September  2013  Entries

Kings                                                                9-1-2013

               Am I the only one who sees the total hypocrisy of Obama and his minions? I could offer pages of examples but for now, I am referring to the situation in Syria.  America has had good presidents and bad presidents, it's just a fact of life. The book of Kings in the Bible paints a colorful picture of good and evil leadership and the results of each.

               Barack Hussein Obama is without question, the WORST president America has ever had, and hopefully will ever have.  It's very sad that our first, mixed-race president has been such a miserable failure.  Just imagine what Obama COULD have done had he been a strong man of faith, compassion and Patriotism. If he had chosen to follow the lead of the many great black leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Alan West and a host of others, rather than white Marxists and extreme Muslims, Obama could have been the BEST president America had ever seen.

               Obama had the ability from day one, to end racial division and unite people of every color as "Americans" with no other goal than to be  responsible, successful, and productive people with a common goal of preserving our heritage, freedoms and pride. Obama "Could" have put millions back to work and welfare back to the "emergency-assistance" program it was intended to be.  It was more than possible for him to "FIX" much of what is wrong in America had he chosen to do so, and I could list it ALL , but why bother?  We all know that Obama has opted to tear us down when he might have built us up.

              His tele-prompted speech in the White House Rose Garden on Saturday was saturated with hypocrisy and transparently contrived.  How DARE he pretend to be outraged over the deaths of innocent children ! How many have his drones murdered? How many die on our own streets every day as a result of his lack of leadership ?  He repeatedly referred to himself as "Commander-in-Chief" with the POWER to do as he pleases, then claimed to be bound by and loyal to the Constitution ! His condescending "decision" to consult Congress made me wish I could reach through the TV screen and slap his smug face !  Lying, double-talking traitor!

              Obama holds NO allegiance to the Constitution, he despises it and has boldly violated it more than 100 times, and that is documented. He abhors the constraints it places upon him and he feels the same about Congress.  He has ZERO respect for America and the wishes of the majority.  It could not have been more obvious that Obama had received stern warnings from SOMEONE about by-passing Congress in this Syria matter. His anger at not being allowed to unilaterally order a strike was palpable.  It's partly ego, but it's a whole lot MORE than that.

                  The tangled web of Obama's alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood is no secret, but few people are aware of the DEPTH of it. Throw Benghazi into the mix and look at the players and true causes of that travesty. Now you have a mine-field of unimaginable proportions.  Innocent children aside, BOTH sides of this Syrian Civil War are evil enemies of America, of Freedom and human decency, and Obama is allied with BOTH sides. Wake up and smell the java, folks. The entire world is watching with bated breath as Obama and his cronies and his a_s-kissing Media squirm, and the American people for the first time in history are ashamed of their position and embarrassed by a weak and evil president.

                 So Obama has tossed the ticking bomb to Congress. Not out of respect for protocol but out of desperation and the need for someone else to blame for the final decision. No matter what Congress decides, Obama will blame them for the fallout. Mark My Words.  This piece of human garbage a lot of you voted for, TWICE, has put this country in a situation with very grave implications and if you don't see every silken string in this sticky web, you need a good butt-kicking yourself!  WHEN will the lazy, spoiled and selfish people of America get a clue? Wipe the fog from your rose-colored glasses and pay attention!  YOUR ignorance if Obama's power, YOUR apathy is his license to destroy everything we are and all that millions have died to preserve.

                Do you have an opinion on Syria and how we should proceed? How would you deal with the consequences of that decision? MY initial response when I saw the first videos of the babies dead and dying was horror and anger. Then I remembered the many evil tyrants throughout history that have exploited, abused and murdered little kids for their own purposes.That doesn't make it any less a tragedy, but we need to realize that other cultures don't look at  things the same way we do. We need to look at the evil they have been raised to revel in, if we hope to digest their heinous behaviors.  Arabs and Muslims DO these things and never lose a minute's sleep.

                 In all honesty, BOTH sides would easily slaughter the other side's children and believe it  justified.  Does America have any real stake in this issue? Maybe so far as the slight chance that chemical weapons could be used against us sometime in the future if we do nothing. A more serious consideration would be the response from China and Russia if we DO.  This is not OUR fight and we must stop trying to be the world's Police Force. Why should we lose more American lives and waste more American Taxpayer money for people who despise us ?! They have always hated us and they always will no matter what we do for them. There are no good guys or bad guys here, they are ALL evil.

                If the decision were mine, which I'm glad it isn't, I would as a Christian and an American, take NO action. Obama has backed himself into a very tight corner with his "Red Line" threat and his entanglements with the enemy, and you know what? That's OBAMA'S problem. Why should the American people pay the price for his treason and lies?  I agree with Sarah Palin ,folks. Bring our people home from the middle east and let Allah sort it out. 


Whaddya Think of THIS One ?? Reported:

The Director of Research at the Brookings Doha Center, Shadi Hamid, tweets out about the Egyptian media depicting Obama as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Newspaper also claims that son of Muslim Brotherhood leader threatened Obama with release of “papers” revealing his MB membership.

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Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 1.33.53 PM

- See more at:


Town Board and RED Heads!                                          9-10-2011

           WOW! Where to begin! I expected a very brief meeting since there was little on the agenda, but I was mistaken. Privilege of the Floor went on for a long time and it was one of the most entertaining ones EVER.  I thought the Czar was going to have a stroke, his head was literally scarlet!  He hates Privilege anyway, always has and if he had his way, it would be done away with. For a man that is so accustomed to having his way, this irks him no end. 

            The first speaker was Trina Porte, and she had three questions for the board. The Czar however, immediately informed her that Privilege is NOT a question and answer period, and the public would be allowed to make statements only, NOT ask anything because it would NOT be replied to !!!!  Holy Crap !  Who does this wanna-be think he IS? First of all, he is consistently rude and dismissive with Trina, no matter WHAT she has to say or ask. His animosity for her is so obvious and thick enough to cut with a chainsaw. I don't care if he "likes" Trina or not, he is the Town Supervisor and he OWES respect to residents and officials alike, period.  Trina speaks to HIM respectfully, and she deserves the same!

            So Trina asked her questions and that REALLY set the Czar off! The subjects were the landfill and the sidewalk projects, two of his many sore spots and he just LOST it! He went on a tirade about how he had answered and covered these subjects ad nauseum LAST month and he was tired of repeating himself at every meeting. Now, I try to be fair, so I DO have to say that yes, he did spend time on these issues last month, but not everyone that was present tonight was present last month, and since we have had NO meeting minutes for many, many months, how were they to know what was covered at the last meeting?  Further, the Czar is a contractor, and he understands all the B.S that is involved in these D.O.T projects. Not everyone is familiar with this information, so when it is explained to the public, it needs to be explained in plain English so everyone "gets" it, not in contractor-speak.  So I did understand his frustration, but I think he also needs to be MUCH more patient and respectful, and a lot clearer in his explanations to those that might be teachers, farmers, shopkeepers, etc.

           I SO wanted to ask the Czar if he knew NYS V&T Law, or how to make a safe vehicle stop or fill out an accident report, conduct an investigation, train and handle a police dog, because I DO. Yet I would never expect HIM to, it isn't his field.  So why doesn't he afford the same consideration to non-contractors? I'll TELL you why, because he is arrogant, impatient and superior. He has ZERO people skills and he never has had any. He is openly scornful of anyone who makes less than $150,000.00 a year or lives in a house with less than three bedrooms. He is a Snob. Of course his "Personal Secretary" kept butting-in and backing him up. You know her, the one whose son wants to be on the Town Board with ZERO experience and was personally recruited by Benson.

        But I digress. The Baumli brothers were also in attendance and Mark wanted to discuss the issue of the absent agendas and meeting minutes. The Czar didn't want to go THERE, either. (Head now burgundy.) This went on and on and it was extremely entertaining ! The actual number of months with no minutes came to light. It is not 6 or 7 months, it is more like a YEAR. This, from Colleen's own mouth.  Regarding the agendas we used to receive well in advance of meetings, we no longer get those because the Czar now controls that. Regarding the minutes? If you really think about it very hard, you will come up with the answer to that as well.

       Don't forget, that the Czar removed "Communications" from the agendas the minute he took office, despite requests that it be returned to the agenda by me and several others. I have personally requested in WRITING, for an item to be put on the agenda and received a resounding NO from the Czar. Tonight, Mark Baumli made it clear that he too had been refused a spot on the agenda.  By the way, remember last year when the Czar informed everyone that Privilege of the Floor is just a privilege and if he decided to not allow it, he could? MORE B.S!  It is now LAW that this be provided to the people, not just at Town Board meetings, but at ALL municipal meetings! HAH!  Tonight, after stating that no questions would be answered, the Czar also stated that anyone who had not signed up for Privilege, would NOT be heard, and that was that!

           However, Tistrya's mom, who is generally very demure, took issue with that. She was NOT signed on to the privilege list, but she stood up, pointed her finger at the Czar and told him in no uncertain terms that it was the JOB of the board to hear and answer the questions of the people at town board meetings! He attempted to shut her down and she said, "I'm NOT finished!". She continued to talk OVER him until she had her say and then she said, "NOW, I'm finished!". She gave him what-for and I was proud of her!  Told her so, too!  LOLOL!!  

        Now on a more serious note, I have some concerns about the handouts we were given at the meeting about "Economic Development".  Here is more proof folks, of what I have been trying to tell you all year about the Agenda 21 issue in New York and the sucking-up of the Czar to the planners of Lebanon's transformation into a Liberal Utopia. Take a look at this garbage below, then come back up and read on.

  #1) Yes, we all want a supermarket, BUT we all "Claim" to want to preserve the rural flavor of New Lebanon. Yeah, right. So rather than look at alternate locations like the old junkyard lot on Rt. 20, they want to demolish the Tilden Plaza and cram a store in there on top of archaeologically significant ground. Not to mention destroying one of the very FEW business locations that conforms to the "Rural Flavor" they claim is so important!

 #2) Another $20,000.00 for a "report" on a project that may or may not ever get done? Oh, and to those of you who still think I'm a Conspiracy Theorist, THIS is Agenda 21. Looked it up yet? You might wanna do that this week. This is a Clark and Benson political move and a kiss-up to the rich citiots and part-time residents. I TOLD you two years ago that Benson was USING this town to make a name for himself, now here it is. See it YET?

