Some Things NEVER Change !!                                             9-11-2017

                              Did YOU know that tonight was the New Lebanon Republican Caucus?  No?  Apparently , 99% of the local Republican Voters didn't know either.

                              This year is an unusual one, as there are only two Town Board positions open and two candidates. One is of course, Chuck Geraldi who is running for re-election as his term has ended.  Definitely a GOOD candidate. The other is Jesse, the nice, young man that runs our local hardware store for its' mostly-absent owner. Another GOOD candidate. So regardless of what line or lines endorse them, they WILL be our next Council Members. LOL!!!

                             Why a caucus was even necessary is beyond ME, and since I am no expert in election laws, I have to look things up on that subject as it is SO involved and confusing! I DID learn tonight that this sad Repub. Caucus wasn't even a LEGAL caucus. It seems that our Republican Chairman , who also happens to be the only  member of the local Republican Committee, failed to follow protocol and file notice of caucus to the Town Clerk, failed to post the required notices in public areas of town OR in the newspapers. That makes it an illegal caucus as well as a useless one. 

                             The incumbents whose terms are ending this year, are running unopposed. Gee, do you think that might be because for the first time in YEARS, our town government is running smoothly, getting things done, not playing favorites, and there has been ZERO corruption for two, whole years??!!!!! I don't think there are many people, if any, who are dissatisfied with the job our board and Supervisor have been doing, so if it ain't broke, why fix it? 

                              Still, tonight was THE most pathetic tragedy I have ever seen in local politics.   Roll Call:  New Lebanon Republican Chairman Bud Godfroy, Dirty Jason Nastke from the County Republican Committee, the two aforementioned candidates, and, are you ready for THIS?  TWO Republican Voters!!   TWO !!  Sheryl Roden, and ME. LOLOLOL!!!!!!  I gotta tell ya folks, it was a riot. We just took turns nominating and seconding the two guys, then for good measure, we cross-endorsed Colleen and Tistrya, much to Mr. Nastke's displeasure. The whole thing took 20 minutes, start to finish.

                              I know that New Lebanon and Canaan have gone from 99% Republican 15 years ago, to 99% Democrat, and we all know WHY. New York City Transplants, and also young people who have been indoctrinated in Liberal colleges and come home to "Vote". I'm told that the Democrat Caucus last week was "Standing Room Only", even though they really had no reason to caucus this year either. Gotta wonder what's up with our friend Monte, not tossing his hat into the ring. WEIRD ! 

                              There are still plenty of Republicans in town, but they are either not getting out to vote or they think we have no leadership anymore anyway. Now I wonder why they would think THAT? Could it be because we never have a meeting, never receive a notice of ANYTHING, never get anyone out to drum-up good candidates? Or, it could be that for so many years, the Republican candidates were nothing to write home about, like Mike Benson. The committee was , as I have said before, practically incestuous, stacked by Benson and his cronies. Proof of THAT is the fact that as soon as their King Mike lost, they all ran away. Makes no difference to ME, because I am in reality, a Conservative, and when I vote, which is ALWAYS, I vote for the best PERSON, not the party line.

                              If nothing else, this "Caucus" was entertaining, if a bit sad.   So to the Republicans in town who are apathetic and frustrated, I don't blame you a bit, BUT, if you care about the future of our town, you might want to consider reviving the party by getting involved. Or switch to Conservative and grow THAT party! We need LEADERSHIP and ORGANIZATION, and we ain't seen THAT in a decade.