THE Town Board Meeting                                             3-13-2018

                    Gross. That was this meeting in one word.

                   The room was stacked with 40 Liberal Transplants looking to get what they desire, as usual. NEVER, EVER, do you see these people at a meeting unless it involves something that THEY want, and then they come in droves to bully and demand.  As always, the minute their issue is finished being discussed, they get up and leave, totally unconcerned about any OTHER town business. 

                    Tonight was a deplorable display of rudeness, because when the Rail Trail issue ended after almost 2 hours, they all got up, but didn't leave the room. Instead, they gathered together in the aisles and corners and held court !  In the MIDDLE of a damn MEETING! I finally bitched about it and told them to take it outside, and finally, Colleen took notice and dropped the Gavel. Talk about RUDE!  These are the people who jump right in everyone else's sh_t if they dare to speak out of turn in a meeting! It was, GROSS behavior. From people who never attend a meeting unless there is something in it for them.

                    So, since Colleen is already livid with me and has accused me of spreading False Information, I guess I'm not risking anything by taking it a bit farther. I made it VERY clear in last night's blog, that I would likely not have it 100% correct, and I didn't. To a point.  I said that Colleen had made an Executive Decision on the Miller Property. She stated tonight that the County is in charge of what happens to tax delinquent properties, not the towns. She went on to say that they were considerate enough to ask for her feelings about donating the property to the Rail Trail, AND, that the action would need the support of the majority of the community. Colleen supported the County's proposal, so in fact, she DID make a unilateral decision.

                    She stated that there was no "Time" to bring the question back to the board, and that she is authorized to make that decision. I'm sure she IS, but why did she have "Time" to allow a meeting tonight to hear the Liberals' opinions and make us sit through another poster-board presentation about the Rail Trail?  WHY did the board get to vote on the decision tonight if their input is insignificant and the County gets the say? 

                      Here's where it gets interesting; Councilman Baumli didn't make the meeting due to a fender-bender on his way home from work. He is unhurt, but not so for his vehicle. I know he wanted to be there, as he openly opposes the donation of the Miller Property. The vote took place without him, but ended in a tie. Rasmussen then did everything he could to force it through as it was and report to the County that it was a deadlock AND he demanded that the show of Liberals and their opinions be included in that report!! He tried to make CERTAIN that Baumli never gets a vote! This led to arguments over how to proceed, should they schedule a re-vote for this coming Thursday night?  That passed. Then the complaints from Rasmussen and the "Crowd" changed THAT, and a Special Meeting and Vote was scheduled instead for the 29th. Then, THAT decision was challenged and with all the noise and crying from the transplants, I don't even know if THAT meeting is going to take place! 

                      The Vote ended in a tie, and that tie must be broken by a full board vote. That's just the proper and ethical thing to do, BUT, the Libs started accusing Mark Baumli of having a Conflict of Interest, being interested in the property himself, and that he should have to recuse himself anyway. The Attorney stated that it is NOT a Conflict since Mark had not placed any bids on the site. So what will happen? Who the Hell knows?

                        I want to make one thing crystal clear here; I do NOT oppose the Rail Trail.  I don't think it is going to draw businesses like they claimed tonight, but it's a "Nice" idea anyway.  Teri Koepp attended tonight and said it was a wonderful idea because our local children and families NEED something like the trail. Okay, I can agree with that,too. However, I have also seen things happen to children on these trails that you don't want to even KNOW about. Predators LOVE these trails, and I am not talking about wildlife. No children should EVER walk them alone.

                      My personal objections are two-fold. 1) I don't care that we have not been receiving any land taxes on the Miller Property since it burned, it has the POTENTIAL to BECOME a taxable property again. Donating it to the Rail Trail removes that possibility. The Rail Trail is a Non-Profit, so THEY won't be paying taxes on it. The land is Commercial/Residential, and despite having some issues that need attention and review, it CAN be built on again and the Rail Trail given a Right of Way. Nope, THEY made it clear that they want it ALL. Typical Liberal attitude, all TAKE and NO GIVE. Any board member that agrees with THAT, is taking sides. Colleen is protecting the County's purse and allegedly OURS, by not wanting to make them gain Title and sell the property with an easement for the Rail Trail.

                   2) As I said, I have zero objections to the Rail Trail, but I have a bucket-full of objections to "GIVING" anything more away to these Liberal Wish List items under the guise of "Building Community and Business". They claim that "If you build it, they will come".  REALLY?  If they really want growth, they need to STOP bringing in more government regulations via grants. They need to STOP putting more and more acreage into Conservancies and limiting accessible properties because some endangered butterfly lives there. THOSE are my objections, along with the FACT, that transplants now OWN this town and the rest of us no longer matter.

                    I suppose there IS an upside to all this crap that is morphing us into a Liberal Utopia for City People. Property values might just rise enough for me to sell my cabin and get the HELL out of HERE! Imagine how HAPPY the Liberals will be to see me GO? Ahh, but no one will be happier than ME! 

                     The meeting room was STACKED tonight. The Liberal Hotline was put into motion and they all responded. The rest of you who disagree, never bother to show up or stand up, so you deserve everything you get. If YOU can't come to a meeting, send an email, or make a phone call to have your opinions heard, then you should suffer the consequences, and you WILL. 

                      Regarding Colleen's plans to move her office upstairs, she claims that it is to make it easier for Seniors and Veterans who come to see the Assessor. She stated that she would come downstairs to meet with anyone who can't climb the stairs, and she would even go to their homes if necessary. You know what? Who gives a crap? They can conduct town business in their cars for all I care. 

                        Tonight was proof in living color that you have surrendered your town to outsiders, newcomers, and Liberal Idiots. So why am I bothering to fight for what YOU will not? The long-timers, Life-timers, and Conservatives are no longer a consideration here, and you can't blame ANYBODY for that but YOURSELVES. ALL of you who whine and complain but DO nothing. Doug Banker said tonight that he wants to see a "Healthier" town, but that is an impossible dream. We are far too divided, disengaged, and lazy to ever be a "Healthy" Community. Our traditions and Patriotism are gone, our churches are empty, our school enrollment is dropping every year, and regulations grow daily. How is that, HEALTHY?

                           I moved to this town almost 40 years ago because I LOVED it here. Now, I no longer recognize it, and I no longer love it. I am surrounded by strangers with totally opposite views and beliefs to my own, a Faithless, Anti-Freedom, Selfish, Bullying Society that I came here all those years ago to escape. My husband wants to work for two more years, and in that time, I will be finishing the work that needs to be done on the cabin so I can sell it. Then I will literally RUN to a state where people still care about the Constitution, raise their kids to be responsible adults and not Safe-Space Snowflakes, and who love their country. A state where there is FREEDOM, Conservatism, Christianity,and Patriotism. There are still a LOT of states like that, where the officials tell the government to STAY OUT of their residents' lives! Liberals hate those states. LOL!!  

                     So if any of you city people have a friend or relative looking for a year-round cabin, send them my way next year. 


  Note:  To one attendee of tonight's meeting, get this straight; My husband may have a detour between his head and his mouth, but he is NOT stupid. Nor is he mean, even though he has a gruff exterior, he is very compassionate and kind. You have only to watch him fight around the clock in all kinds of weather, to save a sick calf, to see who he really IS. The Shakers had a saying that goes like this:  "You can judge the character of a man by the way he treats his animals ".  So I would appreciate it if you would cease and desist in making fun of him every chance you get, because if you do NOT knock it off, you will very seriously regret it.