Votes and Viciousness                                                10-28-2018

             Gotta love election season.  October is not just colorful because of the Autumn leaves, it is also a time when PEOPLE show their true colors. 

              I'm one of those people who is always plugged-in to politics, elections, and the temperature of society.  For many, many years, I have been in the trenches, and I can confidently say I thought I had seen it ALL.  2018 however, proved me wrong. 

              I will be 62 years old in three weeks.  In all my life, I have never, EVER seen the behaviors from American Citizens that I have seen this year.  I remember the riots of the Black Communities in the 1960s, the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK. I saw the first moon landing, the first color TV, the best new automobiles, and listened to the great bands of the 70s. From Vinyl LPs to 8-Track Tapes, to Cassettes to CDs. 

             Vietnam, Woodstock, Kent State, Anti-war and the Civil Rights movements, and so on and so on. Crazy, exciting, and scary times of major change in America, yet never, have I seen the atrocities I have seen in 2018. 

              America has suffered many losses and victories, but I cannot recall a time when there has been such hate, even when the KKK was attacking innocent Blacks, it was different, it wasn't the widespread issue like the ones we are seeing right now. It was abominable, but we dealt with it as a united people against a minority of racist haters, and we won. Blacks and Whites alike promised that we would never allow such a thing to happen again, much like the post- Holocaust mantra of, "Never Again".

              From the late 1970s to 2008, America enjoyed a relatively peaceful period of unity and "Live and Let Live". It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty awesome considering the suffering and struggle it took to get there. Then along came Obama. Within the space of 2 short years, the unity and peace began to unravel, and it continued until by his 6th year in office, all we had gained and sacrificed so much for, was undone. Not only had we returned to that horrible division between races, religions, and sexes, but it was far worse than it originally had been.

              By 2016, the hate and division had grown to unacceptable levels, fed by the Liberal Left and it's subservient media.  The Left had gone SO far over the edge and gained SO much control over the minds of the people, that our country had become unrecognizable. Republican politicians chose the high road and allowed the Left to run amok, whether out of fear, blackmail, laziness, or complicity, we may never know. I believe it was a combination of all of that.

               In any case, we sat by idly and watched as Police were demonized for doing their jobs, IF that job included shooting a Black perpetrator, wrong or right. We watched as Muslim Extremists infiltrated our communities and took over entire neighborhoods, and as LGBTQ Radicals took to the streets to display depravity in front of our children. We saw our Constitution treated like toilet paper and guaranteed, God-Given Rights trod upon by Congress and State Governors.

                School shootings became prevalent, riots, arsons, looting, and killings of police became the norm. Illegal Immigration increased to never before seen levels, and the country began to split in a hundred different directions. Nothing made sense anymore. Good was now Bad and Bad was now Good. Our schools stopped teaching truthful, American History and replaced it with "Tolerance Training". The Media became mouthpieces for the Left and we could no longer believe ANYTHING they reported. Election Fraud ran rampant and politicians committed innumerable felonies with zero consequences.   

                  When Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2016, the Left took the final step into madness. Today, we are now living with more violence than at any time since the Civil War.  Every single day, I see another video of a Conservative being physically and verbally assaulted in public for the crime of wearing a "Make America Great Again" ball cap, or for daring to eat in a restaurant that is owned or run by Leftists. Kids are suspended from school for wearing a tee shirt that has a Patriotic motto or pro-Second Amendment statement on it. Our flag is burned, pissed on, and trampled. 

                   The First,Second, and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution are treated as non-existent by members of our Congress, and the House of Congress itself is allowed to be infiltrated by lunatics that turn our confirmation hearings into a circus. Groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Women's March have made our streets unsafe and our justice system a joke.  Feminism has turned Ladies into vile Pigs clad in vagina hats and spewing hate and obscenities.  Our unborn children are slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands every year in the name of "Choice" and our veterans are left to sleep on the streets while Illegal Leeches from God knows where, are given the best of everything. 

                  Citizens are accosted in their cars and told where they can or cannot drive, and if they disobey the Antifa Punks, they are chased down and assaulted, while Mayors and Governors order police to "Stand Down".  Our State Police are being turned into armies for the government and our armies are crippled by perilous, politically-correct, "Rules of Engagement".  Democrats are electing candidates with criminal records, backgrounds of sexual abuse, histories of corruption, dishonesty, fraud, extortion, and are guilty of anti-American statements and activities. Antonio Delgado for instance, is a Socialist, a Racist, an anti-Semite, and was a Rapper that used vulgar obscenities and America-Hating rhetoric as lyrics. Yet his campaign signs grace the front yards of hundreds of people between East Nassau and Hudson alone! What are these people THINKING !?

                   Andrew Cuomo has been the WORST, most divisive, hateful, corrupt, and despicable Governor in NY History, yet NY Liberals continue to vote for him and will do it again on November 6th. With all we have seen from the Democrats and plain old Liberals in this past year, how can an educated, American adult, even consider voting for people who are so deeply evil? Is Party Loyalty that powerful, or is it just that they too, are evil? Have they failed to pay attention to Venezuela? Cuba? Is that what they truly desire for America? Are they so concerned with preserving their reign of destruction that they will vote for people who invite dangerous foreigners to enter our country illegally? 

