THE FIVE STEPS for RRTs                                                            8-4-2019


INTRODUCING the 2019 Rapid Response Team Movement for NY !!

2019 Rapid Response Teams (RRTs)

All of you have a lot of questions, and in the following days, we will seek to answer them all. So what is Question #1 ?

“What IS a Rapid Response Team?”

RRTs are County Groups of Grassroots Activists who support Constitutional Law and can no longer sit silently by as the Left destroys our Country and Society. The goal is to build these teams in every County in NY State and eventually in every state in America.

RRTs will be the First Line of Defense for American Citizens whose liberties are violated by government entities and Special Interest. This will include numerous things such as a High School student being suspended or failed for wearing a Conservative T-Shirt or hat, to State Officials violating Constitutional Law and Rights with illegal regulations, as in the Safe Act.

Each County RRT will be responsible for being ever-aware of any unconstitutional actions within their County and for responding in opposition to the issue within 24 hours. The RRTs will be the Patriots that take the first bites out of the feet of the Beast, known as Out-of-Control-Government, and crippling the over-reach before it takes a further step. We work from the bottom-UP, killing the weeds BEFORE they spread. No issue is too small or large for RRTs to address.

The American Right can no longer afford to allow these usurpations of our Rights to stand, and there are NO politicians that will respond and represent the People in any meaningful manner. It is up to US. No more can we continue to do the same old things and expect different results. No one is Listening, so it's our job to MAKE them listen! The Power is OURS, and through RRTs, we will take that Power BACK and exercise it.

There will be times that a County or State violation will require greater numbers than a particular County may have available, and when that occurs, RRTs from other Counties will be expected to answer the Call to Action for more volunteers. Numbers are VERY important.

Every RRT volunteer MUST be reliable, informed, and prepared to actually SHOW UP when called upon. You must be willing and able to work well with others in a respectful manner, consider input and ideas from your fellow volunteers, and work as an equal, independent team with NO Hierarchy. One meeting a month will be required of each team and one annual meeting per year will be held in each state for all RRTs within that state, preferably as close to the Capital of the State as possible. Regular Constitution Study is highly recommended, but not required, it is up to the individual teams to decide.

There WILL be an Advisory Panel in each state, also as close to the Capital as possible. These panels will consist of seven advisors each, who will be available to County Teams and volunteers to do exactly as described, “Advise”. Panels will assist and provide guidance as requested, but ONLY when requested. Advisory Panels are not anyone's Boss or Leader, as RRTs are strongly encouraged to be independent.

With RRTs of a minimum of 20 volunteers in each County, responding to violations in a RAPID, CONSISTENT, and ASSERTIVE manner, an entire state can be brought into line with Constitutional Law within one year!

This is just a Bare-Bones overview of the 2019 RRT Movement.There is SO much more to reveal, discuss, and understand. We will be setting up a page strictly for this effort and will advise you all when it is up. For now, we will reveal the series of steps on this page, piece by piece, each day. Those who are interested, should print each day's steps so once the complete plan has been released, you will have the entire Handbook in your possession.

This is Day One, January 2, 2019. Since time is of the essence, we are putting out an immediate call for volunteers. ANYONE who is interested in fighting back and ending the Insanity, regaining your rights, reining-in crooked politicians, protecting our children, and defending the victims of Oathbreakers, are welcome and wanted!

We ask that you contact the NY State Advisors at: ,a.s.a.p.
Please provide your name, County of Residence, and contact info. If you do not reside within NY, please add your state. This is an effort that everyone and anyone can participate in, regardless of age, location, or physical ability. It will take ALL of us who are determined to take our country back and defend our rights as a United Front.




         Midnight is 5 minutes away, close enough.