 #3) I'm glad to see this happening, it's long overdue and historically invaluable. However, WHY must New Lebanon become a "Tourist Attraction"? How many of us WANT that? Not many. What do they intend to do about traffic if this becomes a tourist trap?

 #4) Now THIS makes some sense, because as of right now, GPS sends all the traffic to the Abode and Darrow School up Shaker Road instead of Rt. 20. Shaker Road is not built to handle the amount of traffic it is seeing, the over-weight tractor-trailers, tour buses, delivery trucks and over-loaded dump trucks. Not to mention the excessive speeding! By the way, who is this "Group" of citizens ?

 #5) A definite need.

 #6) A GOOD thing, we needed to get rid of that awful bank.

 #7 and #8) Very good thing to preserve more wild lands and habitats, I'm all for it. Yet once again, this is MORE Agenda 21, and THAT is NOT a good thing!

 #9) Are you kidding me !? Dunkin Donuts ? Gee, where does That fit in to the Rural Flavor of the town? What about the local businesses we already have that have sustained us through the long spell with no grocery store, such as Stewarts and Bucky's ? Think a Dunkin Donuts won't hurt THEM? It WILL.  Ah, but we must recall what the Czar did to Krissy at Bucky's Bagels when he was campaigning LAST time! Do you remember? I DO! He went to Krissy and asked her what he could do if he won, to help small businesses like hers and what were her concerns and needs. Then he ran right to a "Family Friend" who was planning to open a competitive business and told this friend to go forward with her plans, because Krissy wasn't doing well enough to be any competition!

      See folks, you have to remember these things before you vote for this idiot again. If you know Krissy, you know what a good, honest and kind soul she is, yet he USED her naivete' for his own ends. Just like he uses everyone else.

  #10) Great! I hope it does a booming business!

  #11) LOLOLOL!!!  Are you serious !?! Give me a break. We get enough long-hair music at the Liberal-Owned Library that we pay so exorbitantly for, why do we need the NYP? These people are lunatics! Pretentious, elitist idiots. You want the Philharmonic? Go back to the city and listen to them all you want!

  #12) This is even funnier than the last one! Hess is going to tell them to bite their royal A_sses and I wouldn't blame them a bit! A GAZEBO? Whose high-falootin , hair-brained suggestion was THIS? LOLOL!!

  #13) So what are we going to put in these "Visitor Brochures"? Come see our empty Indian Head Fountain with the E-Coli water? Bring your kids to our out-dated playground?  What? GEEZ!

  #14) Now THIS one really ticks me off! Read it carefully. Owners of "Second Homes" want to do TOURS? That works in Litchfield,Connecticut, but this is Lebanon. What are they going to do, invite strangers to come see their homes that they spend a week in every year so they don't have to pay their taxes in the city where they REALLY live? Oh, look at the marble pillars we imported from Italy for only $200,000.00! See what you can do with an old farmhouse when you're RICH like us? LOLOL!! Who ARE these people? Holy Crap!

         Now let's move on to the next page. How do you like the "Invited Guests" part? How do you like WHO they are? With the exception of Cynthia, they are all, once again, the wealthy elitists, the Benson Kool-Aid drinkers. Where are the REAL people of the town? You know them, the people that grow your food, plow your roads, brew your herbal tea, deliver your fuel, fix your septic tank? Oh I forgot, they aren't in the Benson clique. SPEAKING of which, did you know that Attorney Max Gitter is now heading up the Economic Development Board? Wonder how THAT happened? Me too! Let's do a little more remembering.

        Back when Christopher Steadman was hand-picked and appointed to the Ethics Board by Brucey and Dougy, and we objected to a law-breaker being on the Ethics Board, Gitter was in attendance. Everyone there could Clearly see the board-stacking, the deliberate blocking of the better candidate because Brucey was "mad" at him. They all saw the insanity of appointing a guy to the Ethics Board that had just violated NYS Election Law. Of course, no one said anything but me and a few other people of integrity. When the dirty deed was done, Gitter said, "I am a lawyer, and we have a saying." No harm, No foul".  I jumped right in his sh_t and told him that was real admirable philosophy, but I would expect nothing better from a city lawyer. P.O.S. So don't ya wonder who decided he should be given an official position and WHY?

      In the past six months, Benson has done more disgusting things behind the backs of the people than I can count. He wants to be re-elected SO badly, he will stop at NOTHING to win. He is stacking the boards, appointing the cronies, cozying up to the rich and connected, kissing the butts of the citiots, and buying the loyalty of those who dream of the Liberal Utopia of New Lebanon. This arrogant, rude, lying, disrespectful and selfish snake has GOT TO GO!  Lebanon needs to return to being a rural farming town of simple, peaceful folks with few needs and no airs. We HAD a market back then, we HAD businesses back then, we HAD a sense of community and unity and enjoyed a slow-paced and peaceful lifestyle.

     THIS is the year of choices. We the residents of New Lebanon must decide what kind of town we want to live in. Do we want the liberal invasion to continue, to turn our town into a Tourist Trap where only the wealthiest can afford to live? Do we want a pharmacy and small grocer or do we want a main drag full of Dunkin Donuts, Subway,Starbucks and another 8 or 10 Tofu and Bean Sprout Cafes? Do we want more pickup trucks carrying hay and firewood and a diner where we can go get a cup of coffee for less than a buck and wear our work clothes, or do we want more Audis, Mercedes, and BMWs speeding past our homes on their way to the Philharmonic?  Want safe activities and places for our kids, or do you want more antique shops and "Artisans"?  CHOOSE!

       Before I say goodnight, I would like to extend my sympathy to the Darcy Family at the sudden loss of Bill. He was a good man and I enjoyed his friendship. He will be missed.   JJ


 So ABOUT the PRIVATE Meeting....                                  9-11-2013

         Been talking to folks about last night's board meeting and even more about tonight's "Private" meeting at the library.  Seems I'm not the only one that thinks this is WAAAY over-the-top. I did get some comfort today, as most of the people I spoke with are long-time and lifetime residents, and every one of them said that this liberal dream will never come to be in New Lebanon. ALL of them will fight it tooth and nail.

          What really has people upset, is this behind-the-scenes planning going on. It took me a while to find the common-denominator among the "Invited Guests", but I DID! ( It pays to chat with others). All of these people are what the Czar is calling, "Stake-Holders". Each of them has a personal investment in this fantasy, some financial, some in other ways, but ALL of them stand to gain. That doesn't mean every one of them agrees with all the plans, it just means they will benefit if they DO. Take a good look at some of these names. Max Gitter. Filthy-Rich attorney from the city accustomed to a posh lifestyle with flunkies doing all his dirty-work. Proven to have zero integrity as we discussed last night.

        Ruth Abrams. Never met the woman, BUT, I have actually been warned that she is married to another wealthy attorney from the city and would be extremely vengeful against anyone who tries to swim against her tide. Well, I have no reason to poke the hornet's nest because as I said, I don't know her and for all I know, she may be a great human. I doubt it, but it is possible. She is allied with the Czar and the destruction of our town as we know it. Still, benefit of the doubt is due. Also, I don't care if anyone doesn't like my values, do your worst.  So we know why SHE is involved, money and connections.

     Liz Commander. Hmmm. Howard is no fan of Dougy and the Czar, but I'm sure Liz has her own money and likely owns some necessary property. John and Amy Senger also own a good amount of property in a desirable location and tend to hob-knob with the wealthy libs. Bud Godfroy? Not a money thing, but definitely a property thing. Same with Cynthia.  Behan is of course, the guy who's doing the planning and listing the needs to bring this psycho-idea to fruition.

     Now, why did the Czar pass this paper out to the public if the meeting was a private one? It's called, "CYA". By distributing the information and an agenda for the meeting, no one can claim it was "hidden" from the public. Notice that nowhere on this paper is there an official name of this committee, or the name of a single one of the "14" members. Who ARE the members? What is this committee actually called, who formed it and who decided who should serve on it ? Why haven't they addressed the public at a town board meeting as the CAC does? Most of all, why aren't the meetings held at the Town Hall and open to the people? So this is Benson's idea of transparency ? It isn't MINE!

      In observing Atty. Andy Howard at board meetings, I know that he will play the "Interpretation" game. Ask him if something is legal, or required, etc., and he will give you the stock lawyer response; "It all depends on how you look at it". Or maybe Andy, it depends on WHOM is looking at it.  So asking if it is legal or not for this board to meet in private will be a waste of time. Even if we could prove it's illegal, no one will enforce it, so why bother? Only the PEOPLE can enforce and make change, and New Lebanon is definitely not an action town when it comes to corruption or violation of laws by officials. No one gives a rat's ass.  However, I am not alone in feeling that the way this anonymous committee is operating is disrespectful, unethical, and dirty.

     It may or may not be legal, but that's not even the issue, the lack of ethics, IS. Yet Ethics are just another thing Lebanon has never been known for. Not just in town politics,either.  I'm not going to lose any sleep over this 007 game the Czar and Dougy are playing with their little friends, but I DO think the people who work hard and pay taxes and wish to preserve this town as a rural farming community need to think hard about how THEY feel about it. Are YOU comfortable with the future of your hometown being in the hands of ghosts,liberals from the city, the rich and connected, the spoiled elitists? Are you okay with not knowing WHAT they are planning and discussing, with what it will COST you, and whether or not you will be able to afford to continue living here when they're done?

      Mark Baumli said last night that no businesses want to come here because Lebanon is an ugly dump. That's true, to a point. There are a lot of eyesores that need to be dealt with, especially in town. Still, we have some of the most beautiful scenery and homes in upstate NY, and we need to fight to keep it rural and welcome farms and agricultural -related businesses. We need mom and pop businesses, not franchises and box stores.  We don't need a Philharmonic and the majority of the regular folk don't want any part of it. THAT is Dougy's dream, and Brucey's. Now it's Benson's and most of all, Mrs. Abrams.

      Mike Benson is literally desperate for an accomplishment in this town that he can take credit for, so he can move up the political ladder. I told you all this two years ago and I'm telling you again. He did not come back here from Loudonville to be close to mom and dad. He came to enjoy his stolen house while he planned his political future and used the dumb, local bumpkins to get him there. Open your eyes and see the beast at the door folks. If these secret agents of the Benson "Task Force" have their way, there will be no more middle and lower class residents here. None of us will be able to afford a coffee at a local restaurant and the TAXES? Forget about it! Of course we might be able to sell our properties at a little higher price than we would get NOW, but not everyone wants to sell or move.

