Socialist New Lebanon                                                 1-14-2020

                     I should NOT be writing tonight after the Town Board Meeting I just walked out of. TOO angry! Yes, I walked out, for the first time EVER. I was not the only one. 

                      Those of you who are NOT Liberals, need to admit that they are absolutely the most despicable human garbage on earth. They are the opposite of everything in life that is decent, fair, moral, sensible, honest, compassionate, Patriotic, Faithful, and GOOD.  

                       This new "Board" of ours, with the exception of Jesse Newton, is absolutely abominable, just as I warned you they WOULD be. So that's ONE out of FIVE people that we can trust to do the honorable thing as a Councilman. ONE! Already, this board is pushing their psycho agendas and stacking the boards and committees, pushing out the Homies and non-Democrats.  Let's take a look at tonight's agenda and the Queen of Mean, Tistrya Houghtling.  I intend to make even more enemies than I already have, and I don't give a Tinker's Dam. It's not like these people are my friends, or they even TRY to befriend anyone outside their Cult.

                They purposely and systematically build their private groups and plot against the rest of us who are sane, normal people. That is how they stole this election. And, how they stole this town. It's how they are stealing America, and YOU are allowing it all by doing NOTHING, year after year. 

                 Tonight, they went after the Smoking on the back entrance porch, where employees and residents have enjoyed a smoke break for over 20 years, a lot longer than most of these Liberal Freaks have even lived here. Way back when there was a ramp there instead of a porch, that was the designated smoking area. The new porch is wide open, allowing for full ventilation, and in all these years, I have never seen more than 2 or 3 people smoking there at one time. The town even placed a receptacle for used butts at the porch, to keep the area clean, tacitly acknowledging that that IS the Smoking Area. 

                   Here is the letter I submitted to the board and was read at tonight's meeting:


 Stone Soup 1-14-2020

Community Volunteers

44 Shaker Road

New Lebanon,NY 12125

To the New Lebanon Town Board;

Outside the rear door of the N.L Town Hall is a small, covered porch that has always been the unofficially designated area for smokers to take a cigarette break. The town even provided a receptacle for cigarette butts, which has kept the area clean for many years. The porch is wide open on three sides, allowing for more than adequate ventilation for the 1.2 seconds it takes for one to cross it.

The State of NY does have in effect a “Clean Indoor Air Act” that is adhered to by all with no objection. There is not however, a “Clean OUTDOOR Air Act” that prohibits smoking outdoors, except for specifically designated areas. Hospital and Health Facility grounds are non-smoking areas, as are schools and public playgrounds.

Depending on what section of the law you refer to, there is also a 15 or 25 foot smoking ban outside the doorways of libraries and Privately-Owned businesses who choose to post and enforce said ban.

The New Lebanon Town Hall is Public Property and is equally owned by the taxpaying residents of the town. Smokers and Non-Smokers share equal rights on Town Hall property, and frankly, are tired of being the only ones to make all the concessions for the other side. First we were moved to designated indoor smoking areas, then to the outdoors, and on to Designated Smoking Areas only. Private property can do that, but not PUBLIC property. Stripping residents of the outdoor smoking area they have used for years and attempting to force them out into a parking lot, is a violation of the Right to Self-Govern and exercise Personal Liberty. It is also unfair, petty, and selfish. We have given up enough for the benefit of others, and we have been pushed far enough.

Very rarely is there ever more than one or two smokers in this area at one time, and as I mentioned earlier, it takes 1.2 seconds to pass those two people. Not even time for one complete breath. A human breathes in a minimum of 25 times that much smoke just standing beside their own barbeque making burgers for dinner, and 30 times that much sitting in their car at a red light. All of which makes this complaint ridiculous, baseless, and another bully-tactic by those who want everything their way and to heck with everyone else who happens to live here.

In referring to the research by Dr. Ronald Bayer of Health Affairs and William Mitchell of Law Review, outdoor smoking bans have been taken way too far and have little effect on anyone. The amount of smoke exposure in an outdoor venue is essentially negligible.

As taxpaying residents who have always used this tiny smoking area, we request that the board consider OUR needs and rights too, as we are prepared to continue our objections up to and including legal action. NO ONE is suffering any harm, and we are tired of being unfairly treated."

                              So, you can see that I researched the OUTDOOR smoking regulations in NY State, and found that Public Buildings cannot ban smoking outdoors, only PRIVATELY-OWNED businesses, such as restaurants, shopping venues, etc. The Town Hall is PUBLIC and literally belongs to the taxpayers, some who smoke and some who don't.  The very SECOND this letter was finished being read by the Town Clerk, Tistrya immediately made a motion to ban smoking within 50 feet of the building !! NO discussion, no compromise, NOTHING! Not only can she NOT ban it on property she does not own and is not Private, but the maximum distance that smoking can be banned by a PRIVATE business, is 20 feet, NOT 50!