Many of you are familiar with Mr. Bob Schulz of Queensbury,NY.Bob has been putting extensive personal time, effort, and money into the fight to defend Constitutional Law in NY State.
Bob has prepared and argued numerous lawsuits, including one against the Safe Act, but he has been the victim of lack of support and corrupt courts. Despite undergoing bypass surgery this past Summer, he completed another long project on a serious lawsuit.
For many, many years, Bob has had a dream of establishing Constitution Monitor groups in every state Capital in America. Similar to the RRTs, these would be groups of Citizen Volunteers who would monitor and respond to Constitutional Violations within their states. Bob is also a strong believer that the battle for our Liberties must begin at the local levels, at the bottom, with Patriots who are done with the lawlessness of our government officials.
As a result of Bob's tireless dedication to the defense of our U.S Constitution, the RRT Movement goes forth in his Honor. Let's not disappoint him.

So what exactly will be required of RRT Volunteers?

1) To be available to respond to issues that violate the rights of our fellow citizens, within 24 hours of the incident.

2) To take every incident seriously, no matter how minor it may seem. If it is an abuse of rights, it is not minor.

3) To be prepared to go TO the venue, whether it be a school, town hall, or place of business, as a group, and defend the victim. Have the applicable Constitutional protection in hand.

4) To be professional and respectful in dress and behavior, but never back down. Be firm and assertive and never show intimidation.

5) Build relationships with local media and encourage them to cover the events you respond to, and record them yourselves as well. Report your responses and outcomes to your State Advisory Panel.

6) Continue to relentlessly defend the victim until Constitutional Laws have been satisfied and necessary reparations made.

7) Never, EVER, fail to be a strong presence noticed by everyone in attendance, ensuring that they know you are active, educated, and determined, and that you will not be going away until the right thing is done!

You are the eyes and ears that the Oathbreakers must come to know and to FEAR. The goal is to make certain that "THEY" know we're going to be watching, we are going to show UP, and we are going to demand that all rights of the people be respected and obeyed. THIS is how we begin restoring Constitutional Adherence among all politicians at every level. All meaningful journeys begin with the first, small step.


Here is just a sample list of the types of issues the RRTs will respond to in the first year, but this is certainly NOT a complete list. There will be unique issues that arise that team volunteers will decide calls for their action.

1) Bias and dishonest news reports :: Provide proof of the bias and any misinformation and demand prominent corrections and apologies when called for.

2) Public School Over-Reach ;; This is a BIG one. Suspensions and undeserved failing grades, or targeting of students who take a Conservative stand such as wearing a Conservative or Christian T Shirt or hat to school, or a student who chooses to NOT take part in protests and walkouts that are in opposition to their own views and beliefs.

A) Bullying of Conservative students by Liberal students and School Staff.

B) Forcing agendas upon students that are outside the purview of the school or have nothing to do with the education process, such as: 
C) Transgenders reading to the very young classes.
CoEd bathroom and locker rooms.
D) The teaching of Islamic Prayers and Culture.
Promotion of LGBTQ agendas , Planned Parenthood, and Abortion.
E) Anti-Constitution discussions and demonization of Faith, Free Speech, and Firearm ownership.
F) Teachers who force their own political views upon your children.
G) Failure to teach Civics Classes regularly as required by NY State Law.

3) Businesses owned by people of faith that are targeted by Special Interest who violate their 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Religion.

4) Safe Act arrests.

5) County Judges who implement extreme CCW Application Requirements, such as "Letters of NEED", long waiting periods, and severe punishments for those who fail to re-certify CCW Permits on time.

6) No Gun Zones in public places, Red Flag Law proposals, and lack of uniform application processes in every county and state.

7) Any seizure of legal firearms without Due process.

One of the very first things the RRTs will be addressing, is the County Gun Sanctuaries. This has already been done in several states, and we intend to do it here as well. The Duchess County Tea Party page has a copy of the law that was passed successfully in one state, and there is no reason that THAT success cannot become a precedent. I did not say it would be easy, but it CAN be done.

Getting to know our County Sheriffs and promote working relationships with them is KEY.

Step Three of this Plan will be released on January 6, 2019, and by then, we will have a page devoted strictly to this movement. We will be addressing the methods required to build these relationships with Sheriffs, Local Law Enforcement, Schools, Media, and our communities.

The Call for Volunteers is out ! Nothing can go forward until we have the Patriots on board and ready to fight. Everyone is welcome and wanted, regardless of age, location, or ability. Contact us at: and leave your name, county and state, and contact info.




