The Second Revolution                                                    2-28-2018

                            People on the Right have discussed the possibility of a Second Revolution for a long time now.

                             We knew that one day it WOULD come, but very few of us thought it would be anytime soon. It wasn't until Obama was first elected that circumstances became concerning enough to move many Americans to "Prepare".  

                              There have been Preppers in America for decades, but they were few and far between prior to 2008. Obama was labeled early on as "The Best Gun Salesman in American History " , due to the fact that millions of Americans rushed to buy more guns and ammunition after both of his elections. Americans were so concerned about the chaos they knew was to come, that manufacturers of ammunition were unable to keep up with demand and store shelves were empty for months.

                               It was Obama's election that spurred an unprecedented growth in the number of Preppers as well, and they are now so prevalent that millions of dollars have been made from the sale of MRE-type food, water, and preparedness supplies. Of course there has always been the "Fringe" group of "Doomsday Preppers" who believe that Armageddon is imminent and we should all be digging bunkers. Believe me, if Armageddon comes, no bunker, no matter how well fortified, will save anybody's ass. 

                               In general, the Preppers stock-up on non-perishable foods and water, medical supplies, fuels, etc. Topping the list of necessities however, are Guns and Ammo. There are many reasons for this, a few of which are Hunting for meat, Protecting yourself from wild animals, and defending your stash from those who didn't bother to prepare and are in dire need of what you have. The PRIMARY reason, is protection from the government and it's complicit enforcers. Especially the U.N Forces. 

                                Today, February 28, 2018, Donald Trump directed the unhinged Dianne Feinstein, to attach an "Assault Rifle Ban" to her FixNICS bill, the very bill we discussed last night. He then made the following statement:  " First we get the guns, we will worry about Due Process later ".  (Feel free to search this for yourselves, it's easily available ).

                                  This ONE statement from the President of the United States is a Declaration of WAR between the government and the Patriotic Citizenry. It is Treason, and it is the most blatant violation of the U.S Constitution that any president has dared to declare. IF that is truly what Trump WANTS, we will gladly accommodate him.

                                   There are literally Hundreds of MILLIONS of gun owners in this country that will not look at this statement kindly. These are people who are ready, willing, and able to fight for their liberties and who will refuse to surrender the freedoms that are their RIGHT as Americans. For US, death is far preferable to a life of enslavement under a Communist, One World Order. 

                                    I truly believe that Trump's entire campaign was a Left-Wing plot, planned and funded by the Liberal Elite.  Trump, a life-long Liberal Democrat, suddenly runs for office on the Republican ticket, tells the Conservatives everything they have been longing to hear, and the gullible swallowed his Kool-Aid while the elites stood in the background and celebrated their success. 

                                     These gullible Conservatives simply would NOT listen to those of us who saw through the sham and cried "Foul".  Will they listen NOW?  Some may, but others will continue to live in their "Make America Great Again" fantasy and make excuses for Trump, as Obama's supporters did for HIM. 

                                      At the risk of sounding dramatic, I will say this; My family, our thousands of NY Patriot Peers, and myself, will not submit to Tyranny. We will NOT be disarmed and we will not surrender our God-Given Rights and the futures of our children, to a Traitor and his minions who are lying, slimy, corrupt, and unconstitutional scum. We will NEVER serve our "Servants" and we will not be silent or still while the Sacred Law of this Land is desecrated by the mentally-ill leaders of the Left. 

                                       I have often wished that I would still be on this earth and able-bodied when the Revolution began, and by the Grace of God,  it's looking like I will be. 

  Read THIS Article and Tell me how you feel afterwards.