      I think we need to show up en masse at the next board meeting and ask some very probing questions about this committee, WHO they are, and what they are doing. Do you think they should keep minutes and provide them to the public? I DO!  Do you wonder why Town Board minutes and agendas are unavailable and have been for a year? The Czar could tell you, but he hasn't told the truth since the day he arrived. Think about this: minutes prove what was and wasn't said at meetings. If there are no minutes, there is no proof. If the public is not allowed to ask questions and get answers during privilege of the floor, no answers have to be given at all! See the dark clouds gathering yet?

     We need to demand that all town meetings be videotaped and linked on the town website for anyone to view at any time. We need security cameras in the town hall to catch cowards that write letters and don't sign them. We need someone to take minutes and transcribe them, separate from the Town Clerk. I audio-tape the meetings, so at least I can check back if I need to, but ALL residents should have access to meeting minutes no later than TWO WEEKS after the meeting is held! 

     The under-cover committee that met tonight is covering themselves by claiming they are not a "TOWN Board" of any kind and therefore do not have to hold open meetings. Gee, seems to me that what they are doing concerns everyone in this town greatly, and this "group" should meet IN the Town Hall and be OPEN to the People.  This bed we are lying in today is the result of a lack of accountability and outrage in the past. For seven years, I have begged, screamed and ranted to try to get residents off the couch and into the meetings, to speak up and out, and to hold the officials accountable for their behaviors. No one cared.  Pretty soon, VERY soon, it will be too late to care. When they take your front yard for sidewalks via Eminent Domain, when they turn farmland into condos for the citiots, when the traffic gets so heavy you can't pull out of your driveway, and when your taxes go so high you have to choose between paying them and feeding your kids, maybe THEN you will get angry enough to speak up. Maybe. I have my doubts.

      As for me, I will just continue to report the events and tell you what I think you need to know. I'm only one voice and though I will keep fighting, I can't do it alone. Either help, or surrender.  

               God Bless the families of those who died on this date 12 years ago.


Terrific Commentary by Judge Jeannine

Why does Benson REFUSE to hang the following document in the town hall meeting room?


 Opinions and Info Coming In                      9-12-2013

         Some good feedback today on the last two posts.  There are actually some residents who feel passionately concerned about the Economic Development and Hamlet Revitalization issues. Very refreshing.  A few made contact to let me know that despite being among the "Invited Guests", they have zero interest or intention in assisting with the plans of the unknown Committee members.  Two residents actually crashed the meeting and I am SO proud of them! I knew in advance that this was going to be done but didn't dare spill the beans before the meeting.  In any case, the crashers were not asked to leave and what they learned was both good and bad, as the items on the agenda are.

           Onward. Many of you might want to try attending the Planning Board meeting next Wednesday, 7:30 at the Town Hall. This is the beginning of the site review for the proposed grocery store at the Tilden Plaza location. This is important to all of us, so the more of you who can make it, the better.  Unlike the Czar, Ray Hermann WILL allow and answer questions. He is a gentleman and treats the people with respect.  So come take a look at the plans and listen to the discussion.  It will break my heart to see the Tilden demolished, but if the architects and the people can agree on a facade that will blend with the rural community, it will be a blessing to have the store.

         The cost of wood siding and some nice shutters like the Tilden has now, is not an expensive under-taking, and we need to insist on that stipulation. That is a huge concern, and so is traffic on both Rt. 20 and Tilden Road. If we can get those two things ironed-out, this may prove to be the answer to a vital need in Lebanon. Aesthetics MATTER, not to draw tourists, but to keep Lebanon rural, old-fashioned and homey. If only Ward Hatch had done that with the Midtown Mall.

          So please do your best to be there on Wednesday. You also might want to take an hour to stop by the park on Saturday and listen to Tom Abdow play his guitar and sing. This is one of the most Patriotic men I have ever met and he can actually SING,too! If you're up for something a little bigger and want to take a ride to Windham and enjoy the late summer, it's Constitution Day there! See the flier below. For my shooting friends, there is another flier below that will interest you guys!  Let's re-ignite the fire of patriotism in our communities and in our hearts this year. Let right be done.

                               God Bless,  JJ



 Another Democrat Goes Nuts With a Gun                       9-17-2013

        So now another mentally-unstable liberal has killed more innocent people, the media and government are re-focusing on guns as the problem. Of course, the Teflon Muslim was already sneaking more gun regulations into law by executive order while everyone was distracted by Syria. FACT. Is it any wonder that so many of the "Thinkers" in America believe that the government has had a hand in more than a few of these so-called "Tragedies"?

        We are all so spoiled by having lived in a free and secure country all of our lives that we find it hard to imagine tyranny and conspiracy on home ground. Yet we have it, and we always have. We can see it in our own history and in other countries, but we are blind to it here and NOW. These things are the nature of man and will never be eradicated completely. America is not, and never has been immune.

      The Obama administration in its extreme effort to accelerate the downfall of America while attempting to hide their agenda and blame everyone and everything but themselves, has served only to pull wide-open the curtain of opacity. Not only is this the most evil, damaging, and anti-American administration in the history of this country, it is also the least capable of hiding its own evil. So rabid is their desire for control of the people that it has rendered them incapable of the covertness required by such an agenda.  Still, despite the unintended transparency of their crimes and motives, nothing has yet been done to stop them. No one has taken the necessary steps to punish and expel the criminal element in our government. The reasons for this are so numerous and varied, that it would take an entire book to list and discuss them all.

      Attempting to inform, motivate and unite the dumbed-down, the liberals, the selfish and uncaring and the collusive, not to mention the unwitting victims of media mind-control, is akin to bailing out the ocean with a teaspoon. It has proven to be impossible, even in little towns like ours. People HERE claim to be well-educated and read, gifted in business and the arts, etc., yet should you walk them into a remote field filled with FEMA coffins, they would laugh at you and insist that they were merely under-sized septic tanks. Take them to an isolated, abandoned prison or military base and show them the shiny new razor-wire that happens to lean IN. New guard towers ,rail tracks, communal dining rooms, and even playgrounds, and they will tell you that these are merely shelters for disaster victims or temporary holding areas for illegals.

      Hand them the documented proof of what has always been the result of disarmament of a society and they will thrust it back at you and find a way to rationalize the genocide that has occurred. Or they might simply deny the truth as they have with the Holocaust. I wish these people's brains had reset buttons or at the very least, adjustment knobs, but since they do not, all we can do is continue to tell the truth and pray that they will awake before it's too late. Few will, but we cannot afford to waste any more time on them. They will only drag us down when we need to be forging ahead. Conspiracies are extreme, distasteful, and usually stigmatized as the  illusions of sick minds, yet exist, they DO. The very outrageousness of them is what protects them from detection.

      Conspiracies succeed because they are things too horrible for most people to accept. They find it easier to deny truth and evidence than face the terrifying reality of what their own government is capable of. This is how a man with no documented history, identity or accomplishments managed to be elected as president, TWICE, and this is how tyranny will win the day if the rest of us don't act, and quickly. The time has come to walk away from the stupid, the blind, and the complicit and go forth without them.

       Newtown Connecticut was cloaked in conspiracy and is another incident that could fill a book with unanswered questions, inconsistencies and outright proof of government pre and post involvement. The shooter in that case, the movie-theater shooting and the two Columbine shooters had frighteningly strong connections to one another, and to  the federal government via immediate family members. Far too strong to be mere coincidence. Now we have yesterday's shooter, a second shooting on  military property on American soil. In every case, including several not mentioned above but shown below, the shooter has been a liberal Democrat or the offspring of same. Each and every shooting took place in designated "Gun-Free Zones". Also in each case, mental illness has been cited as a factor along with what the liars like to call, "Lenient" gun laws.

      America has not had lenient gun laws for decades, but we DO have lenient judges and inadequate consequences for criminals who use weapons in the commission of violent crimes. Such people who are intent on killing many people at once will accomplish that goal with or without firearms. Arson, bombs and poisons do an adequate job. Almost anything, even the most benign object can become a deadly "assault" weapon in the hands of a killer, which is why baseball bats are the number ONE most-used murder weapon in America. Should we regulate and ban them too?

      So where SHOULD we focus our efforts in the fight against mass-killings?  Schools, parents, and the entertainment industry are great starting points. Television, books, movies, music,news agencies and especially video-games are the most evil, mind-bending sources of violence in existence. Should you toss the TV? Of course not, but use some discernment in deciding what you allow your kids to watch, read, listen to and play. Hold accountable those who provide this destructive entertainment and hit them in their wallets if you want to see change. Schools? Cesspools of liberalism that need to be flushed, sterilized and re-organized from scratch with NO input or involvement from government agencies.

      Children should not be drugged for having normal, emotional rough spots or teenage angst. Ritalin and Prozac are poison, especially to younger people. Before we replaced faith, love and moral guidance with chemicals, did we see mass killings, sexual confusion, depression and suicide at the rates we do today? When kids were physically active and social rather than glued to TV, radio, computers, video games and cellphones, did we see anywhere near as much mental illness or violence in our kids? How about the death of healthy families with a mom and a dad, think that's made a negative difference? You BET it has!  So where do YOU think we should begin to address the violence, on weapons or on the REAL, root causes of the behaviors?

       Did you know that all these shooters were liberals and Democrats? Yesterday's shooter was a dedicated Obama supporter. Liberalism is anti-life, anti-hope and has no line between right and wrong, no values, and no honorable expectations. It leaves humans with nothing to look forward to and nothing to strive for. Obama and his cronies have robbed our youth of goals and stolen their American Dream. The present state of our country and society has got to be depressing and terrifying to young people. Is it any wonder that they are riding emotional roller-coasters and they feel hopeless?

      Parents, PLEASE, if you do nothing else of consequence for the rest of your lives, do this ONE thing; plug in to your kids and their world as they see it.  Listen, talk, observe and share. It's up to you to give them what the schools no longer will and to refute what the school gives them that you find unacceptable. Limit time spent with electronics and go hiking, fishing, biking, target-shooting, boating, ANYTHING. Turn off the indoctrination machines and get to know one another. Discuss the America YOU remember and your parents lived in. Explore history and visit historical sites. Nurture the relationship of parent and child and soon we will see fewer kids in therapy, on prescription drugs, diagnosed with ADHD and depression, less suicide and violence.