 The Warriors are sleepless, pondering what 2019 will bring, what freedoms will be limited or taken from us entirely? We are watching the new members of the Congress who are the enemies of Liberty, as they make profane comments and frightening promises, as Republicans betray their constituents over and over and the line between the parties becomes less and less visible. 

We have felt helpless, frustrated, unheard, unrepresented for so many years, that we have come to a point of desperation. HOW do we restore the country we love and WHAT can we do as mere citizens to save our Constitution? 
This movement is the answer. 2019 is the year that We the People stop going to bed with uneasy thoughts under a blanket of hopelessness. We are standing up, going forward with new resolve and unity, and we are NOT going to accept it for even one more day. 
Now that we all know the purpose of the RRTs, it's time to do the groundwork. If you have decided that this is your year to DO something about the insanity surrounding us, to stop simply posting about your anger on Social Media, welcome to the Revolution.

YOU are now responsible for enforcing Constitutional Law in your county, your community, right where you LIVE. The first thing on your agenda? Recruitment. In your circle of family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers, there is at least one person that thinks exactly the way YOU do. Probably many more than one. That person in turn, has others in his or her circle who are ready to take action. 
An effective RRT requires a minimum of 10 to 20 volunteers to get started, and to grow from there. This week, we will be providing you with a recruitment flyer that you can print and hand out to anyone you wish, and especially to Conservative groups such as:
VFW Members
Volunteer Fire Departments
Oathkeeper Chapters
Senior Citizen Groups
Gun and Sporting Clubs
Gun Stores
ROTC Groups

Every RRT Team is independent and free to choose it's own means of recruitment, to schedule meetings at the most convenient times and places for your volunteers, to Skype meetings if you prefer, share information and set up phone chains for Calls to Action. No one knows your home county and your fellow team members like you do.

Making connections is vital. Get to know your local news reporters, not just to gain coverage for your responses to the issues, but to cultivate a source of tips for your team. Engage with local youth in Explorer Groups, Eagle Scouts, Criminal Justice students, and Church Youth Groups. Make yourselves known by being involved in community events such as fundraisers for food pantries, speaking at community centers, and volunteering with Park improvements.

If you can, have a team member or two attend town board and school board meetings and make a friend or two inside the schools who can keep you updated on issues of indoctrination or unjust punishments against Conservative students. The most plugged-in people in the public schools are the Janitors and Lunch Ladies.

Use every contact and every tactic that you can to build information and support. Never be afraid to be a little ruthless, to do some sneaking around and poking into the dark corners. it's imperative that the RRTs be aware of every violation, and to let nothing slip by us.

Town Clerks are another wealthy source of information. They know EVERYTHING. Most of them welcome visits from residents, especially if you come carrying a bagel or some fresh cookies. Just be certain to NEVER throw your sources under the bus for giving you info. Protect your tipsters at all costs.

Insiders at Town Council meetings are also important. Having someone there each month will keep you informed about serious concerns such as:
Any mention of "Sustainable Development".
Environmental Programs that come with extreme restrictions and oversight.
Implementation of Liberal Agendas and their efforts to infiltrate local governments.
Overuse of "Conservancy" Programs.
Who is planning to run for local office and what their agendas are.
Dangerous Government Grants.

It is NOT the job of RRT members to spend valuable time attending boring meetings, so as we grow, it will be important to form relationships with people who DO attend them regularly and are willing to discuss the events with you. This can be difficult in larger counties with many towns, cities, and schools. That is when you resort to the websites and reading the minutes posted of these meetings. That way, you are getting the info you need while in your pajamas and drinking tea. (Or beer).

Now for the toughest and most important County Ally you MUST have. Your County Sheriff. As Patriots, we all know that the County Sheriff is the highest-ranking and most powerful Law Enforcement Officer in the nation. He holds in his hands, the power to reject the enforcement of unconstitutional laws and mandates within his county, by any other, Law Enforcement Agency. Your Sheriff can disallow Safe Act arrests, and if they ALL did it, the Safe Act would be crippled in NY. He can ban Red Flag Laws, defend Due Process, and protect you from unjust actions by other agencies. Every NY Sheriff should be doing exactly that, so why aren't they? Two reasons:
1) The position he holds has become a political one.
2) The People are not putting enough pressure on him.

