The Dawn of Disaster                                              12-31-2020

                           The 9 a.m meeting lasted for 90 minutes. Considering the hour, it was fairly well-attended. Meg's two sisters were there, Jan and Kris, Mike Deegan, Sharon Moon, a nice man with an awesome Golden-Doodle named Otto, that new couple that's been coming all Fall, and another newer resident that has just recently started attending, and seems like a very nice man. The Libs haven't corralled him yet.  They do DO that, ya know. 

                           A new family comes to town and they immediately set upon them like crows on roadkill. If they're Liberal enough, they are pulled into the Cult and protected from anyone and anything CONSERVATIVE. It's amazing to watch how they grow their ranks and stick together like burdocks and socks. Which is of course, why I call them The Cult. 

                             Getting back to the roll call, Cynthia Creech was present, and Peg Munves, Jeff Winestock, and Georgette Tafoe.  No John Trainor, no Deb Gordon. Deb had emailed Meg and said she had a more pressing engagement! A brand-new town board member that has not been to a meeting since June, takes office in two days, but had something more important to do?! AGAIN?! I have to wonder how many meetings she will attend as a council member. 

                              Speaking of attendance, did you KNOW, that an elected official doesn't HAVE to show up for meetings at ALL? Deb Gordon can attend ONE meeting her entire term, and still hold her title and still get PAID.  Chew on that one for a while. In any case, I would think that since she was the feature topic of today's meeting, she would show up? Nope.

                               Some of you already know the history of the Deb Gordon issue, some don't. Cynthia and Peg didn't know. They do NOW!   The old house on Rt. 20 has been a thorn in the side of the Town for several years, under two Supervisors.  When Peg bought the property under the pretense of restoring it, people were pleased that they wouldn't have to look at that eyesore much longer. The first building, the old store, came along beautifully, and she did it proud. The house however, has been the opposite story.

                                With numerous grant applications, engineer reports, health dept. inspections, setbacks, septics, wells, you name it, time went on and on with nothing getting done. Finally, at the June 2019 Town Board Meeting, Deb was sent an official request to attend and address the board about the plans for the house. She actually DID show up, but that was the night she sat and knitted during the meeting, essentially ignoring the board's questions after she secured their support in applying for another grant, called the Main Street Grant. She just kept knitting as if she were the only one in the room. It was fascinating. 

                                Mark Baumli asked her to provide the board with monthly updates on the progress of the grant and the plans, and to in the meantime, place a large banner or sign like she had posted at the house originally,so that passers-by would know that the house was not simply an abandoned eyesore, but a restoration project. Both Baumli and Smith stated their concern for the many time extensions she had been given, while other residents with property violations were being cited. Deb agreed.

                                As she is known to do, the minute HER concerns had been addressed, Deb gathered her needles and yarns, and left the meeting. NO interest in any other town business. Not then and not now, yet she has just been elected?! Since that June meeting, Deb has never been back, not to deliver the promised updates to the board, and not for anything else. She also never posted the required sign at the property. So much for her "Word". She ignored numerous emails from Supervisor Robertson and Board members, to appear and fulfill her part of the agreement. Last week, she sent a letter to Meg, stating that the house has been found to be beyond repair unless she could spend far more money than it is worth. It is too far gone. She also admitted that she NEVER APPLIED for the Main Street Grant! So the grant she USED to gain another SIX MONTHS free-pass, was a LIE. 

                              As these abominable behaviors by Deb Gordon were being discussed this morning, Norm Rasmussen took great offense at the negative view of his fellow Cult member. He verbally attacked Kevin Smith and accused him of "Character Assassination". Of course, Norm also filed a false police complaint against my husband, so he isn't exactly the best at comprehending others' intent. No one was saying anything that wasn't relevant or completely truthful. Cynthia Creech also got her whine on and defended her Lib Sister, saying that no one ever told Deb she needed to come to a meeting. Cynthia was immediately corrected by several board members who told her that Deb had been sent NUMEROUS emails telling her she needed to attend. Cynthia kept repeating, "Numerous? Numerous?"

                                After confirming that yes, it had been NUMEROUS about 4 times, Mark Baumli had his fill and said, "YES, NUMEROUS! It means More Than Once!"  LOL!! Peg had also been defending Deb, but after these truths were confirmed, they both quieted down. See what I mean about Burdocks and Socks? Peg actually had the ultimate , HYPOCRITICAL gall to tell the board that though she appreciates their accomplishments, she is relieved to see them go, because they make her feel "uncomfortable and intimidated", and she is tired of being "Bullied"!  OH MY GOD ! The worst bullies on earth are Liberals. The sissiest snowflakes on earth are Liberals, and I have NEVER seen a single member of this board bully anyone, EVER. Not even Norm the Unpleasant. 

                             That had to be THE most hypocritical statement ever made in that room. I think the new board should install a Safe Space for their little friends.  These claims bring us back to the REAL reason for this dirty, criminal, corrupt campaign that just ended. VENGEANCE over that stupid Rail Trail property.  We have ALL witnessed the ridiculous, illegal behaviors of the Washington Democrats seeking vengeance for Hillary's loss. Well, we have seen and are seeing the same thing here in little New Lebanon for a different reason.

                              Did you know, that the Stephentown Faction of the Rail Trail Group sent a letter to many New Lebanon voters, telling them to NOT vote for Kevin Smith or Mark Baumli because they had both opposed the unethical request for an Exclusionary Bid on that piece of dirt? The letter also said that Councilman Jesse Newton has to be "gotten rid of too", because he also voted to put the land out for public bid! So because our board did the Ethical, Fair, and Transparent thing with the property, they had to be punished and removed through any means necessary, and the Libs DID stoop to the lowest means possible. It isn't over. Like the Dems in Congress, they will push it and push it until they get the revenge they seek, the removal of every Conservative in town government. Then they are free to vote dirty to get whatever they want, whenever they want, HOWEVER they want. That's how the Liberal Democrats operate.

                              That letter wasn't the only election interference from Stephentown. Private voters in New Lebanon received anonymous post cards that identically matched the Monte Wasch campaign cards, but these came with pleas from Stephentown residents for Lebanon residents to sacrifice their OWN votes, and vote FOR the Stephentown residents. They wanted our voters to support Tistrya for THEM!!! NOW tell me there wasn't a crap-load of corruption going on in this campaign. Plotting, lying, sneaking around, even committing CRIMES, just to get the Conservative Locals out of THEIR way! Just to get EVEN, and to take control of YOUR town! The failure of local Conservatives to get out and vote for their own, has cost us our town. Hence, the Dawn of Disaster has arrived. 

                              We are dealing with a GANG of THUGS, pretending to be educated elites. We WILL be dealing with them for the next 4 years, unless something wonderful happens and we can send a few of them packing. 

                              They're already talking about public water and tax districts, sidewalks, noise ordinances and more Green Initiatives. Hope you're all ready for THAT crap all over again! I STRONGLY suggest that those of you who care about these issues and the COSTS of them, will start attending board meetings!  

                               Once again, I was promised action on my 4-month-old Ethics Cases. It has been made clear that if I do NOT, I WILL be going to my lawyer, the Media, and Law Enforcement. It ain't going away, folks!   See that banner at the top of this page? I think I'll post a large copy at the town hall every 2nd Tuesday evening.  Let the show begin!