      Let's address the REAL issues and stop focusing on the propaganda and false flags that the government keeps waving in our faces via the bought and paid for media. FYI: Several mainstream media outlets have been reporting that the weapon used in yesterday's shooting was the demonized AR15. It was NOT. It was a shotgun, newly-purchased, probably on the advice of Joe Biden, and a handgun. CNN even stated that the gun was an AR15 shotgun, which of course, does not even exist. Please, pour the Obama Kool-Aid down the drain, have a cup of coffee and go talk with your kids.

   See you all tomorrow night at Planning Board! God Bless!  JJ


About the Latest Shooter


Who ARE We ?                                                                           9-20-2013

            I heard two very interesting news items today that really impressed me. They were just little items, nothing to compete with the temporary de-funding of Obamacare or the latest gang shooting in Chicago, but for ME, they trumped those bigger stories.

            The first piece was about a 19-year-old Dairy Queen manager in Minnesota. Yesterday, a blind man placed his lunch order with the young man and when he reached into his pocket for his money, a $20.00 bill fell to the floor. The young man was about to tell the customer, when he noticed the woman in line behind the blind man stoop down, pick up the money and cram it into her purse.  So the young manager confronted the woman and told her to return the money to the blind man. She refused. So she was asked to leave the premises and never return. The manager then took a $20.00 bill from his own wallet and reimbursed the blind customer.

           Think about this for a minute or two.  Thirty years ago, this event would have been just a normal moment in America, a case of someone doing the right thing and defending someone weaker than themselves. Ordinary and expected. Today, it is National News, because today, doing the right thing is rare and extraordinary. Behaving honorably is now newsworthy and that is a shameful realization, isn't it ?  WHAT have we become ?

           The second item concerned yet another young man, a student at Modesto Junior College in California.  This student was strolling around campus handing out free copies of the U.S. Constitution. Within MINUTES, he was approached by Campus Police and instructed to cease and desist.  The student respectfully stated that he was doing nothing wrong, and was merely exercising his First Amendment right to Free Speech. He then accompanied the officers into the administration building to get clarification of the rules. A woman in the office informed them all that there was only ONE location on the campus where anything could be handed-out, and that was the Student Resource Center. She also told them that the location had to be "reserved" and was presently booked up through the first three weeks of October.

           In plain English, the student was told that if he wished to exercise his Constitutional Rights, he would have to make an appointment to do so.

            I don't know which of these two stories saddens me more. Both of them brought to mind this week's Planning Board Meeting and I was finally able to put a name to how that meeting had made me feel, other than angry. It had made me feel sad. That horrible meeting and these two stories are bitter reminders of all that we have lost as a nation and a society.  Shouldn't EVERYONE come to the aid of a blind or otherwise disabled person ? Shouldn't it be considered an honorable and normal act to distribute copies of our rights and freedoms to others who are willing to accept them?  Should not an old, bald attorney know how to show respect and behave himself in public ?  How about a Town Supervisor that verbally attacks a woman who is merely expressing her personal concerns as several others had done, and also happened to be a sitting member of the board that was in session ?

               My head is full of "Whys", but very few "Hows".  I KNOW how we got where we are. I also know how to "FIX" it and still provide freedom of choice to Americans of both the right and left persuasions.  The things we need to do to resuscitate America and restore morality to our society are simple, basic things.  It's PEOPLE that stand in the way and complicate the process. Ego, greed, hunger for control, and plain old hatred are the speed-bumps on the road to restoring our republic and re-instilling pride in America.

               Simple rules and consequences are always the most effective, yet our government has managed to establish over 200,000 laws from ten basic commandments. Simplify, or as the kids say, "Keep it simple,stupid".  Doing the honorable thing is always easier than doing wrong.  People like that Dairy Queen manager are happier, healthier people than the likes of Obama, Cuomo, Benson and Gitter. The wrong-doers are like crack addicts; they get a high from attaining success at the expense of others, but  the euphoria is short-lived, and in order to get it back, they must do wrong again.

              We are all born with the knowledge of right versus wrong. It is a gift that matures with us. Denying it does not alter it and ignoring it will not make it go away. Attempting to justify wrongdoing, makes one a liberal.  Let right be done.

                       God Bless,  JJ


 Infuriating !!                                                9-18-2013

      Never have I seen a Planning Board meeting like tonight's !  I have come to the conclusion that I am definitely more passionate and emotional about certain values than most other folks.  When I left this meeting, I was appalled and angry and even a little embarrassed for my town. I wondered how I would ever manage to write this blog tonight and effectively convey the way this evening affected me.  No one else seemed at all shaken-up or impressed either positively or negatively by what had gone on, and that alone was hard to digest.  I wondered if I had been transported to the Twilight Zone.

       Ray Hermann announced prior to the supermarket being discussed, that there would be no questions or comments during the meeting as requested by someone he did not identify by name. My guess would be the Czar, as he really hates that.  The room was filled to near capacity, the majority of which were Liberals and a few Rinos. I was one of maybe four Conservatives in the room.  It was eerie, because there were people there that I have never, ever seen before anywhere, and I'm not referring to the developer or engineers.  JOHN DAX was there, and he of course sat with his dopple-ganger, Monte Wasch. The Republicans that follow the Czar around like little puppies were all there too, as was the abominable Max Gitter.  If Jack Pandey hadn't been there, I would have felt like the only cracker at an NAACP meeting , and Jack isn't exactly light-skinned !

      The first person to speak was a wispy little girl from none other than Clark Engineering. MRS. DOUGY was also present ! How very interesting. The "preliminary" plan for the supermarket was presented, and as I said before, I think it's a workable, positive plan if a few details are worked out concerning traffic safety and flow, and the building facade. No one disagreed that a market is a vital need for our town. The developer spoke for a while and I thought he did a good job of explaining his ideas and reasons for choosing the Tilden Plaza site. It had to be repeated by Ray Hermann numerous times, that this was simply a prelim, and details would be worked out when the time came. Everyone wanted to jump right in with arguing the fine points that we won't reach for some time yet.

        Poor Trina asked about pesticides and the effect they may have on the Shaker Swamp, and that was the kick-off that set the room on fire! The Czar has never made any attempt to hide his distaste for Trina and tonight was no exception. He was sitting in the back row, as was I, but he was on the other side of the room. Still, I could see him clearly and I was more than a little angry at his lack of professionalism. Not at ALL surprised, but angry. He kept throwing his hands in the air and slapping his leg , making comments to his fan club that was seated with him, and finally, standing and addressing Trina directly. He DID apologize to the board for speaking out, but he was extremely disrespectful to Trina, and said things to her that should NOT have been said in public.

     He indirectly but unmistakeably held her partly responsible for the loss of the Hannaford deal, based on her concern about pesticides. She stood her ground the best she could, and stated that it was a Planning Board meeting and she is a Planning Board member and therefore had a right to ask questions. Max Gitter pointed a finger at her and made a nasty comment about her having too much to say and she replied that she had a right to her concerns. Gitter then shouted that it was "None of her business!" !!!  I told him he was RUDE, but he ignored me. He thinks he is still in a New York City courtroom with all the other dirty attorneys and judges.  The man is a pig. Forgive me Lord, but he is.  Jack Pandey took great exception to Gitter's comment and stood up and said, "WHO said it was none of her business?". So I pointed Gitter out to him, gladly.

    This of course, then ballooned into an argument between Jack and Ray about the fact that Jack had his hand raised and was ignored but Gitter was allowed to speak out of turn. LOL ! Ray should have just called for order and told the public that no more questions or comments would be tolerated, but Ray isn't accustomed to such behavior in Planning meetings and I think he was stunned. He should attend more Town Board Meetings, so he can be prepared. LOLOL!!  Meanwhile, our two reporters were scribbling on their pads furiously. I didn't need notes, I was recording.  The Rinos were literally CLAPPING for Benson and Gitter, re-inforcing their deplorable rudeness and immature behavior. This is a Town Supervisor and an Attorney, acting like spoiled little bullies in a neighborhood fight with a  girl, and they were applauded ! I was sick to my stomach.

      It was downright embarrassing and I can't WAIT to see how Thaddeus writes THIS up ! ALL the libs were making nasty comments about Trina and TO Trina, as well as to one another. The "tolerant, compassionate, educated and wealthy Liberals " that think their way is the ONLY way in ALL things. Make no mistake, Trina was jumping the gun on the pesticide issue and it was getting to be a LOONG meeting, but blaming her for the loss of Hannaford was unfair and inaccurate as well as terribly unprofessional and rude. The Czar painted a target on her back and it wasn't just because she was using up time with premature concerns, it was because she is running against his personal pick for town board and he saw an opportunity to do her damage.

       I KNOW that Trina gets passionate about environmental issues, sometimes to the extreme, but at least she HAS some passion ! At least she CARES about something other than herself or climbing the ladder on the backs of others. Whatever you may think about Trina Porte, I can tell you this; she will NEVER lie to you, minimize YOUR concerns, treat you with disrespect or USE you, like the majority of our present officials do.  Trina has a right to her opinions as do we all, and as a member of the board that was in session, she deserved respect from the Town Supervisor. There is NO excuse for how he treated her and abased her in front of 35 people. Can you imagine HIM allowing such behavior in a Town Board meeting? Trina and I disagree on a LOT of things, but we have agreed to disagree and I consider her a friend. She is of good heart and is a compassionate and charitable person. Lebanon would do well to have her serve on the Town Board, as long as she can tone down the environmental stuff a tad or two.

      Regarding the loss of Hannaford, it had nothing to do with those matters and everything to do with money. This was confirmed for me after the meeting by someone who has the inside track on why Hannaford decided to NOT build here. (Funny isn't it, that now the Lebanon Plaza is also up for sale? )  Had I been in Ray Hermann's shoes tonight, the first thing I would have done was tell Gitter to either conduct himself like a gentleman or LEAVE.  Not that Gitter has any clue as to what a gentleman IS. As abrasive and crude as I find the Czar, Dax and Monte Wasch, Gitter trumps them by miles! What a gross piece of work he is ! Anyone who speaks and behaves the way that man does should be banned from public meetings and all municipal affairs. He is deplorable !