Step Four will go into this in more depth and assist you in breaking down the barriers between you and your Sheriff, guide you in dealing with the NYSP, and over-reaching, County Judges.

2019 is going to bring more major issues for Gun Owners than even 2013 did. The Red Flag Laws, Ammo Tracking, and attempts to force the requirement for unaffordable insurance policies for Gun Owners. We will also be working very hard to institute Gun Sanctuary Counties. We need to be ready, and that means we MUST man our teams asap.

We are beginning to get volunteers and a lot of interest, but we have to be fast, and turn the trickle into a flood. So here is a challenge:
Which NYS County will be the first to reach it's initial goal of 20 members and earn the title of the First RRT Team to be fully operational and working in the field? 
Join Us!




Houston, we have a Problem!

Conservatives in America are outraged and have been for a very long time. Social Media is concrete evidence of the fear and anger, the shortening fuses of the Right. So WHY are we still in the same place we were ten years ago? Why do Democrats continue to seize power and mutilate the U.S Constitution? 
There is something vital and powerful that the Left has, but the Right does not. The Left has UNITY. If one Leftist says that the earth is flat, the rest will agree and get behind him. Not only will they support and spread the lie, they will demand money from the government to build safety nets, then pass laws to silence those who object or deny their claims. (See: Global Warming).
The Right does not possess this level of loyalty to one another or to their views. They rant and whine, write beautiful words of patriotism, wear Camo, and wave the Gadsden Flag, then go watch Liberal TV. They WANT change, but they want someone ELSE to do the work. 
How many times have you heard so-called Patriots say, "I got your six!", and similar expressions of Bravado? Yet when the Calls to Action go out, nobody's home? Here's a Truth Bomb for you; There IS nobody ELSE. There is only YOU and other Conservatives LIKE you. You have NO representation in government or mainstream media, they are the ENEMY, the Destroyers. They hate you and everything you stand for, and they are WINNING. They are winning because you are LETTING them win! 
If you are genuinely sick of losing to sick, tyrannical, Socialists and Communists, if you are done with seeing our Constitution abused, then you should be ready and willing to FIGHT BACK, starting right now. Commit to ACTION. 
Contact us and confirm your dedication to America and Freedom. Start recruiting Patriots in your county TODAY and grow YOUR RRT. This is our Last Stand, our final hope, as the Dems are already implementing their evil agenda for 2019. This is not a GAME, this is WAR. Act now, or bow down, the choice is yours.

STEP FOUR Jan. 8, 2019

Who is your County Sheriff? Not his name, age, or political party, but who IS he? (or she). Does your Sheriff wear his uniform in public, or a suit? Does he drive a Cruiser or an unmarked? What kind of relationship does he have with his deputies, with local PDs, and with the community in general? Has your Sheriff attended any board meetings in your town and explained his goals, answered questions, or discussed the role of the County Sheriff?

How about your schools? Does your Sheriff speak to the kids about crime, offer programs that assist them in making safe choices, alternatives to hanging out on the streets, or encourage them to consider careers in Law Enforcement? All these things are indicators of WHO your Sheriff IS. If he gets out there and does these things, you have an easy road ahead. If he wears a suit and hides in his office, you have an uphill battle.

You need to approach your Sheriff, but you first need to know who he is. Remember, that despite the power of his position, he is still just a person, no better or worse than anyone else. He is not to be revered or intimidating, nor should he be treated with disrespect. He is your equal, and no uniform or badge will ever change that fact. If you own property, you are donating to his salary and he works for YOU.

That being said, your request for a meeting with him MUST be granted. At least two members of your RRT should attend this meeting, but more than two will be a source of discomfort for the Sheriff. He will be suspicious of your intentions and will be far less likely to have an open, honest conversation with you.