                   Are they insane ENOUGH, to support people who bankroll False Flag shootings, fake bombs, Socialist views and policies, sexual aberrance, and synagogue shootings to stay in power, or to regain it from Donald Trump and his administration? You KNOW I could go on and on listing the sick policies and agendas of the Left, but allow me to just say this; Have you EVER, in your life, seen the behaviors from ANY political party that you have seen from Democrats since 2016? Have you EVER heard Senators calling for violence against Republicans, or for the assassination of a sitting President?  Be honest, is this NORMAL? Is this what you WANT for your children and grandchildren in the years to come? 

                  I am ashamed and infuriated when I see the campaign signs in my community and the surrounding ones, supporting these escapees from hospitals for the Criminally Insane. How do these people even admit they are Democrats, much less ADVERTISE it?  Look folks, I don't like John Faso, but he is a far cry from the horror that Delgado will be. Faso may not get much done, but at least he won't cause any irreparable damage, but Delgado, WILL. So will Gladd, Cuomo's hand-maiden. And CUOMO? God Help Us if HE is re-elected!! 

                 The Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Marc Molinaro is another loser. He is weak, he flip-flops on the issues, and he selected a running -mate that is Liberal to the bone! She came right out and said that she supports the NY Safe Act and would take NO action to eliminate it.  Yet there are Pro-Gun voters and groups supporting the Republican ticket. That is why I stand with MILLIONS of other NY Voters in supporting Larry Sharpe for Governor, a man with a solid plan, with answers to ALL the questions from both sides, solutions to every issue that is crippling this state, and who will serve both Liberals and Conservatives equally and without bias.  Sharpe offers everything that both sides have wanted for decades, but have YOU looked into him at ALL? Have you listened to his podcasts, viewed his videos, attended any of his Town Hall meetings or rallies? Then you don't know what you are passing up!

                I believe strongly that all Americans should have the right to choose how to live their own lives, until and unless, they infringe on the rights of someone else. THAT, is the Libertarian platform.You owe it to yourselves, your families, your state and your country, to at least LISTEN to him, before you cast your vote. It's time to challenge the 2-Party system and at least TRY to choose a candidate that CAN and WILL make us ALL happy. 

                  The Republicans have let their constituents down consistently, and the Democrats have gone violently crazy, so why not take a look at something that WORKS? If you choose to vote all Blue or all Red otherwise, that's your right, but until you give Sharpe a fair assessment, don't rule out voting Gold for Governor. 


   This is the truth. The Right does not physically remove Hillary or Obama hats from Liberal's empty heads. We do not stop innocent civilians at traffic lights and demand they drive in the direction WE tell them to or they will be followed and assaulted. The Right does not perpetuate or condone racial division, or drive Liberals and their families out of restaurants. We do not verbally attack the children of Democrat politicians, we do not send Ricin to Democrats or make fake  bombs. The Right does not shoot up schools,concerts, churches, or synagogues, and we do not publicly call for the assassination of ANY President. We never held a bloody, dripping likeness of Obama's head in front of media cameras or made Obama fire hydrants with "Piss Here" signs on them for dog owners. The Right does not place trash cans on the city sidewalks with drawings of Leftists holding Commie flags and the statement; "Clean out the Trash". The Right does not riot if a White teen is shot by police while committing a crime or loot stores in an attempt to excuse that crime based on skin color alone. The Right has never embarrassed this country by acting like animals during a confirmation hearing or by inviting savages to the House of Congress to act like escapees from a hospital for the criminally insane. We do not invite Transgenders to read to our little children and we do not allow grown men wearing dresses to join our little girls in a public Ladies Room. We would never ask a Muslim bakery to make us an Easter cake and then sue them when they decline. The Right would never promote open borders that cost us billions of dollars a year, burden our schools, hospitals, police agencies, judicial system,and welfare agencies beyond imagination, and endanger the very lives of our loved ones. We do not embrace Socialism, deny history, destroy monuments, disrespect veterans, or burn flags. We do not murder our unborn children while rabidly protecting trees. We do not advocate supremacy of either sex and our women do not parade around in public wearing vagina hats. We do not spit on the Cross and kneel for the anthem.
These are all Liberal Democrat behaviors, every one, and Worse!! How...can any adult American NOT see these truths that are IN Their FACES every,single day? HOW can anyone call themselves an American and vote for such insanity? How can anyone even admit they are a Democrat ??!! It is a shameful, dangerous, hateful title today, and if you vote Democrat in November, I want you to know that I want nothing whatsoever to do with you ever again, at any time, for any reason. Keep a minimum of 10 feet away from me at all times, because I would sooner die than catch your disease.  JJ


  Look at This!


 You MUST see this !!

  Below is a Dog Stop station. Statue of Trump. IMAGINE if we had done this to OBAMA?!