    For reasons I cannot begin to imagine, Kathy Hursa was WITH him. I made a couple of comments about his behavior and she kept turning around in her seat and giving me poisonous looks. Now exactly WHAT does she have in common with that animal? Shame on her ! There was also a couple sitting to my right that I don't know. The husband attends a lot of meetings but I have never seen the wife before tonight. They were also Czar and Gitter supporters and making rude comments. It was a Liberal room tonight, no doubt about it, and most of them were there because the Czar sent out more "selective" email notices to these very people. I overheard one woman say to her companion that "Next" time, they should call more people from their side to attend.  See? Told ya so. It is always pre-planned and arranged to benefit the agenda of the lefties, just like the Republican caucus was.  Guess who's to blame for THAT, my Conservative friends?!

     I couldn't WAIT for that damn meeting to end, and when it finally did, what went on outside was just as bad. The truth-twisting reporter, Gail Heinsohn was all cozied-up with Gitter and they were verbally trashing Trina. Very often, what is said after a meeting, though usually more informative than what is said IN the meeting, is not as telling as the make-up of the little cliques. Observing who is talking with whom is very enlightening. It is also very depressing .

      Folks, I am just an imperfect human like everyone else, but believe me when I tell you, I have a gift for looking through people's public faces and seeing the devils that lie below the surface. This is a well-planned, deliberately manned, and terrible agenda coiling its way through our town . The end result will not be what you are being told it will be. Please, please wake up and get involved. Please vote for honest candidates, people of integrity and transparency that will follow the rules and put the people first.

     A message to Max Gitter:  You sir, are an embarrassment to our town. You owe Miss Porte an apology and if you intend to continue  attending public meetings, you will have to control your behavior or you will be asked to leave. I will SEE to it. You are living proof that money cannot buy integrity or honor. People like YOU are why people like ME, dread the arrival of city-dwellers in our town. You should be ashamed, because you ARE a shame.

             Good night New Lebanon.     JJ


 Competition                                               9-21-2013

         What could possibly be healthier to our economy, quality of services, and fair pricing, than competition ? The Village of Chatham has four gas stations in the space of one square mile. These businesses are in constant competition with one another and as a result, fuel is now cheaper in Chatham than in Pittsfield.

          What IF, the people of New Lebanon had a second or even a third supermarket plan to consider ? Just for fun, imagine we had a second option just west of town and a third in West Lebanon. Now take it a step further and consider if Stephentown offered option #4 and Canaan offered option #5.  This kind of robust competition makes it much more likely that the end result would be the BEST option for everyone.

          Last month, I read an article about a 10-year-old boy who had won his school's spelling contest. The original plan had been to award the best speller with a trophy and a certificate of merit, that was until some whiny liberals stepped in and robbed the child of his victory. Yes, selfish adults actually DID that ! The boy's accomplishment was belittled by grown-ups who claimed that rewarding the top speller would result in the poor spellers feeling "inferior".  It might scar their tender little psyches forever.

          So, incentive was removed and adults proved themselves untrustworthy in the eyes of a child. Are you KIDDING me ?! Not only did they disappoint a little boy who had EARNED some positive recognition, but they also sent a very negative message to ALL students, that there is no reason to work harder or reach higher. For ME, that's a whole lot more damaging than allowing them to be disappointed by not winning.  This practice is now the norm in Tee-Ball and Little League games as well. No winners, no losers. So where is the motivation to excel?

        Life is all about competition and winning and losing, it's everywhere, every day. Liberals want our children to be shielded from these facts of life which will result in nothing but keeping children dumbed-down, subservient, emotionally weak, and unprepared for the adult world. Of course, this is the liberal agenda, is it not ? The dumb and unproductive are easier to control.

         Take a hard look at the recent mass-shootings and the young men who perpetrated them.  All of these guys were intelligent, yet none of them were what one could call athletic, so they were considered Nerds. Rather than encourage and reward these kids for the things they DID excel in, they became victims of bullying and liberal "Fairness". They could not be recognized for their talents, because someone else might be "hurt".  So they stopped trying to get positive recognition and used their gifts to gain revenge and be recognized in a very negative way.

        Politicians are much the same. With no incentive to do their best or to be in any way exceptional, they simply suck up the taxpayer dollars and accomplish little or nothing. Serious mis-conduct which runs rampant among them is now accepted as "normal" and the violators face no consequences.  Our Welfare system does nothing to promote self-sufficiency among the recipients of benefits but promotes permanent dependency, helplessness, and a sense of entitlement in people who might otherwise be successful and productive.

        Liberals are systematically destroying America from within. I can understand if certainly NOT support, the goals of the wealthy and politically-active libs who support and perpetrate the destruction, but they are a very small percentage of Americans, believe it or not. How do we explain the support this agenda gets from middle-of-the-roaders and Rinos ? I cannot, can YOU ?

         Competition, like it or not, is a healthy, exciting and vital part of our lives and it will never go away completely. It is as much a part of us as are our hearts and lungs and just as life-sustaining.  America MUST become competitive again in ALL things. We should be harvesting our own energy resources, creating GOOD jobs and independence from foreign oil and over-pricing. We should be encouraging students and workers to out-perform their peers whenever possible and become the very best they can be. We must reward what is good and right and demand consequences  for wrongs. We MUST elect candidates of good moral character and honorable motivation.

           Teachers and all school staff should be regularly reviewed and rewarded or fired based on merit, not tenure. Those reviews should be conducted by parents.  Had that 10-year-old  spelling champ been MY child or grandchild, I would have seen to it that he was properly recognized for his accomplishment. Had another student won, I would have demanded the same for that child. Encouragement and validation are every bit as important to a human being as oxygen and nourishment.

            I would LOVE to see at least ONE competing plan for the supermarket project, wouldn't you ?  Don't be surprised if it actually happens, but that's all I'll say on that, for NOW. Should it happen, we need to welcome it and consider it in the same manner we did Hannaford's ideas, and in the same way we will consider the plan presented to us this week.  THAT is "Fairness" , which liberals loudly proclaim to support.

            Don't allow the liberals, the media or the schools to deprive your kids of their competitive spirits. Nurture it, reward it and set an example by living it. Don't become a fist-fighting, Little League parent or berate your child for small losses, rather, teach them to accept losses graciously and just try a little harder the next time. Remind them that no one will ever attain perfection, but we can ALL give our best to all that we do.

                                 God Bless.               JJ


These two short sentences tell you a lot about our government.
We are told NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics.
We are encouraged TO judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.


 The Cup Overfloweth                                            9-22-2013

        I am not a traveler, I am a "Nester".  For me, getting the floors finished in the cabin is more desirable and rewarding than a trip abroad. If I were to travel at all, it would be to the mid-west U.S.A, Alaska or the Yukon.  Yet right now, I could sure use a 3-day weekend anywhere but in New York or Connecticut.  It's been a very tough year in many ways and my soul is bruised and tired. My faith in my fellow man has always been weak, but now it's on Life-Support.  Only my Christian faith allows me to keep putting one foot in front of the other every day.  My country is a sinking ship and there are gaping holes in the lifeboats.

         My Spinal Degeneration gets a little worse each year, a strange affliction as it affects some activities but not others. I can stand on a ladder for almost an hour, but not on solid ground unless I'm leaning on something. I can vacuum the house, but raking or sweeping is torture. Walking any distance without a sit-break is impossible, yet I can bend and kneel without trouble. So I do what I can do and I'm grateful to not yet be as crippled as my mom was at my age.

         Lately, I've been seriously considering passing the state-level torch to my younger, Assistant Organizers and just working as an advisor. I would like to start the coming New Year as a Retired State Organizer and spend more time in my gardens and woodshop, but as often is the case, God's plans and my own are not in sync. Things in the state-level effort and among the groups have changed drastically over the summer and not in a positive way.  There is no way I can back away right now , in fact I have no choice but to step-up my efforts.

       As if that wasn't enough, I have now been asked to get involved feet-first in a Federal-Level project which is a very important and long-term operation.  This is very different from what we've been doing with the Pro-2A and Constitutional Defense battle, but it's still a very vital step in preserving our rights and freedoms and fighting the Socialist Agenda.  It's just a whole lot BIGGER and a lot more "secret".  I'm getting too old for this s_it,  as they say.  The covert stuff was hard enough in my 20s, 30s and 40s and getting PAID for it, but NOW ? Do I want to step back into that viper pit in my late 50s ? I don't know. It isn't out of the question but I will be doing a lot of thinking and praying before I make a decision. Expect some "cranky". LOL!

      Not a good time to rattle my cage right now and with the local crap about to heat up with the campaign, I may be at times even less politically-correct than I usually am. Imagine THAT.  There are days that I wish I could buy a license that would allow me to just walk right up to the corrupt liars, the rude liberals, Rinos, lazy good-for-nothings and deliberately stupid and just slap the hell out of them. Tell them to behave or get out. Sadly, in today's society of the whiny and wimpy, even spanking your own child is a crime. Which is of course, part of what is wrong with America.


So, Where Did YOUR Kids go on Their Last Field Trip ?


I was eating breakfast with my 13-year-old granddaughter and I asked her, "What day is the 20th of February?"

She said "It's President's Day!"

She is a smart kid.

I asked "What does President's Day mean?"

I was waiting for something about Washington or Lincoln… etc.

She replied, "President's Day is when President Obama steps out of the White House, and if he sees his shadow we have one more year of unemployment."

You know, it hurts when hot coffee spurts out your nose...


 This is just ONE of the HUNDREDS of inaccurate stories released by the media following the Navy Yard Shootings. The FACT is, that the long-gun used was a shotgun, highly recommended by Joe Biden as a substitute for the AR. Add to this, the facts that Alexis had a personal website that supported and promoted Islam, and our government gave him CLEARANCE to enter the Navy Yard. He had an arrest record, a history of mental illness, and was hearing "voices" which was reported to the proper authorities long before the shooting. Apparently, they vetted this man in the same manner they vetted Obama, and law-abiding American gun owners will NOT be blamed for the government's failures  or the media's lies!   JJ

Demand School Boards Remove Books that Rewrite the Bill of Rights & the Constitution – You Can Do It

America, much has been written the past few days about the rewriting of our constitution in a text book called "American History: Preparation for the Advanced Placement Examination." This type of indoctrination is very reminiscent of many of the things I have previously written about concerning my own educational experience. Five years of college education and I essentially learned that white people are privileged and racist; blacks can't compete in a capitalist society because it only benefits white people and that Saul Alinsky and Jane Adams are to be revered more than the founding fathers of this once great nation. I have learned more about how to be a good little social activist for the democrat party than anything remotely related to facts. For five years, I have heard reference after reference about leftist's professor's beliefs that the second amendment doesn't guarantee a citizen's individual right, and now, they have become so emboldened by the perpetual silence from any organized opposition that they are getting away with rewriting the constitution.