Dress neatly, without the camo and 3% patches, and be prepared to present yourselves as calm, mature, non-aggressive, and informed citizens. Bring a few of your flyers and cards to leave with him. It's important to inform the Sheriff that you are peaceful constituents, implementing a plan to preserve and defend Constitutional Law locally by monitoring County Governments, Public Schools, and Special Interest Groups for Constitutional Violations and responding to them in an expedient manner.

Advise him that you want him to be included and aware of your actions and efforts, and to be familiar with your RRT Team. Get all these necessary niceties out of the way, and THEN, get down to business. What you really want to know from your Sheriff is what his intention and views are relating to:
1) Red Flag Laws
2)Safe Act Enforcement
3) Gun Sanctuary Counties
4) His own Oath and responsibility to the People of his County.

Knowing where your Sheriff stands and where his alliances lie, is the most important information any RRT can have. Gather your volunteers, discuss your approach, and decide who among you will be attending this meeting. Most of the Sheriff's Secretaries will do all they can to delay setting a meeting, and will give you excuses as to why the Sheriff is unable to meet with you. You will likely be told that you will get a return call, and one of two things will happen; 1) No one will call.
2) An Investigator will call and tell you that the Sheriff is busy and asked him to respond in his place.

Do NOT accept this bullshit! You have a RIGHT to a meeting with your Sheriff and to be heard. Settle for nothing less! If you find yourselves hitting a brick wall, contact your advisory panel.

At one point this year, we will also be requesting to speak at a meeting of the NYS Sheriff's Association, but first things first. We MUST start at the bottom and work our way upwards, and we need to hit fast and HARD. If you don't tie your shoes before you hit the track, you are going to fall on your face.

It may not sound exciting or aggressive enough for you at the start, but trust us, we WILL get there! This is just the warm-up.

If we cannot get TWO PEOPLE in each County to recruit another 18 to 23 people in their County, we may as well surrender our firearms, burn the Constitution, and get in the Boxcar. If you are truthful about wanting to end the usurpations and tyranny, get up and DO it.

Send your name, County, and Contact info to: a.s.a.p.


  Step FIVE


One of the many reasons that the RRTs are broken down into County Teams may be a surprise to you. You already know that it's vital and highly effective to start with your local governments and issues, working with people who share your concerns and are invested in their home communities. You also know how important it is to start at the bottom, putting the lower-level Oathbreakers On Notice that they can no longer ignore Constitutional Law and make their own rules.

What you may not have considered, is that County Teams of at least 20 people and hopefully growing to 100 or more, are merely “Units” in a Statewide Army. Let's say we have an average of 25 people in 60 counties. That gives us an Army of 1500 Patriots, already experienced in Rapid Response and Constitutional Defense, that can respond to State-Level issues when the need arises, and it WILL arise. Not bad for a low estimate.

Imagine 1500 people showing up at a Senator or Assemblyman's office or a TV station, a newspaper office, or a school board meeting? How about a Court appearance for a victim of the Safe Act? 1500 or more people we can COUNT on to show up and do what needs to be done. That's what RRTs will DO, and they will be ready, reliable, and unified from having worked in the counties. This is how we grow a strong Resistance that puts it's money where it's mouth is ! This is Strength, but we can't grow this wall of Constitutional Defense if we don't have serious Patriots step-up and join us. NOW is the time!

It has been an encouraging week, with emails coming in from volunteers and inquisitive people who are considering volunteering.It's better than we expected for the first week. We have the State Advisory Panel filled and ready to go, but we need at least ONE County Team of 15-20 people to really start getting out there and getting this job done. Please actively recruit in your county and let the Panel know when you feel ready to start the work. What NY County is going to be the FIRST ?



Depending upon the party leadership in your county, getting your foot in the door here could be fairly easy, or it could be a nightmare. Upstate, we have one county that has always been 100% uncooperative with the Patriot Movement and probably hasn't changed much. That County is Tompkins. What the issue is out there, only the residents can tell us, but whatever the leadership problems are, we CAN overcome them.

