Southern Culture and Sandy Hook 8-4-2017

I'm writing this on Open Office, as the Blog Site is bogged-down tonight for some reason. As they say, “To err is human, to really screw things up you need a computer.” Tis true.

You may have wondered why I haven't commented on what happened in Virginia last week. That was deliberate. It was one of the many, many things that hit the headlines each week, that I have to avoid until I know I can digest it. That isn't always easy to do, as I get hundreds of emails every day that are nothing BUT News for Conservatives. Though I have unsubscribed to a lot of them, they continue to come at a regular pace. I can only read so many.

It was impossible to ignore what occurred between the White Supremacists and the people who have still failed to get past the past. In my own opinion, ANY Supremacists or Extremists are disgusting. I don't care if it's Blacks, White Racists, Homosexuals, Nature Nazis, or whatever, take your pick, violence is never acceptable. I am aware that the Skinheads were there to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee monument, and that they were protesting peacefully in the beginning. That's fine, Americans SHOULD protest and be heard, and they have a Constitutional Right to do so, PEACEFULLY. Once it becomes violent, it morphs from a Right to a CRIME, and should be treated accordingly.

Black Lives Matter groups held violent protests numerous times in 2016, egged-on by the Obama Administration and funded by George Soros. It was another example of government using the poor and least-educated to attain goals that are evil and dangerous. It is things like that , that should open the eyes of all minorities to the FACT that their Slave Masters still exist and they are all in the government. Yet, the destruction and violence brought about by the actions of inner-city Blacks that didn't even know what they were protesting for, went unpunished. There were no consequences for THEM as there were for the peacefully protesting Ranchers who had damn good CAUSE to protest. So WHO are the REAL RACISTS?

White Supremacists are deplorable. Though I do understand their frustration about the Special Treatment given to Blacks and other Special Interests, that does not make it right to hate or abuse ANYONE. For me, the violent Blacks and the Skinheads are all part of the same society of violence, hate, and sheer stupidity. Same goes for militant homosexuals who deliberately target Christian businesses.

There are a lot of Trumptards commenting on Social Media about the young lady who was killed by the freak who drove his car into the crowd in Virginia, and what they are saying is beyond my ability to accept or understand. They are laughing about her death, calling her a “Fat Whore”, and saying that she “Got what she deserved.” Really? WHY? Does she deserve to die because she wants the Lee Monument removed? She has a right to her own opinion and to speak out for what SHE believes in. You are free to disagree, but you are NOT free to harm or kill someone who dares to have different views from your own.

Anyone, EVERYONE, who protests in a violent manner is a Rioter, and Rioters are Criminals. White Supremacists that used violence in Virginia deserve to be imprisoned, BUT, so do the Black Lives Matter members who did the same. So do people like Al Sharpton who encouraged the killing of Police Officers that resulted in the cold-blooded, ambush murder of two, NY City officers. We cannot punish just the White people, or just the Americans who happen to believe that the Constitution MATTERS. We must treat all equally, in good times and bad, good behavior and bad.

So, SHOULD the Lee monument be removed? I can understand the feelings of Black Southerners who have to look at it every day, as it stands for something we must never allow to be repeated. We shouldn't put supporters of slavery on pedestals, literally or figuratively. That goes for the government officials who work every day to enslave the people of America, as well. What should be done, is a vote of the people of the Virginia city in which the monument stands. Let the PEOPLE decide.

In cases such as this, we must tread lightly, because history MATTERS. If we erase the reminders of everything that was negative, or consciously erase the errors of the past, how can we hope to avoid repeating those mistakes? It's imperative that we are reminded of the trials and tribulations, the hardest times, and the worst violations of Human Rights. History must never be erased or altered, for it is through history that we learn how to be better, to DO better. Over-Sensitivity is perilous to our future and strength as a country and as a people. Again, Liberalism has put us into this sinking ship, by manipulating history in our school curriculum, making it a crime to express our opinions or offend someone's feelings, and by causing the worst racial division since the 1960s.

Truth and FACTS are the answer to most of this country's issues. We must speak freely and frankly about what the problems are, admit the true causes of those problems, then come together to address them like mature adults. Black Slavery ended long ago. It was awful, it was unfair and inhumane, but it is OVER, and will never happen again, IF Black Americans realize what the government is actually doing to them via entitlements and excuses. The entities that are screaming the loudest in Washington, D.C about Black Oppression, are themselves, the Oppressors. It is not the White, Christian Baker or Town Clerk, it is not the hick mechanic in Georgia with the Confederate Flag on his truck, and it's not the red-haired waitress at Chick-Fil-A. It is the government. They KNOW the power that the People would hold if all races came together and demanded Constitutional Adherence. So they have no option but to divide us, weakening our resolve and lowering the numbers of resisters.

We can't fix what we refuse to acknowledge.

Here is a link to the Sandy Hook Coroner Video I promised to give you. Please watch it carefully and take notice of the behavior of the police officers. We'll talk about it tomorrow.