  YOUR team will be Ground-Breakers and Precedent-Setters, the FIRST well-organized and prepared Patriots to actually take new and unique ACTION against those who violate the Constitutional Rights of others, namely the Bullies and Snowflakes, and the Socialists.  We CANNOT, we MUST not, allow even one, single violation such as this one, go unopposed. No matter HOW small the incident may seem, if it is a Constitutional Violation, it is a MAJOR deal. Failing to respond and take action is how we got into this mess, but working RRTs is how we get OUT of it !! 

                                  If you live in Colorado or know someone who does, start them stirring the pot, right away. It's a long weekend, you have the time. Need advice? Email us! If we do not do this NOW while we still can, the violations will become more and more frequent and severe. Our Freedoms will continue to disappear, a piece at a time, until they no longer exist. It is happening every day, right under our noses, in every state, city, and town in America. Where is the CHALLENGE from Constitutional Patriots ?!?!

                                   Close the Facebook pages and start calling your freedom-loving family and friends this weekend. Ask them to do the same, and you COULD be having your first RRT meeting by next week. It's time, folks.  This is no longer a Battle, this is WAR. What kind of Soldier do you wish to be?