A lot of you will recall what happened in the City of Hudson in Columbia County in 2012. City officials were proposing Gun Free Zones in every city-owned building. We contacted them and advised them that we would be attending their next meeting to share our views and objections to the proposal. We received an email response from one of the Councilmen, who went on a hateful rant against gun owners, ending by calling us all, “Psychotards”. On the evening of the meeting, well over a hundred citizens from two counties showed up. There were so many people, that the meeting had to be moved to a local firehouse.

The Council members attempted to silence people who wished to speak and threatened to have us physically removed if we attempted to speak, but the crowd demanded the right to Privilege of the Floor, and got it. In the end, the young Councilman that called us “Psychotards” did not remain on the board for long, and was smeared by REUTERS in NATIONAL NEWS. The Gun Free Zones proposal was scrapped and has never been mentioned again to this day. We WON, because we showed-up in numbers and demanded our right to speak our minds. So yes, you CAN fight City Hall.

Every county has within it, a number of towns, cities, and schools, and each of these have boards. Unfortunately, we have seen many of these boards infiltrated by Liberals in recent years, greatly due to the mass-migration from downstate. Some of these Liberals are part-time residents, yet many of them run for office in every election, organize Special Interest Projects, and form “Committees” to push their agendas and gain control. As a result, our local governments and County Boards of Supervisors, are manned by many Liberals from cities who have no idea of who we are “Up Here”. Nor do they care. It's up to us to start educating them on exactly who we ARE.

We have some options as to how to familiarize ourselves with and to the Supervisors and Boards in our counties. You should already be aware of who the officials are in your own town and where they stand. If you aren't, it's time to change that. Once your team is manned, members can volunteer to adopt a town or two and commit to reading their meeting minutes once a month, online. Easy job. Stay informed about what your County Board of Supervisors are discussing, proposing, and supporting as well. Their meetings will likely be the ones that RRTs will attend most often, as they are the panel that decide what happens in the towns and cities you live in. They will be the ones to address Red Flag Laws, Safe Act enforcement, CCW Permit Application processes, etc.

Those of us concerned with 2A Rights, and who ISN'T, know that we need fair, basic, and UNIFORM application methods in every county and every state. We need County Judges that play by the rules and don't invent their own guidelines according to their personal, political views.

Three years ago, County Judge Richard Koweek of Columbia County decided that he was going to force CCW applicants to write him essays of NEED. Every applicant needed to explain to him in writing, why they felt the NEED to carry a firearm. Of course there is only ONE answer to that question; “Because it's my 2A Right as an American!”. When we learned of this issue, we contacted then-Assemblyman, Steve McLaughlin. His office reached out to the Judge and asked him about this unconstitutional and unethical requirement, and the Judge denied ever having done it. He simply LIED, and we know that because we had a letter IN-HAND from the Judge, demanding the essay of NEED. The person who had received that letter did not want to be identified, so we honored that request, but the Judge DID cease in his bad behavior. However, there are other County Judges doing this exact same thing, and no one is calling them out ! This is yet another matter that RRTs WILL address.

Last year, this same Judge again came to our attention when he decided to severely harass a Gun Owner for submitting his Re-Certification form several weeks past the deadline. Re-Cert requirements are 100% unconstitutional and tyrannical, but this young man who is one of the nicest, most honest people you could ever meet, DID submit his. It was late due to some very serious health issues in his family. Yet Judge Koweek threatened him with permanent loss of his permit, and confiscation of all of his firearms by the NYSP. We stepped-in and again contacted our Assemblyman's office and they DID address it. At last report, there had been no resolution to the matter and no action taken against the gun owner. So it is more than obvious that the PEOPLE must police the boards, the courts, and the Judges who are activists and over-reaching. A Judge CAN be removed for “Failure to Serve in Good Behavior”, but again, it takes NUMBERS.

All of these things and people are major threats to Constitutional Law and our freedom to live our lives as we see fit. It may at times, seem like we have no recourse, no voice, and no options, but we DO. We just have failed for decades to exercise the Power of the People, granted us by the Founders and their amazing document. Winning requires three things:
1) Determination
2) Consistency

We CAN hold officials accountable and it isn't even that difficult. RRTs are where we begin. Join Us! Be a recruiter for your county.