Utter Stupidity !                                                          7-11-2017

                 Yeah, it IS about time, and I strongly support deportation of illegals. Imagine the jobs we could create if we; 1) Build the Wall, 2) MAN the wall, 3) Hire experts to re-vamp our useless immigration system, 4) Organize Task Forces to chase down the illegals who are HERE and get them OUT of here. 5) Make it easier and faster for LEGAL immigrants to complete the citizenship process.  Safety, Jobs, and a boost to our ailing economy all in one package. 

                 However, what I really want to address tonight is not the Illegals who climb the barbed-wire that serves as our border, but those who come here on student and work visas and just never leave. They are just as illegal as the others, and when you come or stay in America in an unlawful manner, you are a FELON.  As WE would be if we did the same in another country. 

                 I am so sick of hearing people say that we NEED the Mexicans and Somalians to do jobs that Americans won't do. Even my own husband supports Mexican Farm Workers because he claims that American kids don't want to work. To some extent, that's true, our kids can be spoiled, lazy, privileged brats that wouldn't get their hands dirty for less than 25 bucks an hour.

                Today, the news has been saturated with business managers and owners, complaining about not having enough employees, especially for summer jobs, because work visas for Mexicans are being denied. REALLY?!  You need foreigners to keep your businesses solvent?  Number ONE, there ARE plenty of Americans willing to do dirty jobs, young and old alike. Number TWO, how many people in every state are collecting unemployment checks? How many able-bodied bums are living on Welfare that YOU pay for? Got job positions that need filling? Start putting the welfare leeches and unemployed into these jobs and save the taxpayers a few bucks!

              I saw an interview with a shrimp fisherman from Louisiana, and he was desperate for workers, his business all but decimated from lack of help. He regularly employs Mexicans on work visas, and until this year, did very well. Now that visas are being denied and illegals deported, he is all but on his own.  I find that ridiculous and utterly STUPID. Our veterans need jobs, parolees need jobs, and Lord knows the Welfare bums and those who have been collecting unemployment for ages, need jobs! Do not tell me that men who have served time in the military or in prison, are afraid or unwilling to get their hands dirty or break a sweat! 

            State and Federal governments have the power and the DUTY to be good stewards of our tax dollars, and handing out checks to the lazy and chronically unemployed is not the answer. Kill two birds with one stone, and put the leeches to work and fill American jobs. Why is it so damn complicated for politicians to just do the sensible, beneficial thing?     SIMPLIFY ! 

             If foreigners wish to come to America, that's fine, who can blame them? However, there is a PROCESS to doing that, there are LAWS governing that, and there are REQUIREMENTS that must be met. Learn the Constitution and the English language, be law-abiding, be self-responsible and sustaining, and pledge your loyalty to the United States, or do NOT come here. See how easy that is?  I don't know about you, but I am sick to death of going out to dinner or to a grocery store and having to listen to people jabbering in some foreign language. I am sick of TV commercials that are in Spanish only, and everything I buy having Spanish directions included. Dial ONE for English?  No, YOU dial ONE for something OTHER than English! 

           Whomever issues work and student visas in this country should be arrested for their failure to follow-up on those visas and send those foreigners home when the visas expire.  It's their JOB, and WE pay them! Can you go to work and not do your job and still get paid? I doubt it.  Start holding your representatives accountable, folks, it matters.