It seems that this may be the issue that pops the eyes open of the apathetic uninformed as many parents have been contacting the schools using this vile Marxist piece of excrement. Unfortunately, that will not be enough. You see I have put a great deal on the line as a college student. Knowing that I was witnessing the demise of liberty while these communists felt free to lie about America, attempting to make students feel guilty through educational techniques such as values clarification, I challenged them through and through and it cost me my master's degree. I have put a tremendous amount of effort into contacting congressmen and senators as well as bringing up these important issues to everyday folks like you. I am telling you right now America; if you don't rise and take back your country it will be lost forever because no one cares.

Today I contacted Congressman Jeff Duncan's office to ask if they were aware of the South Carolina High School using this text book. They were teaching children that it is constitutional for police to confiscate legally owned firearms based on the "rewritten" interpretation of the second amendment. The response I got from the woman who answered the phone was nothing short of apathetic and insulting. She had the audacity to tell me that she was unsure of the congressman's position on the issue, and she sounded very unconcerned that nothing was being done about it. Next, I contacted my own congressional representative, Jim Bridenstein and asked if they were doing anything about it. The response I received was even more disheartening. In July of this year, HR 5 was passed by congress. This is known as the Student Success Act. This bill removes all congressional authority over education and supposedly puts it into the hands of parents and local educators. Essentially, they have washed their hands of having any authority over a situation like the one we are currently dealing with. While the bill may have the intent of giving parents and local school boards more say over their curriculums, the sad truth is that these local school boards are almost always left wing democrats who believe in teaching "the collective," as opposed to the truth about our nation. This is another blatant example of our congress selling us out. I believe this actual bill has not passed the senate yet, but that doesn't change the fact that your elected representatives that make six figure salaries off of your income are powerless over education. This rewriting of our constitution will continue unabated unless we collectively stop it in its tracks.

As I stated earlier, I also spend a great deal of time posing questions to people I run into. Yesterday I asked a number of different people what their reaction would be if they found out their constitution had been rewritten by a couple of communist textbook authors. Are you ready for this? While there were a few who found it within themselves to muster some anger over the issue, there were those who had the senseless state of mind to actually say they didn't care because it didn't affect them. Now you know why we are witnessing the final nails being driven into America's coffin folks. It's because people don't care; it doesn't affect them.

I wrote in an earlier article how the principles of conservatism, if applied correctly, would serve the "collective" far better than the lies of liberalism. In order for that to happen, we need principled conservatives that are ready and willing to put their love of country ahead of everything else. With people like Paul Ryan and John Boehner in prominent positions of the Republican Party, there is virtually no hope as popularity is far more important to them than principle. Look, the simple fact of the matter is we have an administration that is vagrantly ignoring the rule of constitutional law in this country, and nobody is opposing it out of fear of being attacked by a vicious left wing media that owes the democrat party for the billions they received in stimulus spending. You cannot beat those who have no rules by playing their game. The republican's failure to stand on principle, in my opinion, is now the reason we are in the crisis we currently face. We elected them on promises to stand on principle, and they have failed us out of a desire to win a popularity contest. We can no longer look to them to solve these issues, and we must now find the principles that will unite the real patriots of this country and stand together. Failure to do so will render this nation nothing but a memory of a once free people.

I just got off the phone at 10:14 am with the director of curriculum development of our local public schools. She will be researching "American History: Preparation for the Advanced Placement Examination." She also suggested a three way conversation between her, the social studies curriculum director and myself. America, call your local school boards and demand they review this textbook, you are the only ones that will. 


 Hillary WHO ?                                        9-23-2013

           Hillary for President ?  Hillary Who ? Certainly not Clinton. What a clear indication of the insanity that has infected America of late.  Just for starters, Fox reported today that Hillary's right-hand aide, Uma Wiener, wife of the famous pervert Anthony Wiener, was told that if she plans to continue as Hillary's assistant once the campaign begins, she better split with the pedophile.  Oh my goodness, we couldn't possibly have such a scandal over-shadow a Hillary campaign !  Wait a sec, who was that president that had the little intern under  his desk in the Oral Office ?  I mean OVAL Office. Right! I remember now, it was HILLARY'S  husband , Bill !

        Nothing like that liberal double-standard, is there? Democrats have literally lost their minds. Hillary Clinton could divorce Bill, take a bath in bleach and STILL be dirtier and bloodier than her husband and Obama COMBINED.  If you aren't familiar with her history, you have a lot of reading to do this year. Hillary has left many, many corpses in her wake over the years and if you think that's a load of B.S, that's fine, makes no difference to ME. Or, you can be a responsible American and research it. Your choice.

        Skip the felonies if it's easier on your psyche, and just remember that big ol' moving van the Clintons filled up with furniture, paintings, and priceless doo-dads from the White House on their final day as Prez and First Witch. By the way, none of those items belonged to the Clintons, they belonged to the people of the U.S.A and IN the White House.  I think they call that theft.  At least, they USED to, back when folks respected laws. Hillary for President? Indeed. Someone should tell the Democrat Party that Ahmadinejad is unemployed, why not recruit HIM for your candidate? He might be less dangerous than a Clinton. Heck, there are enough brain-dead people in America that he might actually WIN! Maybe Obama can give him some tips on  Voter Fraud and Tampering ! Good Lord !


           I will never forget the number of senior citizens that told me they could not vote for Mitt Romney because he would take away their Social Security and Medicare. (Feelin' good about that NOW, are ya?) Anyway, I have a little something for those seniors and their families. I was contacted today by an interesting, Octogenarian gentleman. A man of sharp and moral mind, he is very concerned about those same things, SS and Medicare. I'm impressed with this man's knowledge and the research he's done, so I promised him that I would share his outreach with the state groups and post it here as well.

           At the bottom of this post will be two links; one to a clip from Pappy's radio show which will remind you so much of the late Paul Harvey you will think you've traveled back in time. The second is a link to his website where you can get more info and join his organization.  If you or a loved one are concerned about these retirement programs and what the government has done with your stolen funds, this is the guy for you.


            I see that Kevin Smith is the first in Lebanon to have a campaign sign out. Kevin is running on the "Voice of the People" line. Now THERE'S a novel idea ! People having a voice in their own government ! Best of luck to Kevin.

            In the next week or two, campaign signs will be popping up all over town. Please remember that the owners of the former Hess Station want NO signs on that property.  Also, let's see if we can get through one campaign season without the theft or destruction of anyone's signs, even the candidates that we all know should NOT be running. These signs are very costly and it's pretty rotten to damage or steal them. It's also illegal and if caught, you CAN be arrested.

            There are a lot of candidates this year and I sincerely hope that all voters will give each one some very serious consideration. PLEASE, don't just vote your party  and walk out.  LOOK at each candidate and ask yourself who are the most honest and transparent, which ones deserve that first shot at serving their town, who is too young or inexperienced, who is a good business-person and who isn't. Is one a long-time or life-time local of good standing , or an experienced and effective official? IS there one who you KNOW is not of good character and should NOT serve?  Look for courtesy. respect, and concern for the community and ALL residents of ALL parties. Run like hell from anyone who has been known to lie, be guilty of mis-conduct, or has a self-serving agenda.

         What is YOUR vision for Lebanon, a quiet, rural home-town, or a growing tourist attraction with businesses and buildings popping up ? There is much to be considered and voting is a HUGE responsibility. Don't hesitate to seek the candidates out if they don't come to YOU, and ask your questions. If they can't make time for you now, they won't if they're elected. Give your decisions the time that they deserve and require and then vote accordingly. Two and four years are a long time to live with mistakes. Again.


Pappy on Radio

Pappy's Website

Going WAY Too Far Libs !

Only the Right Has Its Free Speech Freedoms Denied!


 How Deep is Hell, Anyway ??                                    9-26-2013

          Had an interesting chat with a friend today that is very experienced in Columbia County politics. She has been watching the game in Hudson for a long time, and knows a lot more about county politics than I do. Today, she confirmed for me some suspicions I've had about a few people down in Hudson. One person in particular has a modus-operandi that is to say the least, dirty as it gets.  Everything he does has a payoff for him and his personal business. Favors for favors, especially at election time, and what he gets, is richer and richer. Of course there's a power-trip involved as well, there always is.

         This game has gone on for so long and been so lucrative to the players, that I literally feel it could be dangerous to expose these people.  Not that I have any fear, it takes a lot more than a few dirty politicians to scare me off, but I think the danger is the reason that no one has reported them before.  That, and the fact that there is likely absolutely no one in higher office that will take any action on a complaint anyway! We have all learned THAT the hard way.  This man though, has gone too far for too long and he is now convinced that he is as untouchable as Elliot Ness.  He is not. He is in my sights.

          There have been good constituents and candidates that have been methodically removed by this man for not playing by his rules.  If there was no danger, or if there was any likelihood that justice would be served, these ousted people would have complained long before now, don't you think? What it boils down to, is this man has too much power, and he consistently abuses it as well as anyone who stands in his way.  Conflict of Interest is only ONE of the crimes he is guilty of, and if you think really hard, I bet you can guess who in New Lebanon he supports.

       Until GOOD citizens stand up and demand that politicians , their aides and employees be held to higher standards and face serious consequences for violations, the corruption will continue. Think it doesn't affect YOU? Think again. It costs you money and it negates your votes. Political corruption , like liberalism, is a disease, and without intervention, diseases spread, gain strength and wipe out entire societies.  People who are affected, disgusted, and embarrassed by political corruption, (and that should be ALL of us), must stand together and demand a CLEAN and Constitutional  government.

         Those of you who are business owners, bosses, and parents would never allow an employee or your children to lie, cheat and steal, would you? So why do you accept it among our public officials ? When will everyone remember that these people are our EMPLOYEES and Public SERVANTS ? WE are the bosses, the power is OURS and we must exercise that power to demand exceptionalism and accountability. Now, TODAY !

           Everyone from the Highway Supers to Obama and all those in-between, are EMPLOYEES of the PEOPLE. WE surround them and we must make it very clear with our voices, our votes and our wallets, that the PEOPLE have had ENOUGH. It's time to pay the piper.  Cuomo's new little corruption-posse won't do it, they are as corrupt as Cuomo and are all his cronies.  So where do WE begin ? In 5 weeks at the polling places across America.  Step one is to send a loud and unmistakeable message to Congress, the Senate, the state, county and Towns. 

