Time to Double-Down !!                                                  3-28-2017

                   In 2007, I got involved in local politics due to the outrageous abuse of a resident by a literally insane town official. 

                   I was not well-acquainted with this resident OR the official, but when presented with the documents and story of what was happening, I was flabbergasted by the corruption and the failure of our then Town Board, to do anything about it. Not only was this resident being tormented for no valid reason, but the campaign against him was costing taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars!  In the end, the total was $167,000.00 and change, and for all intents and purposes, the town LOST. 

                   Those were the nightmare days of Bruce Baldwin and Doug Clark, and the unrestrained tyranny they consistently perpetrated upon the people of New Lebanon. In the case of Baldwin, it was decades of dirty dealings.  Yes, he did a lot of GOOD things for the town, but the BAD he did made those things hard to appreciate.

                   People in general have poor memories, or selective ones, depending on their political views. Major violations and crimes are not only shrugged-off and excused, but buried by NEW violations and assaults so quickly, that the last ones are lost in space. Very few people remember or care about past behaviors, regardless of how seriously unacceptable they may have been at the time. 

                    It has always been hard for me to grasp the idea that so many people simply don't CARE. Anything goes today, whether it be teenagers walking around in pajamas with lip piercings and tattoos, or a politician literally assassinating their opposition and calling it "Suicide". There is no longer any outrage or strong objection to deplorable behaviors by our fellow  Americans including our own children and spouses. It just isn't the America I grew up in, and all the rules have changed.

                     There is honestly no one I can think of that I actually "Hate", but there is an endless list of BEHAVIORS that I hate. Not just the usual dishonesty and corruption, but the lack of opposition TO the bad behaviors, the pervasive Apathy that has become the normal response toward anything that is repulsive. Where is the integrity and character that were once the most notable traits of the American people? It's depressing and frustrating, to say the LEAST. 

                      Over the years that I have been active locally and written this blog, I have seen many different responses to what I discuss and object to. Some people are very interested and complimentary, others even thank me for reporting information that they would never get elsewhere. Then there are those who despise the blog, and ME, and do nothing but call out my occasional spelling or grammar mistakes, or send me emails using fake names and toss-away , email addresses.  Cowards.

                       I expect and deserve criticism and debate, it's important to have differing views, but when I tell people about a vital issue that they should be concerned about, rather than weigh-in on the matter, they attack a spelling error! SERIOUSLY ?!?  Is that the best you can do?  I make mistakes numerous times a day, as do we all, and I have NEVER claimed to be perfect or consistently accurate, but I do my best and always try to correct mistakes I make in grammar AND information! I would NEVER knowingly mislead or provide false information, and I do everything I can to vet the information I receive from others. It is impossible to be 100% on the mark, 100% of the time. I too, am human.

                      That being said, you might think that I would throw-in the towel and just quit. After all, some weeks I get 30 to 50 readers a night, and other weeks, I might get 4 or 5 readers a night. That doesn't matter to me even a little bit. What matters, is that the information is here for anyone who CARES to be plugged-in, and it's up to YOU whether you read it or not. I am not Channel 6 and thank GOD, I am not CNN! I'm willing to take the negative feedback and dirty looks, but I am NOT willing to be silent about things that SHOULD matter.

                     So, rather than fold to the pressure of those who abhor me and what I have to say, I intend to double-down and say things even more strongly than I have in the past. No one HAS to read this blog, and no one HAS to agree with me or have the same response as I do. That is not the goal of this page at all, the goal is to make people THINK about our situation as a town and as a country, and to take a serious look at where we have gone in the past two decades, what we have lost and who we have become as a people. My goal is to inspire others to get involved and do what they can to make our country stronger, one little town at a time. One PERSON at a time. 

                     Put your seat-belts on and get ready, because we are going to talk about HARD things, unpleasant things, and REAL things that a lot of people are completely unaware of. We are going to address apathy and responsibility, and not from just MY point-of-view, but from MANY. We are going to actually interview people and share those chats here. Things are getting stale and it's time for some change. 

                      Tonight, I will post about the Tri-Board Meeting that is scheduled for 6:30 at the Town Hall, and THEN, it's ON!