So WHO are YOU?                                                   4-15-2020


Lots of folks are having a really hard time with this quarantine, but not the NY Gun Granni. I am IN my element! I would rather be home in my cozy cabin than anywhere else in the world. Quiet is a treasure, privacy and peace are Heaven, and being left alone to be creative is a gift.
In a nutshell, I am NOT a People-Person. There is a handful of people I let into my world and they are carefully vetted. Maybe it's a result of working in Law Enforcement and seeing the worst of the worst every day for YEARS, or maybe it's the fact that the worst emotional trauma I have ever experienced was at the hands of people who swore to be Christians, but in reality, were the most evil and dishonest bunch I have ever come across. Or it could be that even immediate family turned out to be liars and thieves, much like these fake-ass politicians we have in power at every level of government. I mean SERIOUSLY, who can you TRUST?

So no, I don't miss socializing even a tiny bit. I don't do Walmart or malls, Fairs or Carnivals, Concerts or Bars, Group Picnics, or anything where there might be more than 10 people. Even though I attend ALL the Town Board meetings here in town, it isn't because I WANT to, it's because I HAVE to. It's a promise I made to God, that I would work every day to preserve the Gift of Freedom , and to be deserving of Salvation. He gave those gifts for Free, they cannot be earned, but I feel it is my duty to show gratitude by being a good steward of those gifts.

I don't HATE people, I just prefer dogs. I hate Behaviors , and I will call-out Bad and Illegal Behavior whenever I feel it is the RIGHT thing to do. I will share truth and expose liars, even when no one believes me. I will speak up even when I KNOW I will take brutal backlash for it. Then I will brush myself off and do it all over again. It's just who I AM, and I don't know how to be any other way. Nor do I WANT to be.

Just think, if our government and our very own Town Officials, would run clean and fair campaigns, stop lying every time they open their mouths, cease pretending to be someone they are not, end the blaming of others for their own shortcomings, how very quiet I could be! Imagine what a great community we would have if everyone respected the rights and freedom of others, do THEIR things and let others do THEIRS, what PEACE would reign! Sadly, the Left cannot behave, and I cannot ignore their unacceptable behavior.

I have been sticking my neck out for almost 11 years for this town and the people who built it and cared for it for generations. Yet even many of THEM attack me for not ignoring the corruption, for protecting THEIR interests and liberties. They will fall for the fake, icky-sweet, phoniness of the most evil among us, but they won't believe ME, regardless of how much evidence I put right into their hands.

No, I get NO pleasure from doing what I do, but it's an assignment from a Boss you don't say "No" to. Board Meetings are an unpleasant chore, but I am able to see behind the masks, read the real agendas, and physically FEEL the deception. It's an unusual and mostly unwelcome ability, and it is always ON. From the very FIRST minute I meet someone, I know what they are. Not that I am never fooled, I AM. Which is why I have learned to guard Trust like the treasure it is. VERY few humans ARE who you THINK they are, and this is especially true of politicians.

Politics doesn't make people bad, or a cheater or a liar, it's actually that Politics ATTRACTS people who are already cheaters and liars. Lovers of power, money, and control. There are a select few that enter politics with pure intentions, but they are RARE. We HAD that in New Lebanon with our previous board, but it was all too brief, and look at where we are NOW. So yeah, I take a beating, I'm threatened with being shot, I'm told that God hates me, I'm betrayed by those who are fooled by the corrupt, and sometimes, it isn't easy to keep going. But I DO, and I WILL, until one of those haters that send me anonymous email threats, actually DOES shoot me. I know where I'm going and I refuse to embrace fear of any kind.

On important thing I have learned, is that the most hated people, are usually the most honorable.

Today was a GOOD day. The sun was shining, and I had FIVE people approach me in town to thank me for what I do, tell me that they read me and that I am the only source of what is REALLY going on in our town. Better than all the stimulus checks in the world!

Stay optimistic. This will be over soon.