          Many Americans, in fact MOST Americans, haven't the slightest clue as to how deep and wide the evil and sin goes in world politics. I say this not only as a Christian but as an awake, informed and active American citizen. The truth is so vile, that most folks could never process or accept it. We can never eradicate it, it is beyond our ability and only a much higher power could deal with something this big and this terrible. And He will !  Not everyone NEEDS to know about the who and what is REALLY running our world and our country, and very few WANT to.  I don't blame them. I often wish I was ignorant of it all myself.  Since I'm not, I think about it, understand the agenda, but at the same time, accept the fact that there is  nothing I can do at that level.

         So I do everything I can, WHERE I can.  So can YOU and so SHOULD you. All of us can do SOMETHING. We owe our ancestors a huge debt for our freedoms, and we owe it to our children and grandchildren to preserve those freedoms. What are YOU willing to do ?

               God Bless.      JJ


Parent Arrested for Objecting to Common Core Curriculum

What if Christians Were Killing Muslims ??

Liberal Nonsense of the Week

A 4-Minute Video with a Simple, but Effective Message!




The Holloway Hijinx                                       9-27-2013

                    Sure has gotten a lot of news coverage, huh? Like millions of other people, I've been following the developments in the case of the trashing of the Holloway home in Stephentown. As a parent, grandparent and former Law Enforcement, I approve 100% with the manner in which Brian Holloway has handled this issue. He has done everything right, and I'm impressed.

                     A lot of us know Brian personally and those of us who do, know that he has a heart for kids. He was one of the rare pro-ball players who always took the time for his fans and made an effort to be a role model. Is he perfect? Nope. Is anyone ? The kids who did this stupid thing were all old enough to know better, but at the same time, this kind of behavior is no rarity among this age group. That's no excuse, but the behavior isn't exactly a shock, either.

                    The parents who KNOW that their kids attended this party and are shielding or making excuses for them, are irresponsible at best, and complicit at worst. Those whose kids are under 18, should have known where their kids WERE, and that makes them equally responsible for the crime. Some parents had the absolute GALL to threaten Brian with a lawsuit for RE-posting the Facebook pictures of the party that were originally posted by the kids themselves !!  LOL!! It's parents like THAT who create little monsters then set them loose among the rest of us !

                     These are perfect examples of parents who should suffer the same legal consequences as their guilty children. Making excuses for unacceptable behaviors and attempting to blame others FOR that behavior, is why we have grown men who don't obey the laws. It is why we have Obama, Cuomo, and Benson. I have always said that the only way to begin repairing government is from the bottom, UP. Get your local government in hand first, then move up the ladder, one level at a time. Crime can be addressed in much the same way and very simply. Discipline, accountability, and appropriate, consistent consequences. SO easy, SO effective. We have to allow our kids to scrape their knees so they'll learn to tie their shoes.

                     Last week, a 14-year-old girl attended a school dance and somehow, her mom found out that the kid had been "Twerking" at the dance. ( Twerking: a new word for overtly sexual and offensive body motions, thanks to Miley Cyrus, A.K.A, Hannah Montana ). Needless to say, being a GOOD parent, this mom was livid ! She had her daughter spend both weekend afternoons on a busy corner, holding a sign that said; " I got caught twerking at the dance and my mom is MAD!" . Mom stayed nearby and observed her daughter's punishment.

                    A lot of you are probably thinking that this was a terrible thing to do, too humiliating and cruel, but for ME, the punishment fit the crime. The kid wanted to show herself off and gain attention ? She got it ! She will survive it and get over it, but best of all, she will LEARN from it. Well done, Mom ! Well done, Brian Holloway.

                    Most folks would not have been as compassionate and fair as Brian has been. He gave those kids a shot at redemption and all but four of them, blew it. Now they will face legal consequences and have only themselves and their parents to blame. In true liberal style, some of the parents attempted to re-focus the negative press on Brian by digging up facts about the pending foreclosure on the home that was vandalized. Makes no sense and makes no difference. For the moment, the Holloways own the home, it's private property and those kids all broke the law. Failing to make mortgage payments is not a crime, not destructive to others and no one's business.

                   I know a good number of the kids involved and more than a few are from Lebanon. Sure hope the parents have tightened the leashes.



          Are you angry tonight? Disappointed, disgusted ? You SHOULD be, as I am. We are not being represented by our senators, many of our Congressman and certainly not our local incumbents. There is no unity, no regard for the voices of the people and no respect for the Conservatism on which the party was built.  It's time to Roto-Rooter the Rinos and Traitors back to civilian life, starting with John McCain and working down the line to Dean Skelos and Mike Benson. Take out the trash folks, it's starting to stink.



Republican Traitors Help Senate Pass The Buck

September 27, 2013 by Personal Liberty News Desk 
The Senate passed the buck back to the House today. Voting 54-44 on strict party lines, the Senate approved a stopgap spending plan that sets up a weekend showdown between Tea Party Republicans and GOP leaders in the House. Whether the Federal government shuts down Monday is now up to them. The cloture vote took place after 25 Republican Senators sided with Democrats and voted to end debate on the matter. That measure passed 79-19.

44 Republicans voted to rescind the defunding of Obamacare:

Lamar Alexander of Tennessee
Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire
John Barrasso of Wyoming
Roy Blunt of Missouri
John Boozman of Arkansas
Richard Burr of North Carolina
Saxby Chambliss of Georgia
Jeffrey Chiesa of New Jersey
Daniel Coats of Indiana
Tom Coburn of Oklahoma
Thad Cochran of Mississippi
Susan Collins of Maine
Bob Corker of Tennessee
John Cornyn of Texas
Michael Crapo of Idaho
Ted Cruz of Texas
Michael Enzi of Wyoming
Deb Fischer of Nebraska
Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
Charles Grassley of Iowa
Dean Heller of Nevada
John Hoeven of North Dakota
James Inhofe of Oklahoma
Johnny Isakson of Georgia
Mike Johanns of Nebraska
Ron Johnson of Wisconsin
Mark Steven Kirk of Illinois
Mike Lee of Utah
John McCain of Arizona
Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
Jerry Moran of Kansas
Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
Rand Paul of Kentucky
Rob Portman of Ohio
Jim Risch of Idaho
Pat Roberts of Kansas
Marco Rubio of Florida
Tim Scott of South Carolina
Jeff Sessions of Alabama
Richard Shelby of Alaska
John Thune of South Dakota
Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania
David Vitter of Louisiana
Roger Wicker of Mississippi
Republicans Jeff Flake of Arizona and Orrin Hatch of Utah did not vote.

25 Republicans voted to end debate on the legislation:

Lamar Alexander of Tennessee
Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire
John Barrasso of Wyoming
Roy Blunt of Missouri
John Boozman of Arkansas
Richard Burr of North Carolina
Saxby Chambliss of Georgia
Jeffrey Chiesa of New Jersey
Daniel Coats of Indiana
Tom Coburn of Oklahoma
Thad Cochran of Mississippi
Susan Collins of Maine
Bob Corker of Tennessee
John Cornyn of Texas
Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
John Hoeven of North Dakota
Johnny Isakson of Georgia
Mike Johanns of Nebraska
Ron Johnson of Wisconsin
Mark Steven Kirk of Illinois
John McCain of Arizona
Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
John Thune of South Dakota
Roger Wicker of Mississippi
Republicans Jeff Flake of Arizona and Orrin Hatch of Utah did not vote.


 The GOD Complex                                                                  9-28-2013

                 I'm directing this post to men from 18 to 100, in the hope that at least ONE will be able to help me understand some things about the male mind. If you've been following the news this past week, you know all about the B.S going on in Washington over Obamacare. We've seen heroism, treason ,power-play, lies, truths, tantrums and division. (Among Grown Men). Twenty-Six Republicans Senators have seen their shot at re-election go down the toilet.

                 We have heard the Tea Party blamed for everything, from demanding that the people's voices be heard to killing Santa Claus.  Umm, HellOOO? Not all Conservatives belong to the Tea Party, they are not even the MAJORITY of Conservatives ! Yet ALL Conservatives hate Obamacare, and Obama. The days of the Conservative Majority conceding to Democrat whining and pressure are coming to an end, and it's time for the Dems to learn to compromise and familiarize themselves with the word, "NO".

                  Obama is a dictatorial, lying Tyrant. All notable tyrants throughout history, and there have been many, share countless, common denominators. Most have been of small stature and many have been bald or balding. They generally had mothers who doted on them and over-compensated for fathers that were cruel, or just cold and detached. As a result, these "boys" developed into small-minded, selfish, narcissistic bullies. Their personal desires are the only ones that matter and God help anyone or anything that gets in their way.  The lives of others hold little importance to them and they truly believe that rules and laws apply to the peons and never to themselves.  They are often full-blown or borderline, Sociopaths and see themselves as God -Like, Super-Humans.

                   Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao and a host of others were all cut from the same bolt of cloth. Today, we see Tyranny perpetrated by little God-Men in places like the Middle East and North Korea , but more terrifying, is the fact that we now see it very clearly in America. We have an undeniable tyrant as president, another as NY Governor, and another as Supervisor of the Town of New Lebanon. They have a lot of company.  If that doesn't turn your stomach, you either don't "GET IT" , or you support it.

                    So, my question for men is this: "What dwells in the male soul that makes so many men believe they are all-powerful, or deserve to be so?" . Really, how is it that a man will imperil his family, his career and even his life in exchange for power ? Don't get me wrong, I know that there are many good and decent men in the world, but it seems that with every passing decade, their numbers decline.  Female tyrants do exist, just look at Diane Feinstein and Hillary Clinton , but they are not half as common as male tyrants.  My dad always quoted the old radio show, The Shadow. "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! ".  What evil, indeed ?



Someone PLEEEZ Share this with Dougy-Boy Clark !!!!

Taste in Children's Books


What is an Extremist, Anyway ?                                 9-29-2013

               A lot of my friends and I are considered to be "Right-Wing Extremists". LOL !  I don't mind that a bit, in fact, I take it as a compliment. If loving my God and my country and taking a stand against corruption, Tyranny and Constitutional violations is considered extreme, then I plead guilty.

               My group is called, "Madison's Militia" and we have a Facebook page under that name. In NY state, it is supposed to be "illegal" to call a grassroots group a militia. Well, I look at it this way; If liberal politicians can twist, mis-interpret, and argue the meaning of the word decade after decade, how can it be illegal ? They can't even agree on its intent, so if they don't like the name of my group, call a cop .

