Town Board Meeting - On FIRE!                                          8-8-2017

                      You missed a very WARM meeting, and I mean that both literally and figuratively.

                       The meeting room was wonderfully cool when we arrived, but then SOMEONE turned off the A.C, AGAIN , and it turned into Hell fairly quickly. Why do they DO that, no one complained of being cold, and we have a sound system now, so leave the AC ON. GEEZ!!!! What really irks me is that the people who turn the AC off are NOT even board members and should not be fooling with it at all. 

                        The other heat, the figurative kind, was between the LVPA and the Town Board. At one point, I was wondering if we needed the fire hoses to cool things down, and by "Things", I mean tempers. Apparently, the budget reports given to the board by the LVPA each month are not in the correct format to make them understandable to the Council. Long story, but to cut it short, there is mention in the contract between the two, that ALL reports will be in Excel, not PDF, and the LVPA was not complying, which led to mass confusion. 

                         All that was fine until one LVPA member made the statement that the budget reports will continue to be done as they have been doing them, because they were concerned that numbers could be "Changed" or "Played With".  It was a statement that reeked of distrust and our Supervisor took it personally. ( Can't blame her!) So it got VERY hot for a little while. Even the Attorney weighed-in and stood by the board and Colleen. Finally, Chief Wheeler took it in hand and earned tonight's "Star of the Show " as far as I'm concerned. 

                         The Chief was gentle, calm, and sensible, and took the temperature down by a mile in 10 seconds flat! He explained the confusion in a manner that all could understand and no one could possibly take offense to. In a few words, Chief Ben put the fire out with class and character. Kudos! 

                          Two Berlin High School students gave a presentation of the TRACS program once again. A community group dedicated to students mentoring students in relation to drug and alcohol abuse, TRACS has been very successful and effective in Rensselaer County and Berlin HS in particular. What a terrific program and great kids ! For three years, TRACS has been attempting to get the New Lebanon High School to join-in and start their own TRACS program with the help of the established group from Berlin. NLCS has shown no interest and knowing their outlook on many things, I believe it is because NLCS does not have a major drug issue and the powers-that-be, think they are above such a program. 

                          It's true that NLCS has a low number of alcohol and drug abusers, but our town in general, definitely DOES have a problem.  A SERIOUS problem. Sadly, it is the parents and college age residents that we are seeing the most drug abuse from, the most crimes from, and the most alcohol-related issues from. That does not mean however, that kids coming up from the elementary level, won't have drug and alcohol issues. In fact, with a good number of parents being users, they likely WILL have problems once they reach the high school. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Why not get involved in TRACS? 

                         Well, NLCS also has refused to take any part in the Constitution Study despite having been invited to do so for the past three years. We have suggested that the History Department offer extra credit to students who attend the study, both as an incentive and as a means to raise grades, not to mention increase Civic knowledge. THIS Fall, we intend to physically visit the school and put something in place to get some of our youth to this class and get them schooled on Constitutional Law. Heaven knows America needs THAT! 

                          The American Flag Project is a success. The Town Board voted to match our raised funds of $500.00 to allow us to purchase two dozen flags instead of one dozen. Next year, we plan to do it again and add flags to West Lebanon as well. Three more flags were purchased AT tonight's meeting by residents, so we now will be able to buy 27 flags. Thank you to the Town Board and all the residents who donated. Here is the list"
 1) Elisabeth Gitter
 2) Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ackley
 3) The Theater Barn
 4) Catherine Wagner
 5) Charles and Ruth Lasher
 6) Kristine Romano
 7) Glenn Wheeler
 9) Mr. and Mrs. Tony Murad
 10) Georgette Tefoe
 11) Rocky and Claire Brown
 12) Mr. and Mrs. J. Pandey
 13) Peg Munves
 14) Bob and JJ Smith
 15) Town of New Lebanon

                                 THANK YOU!!!!


