Town Board                                                                2-11-2020

              Good Lord, what a BORING meeting !!  It started off alright, with a packed house to honor John Koepp for his many years of service to the community.  Nobody deserved it more! Even Steve Caporizzo, the weather man, was present and said a few words. Apparently, he and John and Miss Teri are long-time friends. It was nice!

               Most of the crowd left after that, as usual, but some of you that I asked to come, actually showed-up, and I thank you all so much! We desperately need to grow the attendance of the Homies and Long-Timers who are NOT Liberal Democrats. Almost every meeting is attended by at least  15 to 20 Liberals, and 5 or 6 Conservatives and Moderates. The new Board is 4 to 1 Liberal, so ya think we need some more "Variety"? 

              The Ethics Board is finally fully manned. One lady, whose name escapes me, but she seems very nice. Pretty,too! The other is Tom Geraghty, the "Constitutional Attorney" from Canaan Road. He's as far Left as I am far Right, so how Constitutional can he really BE? He's one of those lifetime college people, Ivy League, etc. He might be a good choice LEGALLY for the Ethics Board, BUT, can he be fair and non-biased? Remains to be seen. 

                The Town Felon was present tonight, sitting right up front next to Tom. Maybe she knows she's going to need a good lawyer.

                  The climate smart thing was the same old, same old that we have already listened to and voted down THREE times. No votes taken, just the B.S about how it has this grant and that grant and the town has to PLEDGE to it, etc. The dangerous side was ignored and down-played, of course. THEN, each board member was given the opportunity to tell the people what their three favored focuses are going forward. Norm Rasmussen, the False Police Report guy, Wants a Community Center. Well REALLY?!  Scott Larabee has been working on that for several years now, and managed to find a free location, until EXCESSIVE building codes interfered. So he moved on to searching for another venue.

                    The perfect location would be the Firehouse, after the new LVPA building is completed. It's handicapped accessible, all on one floor, has bathrooms and a kitchen, and is smack in the middle of town with plenty of parking. It needs some work, but so will anyplace we manage to find. With as many contractors in town as we have, that shouldn't be a big problem. A LOT of us are willing and able to paint and swing a hammer. 

                       Deb Gordon was the one to bring up the water for the "Miracle Mile" idea. Quite a few chuckles for THAT one. One of them mentioned sidewalks, might have been her again. So there they ARE, the 2 things I told you would come up again despite the three years of arguing over that, and the residents voting a resounding NO to both! So in my opinion, their great visions are ideas stolen from our former board and imaginative residents.

                     I still want to paint a historical mural on the former Lar-A-Bowl building, but getting Malcolm to okay that won't be easy. LOL!!    Quite a few of us left shortly before the meeting's end, because Tistrya got on a toot over business crap, talking ten miles an hour and going on and on. I actually asked someone if they had slipped her some Meth or something. It was AWFUL. 

                      By the way, there are now shiny new, NO SMOKING signs on the back porch, where the few smokers have taken cigarette breaks for decades, way back when there was a handicap ramp there! That's another example of Liberals having to have EVERYTHING THEIR WAY, and their rabid desire to bully others and make other people as miserable as THEY are. Such nauseating, selfish, hateful people. 

                       Just for shits and giggles, ask some town board members what is going on in the Court, and what's BEEN going on for a number of months. Ask them WHY they are AGAIN changing staff members, and why one was suspended WITH pay for a time. LOTS of secrets in those two little rooms! The facts re: this issue are being kept VERY close to the vest. Hmmm.

                       Next month, Stone Soup will begin preparing for their warm-weather season. We will again be asking for donations of plants and flowers, volunteers to adopt a flower-box or small flower garden, and will be doing another Go Fund Me to replace the many American Flags that were stolen last year. This year, we will be going with smaller flags that will be less susceptible to damage from wind and passing tractor trailers. We will be placing flags ONLY along the main mile from Rt. 22 South to Rt. 22 North. Only 9 of the original 2 dozen flags remain, and we want to keep the costs down as well. I will post the link when the fund raiser page is up. 

                          Anyone interested in donating or volunteering to the Town Beautification projects, please contact us here, or directly at:   Please remember that we need you to attend as many meetings as possible !