THE PUBLIC HEARING                                                     5-19-2018

                          I've been very tied-up with stuff I'm doing at the State level, and when I'm not working, I try to be gardening or doing much-needed, home maintenance. So getting to the blog isn't always a priority these days.

                         However, I know some of you have been waiting for the results of the Public Hearing. To YOU I say, "If you had bothered to show up, you would KNOW what happened ". For 11 years, I have been subjecting myself to ridicule and hate in an attempt to warn the original residents of this town that they were losing their community to the city liberals. Most of you were livid and felt great animosity for these invaders, but only a handful of you ever stood up or spoke out. 

                          There are a million differences between Liberals and Conservatives, and one of them is that Liberals will stick together and go out and fight to defend what THEY believe in, no matter how unrealistic or disgusting those beliefs may be. If one Lib tells another Lib that the sky is falling, there will be ten million of them out in the streets the very next day , wearing hard hats and demanding that the federal government DO something to take care of them.  Facts are immaterial.

                           Conservatives on the other hand, will agree with one another and chew on about the issues at the local convenience store, then go home , turn the TV on, and forget about it until someone mentions it again. Then the process repeats. That my friends, is why Liberals always win, despite the fact that they are Commies. 

                           The meeting on Thursday was a joke from the get-go. As the five or six Conservatives and semi-Conservatives who DID attend, stood outside and watched the cars roll into the Firehouse parking lot, we knew we had been abandoned by our own once again. The Liberal transplants literally POURED into the lot and their smart cars that are smarter than THEY are, lined Shaker Road. Something I always notice about these Libs is that even if you've never seen them before , you know immediately which side they're on. While the Conservatives smile and chat, the Libs are sour-pussed and arrogantly walk around with their chins pointed skyward. Not ALL of them of course, there actually ARE some friendly Libs, but they are certainly not the majority.

                          Colleen started the hearing with some ground rules about how long each person could speak, that they had to address the board and not the public, and that everyone who wished to speak would be heard and their support or opposition recorded. The first person to speak was Joe Ogilvie, who immediately violated the ground rules by going on and on, reading from notes he held in his hand. He verbally assaulted the board members for not simply agreeing to block anyone BUT the Rail Trail to bid on the Miller property. Monte Wasch also berated the board, and others accused them of not "Representing their constituents" because a Public Hearing was an inconvenience for them since they had already spoken to the board about this issue at the April Town Board Meeting. Rules don't apply to Libs.

                           Now get THIS;  there were people there from Berlin, Canaan, and even one full-time resident of NY City who were allowed to speak AND be counted! When we objected to this, we were informed that any Public Hearing can be attended by anyone, from ANYWHERE, and that their vote WOULD be recorded and counted! Yet NO ONE bothered to inform the people of these facts until the first petitions were handed-in. WE did what we believed to be the ethical thing, and collected signatures from ONLY, tax-paying residents of New Lebanon. I smell a Set-Up. 

                             Of course, it ain't over until it's over. I made it very clear that the opposers are NOT, in ANY way, opposed to the Rail Trail, but we ARE opposed to an "Exclusion" bid that allows ONLY the Rail Trail group to bid on this property! That is unethical as all HELL! I know personally of four people who want to bid on that property, people who intend to use it for business purposes AND pay taxes on it! Not so with the Rail Trail.

                              As is usual in any large gathering, many people were whispering to one another, but one woman, a Mrs. Adams, decided that only the Libs could whisper, and when I was doing so with my seat mate, this shrew turned to us and venemously  asked,   "would you mind being quiet?" !!!  I said, "Would you mind minding your own business?" Every time a Lib stood and supported the trail, the applause was thunderous to the point of painful, and that is NO exaggeration. Many of them were allowed to speak beyond their time limit. Yet, when Rocky Brown stood to speak, he was heckled and talked-over, and Colleen did NOTHING.

                         Jack Pandey asked people to let Rocky have his say, but the rude abuse continued unchecked. I believe that Rocky is owed a public apology from Colleen, since she did not allow any other speaker to be subjected to that kind of treatment. All in all, this meeting was a MAJOR set-up, and we KNOW who the colluders ARE. We KNOW who set us up and that realization is a devastating thing for anyone in this town who knows the difference between right and wrong and believes in doing right as much as humanly possible. The writing was on the wall in red ink, and we know who the ONE person is that held the pen.  (We ALSO know who holds the eraser!)

                         All in all, it was a typical meeting of Liberals wanting what they want  and if there are victims, so be it. I am SO glad that my family has made the decision to leave New Lebanon and we are preparing for that eventuality. New Lebanon is no longer the town it once was, and it will never, ever, be that quiet, free, rural, patriotic, working-family , church-going town again. It is now an Official, Liberal Utopia, and no one can ever say that I did not do everything in my power to warn you that you were giving the wolves the keys to the hen-house. Now it's too late.

                       When a man like Rocky Brown, a pillar of this community, is allowed to be rudely silenced and abused as he was, you KNOW it's over.    We are now a mini- NY City, infected with the immoral, selfish, bullying, Godless , arrogant, and repulsive minions of Hell. Which is exactly what they ARE. It is the only explanation for their twisted ideology and lack of touch with reality.

                        I feel no sympathy for those of you who will be stuck here indefinitely. You MADE your beds through your apathy and laziness, and in some cases, complicity. I will think of the friends and like-thinkers I will be leaving behind and hope they are well, but I cannot and WILL not live with these people and their bulldozer behaviors. These people who want FREE land and tax-exemptions, but won't donate ten bucks to buy an American flag or a flat of flowers. These people who hate God and the Constitution, Veterans and unborn babies. 

                         By the way, did you notice that the latest, "Alleged" school shooter is yet ANOTHER Liberal? EVERY one of them has been a Liberal and/or Democrat voter except the Vegas guy who was Apolitical. That should tell you everything you need to know about the mental status of Liberals.