                  The basketball court repairs will have to wait until Spring. Only ONE bid was received and it was for $75,000.00. The hoops, including poles, nets, backboards,etc., will be $10,000.00 each, alone! Of course my husband had to speak up and say, "WE never had that when I was growing up here!".  LOL!!! If it were up to HIM, all the kids in town would be farming, then in their free time, they could play basketball with a bottomed-out trash can nailed to a tree.  He is definitely ALL Country-Boy.

                   There has been no interest in the vacancy on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Town Board is asking for applicants. The Cupola from the demolished elementary school has been saved from the dumpster and put in safe-keeping until we can decide what steps to take to restore it and select a site for it to be appreciated. Thank You to Councilman Kevin Smith and Highway Super Jeff Winestock , for protecting and preserving an important piece of our local history! 

                     Our most famous, local Tree-Hugger was present tonight asking that we consider "Charging Stations" in town for electric and hybrid automobiles. LOL!!  I have to try to remain amused instead of angry at some of these far-left views and desires. Do these folks with electric cars even know that child labor is used to mine the Cobalt to make Lithium batteries for these cars ?!?  Take a look at the link I've posted below and ask yourself if YOU want to support this by putting Charging Stations in our town!

                  See, the Liberal Media doesn't TELL you about these things, but they sure as hell push Electric Cars to Save the World from Climate Change that doesn't exist. Tonight's Tree-Hugger stated that it has been predicted that all cars will be electric by 2050 or somewhere around there. Uh-Huh, and Al Gore said all the Icebergs would be melted by 2008 and NY City would be under water. If only. Maybe Cuomo would have been there when it flooded. Darn!

                  Our Little League Teams in New Lebanon are no more. There is no Committee, no coaches or volunteers. This irritated Councilman Baumli to no end, as he wondered aloud why parents can drop their kids off for practice or games, but can't donate an hour or two to the program. VERY valid point, yes? Add to that, the fact that the Leagues left the snack-bar building with filled deep-fryers, rotting food, filth, and rats this year. Yeah, Mark was a tad miffed, to put it mildly. There is no excuse for that kind of neglect, and now it is left to the town board to do something about it. So where are the people who were so concerned about anyone smoking too close to the Little League Field NOW?  Are RATS better than outdoor smoking?  Good Lord, people are just NUTS! 

                     Now, there is a new committee being formed that needs some bodies to man it, and it is responsible for FINALLY dissolving the Evil EDC of Max Gitter ,Mike Benson and friends. It is called the "Commerce and Tourism Committee ". Commerce yes, Tourism? Good Lord, NO! NO more brutal tourists, PLEASE !!!!! LOL!!! Anyway, it will be great to finally see that Private, Good-Ol' Liberal Boys Club, GO AWAY!  That EDC was the dirtiest of Mike Benson's dirty deeds, and that's saying something, because Mike Benson did a LOT of dirty deeds. 

                      Speaking of Mike Benson, does anyone else find it interesting that no one ever even SEES that idiot anymore? I'm told he doesn't even live here most of the time, but who knows, or CARES? Mr, "I Care About This Town " , disappeared the day after he lost the election and hasn't been seen since.  I told you HOW many times that he was using this town to further his own goals, and would drop us like a hot potato as soon as he no longer needed us. EXACTLY what happened. He hasn't stepped inside the Town Hall since he took his fancy office chair home almost two years ago. He turned out to be just what I tried to tell you he was.

                       Tonight was the first time since Benson that I have seen a Supervisor get really pissed, and tonight, it was justified. Colleen did not take that veiled accusation well, and her Irish temper came alive in full green! It was awesome!  I always knew she would be a great Supervisor, but she has done even better than I imagined. She is calm, smart, involved and informed, dedicated and loyal, and when necessary, forceful and strong in her leadership. THAT is the kind of leader we need at every level of government. We need fairness, common-sense, Constitutionality, and leaders who actually HEAR us and care about what we want, no matter what party we belong to. We have that now in New Lebanon, so let's fight to keep it.