Town Board Meeting                                                       6-13-2017

             WoW!  Things got a little heated for a few minutes tonight, and that's a first since Colleen took the helm.  I was very,VERY sad to hear that the Eastwick Press is shutting down soon, as it is the only un-biased newspaper around. Looks like we will be stuck with the Liberal Star again. One consolation is that so few people read it. LOL!! Maybe we should start our OWN newspaper in town and call it the Valley Conservative Voice, no Liberal News allowed. LOLOL!!! 

             Anyway, we have a couple in town that has only lived here for a few years, after being driven out of the town they lived in before. Yes, I DO know that for a fact, and I even know WHY, but I can't share that. Know WHY  I can't share that? Well, because the guy managed to get a decent plea bargain and the horrendous crime he was charged with was reduced and saved him a lifetime of stigma, that's why.  There's a LOT more to the story, but enough said, for NOW. 

           This guy is BIG trouble, looking for a fight wherever he can find one, and if he can't find one, he CAUSES one. He torments his neighbors 24 hours a day, drives around town looking for things to complain about, accuses people of doing and saying things they never did or said, etc.,etc.  He is a bees-nest poker, and if he continues this behavior, he might get swarmed. Tonight, he brought along his now-expected "List" of grievances and the first thing he complained about was the length of time it is taking for the DOT to stripe Rt. 20. Why does this bother him? Because it makes the road look  " Too BIG ".  Ummm, yeah, he said that. 

            Second on his agenda was a request for the names of every member of the Ethics Board. I can only imagine what THAT might be about.  Next was a complaint about a local property he considers to be an "Eyesore". The property in question's location is immaterial and in my opinion is not an eyesore, it is a house being renovated. The owners are a young couple with seven children, lifetime residents, who are doing the work as they can afford it. Exactly the way we did MY cabin, and it is still far from done! 

             This guy does not know or care that this young family is doing their best with what they have, nor does he notice that his own yard, though well-tended and clean, is overflowing with more garden ornaments than a statuary store. He wasn't done yet. He then went on the attack against a member of the board whom he saw taking pictures of his property. He stated that the excessive number of signs on his fence are "None of the board member's business". Yet he feels it is HIS  business to complain about a young couple taking longer to complete their home that HE thinks they should ?   

             His signs were not the reason for the pictures anyway, the fact that he is building a garage without a permit, MIGHT be. He failed to mention THAT. He also failed to admit that he placed boards with 3-inch nails sticking up in the laneway around the corn field that runs behind the Catholic Church. This was intended to pop the tires of his neighbor's ATV, but my husband drives a tractor on that path all the time. It isn't likely that 3-inch nails would pop a tractor tire, but it WOULD catch in a tire and possibly be thrown upwards, resulting in other damage or injury. That's just ONE of the countless dirty deeds this guy has been up to since he moved here, and if you know him, you might want to tell him that he is collecting enemies faster than he was run out of his last town. GEEZ!!!

             We were graced with the presence of a Constitutional Attorney tonight. What an awesome thing to hear !!  I don't know if he is new here or not, but I have never seen him before. I did however, get his contact info. LOL!!  Sure could use his assistance in our Constitution Study Class. 

             There was a lot of discussion about the M&M Tavern and its planned Block Party for the 24th of this month. One board member in particular was livid that the owners of M&M have not bothered to attend a meeting and discuss this event with the board and have so far, failed to provide the funding to the town for the required Deputy Sheriffs that will work said event. I wonder if by now, China City has been included in this plan? At last check, they had not been. In my opinion, this gala will just have to prove itself. If it goes well, great. If it doesn't, the board should prohibit such things in the future. It's another, "Wait and See" thing. 

             I stepped out for a smoke after the discussion of the Smoking Ban for the park. I needed to cool off a little, literally and figuratively. What utter stupidity. First, they want to put signs in the Little League field area only. Then it was there AND the playground. Then it was the field, the playground, and the pavilion. THEN, it went on to include the picnic area, wherever THAT is. So in effect, that is the whole park. Once again, anyone who wishes to light-up will be relegated to a tiny corner somewhere, away from all the whiners. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that smoking in the pavilion among non-smokers is unacceptable, and so is smoking at the Little League field near the children. There SHOULD be signs in those two places, but not all over the damn park! That is essentially a full smoking ban! OUTDOORS !!

             Someone commented that there are adults who don't wish to be exposed to the smoke either. REALLY ?! If you are an adult, MOVE AWAY from the smoke and shut up. You are outside, you are free to move, and it is high time that someone other  than the smokers be inconvenienced and over-regulated. How about we designate a tiny corner for NON-Smokers to hang out? Imagine THAT! Of course, Mr. Ted Salem had to make one of his snide comments while I was attempting to discuss the matter with the board. 

