Town Board Meeting                                                      10-10-2017

                      As the new administration in Washington,DC attempts to "Drain the Swamp", certain entities in New Lebanon are planning to turn ours into another Tourist Attraction.

                     Fiona Lally of "Grow the Valley", spoke at tonight's meeting about the progress of the "Shaker Swamp Project".  Since the site they refer to was years ago, the best bottom land in the valley for growing crops, I find it hard to call it the Shaker Swamp. Yes, there were some boggy areas there where some medicinal plants grew wild and were used by both the Shakers and Tilden Pharmaceuticals, but the vast majority of this property was kept dry with hand-dug, drainage ditches. 

                     The Shakers knew all too well the value of this land and how fertile it was, and worked hard to keep it tillable. It wasn't until the last of them died off and the ditches became clogged with vegetation and mud, that the land amassed runoff and rain water, allowing the boggy areas to grow and get out of control. So in reality, there never WAS an actual "Shaker Swamp" at all. This is the name given this bog by liberal transplants from NY City who spend too much time worrying about environmental issues that are natural and healthy left alone. So LEAVE it alone. 

                    Fiona mentioned another remote swamp in another state that is "Very difficult to access ", but still draws over 8,000 visitors per year. Yippee, more tourists. After this summer with the heaviest traffic in the history of New Lebanon summers, we NEED more tourists?  The few businesses we have and have SPACE for, are doing fine without any increase in traffic from outsiders, and Stewarts is so crammed every weekend that it is dangerous to try to get in and out of their parking lot. Attempting to get out of West Street or Shaker Road is terrifying and takes forever, and once you DO get out onto Rt. 20 , look out for the 4-wheeled missiles aiming at you from all directions! 

                 Jimmy D's, M&Ms, and Blueberry Hill are filled to capacity already, so where do these tourism advocates suggest we PUT another 8,000 tourists? I know where I  would like to put them! Fiona stated that the parking and access area for this Shaker Swamp deal will be at the former Lenny's Restaurant, recently purchased by Tony Murad. Until I heard THAT, I was excited about the restoration of that awesome, old building. Now, not so much. I just cannot deal with these transplants coming here and trying to morph us and our town into their ideal, Liberal Utopia. They are NOT making anything better, they are simply forcing their Progressive poison upon us. Commies.

              The Town Hall will be seeing the installation of a modern security system in the coming weeks as a result of the recent break-in. Long overdue. This is something that needed to be done years ago, especially with the court being located there as it was in the old meeting room. Another piece of good news is that the local Little League is working diligently to re-man it's board and keep the kids playing. The Town Board and present, remaining members of the LL Board have agreed to work together to keep the kids on the field of dreams for decades to come. A very good thing!

               Councilman Dan Evans and his wife are patiently awaiting the birth of their baby daughter who is now two days overdue. We wish them lots of luck and happiness !!

                A local landlord and business owner who was recently approached about poor conditions in one of his rental units, is claiming that he is being "Picked On" because people in New Lebanon are "Racists". Umm, okay. Never thought we would see anyone play the Race Card HERE, but I guess there's a first time for everything. LOL!

               For those of you who are CCW Permit Holders, you might be interested to know that the resistance against the 2017 Safe Act requirement to re-certify your permits every five years, is continuing and ramping-up. Be aware of the wording here, this is not a renewal process, it is re-certification, and there is a big difference. Renewal is the same as having your driver's license extended every four years. You go to DMV or mail in a form, pay the fee, and get on with your life. Not so with re-certification. That process is actually starting from scratch, taking the test, being investigated, having every piece of your life delved into by people who want you disarmed, then also paying the fees and filling out the forms.  For people who have been law-abiding permit holders for decades, this is an insult and an extreme violation of their 2A rights, and they are the ones who will be the first people required to re-certify!

             This issue gives us our first positive opportunity to resist and refuse to comply, which is Step ONE in dismantling the unconstitutional Safe Act. This gives us exactly the shot we have been waiting for to show massive resistance without even leaving the comfort of our own homes. Numerous County Sheriffs have already advised NY Permit Holders to throw their re-cert letters in the garbage, and that is what we should ALL be doing! However, people have been indoctrinated for SO long, to see the government as their Master, to fear their retaliation, that they will comply out of fear of being jailed, or of losing their permits and firearms. Their fear is greater than their love of freedom, their RIGHT, (and DUTY), to not comply with unconstitutional laws and mandates. 

               Some have already re-certified, and others think that by waiting until the last minute and flooding the State Police with paperwork all at once, will make a difference. It will not. What needs to be done, is for the State Police to have NO paperwork to deal with at all! DO NOT COMPLY! For this to succeed, it must be done by a minimum of 20,000 permit holders. I will be doing a taped interview on Sunday and will share it here when it is released. If you are a permit holder, start weighing the value of your rights against the tyranny of an over-stepping governor with a God Complex. Will you be a part of reclaiming our rights in NY, or will you bow to the King of Albany? The power is YOURS, OURS, not HIS, so take it BACK!

  This boycott will continue until the NYSP make a public statement that they will NOT enforce the re-certification requirement. We are asking all Constitutional Conservatives to NOT call the NYSP for assistance unless it a life-or-death matter and they are closest. In all other circumstances, call your Sheriff's Department or local P.D instead. When calling 911, make it very clear to the dispatcher that you are requesting the Sheriff's Deputies respond and NOT the NYSP. Let's put the Troopers back on Highway Patrol where they belong and get them out of our communities. Support the Constitutional Law Enforcement Officers, the County Sheriffs.