The Rally !!                                                1-19-2013

             We took Number ONE in the nation for attendance!  According to the Albany Police Department, just under 5,000 !  They came from all over NY state, stood in the bitter wind for three hours, and STOOD for their Constitutional Rights!  Imagine 5,000 people, all ages, races, male and female, businessman to mechanic, farmer to banker, and not ONE issue!  Not ONE person acted foolishly or violently, no one defecated on a police car or peed in public. Eat THAT, Occupy Wall Street! The Capitol Park was left cleaner than we found it, there were NO traffic problems, no gun infractions, and NO LIBERALS!  Which is why it went so well, why it was orderly and respectful.  We are PATRIOTS, we are GUN OWNERS, and we are the BEST America has! The Veterans, the Producers, the Police, the Self-Sustaining!

            WE are the people who love our country and our God, value our veterans, and cherish our Constitution. WE are Proud of America's history and grateful to our Forefathers. I sometimes wonder if they are called Forefathers because they came before us, or because they had such amazing FORESIGHT. They knew this day would come and ensured that the people were protected when it did. THIS is why it is so important to the evil leaders to remove our guns.  WILL NOT HAPPEN!

           Thousands of Law Enforcement Agencies across America are already publicizing their refusal to enforce gun laws. The military has done the same. Un-Constitutional Laws and Executive Order Laws do NOT require adherence to by the people, and THAT, is the LAW!  We will NOT comply!  5,000 New Yorkers stood in front of the Capitol Building today and called out loud for the removal of Andrew Cuomo.  He will either be Impeached, Prosecuted, or carried out of his office by the People.  One way or another, he will go. He has slit his own political throat and dashed any hopes he might have had for higher office.  His career is OVER, as are the careers of those who supported his violation of the people's rights.

          HUNDREDS of Democrat gun owners have pledged to change parties today. Hundreds of those who have never voted, registered to vote TODAY. THOUSANDS signed Impeachment petitions and the Marchione petition to nullify the NY Gun Bill. North Carolina has just successfully nullified theirs!  Numerous states have put the federal government on notice, that should any federal agents come into their state to confiscate arms, they will be arrested and prosecuted. This is a fight that the people WILL WIN.  The law is on our side and no Liberal Democrat at any level of government can change that fact.

          Today's nationwide rallies were just a first step to put our government on notice. They will NOT violate their Oaths to Uphold and Defend the Constitution, and should they continue in their attempts to do so, they will find themselves on the street with their hats in their hands.  The Liberal-Democrat Party in America, is OVER! Roll up the tablecloths and throw a rope around your four-footed asses, because you might find yourselves moving to a Liberal country. SOON.

           I am so very grateful to the 5,000 good people that came out today! I am indebted to our speakers, like Jim Tedisco, Steve McLaughlin, and all the others who stood and spoke against the tyranny in our state and federal governments. I will be writing Thank You notes all week!  Excellent job everyone, Message Delivered!

             God Bless America!     JJ

The Flag we saluted at today's rally was flown by our soldiers in Afghanistan!