                Madisons is not a bunch of wanna-be soldiers who are out playing war games in a cornfield. We have no desire or intent to engage in violence or to go on the offense. We do not have a fenced-in compound full of food hoards or artillery. What we are is a Pro-Constitution group that consists of moms and dads, people who work all week and go to church on Sunday. We have members from age 14 thru age 80. No one has an arrest record, we pay our taxes and are respectful to those who merit it and speak out freely against and TO, those who do not.

                 If we are considered extremists for teaching , protecting and preserving the Constitutional Rights of all Americans, left or right wing, then exactly what do we call people who do the following things ?

1) Murder the unborn and born-alive abortion -attempt babies by the millions.

2) Promote government dependency and lack of responsibility and education.

3) Deliberately "SPIN" the news by hiding truth and spreading mis-information to the gullible.

4) Incite and encourage racial division.

5) Promote sexual activity among minors and protect and glorify the sexually deviant.

6) Persecute Christians and blaspheme God and anything related to both.

7) Disrespect the Constitution and everyone who bled and died to make it possible, or defend it and preserve it.

8) Berate and abuse Conservative children in the public schools and indoctrinate with contrary agendas.

9) Remove truthful teaching of American history and the Bill of Rights in the schools.

10) Embrace the deadly cult of Islam on our soil.

11) Allow dangerous illegals to cross our inadequate borders and take jobs, become Welfare burdens and commit rapes, robberies and murders upon innocent Americans.

12)Demonize moral American traditions and values.

13) Assault the right to Free Speech by demanding arrests for insane laws like "Hate Speech".

14) Ignore political corruption and protect the criminals in government.

15) Violate, disobey and essentially piss on the rights of the people granted by the Constitution, UNLESS, it happens to be of use to THEM in furthering their agendas.

16) Would not know truth or integrity if it hit them in the face.

17) Shoot little children in their classrooms, movie-goers in theaters, high school students in their cafeteria, and soldiers on military bases and navy yards.

         Can you come up with a description for THESE people? Let me help you. They are known as LIBERALS, Democrats, Left-Wingers, Socialists, Communists, and Haters. 

         So,,, WHO are the Extremists ?????


 No Surprises HERE !                                                         9-30-2013

                Well, Congressman Chris Gibson screwed his constituents once again ! He wasn't voted the most Liberal Republican in Congress for nothing, ya know !  He EARNED that. His strong support of his cousin-in-law, Mike Benson is proof his being a RINO and I've said that from day one.

                 I've heard a lot of people defend Chris on the grounds that he is a decorated veteran. LOL ! I love our soldiers and vets, but I'm also realistic enough to know that there are rotten apples in every barrel and plenty of them who support Socialism and would fire on their fellow Americans if so ordered.  Thankfully, most soldiers are brave and loyal Patriots. John McCain is a perfect example of a RINO and I will even go so far as to call him a Traitor. All he suffered as a soldier in a prison camp and he still does things that should put him back into a cell ?

                 For the first time in decades, Republicans have said NO to the Democrats. A very GOOD thing and a positive moment in history. As expected, the Teflon Muslim is viciously attacking the Republicans and accusing them of being "Reckless Extremists" and keeping the poor people in need of health care. What a load of B.S ! As Mark Levin always says, "Obama is a Serial Liar".  He has NO ONE but himself to thank for this mess, and a lot of his former supporters are seeing through his lies.

                  The FACTS are, that the MAJORITY of Americans, Democrats included, do NOT WANT OBAMACARE and have spoken out loudly against it. Obama is so accustomed to getting his way that he just cannot deal with the reality that he is in fact, NOT the KING and that the PEOPLE decide, not HIM.  For once, MOST Congress-persons have heard and heeded their constituents and are managing to put their own agendas aside. Only TWO Republican members of Congress voted TO fund Obamacare, and one of them was Chris Gibson !


            Families, the over-burdened middle-class, and businesses large and small have clearly said NO to Obamacare. The tribe has spoken.  Government shutdown? Just an Obama and Reid temper-tantrum that will have little effect on our daily lives. It certainly can't get any worse and I strongly suspect it will actually get better. However, if it means lay-offs and pay freezes for government employees, shouldn't that include Obama and his cronies ? Let him sit in the diaper he soiled.

            Do we need a new approach to healthcare in America? Absolutely, but THIS ain't IT !  800,000 "Non-Essential" government workers will be out of work tomorrow. Why do we even HAVE 800,000 workers that are non-essential ??? Why is Obama planning another vacation at this very moment and why was he playing golf yesterday while Rome was burning????  This shutdown is not a tragedy in any way, and we all know that within a very short time, the government can and will adapt and function adequately and probably more efficiently with fewer employees, departments and offices with three and four-letter names.  I vote for shutting down the DHS and IRS first. Then the EPA.

           More unemployed Americans?  How about we open the Keystone Pipeline and start drilling, fracking and mining our own energy sources ?  LOTS of jobs there! Oh, I forgot, Obama won't allow it because his investments in "Green Energy" would be lost and we would no longer be dependent on his Muslim friends.

            I'm going to post some photos tonight from the Egyptian people. THEY united and removed THEIR dangerous tyrant and defended their freedom, faith and culture from extinction. Now they are trying VERY hard to warn us that we too must remove OUR tyrant for the good of our country and our allies. A lot of blood was spilled in Egypt this year and every drop was drawn by ONE evil man and his zombie henchmen.  Sound Familiar ???  Enough blood has soaked into American soil for the cause of freedom, must we really go to those lengths yet again?  The threat is clear and has been for a long time.

           Loyal Americans know that something must be done and done NOW. Talking on social media has its advantages, but what we need is ACTION. Every Conservative and Oath-Taker in the country MUST contact their representatives on a DAILY basis ! We must DEMAND the Impeachment of Obama and his closest minions. Only the PEOPLE can make it happen and only by HAMMERING Congress to ACT !                                      Hammer-Hammer-Hammer !!!!

           Eric Holder is a documented criminal yet not only is he still in office, he is now SUING states that are implementing Voter I.D requirements !! Voter I.D is essential, Holder is not and never was. Why he is not in prison is a question we should ALL be asking.  Hillary Clinton, the REAL demon behind the Healthcare Bill and Benghazi and numerous other atrocities, should be sharing a prison cell with Holder. Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein and Reid are all literal lunatics that have NO business in any position of power. John McCain, Chris Gibson and the 26 on the Traitor list , need to GO.

           Stop TALKING. Facebook and Twitter will not save us. Write letters, put them into envelopes, stamp and address them and EVERY day, send one to the NYS Assembly, one to the Senate, and one to Congress. Can't afford stamps ? Email or call, EVERY DAY.

            We have a choice and very little time to make it. We can heed the warnings of history, our allies and our guts, OR we can go to our knees like cowards. Your choice.

                                 God Bless.  JJ


Irish John

Read it HERE !

How about we defund Obama’s Justice Department?

By on September 30, 2013


As the threat of a government shutdown looms amid demands from a majority of American citizens to cut off funding for the “train wreck” that is Obamacare, House Republicans next ought to consider funding cuts to an agency that has repeatedly been used as a political hammer by the Obama administration to abuse red states: The Justice Department.

Since Obama appointed fellow activist Eric Holder to be attorney general, the two have conspired to “fundamentally transform” the Justice Department into one giant civil rights division, utilizing an inappropriate amount of the department’s taxpayer-funded budget to target states who wander too far off the Animal Farm.

The latest state to draw the ire of the community organizer-in-chief and his sidekick is North Carolina, where residents dared to exercise their republican form of government to implement a voter identification law that requires voters to – gads! present a valid, government-issued ID before casting a ballot in elections.

Per the Washington Post:

The Justice Department will sue North Carolina on Monday over the state’s new voting law, according to a person briefed on the department’s plans, the latest move by the Obama administration to counter a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that officials have said threatens the voting rights of minorities.

The suit, to be announced at a Washington news conference, follows the department’s decision last month to sue Texas over that state’s new voter-identification measure. …

Under the new law, North Carolina residents are required to show a photo ID at polling places. The law was signed by the state’s Republican governor last month, and civil right groups moved quickly to challenge it. They said that the law’s requirements will make it harder to vote and that racial minorities will be disproportionately affected because they are less likely to have the forms of photo ID required by the law. In their suit, the Advancement Project and the North Carolina NAACP also argued that voter fraud is not a significant problem in the state.

Now, you’ll note that the law does not implement a “whites only” voting requirement, nor does it specifically exempt persons of color or ethnic minority status. The department’s insinuations and accusations on these points are as ridiculous as they are contrived.

Rather, the law merely requires all North Carolina residents a) to prove who they are; and b) demonstrate they are U.S. citizens and, by that classification, therefore have the right to vote in their home country and state. Extremists!

Sure. About as extreme as a statute mirroring some federal voting requirements, or as one that duplicates the federally-imposed process of boarding an airplane, or a state-imposed ID system proving one is old enough to buy liquor and cigarettes (per federal age requirements).

And what of the argument that voter fraud isn’t a “significant problem” in North Carolina? Are state legislators and Gov. Pat McCrory to wait until it is a significant problem? And what then? Will these groups support a voter ID law at that point? And will the Obama Justice Department then give its blessing?

Obama and Holder will sue red states like Texas and North Carolina (and Florida) over voter ID laws that do not violate federal statutes and which states should be free to pass – but take a pass on blue states like Washington and Colorado who have recently passed measures, afoul of federal law, that legalize use and sale of marijuana.

“We’ve got bigger fish to fry,” Obama, a former pot smoker, told ABC’s Barbara Walters in December. “It would not make sense for us to see a top priority as going after recreational users in states that have determined that it's legal.”

Doesn’t that same “logic” apply, then, in all cases where state law appears to conflict with federal statutes, Mr. President?

Under this regime, the Judicial Branch especially has become little more than a weapon to be employed against political opponents. Yet this is exactly what happens when an activist ideologue is elected president; he will use the near-limitless power of the federal government to his own ends, because it’s all about the agenda.

As constitutional conservatives in Congress consider new ways to cut federal spending and limit Washington’s power, they ought to take a hard look at the proper role and function of the Judicial Branch and put a leash on the apparatchiks who run it.


And the RINO of the Week Award goes to:

Congressman Chris Gibson !!!

Congratulations, Chris !!