                    So there's TWO violations in one sentence, and extreme rudeness in dismissing the objections of a constituent with no discussion. Now we all KNOW that Tistrya and her Liberal cronies don't think Laws or Regulations apply to THEM, only to the peons that USED to run and care for this town. Tistrya violated NYS Election Law during her campaign, lied to the public repeatedly, was an accessory to a Felony Act that effected the outcome of the election, and kept important information from the former board re: the Free Store. 

                      She sent her mother to an Ethics Board meeting to sit against the porous wall and listen-in on the private proceedings. I witnessed  that!  Now, she is making it blatantly obvious that she is adamant about making her own rules, hand-picking her personal slaves without Due Process, and literally STACKING the town government with Liberal Socialists.  The Ethics Board has been a problem for many months, and most of the problem is due to the FACT that one of Tistrya's supporters committed a Felony for her that made a tangled mess for the election and the pending Ethics Complaints. Two complaints have been hanging in the wind since SEPTEMBER 2019!!!

                       The E.B is 2 members short now, meaning another delay for the complaints and a violation of the rights of the complainant to have their complaints satisfied. Kevin Smith once served on the E.B, and last month, he volunteered to fill one of the 2 vacancies. He was the only candidate, and NO requests for Letters of Interest had been sent out yet. The sitting E.B members submitted a letter to the Town Board requesting that they appoint Smith so they could have a quorum, and they all approved of him as a fellow member.

                        Tistrya refused the request, claiming that she wanted "Diversity on the E.B, not people who all think alike "!  NO two people think alike, and since WHEN does Tistrya have a Psychology license that qualifies her to read how people THINK?! In the past, anytime someone volunteered to fill a vacancy under such serious circumstances, they were appointed a.s.a.p. THEN, the other vacancy might be advertised and Letters of Interest solicited. NEVER has a board with no quorum and with open business, been allowed to languish when it had an option. NEVER!  However, the Queen stated tonight that they have received 2 letters of interest, and would appoint someone in FEBRUARY! So that's ANOTHER month with no quorum and no closure to the 5-month-old complaint. 

                          This too, is deliberate, and unethical in itself. It could not BE any clearer that they want one of "THEIRS" on the E.B, not a lifetime local who happens to be a Moderate, not a Liberal Democrat. Board Stacking and Bias! Tistrya knows that these Ethics Complaints will very likely affect her Supervisor's position, and that is exactly WHY the Felony was committed! To protect Tistrya's mis-conduct until the Election was over. That is also why it is being dragged-out NOW! If you don't see the absolute Filthy Corruption that went on here, you are deaf, dumb, and blind, or in Liberal Denial! This cannot, and WILL not, get swept under the rug !!  Consequences ARE coming, so Tistrya needs to sleep very lightly.

                            Tistrya LIED, CHEATED, and broke the LAW to win this election. PERIOD.  Let's hope she enjoys her brief stint as Supervisor, because when I am done with her, the Assembly won't even consider her, and that's what her goal is, the Assembly. The more she screws with me and the more she grinds her heel into good, decent, local folks while kissing the royal as__es of City Transplants like Deb Gordon who has NO clue what she's doing, the more she will pay.  Even John Trainor, who served on the town board in his younger years, probably 1949 or so, has no clue. He actually said that he plans to, "Just follow along for a few months ". WOW! Isn't THAT reassuring? Such capable, honest, fair, experienced council members!  It's disgusting and embarrassing to have such incompetent, Biased, cheaters for a Town Government! 

                             Thanks a lot to those who didn't vote with responsibility, and to those who didn't bother to vote at ALL. Thanks a bunch to the Homies who have no loyalty to their town or lifetime neighbors, and can't bother to attend ONE meeting a month!  Good luck with the Climate Change Bullshit that this board already started pushing tonight. Enjoy the repeat of the fight for sidewalks and public water that will tax most of us right out of our homes and waste months and months of meetings and expensive consultants. And don't forget about the Berkshire Farm plan to do away with child care and replace it with an Immigrant Camp. Wait till you see what THAT does to your property values, crime rates, and illnesses in our schools! It's Canaan's issue, but it's in OUR back yard! Tistrya claims to , "Know nothing about it ".  Well, she better damn well FIND OUT about it, because New Lebanon will be even more affected than Canaan will be. 

                       For GOD'S Sake people, WAKE UP and look around you! Speaking of looking around you, I'm going to share a special photo with you of the place where Tistrya grew up. Let me know if YOU see anything concerning. 


 PS to Peg:  Next time you shoot me those nasty looks, we'll start having Bluegrass Band Practice after 9 p.m every night. We DO live in spittin' distance.