Town Board Meeting                                                          5-9-2017

              A LOONG meeting tonight. We didn't wrap-up till 9:15. Attendance was up a bit, probably due to the fact that some CAC members were present to hear a presentation from a man who does investigations into ground water in towns and villages. A good  thing, as he traces the origins of our water supply and the cleanliness of it, then makes suggestions about how to better preserve what we have.

               Of course, I had to ask him if his findings would be simply a guide for the community, or another step to more oppressive, government regulations. He assured me that there are no regulations involved and it would be for the community's information only. Heaven knows we don't need any more regs!! If we're going to impose ANY new regulations, it should have to do with economic development and what we do and do NOT want to see in New Lebanon's future.

                For a couple of days last week, I thought there was actually some real hope for cohesiveness in New Lebanon, and maybe there is, but not this month.  It HAS improved a lot under Colleen's leadership, but we have a long way to go to being a united community. Especially when people chastise you for refusing to be politically-correct. LOL!! During last week's few moments of hope, I referred to the greenies as Organic Farmers and Environmentalists. I really thought I was doing pretty good not calling them Tree-Huggers or Nature Nazis. At least I'm TRYING. Apparently my effort wasn't good enough, because today I was told that my chosen terms are "Divisive". Good Grief! So I'll just go back to Greenies, how's that?

                 So I thought that when I started receiving many emails from the Abode, the Farmers Market folks, and yes, the "Greenies", complaining about Dunkin Donuts and asking what could be done to stop it, that there was indeed some shot at working together for the good of the town. I answered their questions, gave them the facts and honestly told them what the odds are of keeping DD out of here. NOT good.

                  They were upset and excitable, and determined to organize and take a stand against this first step into commercialization. Emails among them flew back and forth and I was copied on them. I offered to assist if needed, but stated that I would not take the helm. Local apathy has convinced me that this resistance is a waste of time for the most part, because any success would depend on numbers and dedication, not to mention unity. Things we do NOT have. It was kinda fun to watch them come together and brainstorm like worker bees. It was also hopeful, but it lasted about two days. LOL!!

                  As angry and opposed as they claim to be, none of them were willing to take the lead, and many of their organic groupies decided to step back altogether. Surprised? You shouldn't be, this is still New Lebanon and the Liberals are still Liberals. Funny how the difficulty of this opposition intimidated them so much, but unborn babies, open displays of Faith, the exercise of the freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights by anyone other than one of their own, and the freedom to offend, are all fair game and they will go to insane extremes to fight whatever they personally disagree with. But not THIS. 

                  In the past 2 years, we have watched women take to the streets half-naked and wearing vagina hats, screaming obscenities and waving rubber penises in the name of "Equality for Women" which they already have and have had for decades. LOL!! As you are well aware, I could go on all day about the mental confusion of Liberals, but suffice it to say that they are apparently not capable of standing up to a Fast-Food Donut Shop. They literally ran and hid, and I thought it was the Republicans who had leadership issues. Live and learn. Oh well, maybe the pink and orange donut signs will add pizzazz to our Bi-Centennial Celebrations next year.

                  The school budget vote is next week, folks! Have you carefully considered the dire need to combine the two schools into one building and cut that damn proposed budget? Thought about your taxes and the veterans who will have to pay even more because this school district voted to deny them an exemption? Are you proud to bear the distinction of being the one and only school district in this county to NOT grant the veterans an exemption? We have 400 students, total. NO MORE MONEY! How about some CIVIC EDUCATION? If you got the boastful propaganda in your mail this week about the programs NLCS offers its students, you will notice the glaring omission of anything Civic. 

                   Our school board members, teachers, and students NEVER attend any town meetings, nor do any of our clergy. Numerous invitations to the High School to promote student attendance at Constitution Study in exchange for an enhanced history grade, have gone nowhere. The only teens who have attended were Home-Schoolers, the kids who are already taught about Constitutional Law at home. NO MORE MONEY! NO upgrades and additions at TWO schools, when ONE will serve just fine. NO respect for a school district that offends and disrespects our veterans.

                     Our Town Board wrestled tonight with what to do about the brick house in front of the elementary school that appears to be falling down a little more each day. It is owned by Fred Munch Jr. of Canaan, and he has been noticed and noticed that something must be done, and he has ignored all requests. The town will now have to demolish the crumpled porch and board-up all windows and doors on the first floor to ensure that none of the school kids wander into the house and get hurt. A temporary fence was also decided upon until the board can ascertain what the County intends to do about the building that no taxes have been paid on for 3 years.

                     It's heartbreaking to see that nice old house crumble away. Kinda reminds me of our culture and history all over town and across the country. We just aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto.

                     I have finally given up on receiving any cooperation from our local America Legion and Leader Brian Sedgewick on the Flag Project. It is TWO years that I have been attempting to motivate him and all I have gotten are empty promises. I am told that there are flags and hanging brackets in the attic of the old American Legion building on Mill Road, but no one who is authorized to do so, will go and check. So, after the latest failure of the A.L to take the promised actions, I have gone elsewhere for help. 

           A Legion post from another County has stepped-up to help and even though we will once again see a Memorial Day without flags, we MIGHT see a Labor Day with them. I refuse to give up on this project. Speaking of Veteran memorials, Former Fire Chief, Dave Roden will be laid to rest at the Cemetery of the Evergreens on Saturday the 13th at 11 a.m. Our little neighborhood has not been the same since he passed.   Ed Bunting, a former High School teacher here in New Lebanon, also passed this week. I had never heard of him, but my husband remembered him more than fondly and shared some stories about him. Made me wish I HAD known him.

                 M&M Tap and Tavern will be holding a "Block Party" on June 24th at noon until 2 a.m on the 25th. Games, food, and of course, DRINK. They plan to close off the Midtown Mall minefield and park the patrons at the Valley Plaza, hiring Deputy Sheriffs to serve as crossing guards. Being a Race Night, it should be interesting to see how THAT goes when the races end. Funny thing is, we went to China City after the meeting tonight, and it seems they know nothing about this except that M&M's owners casually mentioned it to them at one point but never gave them any details or dates. So they will be closed-off from THEIR patrons from noon on Saturday until their 10 p.m closing time,  but not included in the festivities or financial take?  Guess we'll have to wait and see. 

             Watch your speed in town,folks, we have 5 new rookies coming to the local barracks next week! As a retired cop, I can assure you that there is nothing more gung-ho and itchy to stop you than a rookie. It's called, "Wyatt Earp Syndrome" and it is awful! Click the seatbelts, make sure all lights are working, and obey the speed limits. LOLOL!! Speaking of Troopers, I'm posting a pic for you below that I think you will all enjoy. Seems that even when their patrol cars break down, our Cuomo Commandos manage to get to Jimmy D's for dinner hour !