So,  WHERE Were You ?                                              4-29-2017

              Lots of folks have turned to me to spearhead the opposition to Dunkin Donuts, and I stepped-up, as usual. I never learn.

              Seven people asked for a committee to be formed, which of course, required a meeting. The Library would not host us as they claim a need to remain "Neutral". Whatever. So I offered my house for the meeting, spit-shined all that day, made a huge pot of coffee, fresh cookies, and even washed puppy nose prints off the front door. My husband purposely worked extra late so that he would not be here and cause any concerns about accusations of Conflict, due to his being a member of the Planning Board.

             ONE person showed up. ONE.  Thank you to that honorable, young lady. It's all good though, because I didn't even get annoyed, believe it or not. Why WOULD I when I am so accustomed to this kind of thing? In fact, I actually felt an overwhelming sense of peace after my one guest departed. For once, I kind of liked standing alone in my kitchen with a whole new resolve to pass the torch on this one.  Don't get too happy yet, I'm not going away and I'm not going to ever stop fighting for what I believe is right. 

               Will I still assist the resisters to Dunkin Donuts? Sure, if they actually manage to organize and dedicate themselves to the effort, but THIS time, I am NOT doing all the work, all alone, and I am NOT going to be the sole target of the "other side".  So if any of you still want to fight, let me know when you're ready. Otherwise, leave me out of it. 

                Yes, I DO hate it that Dunkin Donuts is going to come here and destroy the rural aesthetics, and if I alone had the power to stop it, I would. I do not HAVE that power.  Did you all read the Town Newsletter that came out this week? FOUR other commercial properties on Rt. 20 have been sold and businesses will be opening, but the details were NOT shared with the PEOPLE.   THAT, is what gets under my skin. The lack of consideration for what the PEOPLE of the town want.  It isn't just that some businesses are not of benefit to us in ANY way, shape, or form, and it isn't just that NO ONE involved in writing the Comp. Plan or the Zoning updates thought about this possibility, no, it's the FACT that the residents are given NO say in anything that will directly impact their lives. The PEOPLE, MATTER!

               What ever happened to voting on important issues? Why were the PEOPLE never asked what they would have liked to see in the Comp. Plan or the Zoning Re-Writes? Oh sure, lots of people don't care enough to want to be heard, but I think the majority of us, DO. This isn't Albany, it's little New Lebanon, and we CAN do things differently. We CAN take the time and make the effort to give the people who care, a say in things. So why isn't it done that way? It should be done that way EVERYWHERE, but especially in tiny towns and villages.

                So no, I am not angry with anyone, but I HAVE lost a lot of faith in many of them. I even took my Facebook pages down, that's how DONE I am. If they want to organize, I'm willing to help, but I will no longer take the lead in this issue. If Dunkin Donuts comes, and they will, I can say that I did my best. When people start whining about the negative effects and the yucky businesses that follow this one, I'm just gonna shrug and remind them that they failed to act when they needed to. You dig a cesspool, you gotta swim in it.