              Just as he did at another meeting, when he did not correctly hear what my husband said, but was quick to loudly and obnoxiously correct him and accuse him of always being inaccurate. It was Ted who was wrong, and Bob who was right. Fortunately for Ted, Bob did not hear his comment, but I, DID.  For several years, since his debut on the local government scene, I have struggled to be nice to Ted and try to make conversation, etc. It has NOT been easy, because he is just not "Nice" and I am not "Liberal Tolerant". Tonight however, was the last straw for me. He started to go after me and I told him , "NO ONE asked you, TED!".  One can only take so much. 

              He is one of those typical transplants that moved here and injected himself into every board and committee he could manage. He knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, (he thinks anyway). GAG! Yeah, that's what he needs, a gag. I have to wonder if he is related to Monte, because they are two of a kind. In any case, I am done trying to be nice to a guy who hates me for no reason other than that I am an outspoken Conservative. Bite me.

              While I was outdoors having my smoke of defiance and talking with a couple of other folks who think like me, the board was having a conversation about the Community Picnic. According to my husband who stayed inside, there will BE no picnic this year. He said that the town was going to charge the Larabees for the use of the pavilion.  Umm, WHAT? Seriously? Do I really need to go into that stupidity? The Larabees, who for DECADES have done more community service than any other family who ever lived here, who started, and host the Community Picnic every year, donated time and effort, even built the new picnic tables. REALLY ? Charge them to use the feckin pavilion ?!?! 

           Some weeks ago, I heard that there were some hurt feelings when the town board wanted to combine the picnic with the Music in the Park program. The Larabees understandably wished to keep the two separate. Whether this played a role in tonight's decision to cancel the picnic, I can't say. I guess I stepped outside at the wrong time. I also missed the discussion between the board and the LVPA that I understand did not go well. The LVPA wants to become a Fire District and the board is resisting that. I don't know all the details, but I'm told that the board could no longer control the LVPA budget after one year of them becoming a district, and this could cause a raise in taxes. Yet the LVPA has always presented an honest and responsible budget and why would that change? They have some pressing needs right now that relate directly to the safety of the people and properties in this town, yet no one seems to care about that, they are only interested in the cost.

             Yet they voted to give this deplorable school district 12 million dollars for things we do not want or need? Sorry folks, but if it were up to me, I would see the needs of our fire department as far more important than a bigger basketball court for the elementary school. So why is it that for the past 6 or 7 years, I keep hearing residents object to assisting the LVPA, and actually treat the members as if they were trying to rob the people, but no outcry about the school budget or Dunkin Donuts? Our town is infected by the stupid germ.

              I am SO fed-up with the apathy of the longtime and lifetime residents and disgusted by the control grabs of the liberal transplants. This town has been transformed, in a very negative way, over the past 15 to 20 years, and those who SHOULD care, are sitting on their lazy asses.  Look, we need TWO candidates for the Town Board THIS year ! We have NONE. How about you few remaining Conservatives get moving and find an Honorable, Honest, Conservative Candidate?  DO SOMETHING. Stop allowing the outlanders to take your town away from you and REVOLT a little, damn it!

              We have a terrific Supervisor and Board right now, let's not let that get away from us in November. GET involved for once!!

UPDATE  6-14-2017:

       I talked to a Councilman today about the picnic, and was told that the Town Board would gladly provide a waiver to the Larabees for the pavilion rental if they wished . However, because it would be a private gathering with the town not involved, the Larabees would not be able to solicit donations for the picnic. Previous picnics were sponsored by the Larabees and Co-Sponsored by the Recreation Committee, making it a "Town Event", exempt from pavilion rental and allowed to solicit donations. The Rec Comm. would not be a Co-Sponsor this year. Anybody else think there are too many ridiculous rules attached to EVERYTHING ?

       This is not the Town Boards' fault, it is the result of too many "Laws" regulating our lives in all areas. Why can't a local family throw a picnic for their community and ask for donations of food and drink items from businesses? Why can't they accept monetary donations for NEXT year's picnic in a little jar or  coffee can without government mandates telling them it is not "Legal"?  SEE ?! This is what I am talking about when I try to warn you about over-regulation of our private lives by government entities, just like the Smoking Ban. The playground and Little League Field were not enough, it had to include the pavilion and mystery picnic area as well. 

      When we allow things like this to go too far, we lose more freedom, more choice, more license to think for ourselves and deal with normal issues person-to-person. We are giving government permission to think FOR us, to make "Rules" about what we can do, where we can do it, what we can say or not say, etc., etc. The answer is LESS government, it is NEVER more government. When the Smoking Ban spreads to the Town Hall property and the employees who smoke can no longer step outside for that cigarette, we MIGHT see some resistance THEN. People tend to ignore surreptitious violations of their freedoms until it hits home and knocks on THEIR door. Sometimes, that is too late.

A 27 story residential tower is burning in London right now, and there are still people trapped inside. Keep them in your prayers. 


 Below is my dear friend, Jody Jackson, Rebel of the Year!