Stewarts                                                                              2-5-2018

               Last week, I told you about some possible changes in the plans for the new Stewarts Store.

                Well, it seems that those original plans have definitely been altered. Stewarts withdrew their application to the town today to build on their present site. They added in their letter, that they will be re-submitting a new application in the near future. Though I can certainly not swear to it, I would say that means that the new store will be at the present, E-Z Mart location. The best part of that change is, that it makes both Stewarts AND Sonny and his family, happy.

                 It's always a plus when both sides of ANYTHING are happy. I think that's why I get so frustrated with all the divisive issues going on in America these days. It is ALWAYS possible to have an outcome that serves both sides.   At tonight's Constitution Study, we talked quite a bit about that very thing. Imagine how wonderful it would be if we could sit down at the table and talk things out like grown-ups? Better yet, imagine if CONGRESS could do that ?!

                 Americans need to get back to a "Live and let Live" philosophy. We are all created equal, with the right to choose how we will live our lives, where we will live, and whom we will live WITH. There are few countries where the people have this level of freedom, and we STILL can't get along! Darrell Issa was interviewed on a Sunday show this week, and he said something similar. There are EIGHTEEN Republican members of the house that are retiring or not running for re-election . Two that I saw interviewed, Issa and Gowdy, said that the problem is that no one in Congress wants to compromise anymore. 

                Rules and procedures no longer matter, all that matters today is WINNING, and no cost is too high to attain victory over the "Other" side. In Washington,DC, the ends justify the means, no matter how abominable those means are.  The release of the FISA memo is one example of how far they will go to destroy the opposition, and though I highly doubt that anyone will ever pay any price for this latest criminal behavior, I sure hope someone DOES.  

                I believed at one time, that the long trail of dead bodies that the Clintons have left behind them, were simply coincidental, but the list continues to grow, right to this very week, and denying the facts is no longer possible. There are just far too MANY corpses surrounding Madam Hillary. Despite the facts and evidence of that and her many other crimes, like Haiti, Benghazi, and the emails, she continues to walk around free. It is simply unacceptable that We the People are held responsible for everything from a loud muffler on our vehicle, to being late paying our taxes, but politicians and other uber-wealthy individuals, can steal, commit treason, and even MURDER their opponents or threats to their futures, and they walk away. The worst part of that is, that so few people CARE.

                It's a wonder that members of Congress are not walking out in droves. Then again, there is a LOT of money to be made and benefits that you and I can only dream of, such as a lifetime paycheck. They also are not bound to use Obamacare for their Health Insurance. LOL!! In short, they are treated differently than the general population, like an "Upper Class" , much like Hollywood vermin are. We are SO far from Constitutional Law in America that it almost seems as if the document no longer exists unless and until it is convenient for Special Interest Groups to hide behind.

               The two-party system doesn't work for anyone, and especially not in the past 8 or 10 years. Obama's two terms caused SO much damage to our foundations that the house is now in danger of crumbling if we do not act quickly.  Do not be fooled that it will be only ONE side that will suffer for the weak and corrupt leadership we have been subjected to. We will ALL suffer. We will ALL lose our liberties.  If the Conservative cannot speak or worship freely, neither can the Liberal.  

               One of the main reasons that I am looking at the Libertarian Party, is the fact that they offer something to people on both sides. They have the ability to demonstrate the importance and effectiveness of compromise and adherence to Constitutional Law. They are strong proponents of self-governance and small government, and they don't judge people based on Race, Religion, or Sexual Choices. I truly believe that the Libertarians can re-unite this country if given the opportunity and some time to put out the raging fires.  

                Americans are the most privileged human beings in the world, and there is NO excuse for the immoral, lawless, immature behaviors of our society. Let ME choose what to believe and support, and I will give YOU the same consideration. Just don't try to force YOUR choices upon ME, and vice-versa. Respect MY rights, I will respect YOURS, and it is really that simple. Not EASY maybe, but simple. 


               In closing tonight, I want to mention the NFL. Watching the Super-Bowl after the anti-American actions of so many players in 2016, was to me, an act of treason. Yet again, this is what I mean about "Choice".  It is MY right to boycott them and call them out for their poor behaviors, but it is still THEIR right to do what they did, and YOUR right to watch the games. 

              However, NO ONE has a right to riot, destroy private property, or commit arson for ANY reason, and I have seen more of it under Obama than I care to recall. I would have expected the inner-city fans of the losing team to act like idiots, but can anyone explain to me why the fans of the team that WON, rioted?  This crap has got to end, and if it takes mass arrests and years-long jail sentences to stop it, then so be it.  If a law-abiding, hard-working man in upstate NY can be charged with felonies for having one too many bullets in a magazine, shouldn't rioters be charged with Felony Arson?  If football causes riots, shouldn't we BAN football? The gun grabbers claim that guns are dangerous and certain types must be banned, so why not ban sports? Ball games are not constitutionally protected, but gun rights, ARE.